Styx: The Post-Alt-Right Are Communists

I haven’t seen anyone convert to communism.

Over the past few years, it is true though that the post-Alt-Right has become increasingly critical of neoliberalism and free-market capitalism and skeptical of the benefits of aligning with the liberal Right. This shift has been gaining momentum in the twilight of the Trump presidency.

Here are a few reasons why this has happened:

  • Trump ran as a nationalist and populist to get elected, but has governed as a mainstream conservative. He has delivered standard neoliberal policies like huge tax cuts, massive deregulation and increases in guest worker programs. He put Gary Cohn and Larry Kudlow in charge of the economy. Inevitably, he has lost ground with more moderate swing voters.
  • Trump’s signature issue in the 2016 election was immigration. Since becoming president, he failed to build the wall. He has proposed an amnesty for DREAMers. He has presided over an increase in illegal immigration and guest worker programs. He has failed to deliver E-Verify. He has gone on record in favor of a merit-based immigration system which would bring in more legal immigrants “in the largest numbers ever.” Trump sold out his base to business interests.
  • “Pride Month” and the mainstreaming of homosexuality and 24/7 corporate shilling for LGBTQ radicalism has broadly alienated social conservatives who have become more critical of free-market capitalism in recent years. This is a broader trend on the Right.
  • After four years of Trump, it has become impossible to ignore the Jewish oligarchs who supported him have gotten almost everything they wanted.
  • Above all else, the post-Alt-Right’s bitter experience with monopolies and corporate tyranny in the Trump era has made the movement much more critical of free-market capitalism and supportive of government regulation than it was before.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fact that the civic nationalism of the MAGA movement was fake. The liberal Right is based on selfishness, extreme individualism and materialism which are at odds with our values and beliefs. It is hard to believe that these people are “nationalists” when they are the 25% of the country who doesn’t give a shit about anyone else.
  • Philosophically, the Alt-Right was always based on ethnonationalism, which is based on collectivism and altruism, not radical individualism. The erosion of identity and the loss of order, cohesion, continuity, stability, decency and normalcy in liberal societies with consumer capitalist economies has become so glaring it is impossible to ignore.
  • Natural conservatism is fundamentally incompatible with conservative liberalism and libertarianism for the above reasons. By taking liberty to such extremes, the result is a permanent state of social revolution. This is a feature, not a bug, of liberalism.
  • After 20 years in the wilderness and two Republican presidents who have been a total disaster, the post-Alt-Right is ready to move on. After Trump, the movement has become much wiser to how conservatives exploit racial and cultural grievances to further their own agenda.
  • Trump has lost ground with moderate populist leaning independent voters across the board for similar reasons.
  • Finally, there is no reason to believe that empowering the liberal Right (conservative liberals and libertarians) moves us any closer to our goals as there is no solution to any of our problems within those paradigms. We have different values and beliefs. Electing more Republicans who do not share our beliefs and goals gets us nowhere. The “spontaneous order” that libertarians support ends up being a Jewish oligarchy that fosters cultural degeneration.

This isn’t “communism.”

Nationalists and communists are both collectivists, but the similarities end there. The thing that drives the post-Alt-Right is the loss of identity and ethnic and cultural cohesion in liberal societies. There is nothing new about this rightwing critique of capitalism. It has just gained more traction.

It is true that there are some people who are beginning to wonder if maybe communism is more conservative than liberalism and free-market capitalism. China, North Korea and Vietnam are ethnostates. Former communist states in Eastern Europe like Hungary and Poland are also much more resistant to “Open Society” liberalism and cultural capitalism. The Soviet system was more collectivist and authoritarian and seems more congenial to nationalism than the ideology of the liberal West. Communism is a defunct ideology though in the 21st century.

I’m open to persuasion on the topic. Feel free to convince me that a liberal social order with a free-market capitalist economy DOES NOT lead to extreme individualism, selfishness, materialism and atheism and end in deracination, cultural degeneration, consumerism and oligarchy. The liberatarians and conservatives who are screaming “Duginist” and “communist” are just sidestepping this critique.

Note: If memory serves, Tarl identifies as a classical liberal who supports gay marriage. As such, it is not surprising that he is still on the Trump Train and is satisfied with tax cuts and VA reform.

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  1. Even if you aren’t a communist like me, you should call yourself one. Being called a communist is a badge of honor.

    • I’m not a communist but I personally believe I can find common ground with Tankies. Besides apolitical types, you guys are the number one group which end up becoming fashies. some of the best fascists in history are former communists.

      there is no communist threat, the cold war is over, the enemy to all of humanity is neoliberalism.

      • “there is no communist threat, the cold war is over, the enemy to all of humanity is neoliberalism.”

        It’s still pretty rare to find a poster with enough IQ points to recognize that.

        • Communist flatters fool for “recognizing” that communism isn’t a threat. What a refreshingly new ploy.

    • @Jijcf…

      “Even if you aren’t a communist like me, you should call yourself one. Being called a communist is a badge of honor.”


      Oh, yes, Sir – Communism (Judeo-Bolshevism) was, according to Russian Academic figures, responsible for the deaths of 20,000,000 Russians – this at a time when the population of the country was only six times that number.

      By the mid 1930s, millions and millions of Russian Children were in orphanages because their parents had been shot in the head at the edge of village (for refusing to give up their Napoleonic-era hunting rifles and Orthodox Ikons)

      It was so bad in Russia, because of ‘communism’. that Russians had a joke – ‘half of Russia is in the gulags and the other half is busy putting them there.’

      And in the Soviet Union were are just getting started, as thing got much much worse in Maoist china and the Khmer Rouge’s Cambodia, to name a few of the more stellar examples of communist merit.

      So, yes, being a communist is most definitely ‘a badge of honour,’ even more so than Naziism, (Nationalist Gentile Socialism) if, in fact, you have say you have respect for human life, yet, in actual fact, have slim to none.

      Gee, it’s a wonder people in this country have been so reluctant to try full-fledged socialism, even though, since Roosevelt and The New Deal, we have had some.

      • FDR’s New Deal lifted the southerners out of their poverty. The South was a poor third-world shithole before the 1940s.

        • Those were the pre-PC days when Democrats like FDR weren’t ashamed to depend on the segregationist Solid South to get into the WH.

  2. This liberal Satanist actually wants to have a debate about the merits of crapitalism vs communism as America is burned down by the racial diversity, and open borders that libertarians like himself have promted for the last 50 years!

    People like Stix shouldn’t be debated by any sane person. They should be confined to a loony bin.

    • loony bin?
      In a sane world these people just up and vanish one day….wink wink.
      There are tens of thousands of giant alligators where i live.

  3. Neoliberal capitalism took the elements of gommunism that appealed to them and ditched the rest. Che Guevara T-shirts? Cool! Send homos to mental institutions? Whoa, not cool, Broh!
    Same with capitalism. They kept their mandate to race to the bottom for wages while still shaking the tax payer down for corporate welfare when they had big goof-ups.

    And that’s why I’m a fascist.

  4. It didn’t lead to “extreme individualism, selfishness, materialism and atheism and end in deracination, cultural degeneration, consumerism and oligarchy” in Britain. It was the 1960s that started the destruction of British society, which had for centuries been relatively free market, capitalist and liberal (for its day) without losing social cohesion, identity and community. Ditto the Netherlands.

    You could argue that both countries were and are technically monarchies – but they haven’t been absolute monarchies in half a millennium.

  5. Perhaps the fact that an anorexic shirtless satanist and Boomer nerd RamzPaul are associated with our ideals and positions might be a reason to re-examine things

  6. HW is trying to label populist beliefs, which encompass a strong safety net and restraints on economic inequality from the left and traditional social and cultural mores and rules on the right, as “moderate.” That is where the majority of the electorate is, after all. That way, sane positions on race everyone and their grandma held before Trotsky came along can be easily fit into a platform or program. The nog riots, pillaging and arson should help previously deracinated pale folk accept the extremely bloody obvious. It’s doubtful that White identity politics will be labeled as such for quite some time, but I’m hoping more of us will clandestinely go along with the idea.

  7. It’s worth noting that in 1950, the top income tax rate was 91%. The US government took 91% of income of the top earners, and used it to build a interstate freeway system. AND in 1950, homosexuality was against the law in most places and sodomites received long jail sentences.

    Now, in 2020 that top income tax rate is around 35%, there is NO money in the treasury to rebuild our infrastructure, and homosexuality seems to be the new religion due to it’s celebration.

    • Trillions of dollars have been dumped down the “Diversity” rat hole for the past 50+ years. Without “Diversity” we could have been on Mars by now.

    • @Geir
      -drug use and drugs were also very illegal and frowned upon by normal people.
      Jewish pornography was illegal and our best friends the jews hadn’t bribed congress to hand synthetic heroin to everyone with a headache in demographically majority white parts of this country…
      also illegally crossing our border was not permitted….
      A lot sure has changed since handing the child raping, warmongering spawns of satan carte blanche.

  8. There is no rehabilitating the Alt-Blight. Ms. Corona has proven that with few exceptions (yourself) they were always a bunch of selfish, grifting, neo-liberal individualists who didn’t like nogs.

  9. Alt-right was always anti-capitalism. It’s just that in 2015-2016 a lot of conservatives and libertarians started calling themselves “alt right” because they thought it just meant being a Trump supporter.

    • Yes, all of those racist pensioners and stawk mawket shitters knocking HW for his stance on the coronavirus were figments of my imagination. They weren’t THE REAL alt-Blight!

      The only genuine anti-capitalist is a dead man. Everybody else is dependent upon the financialized global economy, especially the racist trust-funders, landlords, and pensioners of the alt-Blight.

      One may criticize capitalism, but criticism does not equal anti-capitalism. One may support socialist features, but such support does not equal socialism. Pure capitalism or socialism does not exist, not even as “ideals.”

      The alt-Blight was always capitalist.

  10. I don’t think “true marxism” even exists. Even between Marx and Lenin, you can find different ideological nuances. And between lenin and stalin (despite what some stalinists try to allege).

    But what western marxists have done is just ridiculous. It’s like they don’t even care about class anymore, they just care about “wokeness.”

    • Marxism itself doesn’t really have much in the way of praxis. Marx wrote little about it. I’m only aware of his critique of the Gotha program and the communist manifesto itself (which was meant for one specific place and time, not as a general template for communism). That is why Marxism spawned so many different movements that vary on praxis.

      Pure Marxism is just something like:
      1. tendency of the rate of profits to fall
      2. class consciousness forms
      3. ????????
      4. Communism

  11. My personal views on Capitalism or Free Market Capitalism is many people fall through the cracks. I’ve always had a problem with the giant gap between rich and poor which I think our current system is also based on. The middle class is pretty much a person or family 1 paycheck loss away from bankruptcy or worse. I think the government should play a much greater role in protecting people including for monetary reasons. Universal Basic Income being a perfect example of that. However it’s worthless conservatives and libertarians who don’t like the idea. We need economic change and fast especially with Covid-19. UBI being a perfect example of help for all Workers. Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian Pace Careful, Friend, that’s dangerous thinking! Next you’ll be wanting a 40 hour work week, animal cruelty laws, and a debt-free currency. And you know where that leads…

  12. NazBol would almost be an upgrade to the classical liberal/libertoonism faggotry of Styx and Ramz.

  13. If you’re a Strasserite or a national bolshevik, then you really are a communist. Paetel called his party the National Communist Party. And it seems apparent that this strain of thought runs heavily through the Spencer wing of the alt-right. Now, we can debate whether that’s the optimum way to organize a society, but let’s stop kidding ourselves here.

    “…the core of the two men’s disagreement, however, was their varying interpretation of what was meant by the term socialism” in the party programme. Strasser accused Hitler of “choking off revolutionary
    socialism in the interest of keeping the party legal and… cooperating with the mainstream
    right-wing parties (Hugenberg, Stahlhelm, etc.).” An agitated Hitler responded: “I am a
    socialist… But what you mean by socialism is nothing but crass Marxism. The masses of
    workers only want panem et circenses. They have no comprehension of any sort of ideals.”
    Hitler also reaffirmed his axiomatic belief that race and not class warfare was the motor of
    history. “There can only be one revolution, the revolution of race,” he proclaimed. “There is
    no economic, political or social revolution. The fundamental struggle is always the same: the
    struggle of a racially inferior lower class against a dominant high race. The day the higher
    race forgets this iron law, it has lost the battle.”

    “Strasser wanted certainty, so he posed the cardinal question of what Hitler intended to do
    after coming to power. Would he, for instance, preserve the assets of large privately owned
    companies like Krupp? “Of course!” Hitler replied. “Do you think I’m crazy enough to destroy
    German heavy industry?” Strasser shot back: “If you want to retain the capitalist regime… you
    have no right to talk about socialism.” With that, all bridges were burned. After their
    discussion. Hitler described Strasser as “an intellectual white Jew” and “the purest sort of
    Marxist.”^^ He waited to take action until after the Saxony election on 22 June, in which the
    NSDAP almost tripled their share of the vote to 14.4 per cent and emerged as the second-
    strongest party behind the SPD (33.4 per cent) and ahead of the KPD (13.6 per cent).^^ Eight
    days later. Hitler ordered Goebbels in an open letter to purge the Berlin party chapter of all
    “salon Bolshevists,” telling him to “act ruthlessly and severely.”^^ Goebbels read Hitler’s
    message out loud at a general party meeting in Berlin on 30 June, where it was greeted with
    cries of “String them up!”

    passage from Hitler: Ascent by Volker Ullrich

    • Almost every country in the world has converged on a mixed economy, combining public and private, because that’s what works.

      But that economy can be set up (rigged) in order to benefit segments of society.

      That’s what the debate is about, communism is a red herring.

      Even libertarianism is kind of a red herring; the U.S. will always keep some aspects of the economy under some form of state control, libertarians just serve as useful idiots to rig the economy more in favor of the wealthy.

      There may be some value in the NazBol brand, to signal a rejection of the libertarian thinking that plagues even NatSoc in the US.

      It needs to be really clear that we want the state to be sovereign over the economy, and we want it to ensure that the (mixed) economy is set up to benefit our people as a whole, not just a specific class.

      The state will not try to control everything all the time. But it will assert the prerogative to control things when they need to be controlled.

      • Agree with the last two sentences. But what the nazbols want is beyond that, and they literally called themselves communists (albeit national communists). They want all private industry to be taken over and run by the state. Like I said, we can argue whether or not that is necessary to ensure that the state will remain sovereign over the economy, but it really is communism according to the definition that has become commonly used. The use of the labels national socialism or white nationalism are enough to keep out the libertarians and conservatives. It is the labels alt-right or dissident right that are the problem, imo.

  14. Economic systems are transient. The economic system that best serves the people at any given time, is the one that should be implemented. To define one’s philosophy of life based on an economic theory is the sign of a childlike mentality.

    • It’s like we based our entire personal identity on our bowels. The economy is like the lower digestive system of the body, banal, but necessary, but certainly not our highest function.

  15. Communist East Europe did actually keep some trad culture in the refrigerator, hence East Europe remains more trad today, it is several decades ‘behind’ the west in the liberal programme.

    Joseph Stalin who set up post-1945 Eastern Europe, was of the ‘organic school’ of communism. He believed that national and ethnic identities and family culture etc were real, and not reducible to class issues or social engineering

    This is obscured because most all Marxists in the West, at universities etc, tend to be of the Trotskyist, globalist variety, melding easily with the whole cultural marxist wrecking ball, hating all traditions

    Whereas Stalin thought there was a lot of human society differences arising from shared language, geography, cultural and work traditions and perhaps biology, and that even a communist state needed to work with local human psychology and culture

    In Lenin’s few years running Russia, he instituted no fault easy divorce, full feminism etc, and by the time Lenin had his stroke Russian society was imploding with family life collapsed, and Moscow had gangs of abandoned children

    Stalin reversed that. He brought back an effective soft patriarchy, which stuck in Eastern Europe until the Berlin wall fell. Divorce was possible but much discouraged, and penalised. Nosy commissars investigated you to see if you wanted divorce for ‘selfish bourgeois reasons’:

    Stalin also outlawed homosexuality, and in the late 1930s he purged many Jews from top leadership. Some say, this became the basis for the ‘monster Stalin’ stories about how he supposedly killed tens of millions, which many deny, citing the Soviet archives themselves. You can find as much revisionist argument about Stalin as you do about Adolf.

    • Lenin also legalized abortion and the average Russian women had five in her lifetime according to Hendrik Smith’s classic book The Russians. When Stalin came along he outlawed abortion. Now Putin gives finical grants for large families.

    • The communiism of the later period in Russia was a lot more nationalist than the internationalism of the early period.

      I personally think the catalyst was the defection of 1/3 of their western forces to the Germans during Barbarossa. Not exaggerating, 800,000 Russians switched sides and fought for the Germans for the rest of the war, not that their fate was particularly pleasant afterward.

      The fact that most of the regular people hated their regime caused Stalin and his lads to rethink things and become nationalist in order to survive. Postwar Soviet Russia was kind of “red fascism” rather than “international communism.” Most Russians I’ve spoken to who were alive during it view it as a glorious period of national unity when it felt good to be a Russian.

      So, yes, while I think Stalin was a brutal and opportunistic chap, he did oversee the rise of Soviet Nationalism, which perhaps ironically preserved nationalism in their subject countries, too.

      That, and the fact that communists are a warrior culture, not a merchant culture. You need ethnic solidarity for that, unlike the “sell everything out/off” mentality of the mercantile fellows.

  16. What you have to realize is that when they call the “antifa” anarchist’s “communist” this is a fallacy and an intentional lie and is part of the dialectic toward global totalitarianism (which is communism!)

    Does Communist China or the former political-economic system of communist USSR or Nazi Germany look like anarchy to you?

    These systems are political economies and not true capitalism and neither is our system of usury creditism on behalf of and for the benefit of private oligarchy.

    Now National socialism (aka Post Weimar Germany was a political economy in one nation state, controlled by the nation with barter with other nations.
    Communism is global political economy in the control of a private oligarchy outside nation control ( in fact to destroy nations and make all dumbed downed via miscegenation with low Information others to make “borgs” or “golem” for their breakaway private oligarchy with global totalitarian control of all property including you as the oligarchy claims ownership of you and claims the right to your body, genetics, and the right to change these aspects of your being for their sole benefit!!

    There is no freedom anymore, … only anarcho-tyranny from the left and authoritarianism on the right and totalitarianism in the nation destroying global despotic political economy and cultural marxism of culture cancel by global corporate trotskyite communismI

  17. Better to be a communist than a Satanist weirdo grifting off the corpse of the MAGA movement. If Trump loses in November (God willing) it will be a pleasure watching these con artists find themselves suddenly unemployed.

  18. Socialism leads To Communism!

    Communism leads to the Tulmud of Noahide laws!

    HW I hope the rapture comes before that!

    You’re white knight Prophet!


  19. Re: “The Soviet system was more collectivist and authoritarian and seems more congenial to nationalism than the ideology of the liberal West. Communism is a defunct ideology though in the 21st century (…)
    I’m open to persuasion on the topic”:

    Hunter, I offer you this powerful documentary of the perennially threatened and blockaded but undefeated, independent half of the Korean nation:

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