DINDU-20 Riots Blamed On Innocent White Supremacists

Woke supremacists start nationwide riots that harm and kill more people and cause so much damage that it dwarfs Charlottesville. They laid siege to the White House itself!

Solution? Blame it on White Nationalists!

Seriously though, White Nationalist activism in 2020 is unannounced, orderly, non-confrontational and has never been associated with property damage. The movement has learned from its mistakes in 2017 and 2018. There are no more volatile street battles with Antifa and BLM.

Patriot Front held a big rally in DC in February:

AIM holds similar rallies:

If anything is going on, the “white supremacists” are probably organizing to help with the clean up. AIM has been doing it for years now. The pure violent destruction of property and inanimate objects, looting and theft has always been the calling card of anarchists and BLM. Shaniqua twerking in the twilight after all the boys from her hood looted Foot Locker has nothing to do with “white supremacists.”

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      • the video of the white guy with the sword being beaten and stoned to death middle east style by feral joggers makes the cop killing the drugged out ape criminal look timid.

    • Sadly, Russia and China aren’t nearly based enough to instigate revolutions anymore, despite how ZOG might fantasize about Putin’s hand in everything. They are far too concerned with maintaining stability, even in enemy countries that don’t deserve stability.

    • Trump allowed the deep state to destroy his allies through use of the so called “Justice Department” (sic), now he could really use those allies, especially the “liberal” mainstream ones like Oath Keepers and Proud Boys but alas, they are no more. For sheer incompetence Trump would win a Nobel Prize if there were such a category. By any yardstick used to measure his performance the guy has done just about everything to punish his allies and reward his enemies.

  1. I posted this last night on one of your other articles brother. Had no idea it was this bad. And believe me I knew it was bad but I wasn’t seeing the “white supremacist” angle yet just people like MLKs daughter… Niece… Whatever shilling for the Republicans and going with the Trump narrative blaming “white liberals” and nothing but waves of “Soros is here”

    Something to think about. I feel dead inside about this country. I keep seeing people mocking America and claiming it is a garbage and clown show of a country. Do you guys ever think “THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT”. Who is “they”? I genuinely don’t know. I’m sure a large portion is comprised of a certain group we all know and love. But this is bigger and I can’t help but think these are smart people with big plans started years ago to transform the country. They have largely succeeded.

    I’m just wondering if our apathy and the apathy of others through this nonsense is part of the plan and we are falling into the trap

    • I’ve been saying that for years. It is SO MUCH BIGGER than blacks and jews. However, it doesn’t matter because it is still not going to end well for any of us. But, the entertainment will distract us from our painful reality.

      • @ Snowhitey

        “However, it doesn’t matter because it is still not going to end well for any of us”

        Indeed, at this point in the game, every pro-White person of whatever political stripe should have some sort of escape plan for when they start locking people up. In some cases, that might be happening sooner for some people than others. In some ways it might be good that there is no wall along the Southern border because Mexico might be the first stop for Whites fleeing the tyranny of America and Canada.

        It may be an unpopular idea in these circles, especially Southern Nationalist ones, at the idea of “running away” but some people may need to leave so they can support the ones who decided to stay if possible.

        • The next dilemma is where to go….. Alaska looks good if you want to stay in US. But, damn, that cold weather in brutal.

    • Brad, what does this mean? Is this our Reichstag fire event? Blacks destroy their own city and Antifa organises planned and targeted violence throughout the country and they still blame us? At what point do we acknowledge that they aren’t ignorant, they are evil, and they will destroy us if we let them. What the hell do we do when facts and evidence are twisted and used as ammo against us?

      • They want to disarm us and they are trying to provoke a race war. Don’t fall for it. If we waste our ammo on useful idiots our problem still exists and gets far, far worse.

        No, I don’t know who the f*ck they are but it’s not us, that’s for sure.

      • Compliments BTW I though yeah this in enabling act territory here. And how might these people blame whites and white supremists.. I didn’t think it would be this quick.

      • Good thought Hugh. I’ll bet Jews in 1930’s Germany felt pretty much the same way.

    • It is amazing. This takeover from within of the U.S. began long before any of us were born. The directed shift to the hard left has been in your face for the last 30 years. And most White people still do not get it.

      White people have been brainwashed into nihilistic suicidal naive stupidity for almost a century now. And, White people are still incapable of unifying to stave it off. Half of White people have been brainwashed to hate their own kind.

      White people who at least understand that there is some kind of problem, rarely agree on what that problem is, or who is directing it. Not just America, but all of Western Civilization is being murdered. Our ancestors wasted their blood, sweat, and tears.

  2. Stay home and enjoy the fireworks. Do not get involved in any event regardless of how it appears.

    • I am enjoying the Götterdämmerung of the JewSA from the comfort of my couch on the 75in. UHD TV that I bought with my Trump Bucks. I just hope everything holds together long enough for Round 2 of Trump Bucks to be sent out.

    • Good advice Snowhitey. If the darkies don’t maim or kill you the coppers will arrest you.

  3. Now we know why they were so hellbent on reopening the country. Is it starting to look like we are being played, again?

    • I take it as a sign of desperation and fear on the part of the ruling establishment that they are reduced to blaming their troubles on “white nationalists”, an obviously threadbare lie.

      • Blaming the evil on those who have nothing to do with it while letting the real culprits continue is a sure sign of a failed system.

  4. It’s Nazis in blackface doing the rioting and looting! The cogdis has gone throughout our society like a brain-wasting version of corona-chan. Our political “leadership” is pulling a Reichstag fire psy-op on Whites, even though most of the politicians themselves are ostensibly White. Antifa is being protected along with the nigs destroying everything they see.

    The insanity needed to sell this hateful, dangerous lie (and to accept it as true) is strong proof that our society has gone mad. As Snowhitey wrote, don’t get involved in any event. The crazies are looking for White scapegoats, under any pretext they can imagine in their twisted minds.

    • . . . and of course, the KKK. What the Negroes need are Jack Kemp style opportunity zones, more tax incentives for black businesses (except drug dealers), new schools, new textbooks, more school supplies, more mandatory diversity and two minute hate sessions directed against white people, blacks let out of jail (thanks DJT), more college scholarships, more, more, more.

      I’m sure the next trillion dollar program will work. After it’s through the Negroes will be reading the Wall Street Journal, watching Fox TV, debating the merits of free trade and voting Republican. After all, the democrats are the real racists and the “Rev.” MLK Jr., in between sessions with hookers would be so disappointed in the violence, he would be a Republican by now if he were still alive. Thus saith Fox TV idiots and other cuckservatives.

  5. The fact that this is being blamed on white supremacists is an indication that many on the left are uncomfortable with the actions of those in the street. This is a good sign for us because it is so obviously false but they need to mentally salvage something.

    This is a fracture line in the leftist coalition and here’s hoping those dark skinned white supremacists keep it up.

  6. Black Rioters are the real white supremists… White supremists are the real black rioters.

  7. Oh, and an update from our friend Andy Anglin over at the DS. The riots are all just a part of the coronaflu virus HOAX. Heroic Wall Street hedge fund managers and reopening protestors dashed the globalist plans for eternal shutdown imprisonment and destruction of the casual restaurant industry, so now they are forced to follow a new plan. Burning cities to the ground. Bill Gates himself has whipped these innocent non-violent negroes into a frenzy, possibly by spiking their marijuana and grape soda supply with PCP. It is all part of the plan to vaccinate everyone with the mark of the beast.

    I check this crap so you folks don’t have to.

  8. Well, I hope Whites start rioting, against capitalism and Zionism and all their manifestations, including privileged White upper middle classes who don’t give a fuck about their “lessers” and only care about protecting their useless, parasitic boomer lifestyle.

    The problem with White political militancy in this country is that it always takes the form of neocon boomers like you see at tea parties or lockdown protests, or Antifa types from out of town who join these Black riots, and basically petite bourgeoisie who don’t represent a real revolutionary group in our society.

    I would like to see at least something like what happened in the UK in August 2011 when Blacks were rioting in London and then the riots became a nationwide uprising that spread to the northern part of the country and in many cities, nearly all the rioters were poor Whites. So it became about class, like it should be. It’s time for the dispossessed Whites to start making the lives of the rich a horrible nightmare.

    I’ve been waiting for the day that the White kids from the KP flats cross the Mississippi over to Frontenac and Ladue, especially the neighborhoods with large jewish populations, and BURN THE BITCH DOWN. Watch your McMansions go up in flames and I bet y’all will be sorry that those “white trash” were “not your problem”!

    • Maybe we ought to throw a wrench in the plan and join the rioters. I wouldn’t mind a Louis Vuitton handbag for free but I’d rather go for a piano or a BMW.

  9. “I am reporting a black man ‘jogging’ at full speed out of an unoccupied burning building. Should I make a citizen’s arrest?”

    “No, let the police handle it.”

    “The police have all run away.”

    “You sound like a white vigilante.”

    “Not really. I am the owner of the building.”

  10. I’m going to give Trump some provisional credit here. Everyone saw nogs rioting. Everyone will see the left transfer blame onto whites.

    This is a PR debacle for the left. I don’t know how he blundered into this but I hope he doesn’t waste the slender opportunity here.

    • And what do you think he would do with such an opportunity?

      Prosecute more whites like he did those trying to protect his own MAGA supporters? Might as well start hoping that Joe Biden comes through for us.

  11. This is 1984 levels of gas-lighting. In the past, we could assume that the media was “bending” or “twisting” the truth to fit their narrative on something, but now they seem to have taken to outright lying. Before you could at least have a conversation about an event like Charlottesville to a degree with a normie talking about how the media narrative doesn’t match up to first hand tellings of events and video footage. Now, if the person you’re talking to has not seen any video footage, they’re going to simply believe you’re the one lying because the media claim is the exact opposite of the video footage and it is inconceivable to your average person that the media would straight up lie with facts to the contrary accessible with a simple search.

    This is the “Big Lie” in action.

  12. Governor Waltz of Minnesota is a typical Roman Catholic goofball—out of touch with reality.

    • Yeah he’s definitely not the Medieval Europe Catholic type.

      We need that back. That was when whites still had balls and gave a damn about their own people.

  13. So…a “MN Police Chief (?)” claims most of the people arrested are “White Nationalists”. I’m puzzled.
    I’m under the impression that nobody has been arrested in “MN”. It seems that the inmates are running the asylum up there in “MN”.

  14. George Floyd, speaking to the Wolf, on CNN, denies he is a crisis actor and denies that his murder was staged or that he worked for 17 years as a bouncer with Derek Chauvin, and vehemently denies that his murder was a false flag designed to create a race war, in order to divert attention away from the failing coronavirus pandemic story.

    Glaring Anomalies, Obvious Agendas in the Case of George Floyd (Updates)

  15. To The Minnesota Governor :

    When was the last time White Supremacists rioted because a Black Man was killed?

    • If whites were woke, they wouldn’t be rioting, they would be taking care of the problem, if you know what I mean.

  16. The Anarchists, Communists, and Black Supremacists destroy everything but it will be White Nationalists who clean it up and save society, our respective nations, and our World. Deo Vindice !

    • I see video clips on Twitter of whitey already cleaning up after the “protestors”.

  17. Anti-White logic:

    If non Whites riot, loot, commit arson and mayhem it’s justified.

    If Whites do the same it’s heinous criminality and they should be locked up for 20 years to life.

  18. If only this country was full of violent White Supremacist them and only then it might be saved.

    • Imagine the fear the ruling class & the jew banking master elites would have if whites actually acted like this is unison as negroes do…
      Imagine white people forming a mob to burn down a ghetto every time a black murdered a white in a downtown city somewhere?
      i imagine there would be nothing much left to destroy after just a week or so.

  19. They just spent the last 3 days saying to black thugs and antifa thats is okay to burn buildings, loot and steal to protest George jogger deaths by incompetent zog patrol aka cops

    Flips script* the white supremacists really did this yeah okay whatever I don’t care anymore this is too much zog bullshit to take in watch retard blumpf do nothing bout Blm, antifa whiles he fellates Jareds kosher cock and blumps retard daughter ivanka(who he wants to screw) say how redpilled she is screw this gay earth already

  20. This is absolutely ridiculous, any person awake to racial difference knows the most dangerous place to be is among blacks rioting. Any “racist” would steer as far clear of these machinations as possible. Shows the insanity and gullibility of the left to believe such nonsense.

    • Re: “gullibility of the left”….Well, the so-called “right” are acting (craven pretense or otherwise) as if THEY believe this ludicrous narrative, too! At least the “left” aren’t cowards about what they believe.
      Most people know the reality of race realism; literally, in their bones. Only cucked White people outwardly deny it, even if it means dying at the hands of savages. And time and time again, the parents of slain White children coming out, wringing their hands, “oh, please don’t try to blame this on race!”

      End result: Everyone in Officialdom and punditry, including Orange Man, reinforces the anti-White bullshit Narrative.

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