Donald Trump Designates ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization

Okay, well

Better late than never?

Antifa launched a nationwide version of Oklahoma City last night.

I’m more than willing to do my patriotic duty to help the federal government identify these domestic terrorists. I have extensive experience in dealing with and monitoring these people. These terrorists have been using violence and intimidation to disrupt our events for years.

I would recommend starting with Shawn Patrick Breen. While he has no history of violence himself, Breen has deep ties to Antifa networks and can point the FBI in the right direction.

This is what he looks like. He might still be residing in York, PA. It shouldn’t be too difficult for the DOJ and FBI to figure out where he is these days and get him to flip on his comrades:

Christian Exoo aka “Antifash Gordon” is another well known Antifa. I would also recommend taking Exoo into custody and interrogating him about Antifa networks. He is another soft little bitch who will turn on his anarchist comrades in their own version of the Fort Smith trial.

If these people are finally brought to justice for their crimes and Big Tech is reined in, maybe we can consider forgiving the last few years.

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    • Great job Hunter. THANK YOU. We need a lot of things. 2 are a think tank going, and OUR OWN NGO … our own “FOUNDATION,” that defends us legally and sues filthy leftwing scum who even so much as irritate us, and push OUR agenda. The enemy has hundreds of NGO’s. We have none. You could get rich starting one Hunter … IF YOU TOOK YOUR TIME AND DID IT RIGHT. Look how much $$$ piece of S SPLC gets donated.

  1. “Jack Corbin” needs to be set free from jail to help the gov’t round up Antifa. He was good at identifying Antifa and Antifa was celebrating when he was put in jail.

    Again, here a list to work from to start throwing these domestic terrorists in jail.

    One on the list is a professor at UNC-CH who threatened James Fields by waving his AR-15 at him which caused Fields to leave the area and eventually drive down the street into the Antifa mob blocking the street.

    Another one on the list is a computer science professor at Elon University (NC), who has developed a database to gather information on people on the Right who support conservative causes so they can be fired from their jobs.

  2. Wow, how many years late, 3 or 4 , at least.

    Give him a couple more terms and he’ll figure out where the border is.

    • This is the private civilian force Obama called for…. that is just as big as our military. Did we forget this?

  3. Obviously President Trump & Attorney-General Barr having undertaken to designate Antifa for what it is – a terrorist organization, is a logical and just thing.

    That said, what, beyond a ‘designation’, is actually here?

    Will The Department of Homeland Security actually make thousands and thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of arrests?

  4. I just checked the twitter accounts of some (suspected to be) Antifa and they are all “buzzing” about this — Trump designating ANTIFA being a terrorist organization. This has been years overdue now. These people are the source of violence on the streets and they need to be taken out.

    Thanks for all your work, HW, to expose ANTIFA.

    Finally, Trump steps up and helps (maybe). We’ll see.

    • Don’t you see the double edged sword here? The ability to label a whole group of people criminal based on ideology? Antifa ranges from violent cheap shot artists to what the majority is. Just self hating discontent hipster douches fed on propaganda who love dressing up and calling everything they don’t like fascist. Starting to get clearer now other people who have no direct ties but a really basic belief that they shouldn’t be replaced?
      Which will get an easier path to being enforced? The heroes chanting for diversity or the evil villains whispering it’s ok to be white.

      • No, these Leftist Antifa claim that they are the same as the ones who defeated Hitler. They even try to get really patriotic sounding. But somehow they will never ever mention fighting Communism. Wonder why?

        But the truth be told, they actually reject the Greatest Generation as being anti-homosexual white supremacist racists whose monuments, statues, etc should be pulled down as the Confederate memorials are being pulled down today. What a pack of Communist/Anarchist violence promoting liars they are.

        These Leftist Antifa radicals and all their enablers need to rounded up and put in prison. Of course if this is done probably a sizeable portion of the faculty and students at major liberal universities would be “missing”.

      • Of course there is a double-edged sword. The next administration will just do the same thing to whatever group he doesn’t like. Of course these scum need to be taught some lessons, but who will it be next time? I think this country is screwed.

        • I tend to agree. What comes next though? Is it economic zones? Ethnostates? Belief systems? And how do we get a fair shake of it when we are persecuted for the mildest of actions and statements? I expect soon our comments will be combed through and used to hang us. I never worried because I don’t use slurs, profanity or even in my mind say anything extreme. I never meant having a small stable minority in the country if things were handled fairly let alone the founders and majority being the ones at a disadvantage and hated.

          But now I am thinking just the fact that I love my heritage and culture is enough to get me in deep doodoo even though I have never even said a really cross word about anyone else of real substance

  5. I doubt anything will really come from this. If anything they will probably just use it to round up more proud boys or something.

    • In fact, I don’t even think it is constitutional to go after “domestic terrorists,” which is why the left has been agitating so hard the past year or so to get white nationalists designated as international terrorists. They can go after gangs or organized criminals domestically with RICO, but not people that are just adherents of a certain ideology. If ideological repression becomes normalized or legalized, you can guarantee it will be used to come down a lot harder on us than on anarchists.

      • Yes; where actual organized criminal acts are concerned, RICO is more than sufficient.

        The FBI could have been going after antifa for the past four years, yet did nothing, and went after RAM, Proud Boys, etc., instead.

        The Feds don’t need to have a group labeled as “terrorist” to do something, and the constitutionality of simply labeling a political belief as criminal is highly dubious (not that the Feds really care about the Constitution, but still, at some point the courts will have a say).

        Antifa are basically working for the FBI/ADL/etc. as an unpaid (probably some paid too) street army.

        Nothing meaningful is going to happen to antifa.

        Trump is a retard if he believes what he says, but I doubt he believes anything he says. The magatards on the other hand…

        • Antifa is explicitly criminal by their own admittance. Ignoring the law is their entire deal. They have visible funding and leadership structure (tides fund, SPLC, web of NGOs that set up “protests,” etc.) that could have their assets frozen and be dismantled. They have communications networks that could be disrupted in the same way the FBI attempts to disrupt ours. But that won’t happen because antifa and the FBI are joined at the hip. Antifa does the jobs that the state and oligarchs cannot do legally.

  6. Anglin is already pushing the “it’s white people behind this staged riot” don’t join the insanity as it is taking hold as I just listened to my aunt’s discussing “it seems to be white people doing all the destruction from what I see on tv”. Self loathing whites with wealthy parents in Antifa love playing this role and this is like an MLB fantasy camp for them. But I refuse to believe the looting, burning and what not is a white plot. Am I the only one who is thinking clearly and sane in terms of Murphy’s Law when it comes to atypical personality types and behavior.

    • ‘Anglin is already pushing the “it’s white people behind this staged riot”’

      Yup, the entire Bought Right is pushing this line; Anglin at this point is no different from Breitbart, Breitbart is now no different than National Review, etc.

      See how that works? Four years after Trump’s victory over the GOPe in the primaries, and the GOPe is back in charge and has pushed us further left than we ever were before; Trump has transformed into everything that he ran against, and has dragged along the Magatards with him.

    • Yes , genetically mad white people are behind this. Like genetically mad white people were behind every last madness within white race. Medieval witch hunt , French revolution, Russian revolution was done solely by white people and without white people, those brown people were not able to get within white countries at all.

      Leave those Jews alone. With healthy antisemitism, Jews were kept away from normal countries throughout history. Only when genetic white liberal madness crossed red line, then the Jew became from predator to poor suffering minority and were let in.

  7. I look forward to extreme monitoring of Actualfags! The Injustice Dept. might find a couple of white nationalist “spies” besmirching the fine name of the bitter little soyqueer movement, but not much more than that.

  8. Its too early to be optimistic bout this but hopefully this actually does something and its not just hotair being blown out. He needs to actually go after these people if he’s serious

  9. Trump wants to energize his demoralized supporters. He will talk tough until the presidential election, then abandon this issue as he has abandoned other issues important to his supporters.

  10. Him calling Antifa a terrorist organization is a step in the right direction. Just think if he and Republicans would have sided with Nationalists after Unite The Right. None of this would be happening right now. Deo Vindice !

  11. Yeah this is a deflection:

    Blame all the white and Jewish Antifa for the violence and forget all about BLM and the hordes of Orcs.

    I’m not going to complain if he takes action against Antifa. But he’s a fucking coward or not calling out BLM too.

  12. Trump’s track record of following through on anything that helps White people is practically non existent. Don’t be surprised if this flips over to going after those “racist”, “Nazi”, “White supremacist” White nationalists, aka pro-Whites.

    • Thats exactly what I’m thinking, also hes too chicken shit to label Blm terrorists because his whole record low black unemployment jig would be up Gop is laughingly banking on that for elections

  13. The Jews aren’t going to like having their revolutionary combat arm declared a terrorist organisation.

    As an aside;

    Notice how every one of these characters comes from the Deep North, The Left Coast, or are fifth columnist Carpetbaggers here in Dixie.
    Most of them seem to be soyboys too.

    The way anti-Fash Gordon talks on Twitter, I thought that he was one of them six foot tall, bulging with muscles, South hating Minnesota/ Ohio/ Indiana/Illinois, dyed in the wool blue Yankee boys, who join the army and spend their free time urinating on graves in Southern cemeteries. Not the soyfag that he actually appears to be.

  14. Have any jewish properties been attacked yet? I heard there was violence in Beverly Hills. If so Trump will use to wage war on “anti-semitism”.

  15. Donald Trump is an old boomer who wouldn’t even know what Antifa is. This is a pretty clear indication other people are making his Tweets.

  16. Bear in mind that he also considers the Islamic Republic of Iran to be a “terrorist” nation and a chief sponsor of “terrorism.” Also the Democratic Republic of Korea, and several other “rogue” states and organizations, are considered “terrorist” now.

    Also, Trump calling these anti-fascists terrorists does not mean that the Alt-right will no longer be treated as “terrorists.”

    “Terrorism” can mean violent behavior, or it can mean that a proxy has been “going off the reservation” lately, going “too far,” becoming unruly, and perhaps no longer useful, and must now be punished, silenced or eliminated.

  17. Shawn Patrick Breen? Irish Mick? You can’t not deny what you see with your own eyes? And they are not like us. They are not our friends. You better wake up or else these devil will be the ones putting a knife in your back.

    • @Mr. Browning…

      Dear Robert – no race or kind has the monopoly on devilry in this day and time!

      Be well – and stay away from a pint of ale and potato skins at Bennigans!

  18. This is a good move by Trump, but warning… I still associate with people who were on the Trump train with me in 2016 & after Charlottesville and the fact that Antifa got away with everything, many of our boys are out there posing as left-wing Antifa. So we should temper our expectations of who will be arrested and labeled as terrorists as things flush out over the next few weeks.

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