A Burning City On a Hill

What is Matt Purple talking about?

Did the Groyper War unleash all of this mayhem?


“The story here isn’t just that these cities are harming themselves, as is often portrayed. It’s that they’re under attack by evil losers who want only to pillage and torch. Minnesota officials say that among those arrested were militants linked to white supremacist groups. Other rioters, many of them white, wear the black clothes and bandana masks associated with Antifa, the left-wing extremist front. BuzzFeed reports that “black activists and organizers” are “saying some people are seemingly coming for the fight and mayhem, and not to support their expression of anger over the police killings of unarmed black people and their demand for it to end.”

The intent of these carpetbaggers isn’t justice but anarchy. That dovetails neatly with a trend that’s been growing on social media: young men who view recent events, especially the election of Trump, as harbingers of chaos, which they welcome and seek to exploit to bring about the end of the existing order. They hate civic society as is, viewing it as too liberal or too racist or too fascist or too decadent. Many of them see an eschatology at work whereby internal contradictions will collapse America on itself. That will then create a void, in which their hallucinated Brigadoon of choice, a communist paradise or a white ethnostate, can be brought about. So it was in the late 1960s, when Charles Manson and his followers tried to touch off helter skelter. And so it is today, as Minneapolis-bound anarchists seek a so-called “boogaloo,” a civil war between law enforcement and the rest of the country after which a new America can rise from the ashes. …”

There are no White Nationalists out there rioting over poor George Floyd. It is Black Lives Matter and Antifa who are burning down the entire country. This is a Far Left insurrection.

The mobs who are rioting, looting businesses, vandalizing public property, burning down churches and museums, tearing down monuments, jumping people in the streets and so forth are the same people who rioted in Ferguson, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Baltimore and Charlotte. It is the same people who rioted in Charlottesville and who have made rioting in Portland an annual summer tradition. It is the same people who have killed cops in the past in New York City, Baton Rouge and Dallas.

These people are happy to tell you who they are and where they are coming from. Is this the sort of thing that White Nationalists do? Is this the Alt-Right’s message?

This was us at that monument in Linn Park in Birmingham in 2015:

Why are conservative liberals like Matt Purple such cowards?

Back in 2017, the entire Republican Congress voted to unanimously condemn White Nationalists over Charlottesville:

“S.J.Res.49 – A joint resolution condemning the violence and domestic terrorist attack that took place during events between August 11 and August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, recognizing the first responders who lost their lives while monitoring the events, offering deepest condolences to the families and friends of those individuals who were killed and deepest sympathies and support to those individuals who were injured by the violence, expressing support for the Charlottesville community, rejecting White nationalists, White supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups, and urging the President and the President’s Cabinet to use all available resources to address the threats posed by those groups.”

James Fields, Jr. was declared a “domestic terrorist.”

Black Lives Matter and Antifa were both exempted from any blame in causing the riot in Charlottesville. Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio went so far as to say that Antifa were the heroes that day.

There were no nuanced takes about how Black Lives Matter and Antifa were chasing down and attacking Unite the Right protesters in Charlottesville after that rally. No one dared at the time to argue that Black Lives Matter and Antifa were flaunting the “state of emergency” order and were parading through the streets and attacking motorists for hours after the event was over. Not one mainstream conservative ever considered the possibility that James Fields, Jr. was just a kid who panicked in a volatile situation.

Like these people …

Do you know what I see when I look at this?

I see nothing but cowardice and chickens coming home to roost. This is the inevitable result of 70 years of conservative lies about race. This is what happens when you don’t tell the truth.

Conservatives get weak in the knees when accused of “racism.”

White America has become morally illegitimate because conservatives hold as a matter of principle that it is immoral for White Americans to take our own side in an argument.

Why are these people rioting? It is because they believe the criminal justice system is racist. They believe that White people are oppressing minorities. They see themselves as the victims of “systemic racism” and “white privilege.” They believe that racial differences are solely the product of the “legacy of slavery” and other such nonsense. It is “racist” to suggest otherwise.

Consider the fact that because conservative liberals have gone along with political correctness for so long that there is no place in mainstream society for anyone who dares to defend White people from these hysterical lies and accusations. What are the long term consequences of defining telling the truth and ethnic self defense as “racism”? Does that not nurture pathological hatred of White people? When a critical mass of millions of people start to believe these lies, what happens then?

Donald Trump turning off the lights at the White House last night and hiding in his bunker puts an exclamation point on the issue. Antifa rioted at his inauguration. The problem wasn’t dealt with then. They rioted at MILO’s event in Berkeley. They rioted in Charlottesville. They continued rioting in Portland and “cancelling” speakers on college campuses all over the United States. Similarly, Black Lives Matter has been rioting for years. It has just never happened before on this scale.

This is what conservatives do with political power. Whether it is the pandemic or the riots, they shirked responsibility and failed to take decisive action. They chose to “ride it out” and “let it rip” regardless of the potential consequences. They tucked tail and ran out of fear of being called “racists.” Even now, they can’t even bring themselves to publicly say that blacks are rioting. It is pathetic.

Olympus Has Fallen!

Note: Have you ever seen a more stunning admission of American weakness?

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  1. I’ve noticed that blacks themselves are preparing a narrative that deflects blame onto their white allies for all the burning and looting.
    They are oogaboogalooing about all these white kids dressed in black with skateboards burning that bitch down…Niggahs, it’s okay we understand you hate us, we know you look upon our civilization with the dull resentment, you have had your fun now. Just go back to your homes and behave.

  2. The only way I will ever recognize these riots as legitimate is when they start torching the universities.

  3. Sadly it looks like a missed opportunity. I’m still hoping this turns into a populist uprising against (((them))).

    Maybe we can start handing out fliers at these protests talking about ADL and Mossad train killer cops, and the Jewish involvement in the slave trade. Or hold up signs and chants saying “the boys in blue serve the Jew!”

    Meanwhile, ZOG is trying to blame “foreign adversaries” like Russia and Zimbabwe. I’m not surprised if this becomes a pretext for war.

    • Zimbabwe and their White supremacist allies are causing trouble AGAIN?

      The dolts coming up with this deranged narrative need to put down the crack pipe.

    • In your dreams. This is blacks and degenerate Generation Bastard whites out to kill off what remains of the white America that put a man on the moon. This whole thing was planned for at least a month by the media masters and professional agitators. They were plotting this whole Wuhan Virus Shutdown. Why is Trump and ordinary Americans “bad” for wanting things to go back to normal while these snakes used the crisis to plot ways to destroy America? They tried to kick this off with the “jogger” nonsense but for some reason that didn’t stick. This is a communist revolution in the street, organized and abetted by the media. This is as bad as it gets and no matter how disappointed you are or what flaws he has Trump is on our side and our only hope right now to stop this communist insurrection and I hope he gets the smartest people on his side to play our cards because the media already has a head start in stacking their hand.

  4. Hunter is right on target when he says above:

    “Donald Trump turning off the lights at the White House last night and hiding in his bunker puts an exclamation point on the issue.”

    Related picture of the darkened US White House, but with a line of cops out front and smoke from the rioters:


    4chan thread on the same theme, said:

    “Within 12 months the USA President will be 1 of 3 black women – Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama – whom dementia-addled Joe Biden will be assigned as VP running mate

    The USA will be another Mexico or Brazil, in theory rich, but violence-ridden and poor for most people, with a Latin-American-type nominally ‘leftist’ leadership

    It will serve the oligarchy whilst speaking leftist slogans, and ruthlessly suppress dissent against the black female US presidency, which will claim only ‘racists’ oppose it

    This photo of the USA White House under seige with lights turned off, symbolises old USA ending, the mansion thinly guarded from riots as smoke rises, Pres Trump & family humiliatingly led to underground bunker for safety

    60 agents of the USA Secret Service – the special force guarding the US President – are injured in 3 nights of rioting

    Jared Kushner, acting for Deep State, instructed Donald Trump to not address the nation and largely let the riots continue”

    • This is the sort of thing that happened to the Tsar. He played really nice and civilized and restrained. And the Bolsheviks rewarded him and his entire family as only they could.

      Same thing happened to Louis XVI. He wanted to play nice with the people and their republican desires. He lost his head for it, as did the rest of his family.

      Trump is following the exact same path. He is being led along it by this Kushner idiot who has never had a single correct instinct regarding American politics. If Trump continues to obey his son-in-law, he’s going to deserve what happens to him.

      • @Rollory…

        Excellent historical analogies!

        Yes, Kushner is Tsar Nicholas Trump’s Rasputin, no doubt!

  5. “The hate civil society”???

    WTF is Matt Purple talking about?

    That fits blacks: Not “white supremacists.”

    Obviously Matt has never lived around blacks: I have. In Columbus, Cleveland, and Minneapolis. Every black I have ever worked with or talked to despises civil society. Why?

    Because, 1. Civil society, due process, rule of law, etc. was created by white Europeans. Africans have no such tradition of law or due process. Civil society is alien to the African.

    2. Civil society is a disadvantage to the African. If you can’t drink 40 ouncers, smoke blunts, and play dice on the street corners all day, then civil society has no appeal to you.

    The blacks I knew in Cleveland told me that they favor a society without laws or courts because laws and courts have never served them. If they have an issue with someone, they don’t call 911, they get their gatt/strap (gun) and go settle their differences they old fashioned way. (Which is why EVERY black neighborhood in America looks like a war zone in Mogadishu.)

    They only use lawsuits or the courts against white people to make an example of us and to get money from us. (Or our businesses.) In most cases, blacks much prefer to settle things with the fist, knife or gun. Civil society has no place in the black community.


    • @Geir…

      Wow, Northern blacks sure are different than Southern Negroes, because I have known, and, indeed, do know, so many of them, and i have never heard them speak in such nihilist terms.

      You would think that, if The South were so evil, and the North so good, that our Negroes would be the ones talking like y’alls’ but, alas, they are not.

      In any case, thank you for your testimony. It’s a part of the puzzle.

    • The “white supremecists are behind it” is a massive lie that the left has the audacity to see if it can stick. Nobody who has any racial awareness of blacks would ever go down and be among them when rioting. Every “racist” is well aware of Reginald Denny. Only communist degenerate drug addict Generation Bastard whites with a head full of nonsense from the school system would be stupid enough to get into the cage with the Tiger.

      • Unfortunately, they are Legion. I’ve been reading some stuff on a normie board recently, and it’s quite depressing. Our people are cucked to level that is beyond belief.

  6. The only things that bother me about this state of affairs,p is that our Southern States lack the political machinery and statesmen to exploit these circumstances, in order the gain redress, and ultimately, independence and liberty for the Southern People and Nation.

    And that we lack a Southern Nationalist Party.

    • @James Owen…

      On a political level we, Southerners, have nothing for ourselves, not to mention that we have no institutions for ourselves, either.

      We gave up on ourselves long ago, sad to say.

    • Direct election of U.S.Senators ended the independence of states in the Senate. After 1913, the same evil year the Federal reserve was founded and the income tax became law Senators began to be directly elected instead of being elected by each state’s legislature. This drastically weakened states as limited sovereign political entities and made them footstools of the Federal government.

      • @12…

        Yes, the process of negating the amendments of the Constitution began as early as 1791, when The Congress opted for a 20 years contract with Rothschild’s ‘Bank of England’.

        Things devolved further in the 1860s with the Constitution-busting 13th,14th,and 15th amendments.

        This process was still going on when I was a child – all of the forced integration issues, followed by the forced secularization of schools and the coerced lifting of our abortion ban.

        Basically we now have The New England Yankee idea of America- very strong central government and state sovereignty reduced to mostly how money is spent.

        Every reason The Revolution of 1776 was fought has long been abnegated.

        This is something many people refuse to recognize – that most of The American Ideas are, for all practical purposes, gone.

  7. “What is Matt Purple talking about?”

    I don’t know. Nor do I pay any attention to cuckservatives. I don’t even know who Matt Purple is. Until now, I’ve never heard of him.

  8. Bunker Boy is calling our governors. It maybe true but Trump is weaker. He can and should declare a state of emergency and send in the army but Jews want this so Jared tells him to ride it out.

  9. I watched the weird video where Trump is leaning so far forward, he is defying the known laws of physics. While I was watching it I was thinking he has lost his nerve, its only matter of time before he resigns.

    My prediction, after Trump is Nixoned, Pence is going to step up and cuck hard ‘to heal the nation of its sin of racism’. To do it, Pence will get on his hands and knees to worship black feet like the Pope did. Conservative cowardice and grovelling will plumb depths we’ve never seen before.


  10. Powerfully put, Hunter, as always, especially the part after the weak knees of conservatives.

    Today there was a pro-BLM, anti-racist demonstration in Amsterdam that attracted a crowd of 5,000. The female mayor refused to forbid it, even when it became clear it would be in conflict with the current ban on large gatherings. Her stated reason was that this demonstration ‘was just too important’.

  11. We all knew the country would be murdered one day. We all knew for the last century who was behind the slow kill. The WW2 generation was the last generation who could have halted this digression completely; but they chose to accept the brainwashing, and look the other way.

    The marxists and their owners are about to do to America, what they did to Russia a century ago. And, most White people still not just refuse, but are terrified, to face reality. Sad.

  12. The Frankenstein Nation is (un)dead, yes. But our nation is strong in its core* and ready to become ever stronger through struggle.

    Paul Ramsey reluctantly agrees that Partition is the only way forward**. I hear may others adding their voices in recent days – among my favorites John Mark and Curt Doolittle, The Propertarian Bros.

    Imagine if you fought as hard for the new nation as you do for the Panic…

    * Faith in “God”, which is the common person’s way of understanding and connecting to the cosmic Order of which we are a crowning manifestation – if we choose to be

    ** The campaign must be for Partition, and if the Enemy drags us into a shooting war, so be it, but we cannot pursue the wrong and win enough adherents – right makes might

  13. George Floyd was a Methhead on Fentanyl. Lol. That’s the end of the case.

    • It really isn’t tho it doesn’t change anything. He still died because officer yellow fever shit for brains knelt on his neck for 8 minutes straight while his partners argued with the local thugs watching and filming while they could of been helping put him in the car

  14. I hate heebs and republicucks so much the pandering, the shilling, the optics cucking.

    My pos normie brother just tried telling me an hour ago most of the protests were peaceful just what protests was he watching? God I hate people so much so deluded from the obvious truth

    • Good Lord,. Thom – I get your frustration with folks seeing what they want to see, but, hate your own brother?

      • He refuses to be real about race I tried to explain to him about the nose behind the scenes but hes sees no problem with “protesters” burning down buildings and attacking killing innocent whites. He says they have a right to burn down buildings steal an loot because cops be racist an shit lol just what a unbelievably pathetic logic. I tried telling him bout all the whites who get killed by police brutality over the years He told me thats different tho what a retarded doofus of course its freaking different whites don’t do this only pos thugs and the neo liberal global homo order that spurs them on and funds them does this pure satanic evil

        He’s totally blinded by black culture personally I respect certain forms of black music not rap tho its poisonous violent antiwhite trash. I don’t care if hes a cuck who likes rap music but at least be a race realist playing I see no colors bullshit is cringe and gay af. I’m just sick of normies blinded to the truth its so frustrating especially when its your own damn brother

        • @Thom…

          I understand. Thank you for having shared all that with me. Believe me, you are not alone, as numerous members of my family, and, as well, long-cherished associates, have political ideas that give me the creeps, as well.

          Like you, I respect The Black achievement in music. Miles Davis and Duke Ellington, Scott Joplin, Grant Green to name a few, were geniuses of the first degree. But, yes, rap is disgusting – something which many older Negroes agree with us on!

  15. On a lighter note, seeing Nick Fuentes and his pal in their ghey hawaiian shirts infiltrate the protests and get the jogs chanting “Groy-PER! Groy-PER!” is abuot the funniest sheeeeit I beez seein’ all year.

    • Omg wtf? this is hilarious I can’t stop laughing I really needed that say what you want bout fuentes but hes a funny guy with a boatload of optimistism

      I thought he was from Chicago whats he doing in Florida he move there or just visting? I would say wearing Hawaiian shirts is ghey but he is in Florida so as long as you in the south tropics states or Caribbean its acceptable

  16. Yes, great article. Despite myself being no kid any longer I guess I do not want to believe just how gone America is. The land I loved is a shithole. Well, not all of it. But too much of it has been hijacked and is filled with dawn of the dead zombies. I cannot get over the amount of white people who participate in America’s destruction. There were so many of these marxists on that bridge in Minneapolis when the truck driver crashed into them that it looked like bugs scrambling around after the truck hit from the camera angle.

    Conservativism, as you say, has totally failed. It truly is an anti white movement. in reality, It’s always begging and waiting for blacks to “wake up.” It keeps pretending most blacks can be an Allen West, a Ben Carson or Charles Payne. Then you look at these soulless primitives smiling and laughing as they spill out of the latest place they looted and know there is no hope.

    Its a sad and hopeless feeling watching savages and their white pets destroy the place you love. A sad feeling if you did what has to be done then you would be treated like the criminal when in a better America from centuries back you would be treated as a hero.

    Decades of allowing communists to grow and be given money. Decades of the Democrat party supporting them and being actual communist or socialist members themselves while Republitards draw another imaginary line to “stop it.” But as stated on this site so precisely and intelligently, Republitards are very fast to go after nationalists to always prove to Jewish power and blacks that they are not raycisss and then use the always insanely played out quotes from Lincoln or Mlk. Meanwhile Lincoln wanted to deport them and one of the worst humans in history- John Wilkes Booth- ended that dream with zero follow up by the next presidents.

    To me, this generation of teens to early 30s is the worst I have ever seen. The milennials and younger who were brought up on never ending anti white hate from Hollywood and kosher media. The pathetic love affair with grossly overpaid black ballers. It’s a generation that has witnessed nothing but expensive prices for homes and schools while the pay does not keep up bringing extreme bitterness.

    The amount of antifa communists is far higher than I realized. Some of these protests are filled with so many people that it should awaken any sane human. America is finishing up in a smoke of blowhard politicans on the comical right and dedicated socialists and communists on the left. The old, soon to pass on white Democrats like Biden, Pelosi, Sanders, Hoyer and others are the last breath pretend white face of the Democrat Party. The black, brown, Asian, Jewish faces will be the faces that will dominate. Their hatred for white America is huge. While dumb, conservative whites speak of equality and who the real racists are..lol. Pathetic!

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