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  1. Yes, his DOJ will crack down on “domestic terrorists” like white nationalists even harder. Exactly what Jews want. Which is why the Simon Wiesenthal Center was calling for it.

  2. Just awful. Phony bible waving. Telling us what he wants us to think about him — “I am your president of law and order.” That’s classic narcissism right there. He looks so weak with no supporters around him. Just him standing alone with a bible that everyone knows he has never opened. That shot is a meme in and of itself.

  3. When he was sworn in as President did he not also swear on a Bible to uphold the Constitution as well?

    • All presidents do, Dear Christina, but, in recent decades, it has become an extremely hollow gesture, sad to say.

      But then, I bet you know that already…

  4. He’s got to do something about blm and antifa pronto. If he doesn’t its just all talk and no action as usual. Swearing on the Bible doesn’t really mean much coming from money worshipping elitist like blumpf but we’ll see

    I’m not optimistic, I’m not holding out hope Time and time again he picks heebs and low unemployment blacks who hate him over the people who actually and actively support him very sad the betrayal

  5. The look in President Trump’s eye speaks volumes about his feelings.

    I know he has the right instincts, though, I remain unsure if he will follow them, as he seems rather habituated to turning his back on the better angels of his nature.

    I am rooting for him to do what is right.

    It will be exceedingly interesting and gratifying to watch The United States’ Government endeavour to reaffiliate itself with The Law, if, albeit, it is only briefly!

  6. “I will give him a chance.” – lol – As dog returns to its vomit so a fool repeats his folly.

  7. It’s amazing how the Saint Basil’s Cathedral stands today in Moscow after the (((Bolsheviks)))took power.when so many cathedrals where torn down.

    It was looted however, it stands Today.

    • @Sunburn…

      Russians are a very aesthetic people, who, even in Judeo-Bolkshevist guise, could not figure how to take away one of Red Square’s most striking aspects!

  8. The new narrative is that the violence was caused by White Supremacists. If people belive that they will belive anything. This is worse than 1984! The system that rules us is not only malovolent but psychotic!

    • They’d have to place such characters on the scene of crimes. Good luck with that.

    • “The system that rules us is not only malovolent but psychotic!”

      The New Englanders who created it after 1865, and the Jews who took it over in the 1930’s, were/are psychotic.

    • The new narrative is that the violence was caused by White Supremacists.

      Yeah, they’re “white supremacists.” So why are Democrat mayors and governors protecting them then? It doesn’t seem to occur to any “reporters” to ask this.

  9. People that go down fight can recover from the ashes. All he need do is have a unit fight these rioters.

  10. The Federal Government already gave in over the legalisation of marijuana and sanctuary cities under Obama and earlier Presidents. At the time, the logical question was; “what else will they give into.”

    Now. The President has to act. He has no other viable choice. Otherwise, his failure to act in this matter effectively means that we no longer have a functional government. Or possibly even a nation. The governors of several states have already demonstrated that they’re totally enthralled by the Liberal/Capitalist political order and by political correctness. Which has left them paralysed and unable to act decisively in the face of circumstances that completely contradict or expose as false, Leftist/Liberal/ Capitalist ideology.

  11. Whatever happens you can be sure niggas will be held blameless, just like Fido when he bites the mailman.

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