Steve King’s Defeat and Grandmaster Jared Kushner Nationalism


Please stop.


Trump is congratulating Steve King’s primary opponent on his big win. This is the biggest win for National Populism since he endorsed Mitt Romney.


Trump has some new based and red pilled tweets.

Rep. Steve King who is the closest thing to a paleocon in the House of Representatives was taken out back last night and shot by the GOP in his primary in Iowa.

National Review:

“Republican voters in Iowa’s fourth congressional district rejected Rep. Steve King yesterday, with the nine-term incumbent getting a little more than a third of the vote. His defeat was a long time coming.

Conservatives for a long time gave the congressman the benefit of the doubt as he made racially provocative comments, and especially discounted those critics who treated his opposition to immigration as per se racist. But King eventually depleted any trust in him.

He called Mexicans coming to the U.S. “dirt” and then called reporters liars for accurately quoting him. He endorsed the fringe candidacy for Toronto mayor of Faith Goldy, whose CV by that time included reciting the white-supremacist “14 words” on the radio. He did what he could to promote far-right politicians in France, Austria, and the Netherlands. He complained that “white nationalist, white supremacy, Western civilization” had come to be considered “offensive” terms — a comment for which the House censured him and the chamber’s Republicans stripped him of his committee assignments. …”

BTW, Randy Feenstra won’t be elected in November.

National Review:

“Republican Representative Steve King, whose comments about white supremacy earned him the condemnation of many members of his party last year, lost his primary bid early Wednesday morning.

The nine-term Iowa congressman lost the race to state Senator Randy Feenstra.

“I called Randy Feenstra a little bit ago and conceded the race to him,” King said in a video message posted to Facebook on Wednesday. “And I pointed out that there’s some powerful elements in the swamp that he’s going to have an awfully hard time pushing back against them.”

“I am truly humbled by the outpouring of support over the past 17 months that made tonight possible and I thank Congressman King for his decades of public service,” Feenstra said in a statement after his victory.

In a New York Times interview in January of last year, King asked, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”

Republicans came out swinging against King’s remarks, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the highest ranking House Republican, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. …

King later tried to explain away the controversy, criticizing the Times for saying he supported an “evil and bigoted ideology” and claiming in a House floor speech that he had merely asked, “How did that offensive language get injected into our political dialogue?”

For his unforgivable crime of suggesting that maybe Western civilization wasn’t so bad, Steve King was stripped of his committee assignments, marginalized in the GOP and rebuked in a 424-1 vote in the House of Representatives. He voted to condemn himself. From that point forward, Steve King was treated as a pariah by the Republican Party, which tried and failed to defeat him in the 2018 midterms. Even introducing the Diamond and Silk Act wasn’t enough to salvage his reputation.

In related news, Ryan Girdusky has explained in a new article why the Trump administration was paralyzed over the weekend during the worst race riots since the 1960s.


“The last weekend of May 2020 was the time when racial tensions in America came roaring back. Millions of people who have been socially conditioned to believe America is an inherently racist country joined protests that often turned into riots. As cities burned, those in the silent majority looked to the White House for some semblance of leadership, only to find their president tweeting from a bunker about “sleepy Joe.” …

President Trump and many other Republican leaders condemned the murder of Floyd and demanded action against the police officers involved. In the days that followed, however, the White House felt absent in the national conversation. Protests turned to riots and cities like Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Atlanta turned into war zones, yet the president was nowhere to be found. Outside of Twitter and the few remarks given by Trump during the SpaceX launch, the silence from the White House was deafening.

Sources inside the administration said that throughout the tumultuous weekend, the White House was running on a skeleton crew. Advisors Jared and Ivanka Kushner were celebrating a Jewish holiday, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was at his daughter’s wedding, other key members of the administration were out of state. While Washington burned, Trump was ushered into a bunker with the few aides that were by his side, including Dan Scavino.

On Thursday, Kushner and his allies, Brooke Rollins and Ja’ron Smith told the White House and the campaign that they shouldn’t discuss the riots in overtly negative terms because it could harm the campaign’s efforts at coalition-building with the black community. They insisted the whole thing would eventually blow over. …”

It is Jared Kushner’s fault.

In the 2016 election, we voted for a “law and order” president after the Black Lives Matter shooting of police officers in Dallas and the previous round of race riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte and Milwaukee. As a matter of policy though, the Trump administration has turned a blind eye to Antifa violence, launched an unprecedented state crackdown on White Nationalists, banned bump stocks and spent its political capital on criminal justice reform. Donald Trump has relentlessly pandered to blacks who didn’t vote for him in other ways with policy concessions like when he turned the arrest of ASAP Rocky in Sweden into an international incident between the United States and Sweden.

Instead of “moving the Overton Window” and making National Populism more acceptable in American politics, the Trump era is coming to a close and it is littered with paleocon bodies. Steve King has joined Tom Tancredo in the political wilderness. Steve Bannon was fired by Trump and lost his perch at Breitbart. Donald Trump is trying to destroy the political career of Jeff Sessions who is running for his old Senate seat here in Alabama. The herd of deviant paleocons in Congress has been thinned.

Nevermind any of this … they have Tucker Carlson as their outlet now. He is speaking “truth to power” as America has gone up in flames. Did you even see his monologue?

Identity Dixie:

“Awhile back, I penned a piece titled “Tucker Carlson Nationalism.” Sadly, it was lost to the ages when communist agitators forced the previous host of Identity Dixie to kick us off of their platform. I don’t save what I write on my computer, because Microsoft looks for badthink in each and every word document. The thrust of the piece was essentially an optics debate, a longtime favorite of the dO sOmEtHiNg crowd.

In the original article, I noted the true success of Tucker’s work is his ability to advance a nationalist narrative while hiding in plain sight. The blowhards who are ostensibly our allies fault him for not being blunt nor direct enough. He won’t name certain groups. He won’t call out perfidious detractors. He doesn’t explicitly stand up for white people! Coded language isn’t enough!

But the truth is, Tucker terrifies our enemies in ways that the troglodytes who cannot see his brilliance never could. Stomping on Israeli flags, torching Talmuds, and throwing up Roman salutes are déclassé. No serious person engages in that behavior. Sure, it might get a momentary rise out of the SPLC and other so-called anti-hate groups, but in reality, that serves their interests. Any legitimate commentary offered by the individuals doing these things is shut down by the buffoonish farce. It is the ultimate well poisoner. …

There are many in the Dissident Right (well, most of them are now Bolsheviks, but I digress) who would be incensed at the tactic. HOW DARE HE NOT SPEAK OF THE SUFFERING OF WHITE PEOPLE! WHAT A CUCK! What these dolts don’t see is that he *is* speaking of that suffering. But by focusing on minorities wounded by the actions of the mob, it takes the wind out of the sails of Tucker’s critics. The starch out of the shirt of our enemies. …”

What are the Bolsheviks saying about Tucker Carlson that has so incensed the paleocons?

The brutal reality of the Trump era is that our paleocon friends have been reduced to being represented by a television show host. Tucker Carlson understands them. They have no power whatsoever in the Republican Party. Their ranks in Congress have actually been reduced. It is Jared Kushner, not Tucker Carlson, who wields power on everything from “law and order” (soft on crime) to foreign policy (give Israel everything it wants like the West Bank and assassinating Soleimani) to immigration (bring in more legal immigrants). They voted for Trump and got THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what they were promised. The president has spent all his time pandering and delivering the goods for the constituencies who didn’t vote for him and perusing the usual donor class pipe dreams like Jexodus and BLEXIT. Tucker Carlson’s monologues gives them solace when everything they love is being destroyed.

A decade ago, the Confederate flag flew above the South Carolina State House. The Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and P.G.T. Beauregard monuments stood in New Orleans. Stonewall Jackson’s flag was on display at the UDC Headquarters in Richmond. Robert E. Lee and Nathan Bedford Forrest’s graves were unmolested in Lexington and Memphis. The monument of Nathan Bedford Forrest stood in Memphis. Silent Sam stood on the campus of the University of North Carolina. There were Confederate monuments in Linn Park in Birmingham and in Dallas and at the University of Texas and lots of other places. Even though toothless heritage protection laws were passed by North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama, it was a sop that didn’t matter in the end. No Tucker Carlson monologue is going to bring any of this back.

The Bolshevik position is that our paleocon friends have been played like a fiddle for decades. Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson Nationalism preys on and manipulates their racial and cultural resentments and channels them into delivering the policy agenda that the donor class wants. The Republican Party is like a Judo Master in promising one agenda to its base and to populist-leaning swing voters and delivering another one for its donors. The pro-Israel crowd has gotten virtually everything it ever dreamed of out of Donald Trump including the annexation of the West Bank. The wealthy have gotten massive tax cuts, deregulation and increases in guest worker programs. As recently as February, the GOP was railing against “socialism” at CPAC. By March, the Fed and Congress were spending trillions of dollars on bailouts to prop up the stock market. All it took to do a complete 180 on socialism was for the wealthy to get in trouble. Those who call the shots in the Republican Party got what they wanted as they always do.

Why wouldn’t they get what they wanted? They are never held accountable by paleocons who are satisfied with Donald Trump’s tweets and Tucker Carlson’s monologues. No matter what happens they are always at the end of the day on the Republican plantation like Pat Buchanan. They always vote for nationalism and social conservatism, but get more neoliberalism. They get Lady MAGA and Scott Presler and global crusades for feminism and decriminalizing homosexuality. They get John Bolton and Elliot Abrams’ latest “America First” schemes to overthrow the governments of Iran and Venezuela. They can’t even get in the door through general admission now at CPAC. Such is their place in conservatism.

In the 2020 election, the paleocons will do what they always do and kneel before Jared Kushner. They will think of Tucker Carlson Nationalism, but will get four more years of Jared Kushner Zionism as they carry on the storied Republican tradition of dog whistling and lip service. The rest of us have accepted that we have “no place in the Republican Party” and have moved on.

Note: I use the term “Bolshevik” in jest. It is their term, not ours. We’re Bolsheviks for believing the Republican policy agenda is sold to billionaires.

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  1. @Mr. Griffin…

    This is a multi-fascited article which you wrote, and so it requires a similar response…

    #1. I totally agree with what Identity Dixie wrote about Mr. Carlson. He make tremendous efforts every night – each year he seeming to grow bolder and bolder.
    If you do not approve of him, be aware of this : ———– The Progressive Left sees Mr. Carlson as the voice of Dr. David Duke.

    #2. As to what we got in voting for President Trump, I totally agree – we have not gotten much beyond smoke and mirrors. That is why, to the shock of my neighbours and fellow congregants, I have said that I will not vote for him again.

    #3. As to Confederate Monuments – I would not say that the laws that were passed to protect them are toothless, though, I would agree, it does not appear that enforcement is as strong as we would wish.

    Unfortunately, Southerners are living through the fruits of surrendering our identity to The Jew England Yankee United States of America throughout the 20th century.

    The anti-Southern Nationalist seeds that have been planted and continually watered and fertilized, in a thousand ways, over the last century, have grown strong. In terms of an Oak, they are now huge-trunked and 80-100 feet tall, and casting shadows over everything else that might wish to grow.

    #4. I respectfully disagree with the deeply distraught and pessimistic tone of this article : ———— events of the recent months (particularly the rioting pushing Mainstream Conservatives Right) is full of positive things.

    The long-held alliance between The Corporate-Globalists and The Judeo-Bolshevik Left is breaking. The Corporatists do not realize this yet. They do not realize that The Bolsheviks are in the process of casting them off and seizing everything they have.

    Though there are unpleasantries associated with this process, the reality is that, for a new forest to grow, the old forest has to be burnt off by a serious fire.

    The Judeo-Bolsheviks in this country will burn off The Establishment and Establishment Thinking in many of our people – whether that takes 1 year or 10 – they will burn it, if for no other reason than The Estabishment does not have the spine to continually confront them.

    After that will come the empty fields and those starter plants which herald the beginning of the new forest.


    One day you may wake up and see the heads of the top executives of The United States’ Government on a pike, those lifeless orbs being paraded around by Bolsheviks, much as was done to Benito Mussolini and Clara Petacci at the end of WWII in Italia.

    Or, you might just wake up to realize that The United States’ Government has simply invited The Bolsheviks in to be the government.


    That is when the real fight will begin, because The Bolsheviks actually think that, once they seize the reins of government, they will go around this country like the NKVD did in Russia in the 1920s to force peasant villages to sign loyalty oaths and turn in their ikons and old hunting guns.

    It won’t go that way, however, because Smalltown and Rural Men, those veterans, policemen, and hunters who are used to tracking, stalking, scaling, skinning, and shooting things will inflict a lesson upon them as did The Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan inflicted on The Federalists n the 1860-1870s period.

    Ultimately, the cities and national government will cave before The Bolsheviks, because The Bolsheviks are ready to give their lives up to this struggle and the Corporatists have nothing for which they are willing to die.

    The Smalltown and Rural Man, in their tens of millions, will not be such an easy fish to fry.

    Maybe it is still 13 years off, maybe only 13 months off, but, that is what I see in the wind – a longlasting showdown between Bolsheviks and the Smalltown Man.

    It won’t be a race war, or a war fought for gold and treasure. It will be a world of idealogy, and, that so, it will be vicious, unlike there has ever been in the history of this country.

    RED DAWN IS COMING – but it won’t be parachuted in, as it was in the Grade-C thriller flick of the 1980s…

    • American antifa are more analogous to the Left SR, libertarian socialists, and anarcho-communists, who were all the first people the Bolsheviks went after once they gained control.

    • It won’t go that way, however, because Smalltown and Rural Men, those veterans, policemen, and hunters who are used to tracking, stalking, scaling, skinning, and shooting things will inflict a lesson upon them as did The Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan inflicted on The Federalists n the 1860-1870s period.

      The First Klan was composed of Confederate veterans; even so, they did not dare directly confront the Federal forces. They didn’t fare well when they tried, as D. P. Upham slaughtered the Klansmen in Arkansas.

      • @The Gamecock…

        Definitely not the way things went up here, in your Sister State, Gamecock, for my Tarheel Forefathers bushwhacked Federal forces and federal sympathizers at every turn, until, by the late 1860s, the Boys in Blue would not dare leave their garrisons in the cities – much as has occurred for the New England Yankee Forces in Afghanistan today.

        Though then President Grant would send thousands of Federal Agents to subdue The Old North State, they learned the same very hard lessons that their brothers in uniform had already learned.

        In any case, the course of the 2020s will not precisely be that of the 1860s, although the scenario will much resemble it.

        Thank you for your reply.

        • Things were different in my State because Gen. Wade Hampton took care of ’em. He was the greatest cavalryman and the most underrated soldier of the War. Though, I was under the impression the Ol’ Tarheel State was relatively peaceful in those times. It was said that North Carolina suffered the most casualties of any Southern State in the War, and gave the least troubles during the Reconstruction.

          • @Gamecock…

            Thank you for your comments.

            I don’t know where you heard about our history from, but, I assure that, while y’all had the great Hampton and Redshirts- down in y’all’s state, up here we had The Scarlet Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, allied with local law enforcement, hunting clubs, and sympathizers everywhere.

            Just a couple of blocks from my house is the late 18th century Masonic Lodge, wherefrom our local Confederate Klan met, and conducted the guerrilla war against those who were against the sovereignty of our state.

            Here is something of that time in our history, by the Liberals of our state, though they only whisper what went on. Suffice it to say that, by 1872, The Government of North Carolina was back in the hands of those to whom it belongs, the scalawag Republican governor having been impeached, and the Federal forces looking on impotently nearby …

      • @Gamecock…

        The Reconstruction Era history of your state, from Klansman John Howard, as briefly interviewed by a curious and liberal traveling New Yorker…

    • Yankees, Yankees, Yankees, the root of all evil. New England Whites of English descent must be descended from bad, northern English stock, whereas southern Whites of English descent descend from good, southern English stock.

      • @Anonymous…

        If you read what I wrote to Mr. Griffin’s interesting article, the coming fight will NOT be Southerners vs. Yankees, not east vs. West, nor Black vs, White, but, Judeo-Bolshevik City-Slickers attempting to subdue The Smalltown and Rural Man, by use of a government they have seized.

        It will be a War of Idealogy, and the result will be a diverse number of States and Confederations, along with Free-City States, in the place of just one great big ‘American Empire’ that we have today.

        People will resettle the new nations according to idealogy, faith, and culture, not class, history, or race.

  2. I think that even fully red pilled people get a form of Stockholm syndome by watching TV News, if the host does a good job of pretending to be sympathetic towards their views.

    People clearly have an emotional attachment to Tucker, just like they did to Trump. But that attachment is not reciprocated.

    I’ve felt it myself when he did a good segment. But since I almost never watch TV, it quickly dissipates.

    • Tucker shows his true colors and reverts to the Republican party line when actual policies are on the line. He was opposed to cash payments during the shut downs, for example.

      But Tucker did stop Trump from attacking Iran, which deserves high praise. The question is whether he was opposed to attacking Iran on ideological grounds or on the practical grounds of damage it would do to Trump’s reelection prospects. My guess is the latter.

  3. Bravo Hunter! Another great essay!

    You and I are on similar wavelengths. Just this morning I was was thinking about 1988 and the Reagan-Bush era when Bible-believing, Christian conservatives allegedly ruled America.

    We were promised “morning in America” but instead got “mourning in America” as what was left of a once great nation was finished off by Reagan and Bush. Once great cities like Baltimore, Detroit, and LA were ravaged by Negro crime and gang violence, while we were sold flags, endless wars, and mom’s apple pie. Yes, it’s mourning in America.

  4. The writer of Cambria Will Not Yeild says the liberals holy trinity is the abstract intellect, the sacred negro, and science.

    Seeing those texans prostrate before negros carried home that that isn’t a euphamism or hyperbole, its literally what is in their hearts.

    I think the worship of the abstract intellect is why we get so much argumentation by semantic technicalities that bypass the issues at hand, like Republican Abe rhetoric.

    This pro black rhetoric IS pandering to Trumps base. His white negro-worshipping base. When he swears on a bible he panders to their superficial faith in Christ, when he says he’s goot to the negro he panders to their heart-religeon of the sacred negro.

    • Reminds me of this classic quote:

      “America has been dysfunctional from day 1. It’s way too into niggers. Healthy people don’t get into niggers one way or the other – we just think they’re an oddity, like a pelican or a venus fly trap.”- Thomas777

  5. One bright side of Whites becoming the minority is this distusting outright negro worship we see from Whites will no longer be a problem. Latinos don’t care about blacks or worship them in the same way White liberals do. America will be reaching peak negro probably within the next decade or two.

    The problem then will be if the Latinos can be fully weaponized against the White population in the same way the blacks have been. That remains to be seen, and depends largely on how much influence Jews still have at that point, how much influence the mainstream media still holds at that point, and so on. MSM has been able to maintain their hold over information for now by entering into partnership with tech companies. Hopefully we will see a big move from foreign powers to outcompete and crush the western tech companies. We also need to see higher education defeated. The student loan scam and general economic problems coming up may do that for us.

    Overall we can be optimistic because imperial decay opens up so many more options for Whites than what we had with the total control grid that existed during the age of “pax Americana.”

    • Why does anyone think, that when whites are a minority, that any other races or groups will be nice to us? Do people think if we are nice and passive to the other races, when we become a minority, they will treat US with kid gloves?
      It will never be over. They will continue to live off us, and abuse us, if they don’t get rid of us first.
      Make no mistake, that ‘I know a nice one at work” crap is just the exception, not the rule. Groups move in groups, and even if you know one good one, it’s not the group.
      When whites are a minority, more whites than ever will be bending over to blacks, proclaiming that they finally moved on up in the world.

  6. Identity Dixie still hasn’t learned their lesson from Trumps 2016 election and the 2018 midterms. Still toting basic bitch conservatism.

      • @John L…

        I went to this link you posted and read it.

        What is written there speaks for 90% of the yearnings of Southern Society.

        The other 10% are either in jail, mental hospitals, or soon to be either.

        Particularly poignant was that part in the article that said this …

        “The Alt-Right is full of old men who encourage young men to get angry to the point of violence. The old men have few years left. The young men can become the building blocks of something greater than themselves. Encouraging boys to be violent is easy. Old men have always sent young men to fight their wars. The exploitation of emotional distress and testosterone, coupled with feelings of abandonment and victimization, pull a trigger.

        This movement needs to be more than angry young men stewing by a keyboard, prodded by their leaders to “do something” until they buy a rifle.

        Identity Dixie is not that. We want young men to build something, beginning with themselves. We want them to become pillars of society. We see a future that is bright for the Southern People – led by Christian families who maintain conservative values and traditions. We see a South led by families who love their children and communities. “

      • Damn! Just knowing Identity Dixie is comprised of so many former law enforcement and ex-military makes me feel like … like … sniff … grabbing an Amurican flag (made in China) and breaking out with a Lee Greenwood song. Sniff. Sniff.

        Time for one of my Boomer rants on “fellow” Boomers:

        Other than “patriotic” virtue-signaling and snitching on racists, former military and LEOs “With Combat Experience” don’t concern me in the slightest. Been there, done that, in the real shit, not in the desert, up close and personal, playing games in the green. Want to see more of these fuckwads, up close and personal? Visit the Laguna Hills-Lake Forest-Aliso Viejo axis in SoCal’s OC. 80-90% are pot-bellied retirees: diabetic, high blood pressure, knee and foot problems, using Mexican landscapers to do the lawn mowing, outfitters with off road vehicles “fo’ muh big game huntin’ trips in Montana/Idaho,” using bows with 95% let-off and high tech sights in blinds on established trails at 3-20 yards, modern black-powder rifles, taking deer/elk with scoped rifles under 200 yards using the outfitter as backup shooter, hiring meat processors to do the dirty work afterwards, and, well … you get the point.

        Don’t let anybody fool you. These racially disloyal fucks are the pot-bellied bastards you see wearing Molon Labe tee-shirts in gun stores and gun shows. NRA members to a “T”. They are not Tred Barta. Hell Tred Barta ain’t Tred Barta. The exceptions are few and far between.

        Real badasses they are. Maybe, just maybe, they might remember how to use primary and secondary tourniquets, sterilized gauze, wound seal and H bandages to close entry and exit wounds if…if they were able to huff and puff their way to the casualty without suffering a heart attack, kneel, and bend over their gut to tend the wounds. I’ll guarantee you they’ve never drilled young men on the topic post retirement, or on other things young men 45 and under need to know.

        Fuck these guys.

        Rant over.

  7. Hard to not be super black pilled right now…which i know is part of (((their))) psychological terrorism.
    Just think how your great grandparents would’ve reacted to what has happened in Weimerica in just the last 4 months.
    The final blow to open up the final push of total anarchy and martial law seems close..i’d say by Aug at the latest, life as we know it (even right now) will be long over with.
    It might be a great idea to get where you wanna bunker down long term pretty soon.

  8. Good piece Hunter, but I think we’re beyond that now. We’re staring down the barrel of 1917. It was building up to this towards the end of the Obama presidency, but Trump’s election put a dampener on it for a bit. That’s over.
    Upside is that everybody has now been warned, and can prepare accordingly. BLM/Antifa will have taken notes and be prepping for their next “uprising”. People need to realize that the mob will not be appeased.

  9. Fantastic article. Summary of feckless paleocons: “listen, becoming a 2015 degenerate libertarian conservative again is totally WINNING you stupid wignats.”

  10. As much as I loathe these animals tearing down America, I am happy to see the “can’t raise the minimum wage” capitalists shaking a great deal now. Suddenly the anarchists and their wrecking ball- the blaxxx, are coming for the rich people’s stuff. Saks fifth avenue in New York now hiring black guards and putting in barbed wire fencing to defend its premises against the useless welfare sprogs and lunatic, burn out whites. The attack on capitalism is becoming real. 5th avenue in Manhattan is some of the richest real estate in the world.

    After this riot insanity, I can see Andrew Yang and friends coming to the forefront with the ubi push and it going mainstream. Yang was saying all this before corona time and before the chillrens of the Los Angeles rioters from the 90s tearing it down in 2020.

    These riots are far more coordinated with social media and far more direct and numerous in attempting to take down capitalism and the police. I am quite taken aback at just how many communists there are now as opposed to years back where you simply had goofy liberals sipping on their coffee and having an orgasm at the thought of finishing reading the Los Angeles or New York Times.

    The nation is reeling. As far as demonic riots go, this has been a success. The mayors of various cities are either mostly on the rioters side or in the case of the New York City mayor De blasio, totally on the rioters side. Even his black, whacked out daughter was arrested and he is ” proud” of her. He is a communist. And a bunch of cops are now arrested in Atlanta for tasing a po black boy. Stupid whites actually being police officers in turd world cities still? Seriously? Do you never learn? Maybe nationwide riots will wake you up?

    The rich got too rich and people hate them. People resent working long hours to barely get by. The price of housing in many areas is obscenely expensive. All this was not nearly as bad years back. Throw in the massive growth of the third world in this nation and blaxxx crapping out future criminals with zero thought of ever getting married. It’s just ” hump and dump” and take from whitey. How many trillions does that black dirtbag from bet want for reparations to savages who just take to begin with?

    Personally, I am all for a ubi. I used to be Mister gung ho conservative when much younger and against ” using taxpayer money.”.blah, blah, blah. Then I started to see how those rich capitalists were only capitalists when things were good but took large amounts of socialist bailouts when things were bad or so-so. Even Trump took bailouts for his real estate empire.

    So yeah, lets have some white people get help for a change with a buffer like a ubi. Thanks to rampant capitalism and its greedy costs, it stopped whites from having big families or any kids at all. Bring down the costs for homes and simply the costs to live, whites will then have families again. Out of control capitalism has helped heavily to create those monsters looting and rioting…not just the black ones.

    • I’m wondering how much the events of the past few months have contributed to these riots.

      If a better corona stimulus had passed, like say $2000/month, would blacks be out in the numbers we’re seeing them or would they be sufficiently pacified?

      If Bernie had not been defeated, would antifa be out rioting? How many of these guys are blackpilled Bernie Bros that got pushed over the edge by his recent defeat and decided it was time to go for direct action?

      • @Dart…

        “I’m wondering how much the events of the past few months have contributed to these riots. ”

        If you were the suspicious type you might ponder how remarkable it is that this sequence of events incredibly closely parodies the techniques of how the CIA topples the governments of other countries.

    • Hello Jeff. I agree with you that it would be sweet if a functional UBI came into existence as a result of the current riots. I would fund it with sovereign wealth fund where the feds owned a 50 percent stake in all businesses, then paid out a yearly UBI as a social dividend ( or Social Security for All). Google “J . R. Chloupek, ” “UBI,” and “Occidental Dissent ” for my thoughts on that subject over the past few months, and the technical details and economic and philosophical basis for that policy suggestion.
      It could be forced upon the body politic by normies going on a general strike until the Oligarchs capitulated, coming on the heels of the African-American and Antifa pets of the same Oligarchs slipping their chains to harm the wealthy businesses directly, for once. I would let the rioters go as long as they can keep the destruction going, then lay the general strike onto the system as a one-two punch.
      That might work. If not, let us at least go down as men, fighting, rather then begging both our betters (the Oligarchs) and our inferiors ( the rioters) for mercy. They never show us mercy, so show them none. Viva the Revolution!! Break those wage slavery chains once and for all time.

      • To Dart and J.R., I have zero doubt personal unhappiness is partially driving these riots. Plus the evil, mostly Jewish controlled media and their goy pets literally put out a fake narrative every single day. Throw in mostly Jewish and homosexual run Hollywood. This is decades of false information flooding the minds of an increasingly non white America.The amount of self hating, hate all things capitalist whites has obviously grown far more than I have realized, too. These whites are literally making blacks “gods” as they pray to these blacks, get on their knees, etc. This is the new demon/idol worship.

        I do think capitalism is reaching maxed out levels. You see the rich buying 50 and 100 million dollar homes. We even allow wealthy foreign buyers to destroy the housing market by driving up the prices while the vast majority barely hold on by constantly working. Old age and death probably seem like a reprieve for such people. It appears the younger generation is not having it.

        So yes, dart and Jr. a ubi would for sure deflate a good deal of resentment since it takes some daily stress off people. People are far less likely to riot when financial contentment increases. So an extra 1200 or 1400 per month is not a lot of money but it for sure helps with bills and perhaps being the difference from being evicted or not..It also helps local businesses since a good deal of the ubi would go back to such places. I remember reading an article of a woman in California who receives a ubi of 500 per month in a city experiment there and she loves it and said it sure helps with bills or buying a bit more food. She said they need to increase it. Lol.

        The disgusting chamber of commerce types are killing this nation with pushes for more immigration and work, work, work. Do we really need a five day workweek? Many work six days, too, just to survive. Not good. Sounds like less days worked would create more productivity. The push for a four day workweek sounds better. Throw in a ubi for the non wealthy and it would help quite a bit.

        I remember some years back reading the book “Importing Revolution” which is about how our insane immigration policy post 1965 is killing us. May be time to re read it. Ironically, uber capitalist types have been pushing it for decades due to cheap labor. Well, the kids of the ones imported here have become radicalized and are rebelling against their ” work till death” chamber of commerce and Republicuck masters.

        Until the massive disparity of wealth between rich and non rich lessens quite a bit and the mantra of “Make America Affordable Again” becomes a reality, there will be teeming resentment against the system. Calling some dude or chick a “socialist” will not cut it. Those days are over. In fact I expect it to help Ocasio Cortez and similar folks in their election battles.

    • This is based.

      Though I am not sure this isn’t some kind of CIA color revolution at this point.

  11. Carlson is the flip-side of hannity and the coin is minted from rancid judengeld. Long ago, in far off twenty-fifteen, I liked ID and hung on every word from “Rebel Yell”, not so much now. But maybe they always were just “racist libertarians” and I was young and nieve. (lol)

    • I actually like Tucker Carlson. But he really is too conservative for Fox News. Hannity and the rest of them are neocons.

  12. He did not deserve to win, you counter the white supremacist accusation with—-what about the Jews? What about Jew supremacy and what is the promise of the jew religion to the Jew people? There are no sacred cows in America and it is high time our leaders grew a pair and said so.

    • -$229.97 used

      Whew. I’m willing to pay for a good book, but this is just a little extravagant.

    • Thanks Jannie.Love the Rhodesian and South African heros,esp the South Africans.A great Christian people of superior racial stock who were totally targeted and destroyed by the Satanic Jews.God has a plan.We must fight Satan and his hook nosed demons until the very end.Knowledge is power,and daily we are exposing these children of the Devil to the masses.The Bible says that Satan cannot stand when his lies are exposed.God bless you and all here.

  13. Tucker Carlson’s interview of Roger Waters on Julian Assange showed his true Neolibcon colors most clearly. I cannot stand Fox News.

  14. Steve King was never a paleocon, Hunter. Stop misusing that term. I have noticed many older people in the alt-right doing that lately, people who should know better. Steve King is a standard neocon on foreign policy. Immigration is the only issue that he is not in line with the GOPe. Same for Sessions. Neither ever had the slightest association with the paleocon movement or paleocon ideas.

    • Look at the recent Sessions interview at TAC. Sessions embraced non-interventionist foreign policy during the 2015-2016 campaign, as did Anne Coulter. Probably the best thing that came out of that election.

  15. “What these dolts don’t see is that he *is* speaking of that suffering. But by focusing on minorities wounded by the actions of the mob, it takes the wind out of the sails of Tucker’s critics.”

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever read from a supposedly pro-white source. This is literally GOPe style, minorities first, whites last, cuckservatism masquerading as being the dissident right. Anyone else notice that white Southerners are the most cucked people in the entire alt-right? Southerners seem incapable of fully breaking with the GOP and liberalism.

    • Anyone else notice that white Southerners are the most cucked people in the entire alt-right? Southerners seem incapable of fully breaking with the GOP and liberalism.


      Southerners absolutely crave “respectability”.

      They want other Murkins to say nice things about them, and not to look down on them as some kind of hicks, or something… That’s why.

    • Last time I was in the South, I was in awe of the race mixing. But now it’s all over. The South never had a fair shake. They had everything foisted on them such as busing.

  16. @Virtus…

    “Southerners absolutely crave “respectability”.

    They want other Murkins to say nice things about them, and not to look down on them as some kind of hicks, or something… That’s why.”


    Lamentably, Virtus, we are suffering the PTSD that comes with having been so constantly attacked for our beliefs for 150+ years.

    Moreover, we are a very straightforward and honour-oriented people that have not quite got it through our heads yet that we have been fed a diet of half-truths and out and our lies to by our radios and TVs for nearly a century.

    We, Southerners, are certainly very imperfect beings, but, as a whole, conspiring and conspiracies are not our balywick, which is why we have lagged so far behind the times, where deceit, ruse, hard spin, obfuscation, bribery, and craven manipulation are the platinum standards of the day.

    • Lamentably, Virtus, we are suffering the PTSD that comes with having been so constantly attacked for our beliefs for 150+ years.

      Totally agree here Ivan. The South went thru two wars 100 years apart with the tyrants of the North: one in the 1860’s, the other in the 1960’s, and the cultural gaslighting that resulted from both, was sickenly and simply odious.

      Moreover, we are a very straightforward and honour-oriented people that have not quite got it through our heads yet that we have been fed a diet of half-truths and out and our lies to by our radios and TVs for nearly a century.

      This part indeed, the media gaslighting, was even more devastating than the worst aspects of the war, like Sherman’s march to the sea, or Sheridan’s destruction of the Shenandoah Valley.

      I totally agree that you are very straightforward and honour-oriented people. As I told you before Ivan, when I was in the Army, I was stationed in the South, in Alabama (and travelled all over the region), and didn’t meet a nicer, more decent group of people in America ever.

      • @Virtus…

        Thank you for your thoughtful and civil reply, Sir.

        Thank you, too, for your kind words about us.

        Yes, what The United States’ Government and The Culture of America has done to us, over the past 60+ years is far far beyond anything Sheridan or Sherman did.

        Rebuilding buildings and replanting crops, and finding new help is one thing, but, rebuilding lost hearts, mind, souls, and a civilization is a much more grave thing, indeed.

    • But that doesn’t explain why Southerners INSIDE of the alt-right are more cucked. I think that becuase Southerners are more ethnocentric in a way, they can’t break with the majority of their people who are cucked. White Southerners in the alt-right have long been trying to tell the rest of us that their fellow Southern, Israel First, Bush-bot types are really with us, they just don’t know it or think like it or act like it. But they want us to pretend it’s true because you guys can’t tell the truth about how cucked your own culture is. Alt-right people from the rest of the world know our peoples are cucked and won’t make excuses for them.

      • @ATBOTL…

        No, it does explain it, at least in part. But, yes, I think you are on to something – we are more group-oriented.

        That said, a lot of the non-Southerners complaining about us being ‘cuckt’ are not troubled by demonick, murderous, uncivil, misanthropick, and downright daemon-possesst they seem when they are thinking and saying a lot of what they do.

        Southerners are concerned to be reasonable, fair-minded, and honourable in what we say, do, and think (we do not always achieve it) and this affects our ability to make blanket heinous judgements or statements.

        While our ladies can be very backbiting and cattily gossipy in private, there is a huge taboo in our culture about doing this, and or any other types of being rude in publick.

        The Chinese are like this, too – both Chinese and Southerners preferring to lie to your face, i necessary, if it is to avoid hurting your feelings.

        If you are not Southern, nor have ever lived in The South, especially the rural parts, it’s difficult for you to imagine how we, as an entirety are.

        In any case, thank you for your thoughts. You do understand something of it.

      • Good post. The alt-right though, doesn’t really exist. It was some kind of a game from the media to define pro white activism. Then all of the white paleo-cons adopted it. The paleo-cons who want to whine about race forever don’t even use it to unite anyone.

  17. You’re right about conservative liberalism. All credit is due you for coming up with the term, which my partner and I should have invented but did not. You’ve been on a roll for a while and have obviously learned much over the past 15 years. So much wisdom acquired since the ridiculous MR. Quite frankly, I’m proud of you. Almost like observing one of my sons at distance. Really. Thank you for the good work and keep trucking on.

  18. The paleocons are still on the GOP field trying to throw their final Hail Mary pass while the rest of us have already gotten up from our seats and left the stadium. We are no longer paying any attention to those leading the cheer-leading squad like Tucker Carlson who are desperately trying to keep everyone to stick around on the GOP plantation.

    I already know how their final Hail Mary pass of “Tucker nationalism” will end. Just like all the other plays they have made for the past 40 years. Nowhere. The liberal right is played out. We need something else. We need a third way.

    • They’re not called ‘faileocons’ for nothing!

      I too cannot stand the white nationalist infatuation with Tucker Carlson. The man was full on neocon just a few years ago and probably still is deep down. Are white nationalists so desperate for a friend on the inside that they are willing to overlook the insidious nature of his propaganda? He is preaching colorblind “civic nationalism” for Christ sake! In other words exactly the same anti-white one-world crap that a radical leftist in the 1960s would’ve said. The Zionists at Fox pay Tucker well for his role in keeping disenfranchised whites away from the truth.

      • Ricky, I get your doubt that any kind of collaboration is possible with non-Europeans or white youth in 2020 America. No one can view the Make-Obama-President (Barack, not Michelle) riots and not see the core anti-social mindset of a portion of these people.

        However, white nationalists simply don’t have sufficient numbers to move the society in their preferred direction by themselves, and partition or separation is not feasible, for many reasons that need not be repeated. So the only way to change things is to team up with anyone who will fight TPTB where it hurts, in the pocketbook.

        I have proposed a general strike to move things in a direction where basic economic security could be firmly established, but if there is another way to win, so be it. You must team up with like minded people to win some control over your life first, then separate into your private life once change is won. I don’t see a rump force getting the job done.

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