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  1. Don’t ya’ll think its funny how a short period of solitude caused the left/non-whites to lose their minds? If they can’t stand being alone with their own thoughts, how are they going to rebuild civilization after they’ve burned the West down?

      • It is true and sadly so. You don’t live with them so you don’t know. But what I am telling you is so. The Hanman reads your blog. Since I have been starting in on the Irish the Hanman has cool it on the Muslims, and O’Reilly too and the Pete King, he hung it up. And Denise and that Spahnranch closet Jew too, I did do some good. We are not going to have a war with them Muslims, it seems. You were the last one to let me speak the truth as I saw it. The last one to stop me from speaking my mind. The last one. Congratulations. You were the last one to respect my freedoms and rights. Thanks.

        • yeah, seems as if the war against Persia is going to be put on the back-burner to push a different war with China.
          One that will deal the final blow to kill whats left of this …country , if you could call it that.

      • Why even get a haircut anyway? Its a waste of money let your hair grow long and let that freak hair fly man I’m gonna grow my hair and beard as long and big as I can

        • The extremist liberal antifa whites(anywhere from 25-30% of Whites) will also be on their side

  2. Seeing all of these cuck cops it might be better if all US police forces were disbanded – let the chips fall where they may – with only 13% of the US population Black how long would a “Race War/Boogaloo” last – 1 week, tops?

    • you havent factored in all the other browns and mud people and about 60% of white people who hate their race.

  3. As Keith and Ed were making cogent arguments, Dickey $pencer kept interrupting them. Was Spencer an only child? He certainly behaves as a rude host on these videos.

    Spencer’s destiny in to be a less relevant David Duke as time goes by. Mr. Duke suffers from the same propensity for sucking all the air out of the room and talking over both guests on his podcasts and hosts that invite him on their shows.

    Both Spencer and Duke have salient points, and they would be better served to themselves and listeners, if they were to do their broadcasts alone.

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