Mitt Romney Joins Black Lives Matter In DC

Guys, it is time to come on back to the GOP. We have to keep voting for the lesser of two evils! It is the only way to save the White race! We just need the Senate! Just kidding!

Mainstream conservatism is your biggest enemy. Conservative liberalism has been utterly discredited by the events of the past two weeks which have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a nation that is based solely on liberalism cannot endure. These people are anti-White and hate you. As long as you vote for them and get nothing in return for something, White dispossession is assured.

Note: Predictably, David French is also virtue signaling about systemic racism. In doing so, he is also making our case for us. These people are weak and their weak philosophy is incapable of resisting the Left or conserving anything of value. Look at that face. The cuckservative meme is literally true. I burn with a hatred of these contemptible people that is hotter than a thousand suns!

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  1. He’s a negro lover from way back. Apparently he was driving along one day when he heard on the radio that the Mormon church was going to allow blacks to join. He was so overcome with emotion that he had to pull over and weep tears of joy.

    • An “authoritative” Mormon text, the Pearl of Great Price, forbids blacks from being ordinated in the LDS. If you’ve even had a black ancestor, you’re to be forbidden from ordination. What once was based has now become cucked.

    • Someone in his family adopted one. When it starts annoying and disturbing the other kids, they’ll get told to be nice to it, and it will get away with taunting them.

  2. Joel Skousen, the geopolitical advisor, said that Mitt Romney would do anything to please the elites. He warned people of this when he was running against Barack Obama in 2008.

  3. David French embodies one of the worst things about mainstream conservatives- their commitment to “civility” and “respectability” while embracing the most abhorrent ideas imaginable as long as they’re approved by their kike masters. French is the kind of “conservative” who thinks talking like Trump has is the worst thing imaginable. On the other hand, defending the Iraq war, drag queen story hour, Israel brutally suppressing Palestinians (while abhoring America securing it’s own borders) and now BLM are all just fine.

    Nevermind how this dickless, mewling worm was endorsed by Bill Kristol in 2016 as a presidential candidate- Kristol being the textbook definition of a nationwrecking kike, and the kind of kike who’s triggered pogroms, expulsions and massacres of his people throughout history. An obese, smirking inbred goblin, the son of the founder of the absolutely evil ideology of Neoconservativism, who’s openly fantasized about replacing the white working class with immigranats because they’ve become “decadent and degenerate”, surely having nothing to do with what neocon monsters like him have done.

    Those are the kinds of “people” who allow someone as absolutely worthless and contemptible as David French to have any kind of career or reputation, to have someone as malignant as this act as a gatekeeper. I’m also convinced he’s been raping that adopted African of his. It’s not like he doesn’t have the look.

    Let’s also not forget Nancy French, who’s openly posted an image saying “black lives matter more.” My favorite moment of hers was when she described an incident where someone said “f*ck you for all the harm you and your husband have done to this country”, which caused her to cry and their retarded evangelical fans as well. Yeah- at this point I hope a pack of niggers does far, far worse to her and her f*gg*t husband. Even better if it was at the hands of their adopted niglet.

    • French is like some kind of progressive troll who decided to mock conservatives for their stupidity by writing straight progressive liberal propaganda, calling it “true conservatism,” and then laughing at all the conservatives who bought it.

      • I think he laughed all the way to the bank though. He is truly an extra strength, Jim Jones endorsed, 200 proof, electric Kool-Aid drinker. Didn’t he and his wife buy a couple of niglets a while back?

        He better be careful of his exotic pets, though. I believe Colin Kapernick was one too and he turned on his “parents” but to his credit, he didn’t kill them. When Mrs. & Mrs. French’s pets come of age, about 14 years in their case they may become extremely dangerous.

        It’s like the occasional story on the news about how people buy an exotic pet such as a tiger cub and hand feed it from the time it weighs just a pound or two. After a short while the thing weighs 100 pounds and it’s still growing with six inch fangs, too. Sooner or later the idiots turn it over to a sanctuary because they can’t handle it or it gets loose and the police shoot it or it kills someone.

  4. The game is rigged and the notion or “white privilege” is so laughable i am led to believe not a single person with functioning intelligence believes it and is only using it as an op. The masses might believe it but they are fools and programmed by a constant stream of media lies.

    The NYT wrote a lengthy glowing article about the black Princeton lawyer, whose only life experiences were diversity acceptance to prep schools and the highest realms of Princeton society despite not being able to read till 14, and the Indian lawyer who along with others firebombed the police station and vans in Brooklyn. Did i mention THEY ARE OUT OF JAIL ALREADY. Minimum bail no worries. Attack cops and try to burn down a city you had no role in building but as the NYT stated “they were good people caught up in outrage”.

    How is James Field doing these days? Is his white privilege getting him an extra weekly candy bar from the prison commissary

  5. Even Greg Johnson has stopped GOP shilling. Not even the most diehard amnats could defend them after this past week. The entire Republican party con exposed for what it is. The GOP is our greatest enemy and they need to go down.

    Trump and his insidious “let’s you and him fight” rhetoric needs to go. He intentionally provokes the left into a blood frenzy, then when they finally chimp out he is nowhere to be found (except when he orders his DOJ to prosecute people who defended themselves from leftist attacks). Been doing it for four years now and it could not be more harmful for Whites even if it were designed by a genius marketing team specifically for that purpose.

    All of the Whites joining these BLM marches are those who suffered drumpf derangement syndrome during his entire presidency, believing the fake news stories that he is a fascist dictator, so they turned to a religious cult of negro worship as catharsis.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. This needs to be posted in a black box before every Republican/Conservative add like cigarette black box warnings.

  6. Both Romney and French have adopted black children. French made it a policy to be seen as such as he hoisted the child on his shoulders as he made the circuit at C-PAC. Don’t kids yourself. The overwhelming majority of white millennial youth are supporting the riots and Black Lives Matter and they have adopted the black power fist as their Facebook icon.

    • white millennial youth


      White American millennials, especially the Anglo/NW Euros, are a C*O*M*P*L*E*T*E*L*Y L*O*$*T generation.

      Their philo-$emitic, turbo-cucked fathers and, especially, their grandfathers, made this all possible.

      *May our Heavenly Father have mercy on their souls … “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”

  7. “Conservatives” conserve nothing.

    “Conservatives” are anti-White controlled opposition.

    “Conservatives” are morally bankrupt scum.

  8. For me, Senator Romney is the quintessential Marie Antoinette of our day – ever well-coiffed, effete, completely dispassionate about the natives, and always at the ready to dispence with some cake.

    And the reason why he is wearing a mask?

    Certainly not The Fauci-Obama-funded Wuhan Virus, but, rather, to protect himself from the collateral damage that might arise if he were to inhale that which he spews out of himself…

    • And he fails to realize that his dindu friends will turn on him in the blink of an eye once Civil War II gets going.

      These virtue signaling white idiots are going to find out the hard way.

      • @SC REBEL…

        No, Senator Romney certainly does not see it the way you do, and, if that happens, it may strike him low with a coronary.

    • I’m sure Mitt went home to take a shower after he got his picture taken. It’s the first time he has mixed with proles in a long time and I’m sure he was repulsed by them. He prefers mixing with his own exalted class only.

      It’s social distancing otherwise but at least 100 yards, not six feet between him and lesser mortals. He can’t stand normal people who aren’t bidness crooks and filthy rich like he is, they aren’t worthy of his mighty presence. The guy sucks, sucks, sucks.

  9. See see even warmongering reuplocabs are in favor of BLM… Er um er shiieeeeeettttt.

  10. As my favorite polish saying Znowu tapy zydowskie? We know exactly who runs and organizes BLM this is a color revolution by the usual big nose suspects, glow in the darks spooks and nothing else would convince me otherwise without proper evidence

    Mitt Romney is a phony Mormon piece of shit and David French is still a pathetic cuck who deserves to worship the diversity cult all his life because he is a controlled op zio Christian/neo conservative bitch

  11. Don’t waste energy burning with hatred toward these cucks, HW. There is nothing you can do to them. The kikevermin have won. There will be no white/ethnic movement. Channel the energy toward preparations for the dystopia to come. You’re an amateur historian and teacher. Teach people how to live in a dystopian environment. There are plenty of examples from history and current events to draw upon.

  12. Can’t believe I actually voted for this tool in 2012. Then again Obama was the alternative and Romney was acting semi sane then. But as usual there was no major enthusiasm for Mittens. McCain was the other clown four years before..Lmao. Sad.

    Romney is a gross human. An old man in his 70s trying to ruin America because he is butt hurt with Trump. I guess whatever years he has to live will just be him lying and being a worm. He is such a worm that he tried like crazy to destroy Trump in 16. Then Trump wins and Mitt tries to be his secretary of state. What sane person does That? That fails and unfortunately Hatch retires from Utah and bitch Mitt is elected by the cuck boobs of Utah. Now he marches with blm and some ridiculous Evangelicals? Shady ones at best.

    This man is a disgusting pos and the fake media is trying to make an issue of Farrakhan friend and war monger ” Stinky Colin” Powell will not endorse Trump. Nor will mass murdering lunatic George Bush or bitch Mitt. Psssst. None of them did last time!

    Imagine Putin and China laughing their butts off at the diversity filled collapse of America? Watching nogs get money by stealing it all. Watching American cities burn. How can you blame people say, 55 or 60 and over to start to think of living in greener pastures in Russia or Eastern or even Central Europe?

    I know a guy who goes to Japan often on business and he always says if America collapsed or he is sick of it here, he would move to Japan. Said he saw thousands of bicycles in the street not even chained up. Said he saw about 5 out of 5 thousand chained up. In America the numbers would be the opposite thanks to a certain race.

    The shitshow never ends. Today was hysterical in a demonic sort of way watching Democrat mostly Jewish politicians and nogs wearing their stupid African scarves in a Congressional building all taking a knee for eight minutes for Blm, Kapernick and Floyd. The only one not kneeling was the jew Nadler because he can’t get up if he kneels. Queen of Xanax Pelosi was on her knees too. Many were doing their fake prayers. Or maybe it was real prayers to the “god” they serve, Lucifer. Mitt will be doing that soon, too. Complete scum.

    Let’s cut the bull. America is not blessed. Maybe we were once upon a time. Now? Heck no! Half the country is either atheist, totally fake Christian, serpent worshipping yids or new age retards. Blacks are the biggest comedy act with their ” Je suzz” worship as they vote for abortionists, open borders, homo everything and most importantly, their true worship of all things black as their white slaves now do, too. Once in a blue moon a real black JESUS leader comes out and he then gets death threats.

    America is done. It’s over. Michael Moore was right. Trump is the last American president. It failed as a nation. Diversity, capitalism gone wild and jew ownership being it’s undoing and everyone knows it.

    • The money hasn’t even gone bad yet either, wait until that happens for some real fireworks.

    • @JEFF…

      “Can’t believe I actually voted for this tool in 2012.”

      Think nothing of it.

      We all have been raised in a system of crass manipulation.

      Praise The Good Lord – we have The Internet, which allows places like Occidental Dissent to exist.

      Otherwise, we’d still be voting for Romney.


  13. “I know a guy who goes to Japan often on business and he always says if America collapsed or he is sick of it here, he would move to Japan”

    This thought has crossed my mind many times. I would be fine with it.

    Still trying to convince my wife though.

    • @SC REBEL…

      Of course she refuses, because she knows that not only are westerners not accepted in Japan, she knows that her culture, back in the former Yugoslavia, is perfectly healthy – and much as we in Dixie were, back 70 or 80 years ago.

      Really, SC, Central-Eastern Europe is the only real option for a Southerner, if he choose to leave.

      It’s striking how similar their cultures are to what ours used to be.

    • Yes, SC. After all life is short. For some it’s far shorter than we expected. If I ever moved out of America I would make a point to do what most immigrants to America don’t do- learn the new language efficiently, wave it’s flag, vote for the most nationalist parties, partake in historical festivities and be against diversity.

      I remember listening to a former professional baseball player named John Valentin who was a good player for the Boston Red Sox during his best years. He is Puerto Rican. As the years went by and baseball became increasingly Hispanic particularly from the Dominican Republic, Valentin was asked if being bi lingual was helpful. He replied he knows zero Spanish. His parents raised him to speak English. You live in America. You speak English, not Spanish, his parents told him.

      Clearly his parents represented the melting pot theory which I remember being taught in grade school. Now you never hear it. Only the very divisive diversity is taught. Diversity is a curse on the land as is homosexuality and open borders.

      So Sc, you do what’s best for you. This is particularly true if you are on the dark side of your 50s. You still want some active years when starting in a new nation and not be an 80 year old nebish. Most people are not Jack La Lane types working out 2 hours per day right into his mid 90s and being extremely self sufficient in his life right up until he died at age 96.

      Quality over quantity years. One has to work hard at having both usually. Just breathing and being old stinks. That former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mohamed, is another testament to a guy pushing 100( 95 next month) who is still extremely active. People marvel at him and wonder how he still looks so well and is so active. That’s a great life lived and not filled with hospital bed sores but “breathing.”

    • The guy is delusional. Japan is 98% Japanese. The Japanese don’t give foreign devils citizenship. Asia is for Asians. Africa is for Blacks. White countries are for everyone.

      Your best bet is Eastern Europe, as long as Russia remains an enemy of the USA. If Russia ever turns liberal while America is liberal, Eastern Europe will be flooded with Africans.

      • @Alcor…

        We’ve told him about that, Alcor.

        Over the coming decades there will be mirror image of what took place in the 19th century – American, of European descent will more and more seek a peaceful life in exile, as a part of a traditional White Culture that has no interest in being something else.

        Central/Eastern Europe is going to become an oasis for those on The Right.

        In the end this will strengthen those White Cultures which deserve to live, and allow those to die which proved unworthy of the mantle called ‘survival’.

      • Theoretically foreigners can get naturalized in Japan after a very long period of time, but in reality they will most likely just kick you out. Asian cultures tend to view laws more like guidelines and will bend them for the greater good. Sort of the opposite of judeo-america where the rules are only ever bent in pursuit of evil.

  14. Recall that none of the multi-billion dollar intelligence agencies in the West or elsewhere predicted the swift collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Has the jew’s hegemony over the United States brought about its fall too?

    • @November…

      No, what brought about America’s fall was that the people who created it grew disinterested and let it fall into the hands of others.

      Say what you want about Jews, and non-White Immigrants – none of them forced us to give up this country, that process something which has now been going on for generations already.

  15. You guys gave great responses. Ivan, Alcor, November. The guy I know regarding Japan does business there so perhaps he would get in under that. He has been there about 10 times now. A very intelligent man. But just generally immigrating to Japan has to be quite hard. Plus they see what its done to America and increasingly, western Europe. I agree that Central and Eastern Europe is the better angle with multiple nations to choose from. Perhaps even a nation in South America, as well.

    I think super capitalism exhausted everyone. It took the starch out of whites forcing them to work too much to pay the bills. Credit card debt is very high for people, too. Throw in the obscene costs to pay for average kids to do average things in college. I have a relative forking over about 200 k to pay for their average kids. Those kids could have simply gone to cheaper local schools to do the jobs they will wind up doing.

    It’s all nonsense based on ego pretending your kids are special. In most cases they clearly are not. A Warren Buffet being worth about 300 k at age 16 is special. A kid playing piano at 12 in front of large audiences is special. A kid graduating college at 16 is special. Heck even a dopey kid hurling a baseball at 95 miles per hour on top of a garbage dump in Venezuela is special. That was the case of former Minnesota Twins star pitcher Johan Santana who retired being worth about 150 million dollars. Thank you, whitey.

    I remember reading an article comparing the 1950s to today. The difference was about 5 billion credit cards. The dollar went further. The wealthy did not have the financial disparity of today. There were far less people. The nation was far whiter. Hollywood jews had to hide their hatred for goys.

    When America’s obituary is written, one of the things that did it in is a brutally weak United States Constitution. Many of the guys that put it together probably had the equivalent of a 2 year college degree today. The constitution is obscenely vague in many areas which our enemies exploit all the time. Even the second amendment is too vague.

    Obviously they never dreamed of the slaves taking over or women voting. They never dreamed of jews infiltrating. But that’s the problem. All religions treated equally? Wow. Bad move. Also simply being born here makes you a citizen? More pathetic, ignorant law put up by the founders gotten around by millions of invaders centuries later.

    The founders were really not as smart as made out to be. But they were sure more nationalistic and courageous than many of the whites today. Not even close. All of their monuments are coming down now. A testament to how vague the constitution is in many areas. If I ever live long enough to see a new constitution in a break away state or caused by civil war, that constitution has to be very specific on countless levels. Otherwise it will be worthless..again.

    • @Jeff…

      I think you, Sir, for your kind compliments and for your comments.
      They are always reasoned and multi-fascited.

      You know – speaking of The Constitutional Convention : ——- I live in a olde Southern town that was founded in the 17th century. The house my wife and I are blessed to live in was built in 1789 – the year of the Constitutional Convention, if memory serves.

      Interestingly enough, there is another house just a couple of blocks from here that was the house of a certain Reverend Thompson – he having been born in England in the 1750s, though he came to the then colonies at age 12.

      After becoming a Baptist preacher he wound up settling in my town. I suppose he was tending to the covert Baptists here, at the time,, the reason being that, according to all the early NC Constitutions, no form of Christianity was legal other than that of the Episcopal Faith, or that of The Anglican Church.

      At any rate, Thompson has been permanently remembered in our town because of his fierce opposition to North Carolina getting involved in any kind of a ‘union’, during the time of The Constitutional Convention.

      In so many words, The Right Reverend Thompson asserted that it would be a sad joke to fight a war to separate from the centralized powers of usurpation and subversion, only to establish another land of the same.

      What do you think ’bout that?

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