Minneapolis Will Disband Its Police Force

In my opinion, every anarchist and progressive who has supported dismantling the police should be forced to live in Minneapolis.

New York Times:

“MINNEAPOLIS — Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council — a veto-proof majority — pledged on Sunday to dismantle the Police Department, promising to create a new system of public safety in a city where law enforcement has long been accused of racism.

Saying that the city’s policing system could not be reformed, the council members stood before hundreds of people gathered late in the day on a grassy hill and promised to begin the process of taking apart the Police Department as it now exists.

For activists who have been pushing for years for drastic changes to policing, the move represented a turning point that they hope will lead to a transformation of public safety in the city.

“It shouldn’t have taken so much death to get us here,” Kandace Montgomery, the director of Black Visions Collective, said from the stage at the rally. “We’re safer without armed, unaccountable patrols supported by the state hunting black people.” …”

I suppose this is good news for Trump.

He nearly won Minnesota in the 2016 election. If it were not for Evan McMullin, he would have won the state. This is going to be a fiasco.

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  1. Community-based policing (like Nicaragua and some other socialist or semi-socialist countries have) will not be allowed to work in the U.S. The U.S. “law enforcement” industry, otherwise known as the police, surveillance and mass incarceration state, will emerge from this short period of embarrassment stronger than ever. The law enforcement mega-industry is too big to fail, worth hundreds of billions of dollars!

  2. “MINNEAPOLIS — Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council — a veto-proof majority — pledged on Sunday to dismantle the Police Department, promising to create a new system of public safety in a city where law enforcement has long been accused of racism.”

    I for one welcome our new Committee of Public Safety overlords.

    This is about busting police unions.

    They’ve discussed this in detail on FTN and TDS on the TRS network – see therightstuff dot biz.

    Once the police unions are busted, individual cops will be totally defenseless against political interference from local elected officials. It is police unions who pay for the high priced lawyers to defend cops accused of “police brutality” and “racism”. It is police unions which push back on local pols who attack the police for political reasons.

    Once that shield is gone, cops will lose their pensions, have their salaries slashed, and be thrown to the wolves and forced to use public defenders to defend themselves in court, every time a local pol wants to appease their dindu constituency.

    Police as such really won’t go away, they will just become more pliant tools of Globohomo. The agenda here is busting the police unions while disguising it as progressive “community policing” reforms. It dovetails very nicely with the overall neoliberal agenda of busting unions and depressing wages and benefits while making ordinary working class people legally helpless.

  3. We’ll, at least I’m going to enjoy living far away from this and the other New Somalilands. The only way community policing, etc, is going to work is if the local population is Asian, amish, or white. Not the rather feral population these places tend to have. The stupidity is wonderous to behold. And when it’s over, more innocent people, black and white are going to suffer. Facepalm……

    • There seems to be something severely wrong with them. All the Swedes around here are pretty stupid, too.

  4. Any news on this gaining traction elsewhere beyond Minneapolis? I can’t believe it’s actually happening.

  5. Blue checks of the Tribe like Yair Rosenberg who embrace the echoes while also taking the biggest “f*ck you” stances on Western norms and ideals is such a dominant move. I almost admire it. They know they are in a position of authority and just flaunt it along with his self title of “Nazi troll”, with Nazi meaning normal white people. You want to see real power, just look at this guy. He makes no bones about it and doesn’t care if you know.

    With the defunding of police. How is this going to work? If a town of 95% white people with a few Asians and Indians thrown in for flavoring, form a local constabulary force of peace keepers, they certainly aren’t going to be allowed to detain a black person. No matter what they do. No one can argue things have been anti-white for a long while now. But at least Normicons and MAGApedes had their cops and a system in place. Now? Going to be interesting to watch although i think most people with a few grand in the bank will be fleeing deeper in Minnesota or elsewhere now.

    Minnesota. What was once thought of as the whitest state. Who would believe that just a few years ago

  6. This is a cleverly worded deportation order for Minneapolis Whites, issued to themselves, kind of like a time-share policy adoptation, over several decades.

    Get ready small town Minnesota for an influx of Liberal Whites who will attempt to import the ideas that led them to infest your community, because they could not live with the results they had sown where they were.

    My paternal side full of gamblers and bookies, I’ll lay 1-1 odds that within 3 years, Minneapolis is redubbed,’ Mogadishu’.

    The New America is shaping up – vast franchises of The United Nations reigning in all our concrete and steel cities with White Native Americans sprinkling their lawns and blackberry bushes out in the boonies.


      It will be interesting, if not ghastly, to see how this all shakes out.

      My guess is that, barring something cataclysmic, Americans of every shade will attempt to accomodate the new reality of 3rd World Cities in the midst of Rural & Smalltown White countries.

      This seems to be the model for the entire West, something that got started in the migration of whites to the suburbs in the 1950s & 60s.

      To be clear : ——- we have had free city states in sovereign nations many times before in The West, (Venezia & Köngisberg but a few examples) so, perhaps it can be made to work, if for no other reason that The American Populace, as a whole, does not want to take their eyes off of The Cooking Network and Satellite NFL.

  7. Now we really will be Mogadishu on the Mississippi. We’ll have no police force, but we will have gangs of niggas stealing, raping and rampaging their way to destruction of what they aren’t smart enough to build, or sensible enough to maintain. At least we won’t be the first Turd World city in the US; Detroit beat us to that dubious honor.

    • @Boomer X,

      Where do you think the white Minneapolis libtards are going to? Madison Wisconsin, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sioux Falls, S.D., Bismarck N.D., Milwaukee, or Chicago?

      • They’ll go to the suburbs first, which has already been happening. Formerly conservative congressional districts went Dem last time, and the numbers weren’t close in most areas. If they can’t telecommute, they’ll move to outlying small towns. Taking their incredibly stupid, self-destructive politics with them, of course.

        There’s a snobbish attitude many wealthier Minnesotans have about Iowa, SD and ND. It’s like how New York City urbanites look at farmers. Not too many cultural amenities in those states, either, although Des Moines has triple-A minor league teams in baseball and hockey, plus some classical music outlets. Who knows, though? Chicongo is becoming more of an African city every day (and Milwaukee is close behind), but Madison is an attractive metropolis with a major university and is the Wisconsin state capitol. It’s also very, very, very far left-leaning. They still have police there, but who knows for how long? The North Shore of Lake Superior in MN, and Door County in WI, are popular vacation destinations for the wealthier, but I don’t know how they could make their barrels of money to remain there.

  8. Surprised the Prince estate was not looted and burned down. The music studio he built is in the Suburbs of Minneapolis, Antifa stated the suburbs are next.

    Maybe BLM and Antifa can bust open the under ground vault he has his B sides stored he never released?

  9. As Minneapolis falls further into anarchy, its Hipster Racists will flee to better run cities, learning nothing as usual, they will bring their liberal politics with them, and the process of browning leading to collapse will start all over again.

  10. We Wargamed this in 2015. Minneapolis is Malmo in the Western Hemesphere. A Scandie utopia now gone to the dogs.

  11. Trump will clearly be helped by this. I generally agree the voting for cuckservatives over Democrats does not play out well. I do have exceptions, though. Trump is one of them. Even though he is a blowhard and phony, he has started things that a truly better Republican and human can finish- the wall, allowing in white south Africans, cutting immigration, increasing white immigration and bringing jobs back here. Trump has been a bag of hot air on most of the things just mentioned. He is at his best dealing in economics. However it is an agenda that can help America. Would he do those things in a second term? How about a Tom Cotton or Hawley? And yes I know both have some negatives.

    Jeff Sessions is another Republican I would happily vote for. But it seems President Narcissist will get the coach of black guys tackling each other over Sessions. Hope not, obviously.

    I must say I found it hysterical watching the Jew Jacob Frey walk the plank. I was with a friend watching it on Tv and he said: That little kid is the mayor of Minneapolis? Lol. I said he is nearly 40! It was delicious watching the fat female orc cursing him out and telling him to ” get the bleep out of here” after he gave the ” wrong” answer on police. These barbarians are low down and will eat each other up. Your slaves are rebelling, Jacob. How do you like it, bacon dodger?

    Republicans will be forced to go right. At least some, anyway. The growth in gun ownership will be further staggering. I even saw that great rant by Greg Gutfeld on Fox. He was speaking how his neighborhood in Manhattan was trashed, how gun ownership and nra support will explode, how he applied for a gun. It’s awesome seeing maga be forced to turn right. All this stuff speaks to the obvious: diversity is a failed experiment that destroys all it touches. Maybe even semi retarded Republicans will agree on it finally.

  12. I just read that Colin Powell announcend he will be voting for Biden this november. Ha, I guess Trump was succesful afterall in arranging a Blexit, it’s just that it happened in the opposite direction.

  13. I’m not so sure this is good news for Trump, I’m not even sure people would bother voting for him again remember last time they egged pepper sprayed and assaulted people voting for blumpf at the voting booths Did blumpf ever do anything bout that?

    If I was a Minnesotan trump supporter who’s business or home was vandalized or burned to the ground and Trump sat on his hands saying on twitter “sorry democrat stronghold Can’t help you” Why even vote then for orange potato man?

  14. So let me get this straight; a state of the union is permitted to disband its police force but not permitted to define marriage as between a man and a woman?

    • @Ricky the Constitution and law & order goes out the window during moral panics and mass gaslighting. Good comment though. Hadn’t even thought of that example although BDS and gay wedding cakes had crossed my mind. I guess policy changes only happen if you are an “ally”

    • @LOLO…

      “When will the niggers turn on their jew masters?”

      White Gentiles don’t, so why should Blacks?

  15. I wondered why I had this STRONG feeling that I should find work OUTSIDE of the area, and that my wife retire from her job. NOW…. I know why. ““So when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand),then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.” Matt. 24:15ff.

    • A lot of Bible verses being quoted these days. Every time I open it up its meaning seems clearer than ever! Remember God only allowed Gideon 300 men to defeat the invading heathen hordes.

  16. I’m surprised Mitt Romney or some other well-known Republican cuck hasn’t signed on to the idea of running against Trump as an independent. It would ensure Trump’s defeat. I guess being a Republican is more important than “Never Trump” or Black Lives Matter!

  17. I hope it spreads all across Yankeedom and leads to a mania for dismantling their state governments, and for calling their senators and congressfolks home from Washington, D.C.

  18. As much as I dislike that smug, self-satisfied little circle-jerk called TRS…they’ve gotta’ point about busting those Police Unions. Once those sweet salaries and pensions and Legal Protection are toast, there won’t be any more reason for anyone, including POC to seek careers feeding at the Public Teat. The collapse can’t come soon enough. Enjoy the Apocalypse!

  19. I’m pretty sure that the secret police– the so-called “Intelligence Community” and the out-of-control criminal organization known as the FBI– will NOT be defunded or dismantled. They will continue to lie, spy on people, corrupt, plot against, overthrow governments, frame innocents, subvert and kill.

  20. I predict a collapse of property values. Quickly followed by a great deal of real estate speculation by the Red Sea pedestrians. Then a rebound of those property values when law and order is restored.

  21. If they disband the police the rich liberals will hire a private police force to protect their gated communties and businesses, while everyone else will get raped or robbed, until they buy their own guns.

    I think most of America’s problems would be solved if scores were settled man to man, like they were in the Wild West, instead of the state picking the winners and losers. If you could walk up to any politician, pundit, journalist, judge, university lecturer, street thug, or anti-fa dickhead, and challenge them to a duel with no interference from the police, the country would change direction over night.

    Writing piles of essasy and voting hasn’t changed a thing, so at this present time I’d support disbanding the police nation wide, since they are the enforcement arm of a system that hates whites, and everything else that is good and noble in this world.

  22. I don’t know what is going on with the Coronavirus and the NFL, but no way will the Vikings play in Minneapolis if there are no police and the place is Thunderdome.

    • @Nightowl…

      Right, so they’ll move The Vikings 35 miles up the road, and, as White America empties out of the cities up north, as they have done in Detroit – America will continue as before, only now it will be dotted by 2 or 3 3rd world cities in each and every state.

  23. In time, there will be a reaction to the total disintegration of urban areas by rural Whites. At first, the dominant cultural programming will keep most Whites from being anything but passive as they watch Murica circle the drain. Outside of those areas where mutliculti neoliberalism reigns without much opposition, I hope and believe, some will quietly resolve to resist.

    In the past, I’ve commented that I think a few ornery European-descended people will slowly build alternate systems under the radar: educational, cultural, economic. The process has now been sped up by decades. White identity politics will finally emerge because it has to, for survival. Urban whites seem to have been plugged into the globalist matrix, changed from a smarter tribesman into a clueless, rainbow-chasing lemming not noticing the cliff right before them. Darwinian adaptation has been shown to be reversible, in their case. The Empire is dying, and most will go with it in the urban settings quickly becoming Turd World in nature.

    • @Boomer…

      “In time, there will be a reaction to the total disintegration of urban areas by rural Whites. At first, the dominant cultural programming will keep most Whites from being anything but passive as they watch Murica circle the drain. ”

      That is what the Tarheel Klansmen of my daddy’s generation thought about all the stuff that was going on in the 1960s – that Whites would eventually get tired of the bull and revolt.

      People were far less programmed then, than they are today, and still most of them did nothing.

      If, however, there is a reaction by Smalltown & Rural Whites to the big cities, I believe it will have to be forced on us by the cities, and or the national government, because, most of us just want to live in peace, go fishing, and tend to our gardens.

      We would like to avoid unpleasantries, if at all possible.

      That said, The Left may not allow it to be possible, because, as you well know, they do seem rather hellbent to force everyone into their mould.

      • Interesting perspective, Ivan. In the Sixties, economic times were good. There also was much less of the economic inequality that fuels resentment of the elites. I’m not surprised most people didn’t fight back against gov’t, because trust of the authorities and patriotism was still pretty high. All of those conditions that kept us from pushing back have been drastically changed. I’ve yet to see evidence that we’ll fight back, but authorities haven’t yet tested better-armed rural citizens.

        Leftist ideology has become sociopathic, one that rationalizes using tactic to get their way. Once in an institution, they won’t leave. That’s why I favor establishing our own parallel institutions, which will tend to be cooperative in nature, as resources will need to be pooled. That could mean home schooling networks, member-only financial ventures (from credit unions to home/small business collectives), art-sharing (music, publishing, even independent film) outlets, self-defense groups, etc., etc. Much of that has already been done in some form, just not on a wide or well-organized scale. Whether you think my ideas are crappy or not, the fact remains that if we want a functioning, appealing alternative to the dying and decadent society, we’re going to have to build it ourselves. I welcome suggestions.

        • @Boomer…

          Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Yes, for me it is interesting to get your views because, you being a Minnesota Yankee, it is very interesting to see that what is occurring in your head, your community, is very similar to what we are thinking and are enduring down here.

          Yes, Leftism has reached the point of Nihilism, and, Nihilism is never good.
          Worse yet, many on The Left are now Nihilist totalitarians, which means that they feel they are going to rip our our communities, culture,s heritage, and laws, and force us to smile and kneel as we go.

          In the end, however, I would put the drifting of this country away from Chryst as very deleterious thing. Though Believers have sincere disagreements over The Faith, living in a society where many live without any responsibility to a Creator is a very serious problem, and it waters the toxic spiritual soil whence many of the following things are arisen…

          A big thing that has gotten worse in a godless society is CORRUPTION, (selfishness) and it has badly hurt this country. Even above Liberalism, even, I would say corruption has hurt us.

          Corporate-Globalism has also badly hurt this country.

          The Government keeping our borders wide open and allowing our society to be drug-drenched, has badly hurt us. As someone who came up in the 60s and 70s, I cannot tell you how many lives I have seen ruined by substance abuse.

          To be clear, this country has always had this problem, because humanity has always had this problem, but, the degree to which we are presently involved with drugs (including pharmaceutical psychotropic drugs people take for every part of their head) is a very serious problem.

          Thank you for asking for my thoughts. Nobody has an all-encompassing philosophical cure, because we are dealing with human failings, including our own.

          In the end, however, I see that The United States must be divided up – if not into Sovereign States, as promised by the 10th Amendment, then into new Confederacies.

          The National Government, The United States’ Government, is a poxey basket case that cannot be reformed.

          You touched upon this in your comment about how Leftism gets imbedded into bureaucracies. May I remind you that the bureaucracies that run this country are not constitutional – not a single one.

          It was set up to be this way, by our great Founding Fathers, because they looked over at Europe and saw how corrupt entrenched bureaucracies were screwing things up.

          All positions in government must answer to a voting constituency, and on a regular basis.

          This is one of the cornerstone ideas of this country and I stand by it.

          But, The United States’ Government does not stand by the law. In fact, the usurp it, skirt it, flaunt it, and just outright undermine it, at every dang turn.

          New Governments, with olde ideas, have to be formed.

          Because I love my fellow Man, both individually and collectively, and because I really respect his right to pursue his vision for his own life, and that of his family and community, I hope that The Good Lord provides us the opportunities to do this without cruelty to one another. However … is the choice is a continued widening tyranny and usurpation or cruelty by way of fighting – I am ready to fight.

          And I’ve told my wife : ——- ‘Darlin’, I’ll do my best to live to 100 and stay with you, because you are my life and the light of my life, but, if a war comes this way, I’ll not be a’ hidin’ underneath yore skirt.’

          She understands, because she feels these things deeply as I do.

          Those, Sir, are my opinions. Thoughts?

          • You left much food for thought, Ivan. Christianity has been both the bedrock that Western civilization was built upon, and what has been used to destroy it. As more people of European descent over time became atheistic and universalist, they naturally formed their beliefs out of the Christian ethos of their culture, sometimes insisting their view was “true” Christian theology. I view such beliefs as either conscious or unconscious Luciferianism. Values and mores have thus been perverted or inverted, and those interpretations of morality are dominant in society, so we have our current, quickly declining society.

            Jesus did say that all who believe are one in Him. But He wasn’t talking about making all tribes one, except in walking “the Way,” which was the original name of Christianity. People argue about this all the time, but if you see the OT as the precursor of the NT, it’s plain in those texts that human differences are accepted in the physical realm as obvious. What’s being talked about is a divine connection. I’m surprised that isn’t understood. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you can suddenly become Nigerian if you’re Polish.

            As to the future of the US, it’s plain to me that we are Western Roman Empire II. Even if the country is still known as the USA, we’ll “devolve” into autonomous regions. We might not be separate nations in name, but in practice. It’s certainly possible that within those regions there will be further divisions that mean we’ll have more states, as what happened in Europe over the centuries as various ethnic tribes (and subsets of larger ones) asserted themselves. I can’t say for sure, of course, but history rhymes. Things aren’t ever exactly the same, but when conditions get repeated, similar results occur.

            When it comes to governmental forms, as HW has often pointed out, the two wings of the Uniparty don’t cater to the majority of the country. The majority is economically left and culturally right, as he has noted. As regions (probably on an urban/suburban and small town/rural divide) fall away from each other, the void must be filled. There will be initially successful co-opting of political rising stars coming out of popular movements, but as the national party finally takes second place to the local and regional, pols will be forced to be responsive to voter’s and not donor’s needs. If they want to maintain their power, that is, and they will. In a state of flux that is more localized in effect, those tapping into what people really want — and providing it — are the ones that will make it big.

            Regarding violence: Most American Whites don’t seem to be able to commit to violence to achieve goals, or even to protect themselves. That’s sort-of noble on one hand, and suicidal on the other. We obviously can’t count on the authorities for protection, and most cops I’ve met are bullies more worried about their paychecks and pensions than us, so we need to organize to aid ourselves. I never thought anyone would need help to get their survival instinct to kick in, but after what I saw in Minnesota last week, it’s obvious a lot of our European brethren do need that assistance.

          • @Boomer…

            Thank you for your kind words and fine reply.

            Concerning your points, I’ll say the following…

            #1. Yes, Christianity has always taken on cultural influences, and, yes, some of that if Luciferian, though, what that is would depend on your point of view.

            As to your point of view, and mine, we both agree that, though Chryst at first had a nationalist/internationalist mission to restore Jews back to a godly state, when they did not, the whole world of believers became the new Israel.

            That so, there is nothing particularly nationalist or anti-nationalist about Chryst.

            His mission is to save souls, and that He does, if you give Him a chance.

            Certainly He has brought unspeakable joy and calm to mine.

            But, as you know, old Satan is such a good lawyer, he can twist anything so inside out, he’ll get you going in the wrong way, in no time flat!

            The Left has definitely conscripted Chryst to their anti-Chryst purposes, so much so that I often find myself shaking my head in disbelief – as does my dear wife.

            Of course we are all one in Him, but, that does not mean that we cease to have an individual identity, a an individual family, and individual community, and, of course, a race, culture and country.

            The notion that we have to give up our identities to be a part of Chryst is a satanick subversion, and nothing else.

            #2. Concerning your notion of devolving into separate autonomous regions – I totally agree, and, I would add – we already have. No better example of this than Rural Red States and the urban-dominated Blue states.

            We are already divided, in actual fact, along these lines.

            #3. As to the two-headed uniparty, something which Ralph Nader coined and talked a lot about 15 years back, or so – it is a farce.

            Yes, I agree – the vast majority of the country are Dixiecrats – whether they know it or not, it being economically progressive and culturally conservative.

            #4. As to Americans being unable to commit violence, I certainly am happy that we are not like the African Continent currently is – riddled with vigilanteism.

            As to defending ourselves – it all starts in the head, and our heads are, as a group, very addled.

            This is why my wife and I are studying Hungarian, because we do not have faith in our fellow Whites to step up to the play and keep this country from falling off the edge of what is tolerable.

            We hope we are wrong, but, we do not see that Whites have the proper instincts anymore.

            That so, we have developed a Plan B, this because we feel we deserve to live our our retirements in a decent place, not a hellhole, as this country seems to be becoming.

            Okay, I hope that covered your thoughts. Anything else on your mind?

            God bless you, My Friend!

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