The Coronavirus Doesn’t Spread In Gatherings I Support

Very important COVID-19 update from Mark Diamond.

Progressive liberals have recently discovered that the coronavirus doesn’t spread in large gatherings of tens of thousands of White people crusading for racial justice.

Note: I support science and public health, but we don’t live in a normal country with a healthy culture. We live in Clown World.

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  1. Further evidence that liberal culture is the leading cause of Mental Retardation in this miserable excuse for a civilization…

  2. The events of recent months are straight out of the CIA regime change book.

    Whether the CIA is in on this, or some renegade elements of that department are, are none of them are involved, but, it is separate elements – such as Obama and Soros in concert – is unclear at this point.

    Yet, it is very clear that somebody does not want Trump to win reelection, which is really really strange when we consider that our current president has given the rich and powerful everything they could want, except for rhetoric.

    This is a regime change election, no doubt – or, perhaps it ought more aptly be titled : —– ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

    • The rhetoric is very important to them, though. Control of narrative is the greatest tool for elite power today. Even if Trump never does the thing he says he will do, they still resent him greatly for bringing the ideas into public consciousness. Even though he did not build the wall, the media does not even want the public to consider that a wall could be possible or that it could work. That’s why their counter was to say that walls don’t work or that it would cost too much money or that immigration is inevitable and can never be stopped.

      The media does not want the public to even know that chain migration exists. They want to keep these things below public consciousness and for real solutions to never even be considered. They want people to believe there are only two options, amnesty now or amnesty later. Even though Trump did nothing and never intended to, his rhetoric crossed the line of what is deemed acceptable.

      • @Dart…

        “The rhetoric is very important to them, though. Control of narrative is the greatest tool for elite power today. Even if Trump never does the thing he says he will do, they still resent him greatly for bringing the ideas into public consciousness. ”

        I totally agree with your synopsis, Dart.

        Yet, even if I didn’t, what else can be thought, other than what you have mentioned here?

        Thanks you for comment – I love perspectives that cut through the proverbial haze and mist.

  3. This was on the nose but the psychosis of the elites and normies is not. Go to Bing to search something you get the page “We stand with the black community and their fight for justice”. Amazon same thing. Want to play a video game or use editing software? Before you or your kid enters the virtual lobby of Call of Duty or any game they are met with a lengthy pledge to Black Lives Matter. Milk from a non looted Target or lumber from Home Depot. Giant signs pledging allegiance everywhere.

    There isn’t an Instagram girl or Youtuber who isn’t loaded up on propaganda day after day. The best though is Kylie Jenner the billionaire Instagtammer who left a brave message about her children and all her sisters children who are black and live in fear despite being rich and infants because all the baby daddies are NBA stars or rappers. This makes the Witch trials look tame by comparison

  4. Surely you are not surprised by the Establishment’s hypocrisy? That is why blind acceptance of “science ” when mouthed by our betters is a foolish notion, unless you are independently knowledgeable on the subject, and therefore can judge the substance of the information presented. THEY LIE. Words are a weapon in the hands of TPTB. Never forget that fact.

    • TPTB are conflating science with engineering because the two fields of knowledge are closely intertwined and authoritative. One knowledgeable in electronics can design a radio transmitter and receiver and know with a great deal of certainty that it will work as advertised then demonstrate that the radio works. Scientific principles are used in the design of the radio even when all the details of the science aren’t known. This is engineering in practice.

      A scientific field like virology has parts that are exactly known and other parts that are unknown. This makes new claims touching upon those parts known incompletely uncertain until exacting proof is obtained, typically a time consuming and expensive process not likely to be completed during a pandemic. This is why there are conflicting claims about quarantine, lethality, drugs, therapies, vaccines etc.

      Add into this uncertainty human ambition, the corruption of huge money, government power and lethal left wing politics and the resulting witches’ brew is likely to be toxic in entirely new ways. It’s not surprising that people believe crazy things about corona. What is disturbing is scientific ‘authorities’ proclaiming left wing dogma as gospel truth i.e. that “racism” is a more serious problem than corona therefore large “anti-racism” mobs are OK, corona will magically
      not infect the mob.

      We saw similar horseshit with the global warming scam and the ozone hole before that one.

      • “corona will magically not infect the mob”:

        It could not fail to infect the mob of mostly non mask wearers, but since the infected mob (mostly young protesters) are mostly asymptomatic carriers you will have to wait until they infect middle aged and elderly people, who will not be asymptomatic.

        95% of protesters in Australia wear hygienic masks, unlike most American protesters:

    • Surely you are not surprised by the Establishment’s hypocrisy? That is why blind acceptance of “science ” when mouthed by our betters is a foolish notion…

      THEY LIE



      In other words, Anarcho-Tyranny

      Anarchy for non-Whites

      Tyranny against Whites

      Basically, what people like you & me have been saying all along on this site all the way back when the CoronaChan started in February.

      • Radix just published an excerpt from Josh Neal’s upcoming book that is very relevant to the current mass psychosis we are seeing right now.

        Basically an analysis of how psychopathic power seekers end up perverting all of public discourse. Worth the read for sure. Many people have already realized that the elites use all of the same manipulation techniques as pathological narcissists or antisocial/psychopathic types. Gaslighting, changing meanings of terms, etc.

      • Hey Virtus, read Sam Francis, ” Leviathan and its Enemies: Mass Organizations and Managerial Power in the Twentieth Century.” The coiner of the term Anarcho-Tyranny wrote all about the gameplan. It’s deep and detailed, but worth a read. Sam knew our enemies well.

  5. Brad you need to talk to your isp, or whoever is supplying your blog software. Microsoft has given you a “not secure” warning.

    It’s happened before so I know you know what to do.

  6. Geez Brad, can you see how your science and methodical research of covid was just a ruse like everything else in freemasonic Amerika was and is?

    It’s ok man, all of us screw up all the time, just take the back pill and forget it.

    We all thought you were going full CNN….

      • That’s not a good explanation Brad.

        I know this isn’t the proper thread for my question

        I support the the military coup against Trump and the (Kushner) administration. I like to believe they’re going to squash zog.

        Maybe it’s a dream but I support it and I’ll fight for it. You?

        • I’ve covered this from the beginning in January.

          Initially, the Left’s original position was that racism and xenophobia were the real virus. This was the narrative in the mainstream media in late January/early February. Feel free to check the archives.

          • I’ve seen the archives. You deleted most of all your commenting followers who were with you from the beginning, who supported you and probably still follow you but disagreed with you on your CNN fake science. Take the black pill brother, sticking up for fake CNN science doesn’t help our cause.

            I love you man and many people do who follow your blog. Just some advice from an old Yankee who’s White like my fellow southerners who are fighting for the same thing, truth.

            My garden is going crazy, I love God and I love my fellow White man, we got nothing else but us and truth.

          • I’ve had the same position on the coronavirus from the beginning in late January.

            CNN’s original position was that it was “just the flu” and wasn’t a big deal and the real virus was racism and xenophobia. Then in late February/early March the narrative in the mainstream media shifted. Suddenly, the coronavirus was the only story in the world. It remained that way down to Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd in May when the Left went back to “racism is the real virus.”

            Yes, I got sick and tired of the conspiracy theorists, particularly after people started insulting me and accusing me of being part of the conspiracy because I didn’t believe all the shit that they were being fed by Alex Jones. My position for the past six months has been that the coronavirus is highly infectious and moderately lethal, not the Black Death, but not something like swine flu either. I’ve said all along that this is a big deal and will likely prove to be a major turning point in American history.

            Now, can you tell me how I was wrong? The death toll is now 113,000. This week it will surpass WW1 and the 1957 influenza pandemic. Even if it stops there, which it won’t, it will be the fourth deadliest event in American history. It has led to the worst job losses since the Great Depression, the biggest bailout since WW2 and the worst race riots since the 1960s. Who knows what is next? We had people saying this was like a normal flu season. Nothing that has happened since this started has been normal.

            But anyway, this is beating a dead horse at this point. Congrats with the garden. I picked some fresh tomatoes this afternoon here.

          • Initially, the Left’s original position was that racism and xenophobia were the real virus

            And that is their narrative once again.

            This is why the credibility of any non-Leftist is in serious jeopardy if you believe VIRTUALLY ANYTHING satanic Leftists say, do, or intimate, especially any of the very lying bull$hit they were bloviating regarding the CoronaChan.

            *If a Leftist says it’s 3:00pm, I’ll check my watch, phone, computer, and all my wall clocks to make sure it’s actually 3:00pm before I take the word of those rats about anything.

        • “That’s not a good explanation Brad.”

          It’s an excellent explanation that fits the facts. It just doesn’t scratch the conspiritard itch.

        • The Left has simply returned to its original position that racism is the real virus.

          That’s not a good explanation Brad.


          Indeed it isn’t.

          The Left from the very start believed that lockdowns and other related punitive measures were only for credulous, gullible, state-worshipping goody two-shoes NW Euro Whites, NOT, primarily, for POCees…

          Thats why the evil Leftist media portrayed the completely White, totally peaceful, anti-lockdown protesters as “domestic terrorists” — whilst identifying the true terrorist blm and pantifa rioters & looters as “mostly peaceful”.

          ***Ah, but don’t worry, ginzo-greaseball midget mafioso “dr” fraudci says he plans on limiting the stores to only 10 looters at a time :/

  7. On a better note; My pepper plants are almost a foot and a half tall, my tomato plants are crazy almost 2 and half feet, my squash and cucumbers and all will most likely fruit before the 4th of July. My reason for such success, they haven’t been injecting the air with thier poisonous chemtrails up here in the NE. It’s just a normal growing season up here like years past before the aerosol poison injections started to happen after 9/11. Even my animals are healthier, Thank God!

    …and this is not a conspiracy theory.

  8. covid-19 has mutated into a new virus strain called floyd-19, which only affects white people, causing them to put their hands in the air and say “I love you Jews. I love you blacks. I love you Israel. I’m sorry for being racist. Please build a totalitarian communist police state. Please attack us, and kill us, and sic aggrieved blacks on us. We deserve it”.

    • covid-19 has mutated into a new virus strain called floyd-19, which only affects white people


      Indeed it does!! … especially credulous, gullible, goody two-shoes NW Euro Whites, who will believe virtually anything the State, and especially, it’s media organs, tell their infantile selves.

      WHATEVER is the official narrative, your typical goofball Anglo White


      …no matter HOW CONTRADICTORY, or how much COGNITIVE DISSONANCE it may cause (such as the “chink-flu” not affecting looters and rioters, eh, “protestors” … lmfao).

  9. Hunter, You do a fantastic job! Don’t let these f-ing trolls get you down.

    Yes, you have been consistent from the very being and basing your views on SCIENCE.

    The f-ing morons and “truthers” that have left planet earth are no different from Catholic officials who had an issue with Galileo. It is simple as this: either the earth revolves around the sun, or it does not.

    Either Covid-19 is a lethal pandemic, or it is not. Like you, I side with SCIENCE.

    China did not seal off millions of people because of the “flu.” You don’t weld people in their buildings because it’s “just another virus.” China knew this was different, more lethal. We have yet to learn the lesson they knew back in December.

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