Chicago Suffers Deadliest Day In 60 Years

*rolls eyes*



“The city of Chicago notched a grim milestone last weekend, as 18 people were murdered on Sunday, May 31 alone, marking the deadliest day in the city since at least 1961.

The University of Chicago Crime Lab’s numbers do not go back further than 1961, so it’s impossible to say how long it’s been — if ever — since so many people were murdered in the city one 24-hour stretch. …”

What a joke.

It is time to abolish the police!

Wypipo, why are you killing us?

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  1. The cycle is completely predictable, and Whites are always to blame.

    Increase police presence: “The police be killin’ us in these streets!”

    Rein in the police: “we dyin’ out herr! wypipo do something!”

    Increase police presence: “the racis popo is killin’ our black bodies!”

    Rein in the police: “the hood is gone to crime. Wypipo help!”

    It’s would almost be comical if it didn’t come packaged with constant civilizational destruction.

    • They never know what they want. But it’s always MORE of something. Like money and free passes. It will never stop. It’s like a spoiled child out of control. They will never assume any responsibility for their actions. It’s always the other group’s fault.

  2. The Orc mayor is now pleading with big retailers not to pull stores looted out of the South Side.

    • Wise investors would make a fortune in the casket and funeral home business in Chiraq. The only drawback would be the attendees paying homage to the deceased would be ghetto Latino and negro gangbangers, but then again, they would most likely be future clients as well.

    • I would hate to be in real estate in Minneapolis right now. The white flight will be quick while everyone scrambles to dump their property as the values plummet. They won’t be able to afford “community safety squads” or whatever nonsense they are wanting to replace the police with anyway, since their entire tax base will now be running for the exit.

    • I’ve got no sympathy for big bidness, they are totally down for the cause to the point of giving money to these BLM scumbags so they will go and burn down someone else. Target, Wal Mart and the rest of big bidness got their social justice, good and hard, right in the neck, too. As His Saintliness, the recently departed St. Floyd, patron saint of counterfeiters, crack heads, welfare cheats and baby daddies would have said, “fuck ’em”.

      • Lol. This cracked me up, 12 ax7. Truth does that. These stores are scum. Their whole lives are dedicated to be soulless money pimps. They go with the wind. Time to be patriotic? Check. Time to be for illegal aliens? Check. Time to give in to black anarchists? Check.

        Just wait till sports ball comes back in all its gory. Tons of black playazzz will be doing the knee routine along with cowardly whites.

        I see the comical fake reverend Sharpton is calling for the Negro Felon League to give Kapernick a job. Gee, the league was only bending to him for years and he’s not even serious about playing. Plus he stinks. His black act took over his quarterback skills. It’s gonna be a shitshow.

        There shall be no more sports ball entering my home outside of the comedy news stories on it. I see even nascar with their token nog is getting a blm car. How soon before shootings at nascar events? Abandon ship whitey. Sports ball is kept alive by you after all. Rufus and Tyrone would fall off in no time without white fans. And try to make a point of shopping at stores not taking a knee…if such places exist any longer in post America. The left is radically better than the right at acceleration. The jews fund it, after all. Gee, why were they thrown out of over 100 countries again? For being noble, great people…obviously!

  3. My normie family members told me quite credulously that whysupreemists are to blame for all this unrest. They blamed the murdered people in Ruby Ridge and some vague unnamed group in WA state…
    I’ve been cataloging hatefacts with the best of them since 2012, but here I was stupefied. They had an undisguised self-hatred, a starry-eyed cultish devotion even Manson would’ve found frightening!!

    • The MN governor talking about White supremacists being the cause of the problems in Mogadishu on the Mississippi sounded stark raving bonkers. Of course, many people wanted to believe it was the fault of brownshirts in blackface. The kumbaya utopia they desperately wanted to be real literally went up in flames before their eyes, so the massive cogdis they experienced brought on a bigger, even crazier delusion.

    • Your normie family members are lost.

      Abandon them; you will not be able to save them from future orc hordes.

      Concentrate on finding other white people that you can build a better society with, after this burns to the ground.

    • Mass media is very powerful. It creates an alternative reality, which most normal people inhabit. Almost everything the average person believes and takes for granted is false, from history to current events. Not only do they believe these false things, they subconsciously feel like they have experienced them in real life, because their subconscious cannot distinguish between what they have personally experienced and what they have vicariously experienced in TV shows and movies. Everyone knows that blacks are oppressed everywhere because that’s what movies show. Everyone knows that Donald Trump is a fascist dictator because CNN shows it every day. Fictional narratives end up being more real than facts.

  4. LA unified school district and teachers union are considering removing school police , 800 of them, total.

    Any of you know what LA schools are like ?
    What they will be like ?

  5. I find myself sighing in exasperation for every new blm sign I see in the front windows of middle class homes occupied by late Gen X or early millennial white families with a Subaru hatchback in their driveway.

    Some of these people I’ve spoken to a residents in my neighborhood, and on initial contact, you could easily sense that in their neoliberal upbringing that POC aren’t always right, but they can never be wrong.

    Unironically, one of these White families moved into my neighborhood just a couple of years ago. Minnesota license plates on their SUV and tall Nordic features on the couple. As I wrote before, they hadn’t fined moving their belongings into their new abode, before the virtue signaling began with an infamous “Hate has no home here” sign displayed in their center window. Ugh! Scandinavians truly are the equivalent of white dwarf stars. They are hot but not very bright. Though they probably have an above average intelligence quotient, they are maddeningly naive and ignorant in race realism. I wonder if it’s worth my while to show them the irrefutable data that nullifies their egalitarian ideology, or if I would be just wasting my breath on sheeple.

    It has been this infux of ‘outsiders’ that allowed a cultural marxist “progressive ” aldercreature to be elected in my predominantly working class ward. So Southerners, you are not the only ones to grit your teeth at the migration of shitlibs to your once sane and mentally healthy cities, suburbs, and towns.

    • November,

      I personally know few whites (Anglos). The ones I do know are predominately Traditional Catholics. They are strongly against the rioters as are the handful of Baptist anglos I know. It must be horrible and demoralizing for normal whites such as yourself to deal with other whites who will make excuses for any behavior blacks do.

      Such whites give the same infallibility to blacks that they may or may not grant to God. Truly a sick form of idolatry.

      • Christy,

        Thank you for your reply. It is good to know that not everyone has ‘drank the kool aid’ of egalitarian and other obscurantist ideologies.

        I will share a happy story with you and the readers here. My dog this morning took a big ol’ sloppy ploppy on in front on a blm black fisted lawn sign. No need to say where or not I cleaned up her mess, right?

  6. A friend of mine asked: Are we cursed due to slavery? I asked: Are black people cursed? It just never ends. We can never as a nation move on from black people. They have become so intertwined in every negative aspect of life. It just never goes away. Be it integrated schools, high crime, electing black politicians, handing over boatloads of cash for ” community outreach”, integrated neighborhoods that turn to crap, welfare stealing, never getting married while dumping out tons of kids and of course d po-leece!

    The truth is blacks get what they want thru rioting or the threat thereof. Throw in literally self hating, brain dead, loser white people siding with them. Whites are the only retarded race looking to do harm to other whites.

    So, it’s all expected. Gee, blacks shot it up again. What a shocker. ( shrugs) Who cares? They are the greatest mockery of humanity ever. The police literally had to create a police state in Chicago just to keep the black murders at a certain rate. So zero shock when the police are out of the equation now. It never gets better because half of blacks are literally violent and retarded. Not a good mix. The same is coming to Minneapolis very shortly.

    The bigger retards are white people actually volunteering to work as police in any city in America. Patrolling people who hate you and want you dead? Seriously now?

    With this blm looting fest, what white man would ever patrol blacks again? It’s positive news when we read black perps killing their own for the most part. The same just happened in St. Louis, too. It never ends and never will. Well, a dent would be made if you limited how many babies they could have and have the military on the streets instead of blowing up goat herders in Iraq. But white people are too gutless, conniving, and divided to do that. You know, tell the truth! If anything, the young whites are siding with their own destruction.

    Blm is simply a communist group thriving on division and destruction. Look at all the white owned companies bowing to them. Corporations are soulless parasites looking for their latest host. They would toss their own parents overboard for a buck.

    America is a laughingstock. We used to be the Champion. But years of allowing our enemies to infiltrate has ruined us. But the good news is black savage ghetto types will be killing each other in huge amounts with whitey cops showing up only when it’s safe to. Black Lives Matter? Hahahaha..A stand up comic could not come up with something so absurd.

      • So true, Pilot 2. One image struck me. In front of that turd world memorial to George Floyd in Minneapolis, ( notice when cities and towns get more non white, these sort of weird memorials take place with the pictures and candles and ” rest in power” symbols and other assorted things on the street. Looks like a santeria, witchcraft get together). It was of a very young white kid wearing his red handkerchief over his face already like an anarchist. He was probably six years old. He dedicated something to the memorial and then scurried back to his mother who was the typical looking anarchist dressed white woman. I just thought to myself, well that kid is gone between living in that shithole, Minneapolis, and having a communist mom who is either divorced or with a loser husband. Or she will get knocked up by a communist black to prove her ” woke” skills. That way she can mess up her white son even more as he hurdles to a life of loserville.

        Media and academia have poisoned white minds so horribly. Once again showing how weak the constitution is. Just very vague terms saying no interference in a free press. That is a joke since much of the press uses that to destroy the country or lie about white people and the police. When a new constitution is written for a break away state or after civil war 2, that will have to be addressed.

        Not all is bad. Some police are Wyatt Earp types and are heartless with tickets and need to be limited. I remember getting banged for a $300 ticket in Florida for going too fast in a school zone. The school was set right off a highway so it’s a set up. The place was new to me. I explained that to him but nope, the redneck cop was heartless. I paid a lawyer to appeal it. I got a partial “win” but lost even more money. The judge ordered a 100 dollar court fee. So between the incident, getting a lawyer and having to pay court costs it was 500 bucks!! Never again in those backwater towns.

        So yeah, limiting cops is not all bad. I know stories of people being assaulted by police including reasons like being rejected for a date. The woman was attacked just for that. Beaten up on a sucker punch. Even Floyd was arrested for passing a fake 20 dollar bill I believe. Gee, how about a citation instead of a knee on the neck? So maybe police should only be used for the most violent crimes and peace officers for others.

        Too many cops think they are the law. They are a necessary evil. Defunding them is insane but limiting them is not. And as stated, why would they want to patrol black people anyway?

        Remember that cop in New York with the chokehold on the fat black guy? The Wyatt Earp moron had to keep holding him in a chokehold? He was very lucky to get off on criminal charges. Of course the black guy was arrested a bunch of times but mostly bs like selling loose cigarettes. Do we really need police for that? So, it seems a mix of peace officers and police can work. The military for the hardcore riots. And let the nogs off each other in the hood. No biggy.

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