Tucker Carlson Is a Racist Trends on Twitter

I usually enjoy Tucker’s monologues.

My criticism is that no one in the GOP’s executive class appears to be listening to him. We are the ones who pay attention to him. He has more influence in our community.

Naturally, the woke supremacists are extremely upset about last night’s monologue, which rightly mocked the idea that these people care about black lives. This isn’t about black lives. It is a power grab. None of these people gave a shit about David Dorn who was murdered by a looter.

There is no epidemic of racists or police officers killing blacks. The police are more likely to kill White suspects like Daniel Shaver or Justine Diamond. It is overwhelmingly black people who are killing other black people in cities like Chicago. Every year far more Whites are murdered, raped and robbed by blacks than vice versa. Conservatives are shy about telling the truth about race and crime. After Black Lives Matter and Antifa burned down the country, there seems to be a dawning awareness of the consequences of allowing these lies to go unaddressed and a greater willingness to push back against them.

BTW, there is no such thing as “white privilege” either. It is black people who are put up on a pedestal. It has been that way ever since the Civil Rights Movement. We have literally destroyed our country for the sake of fighting “racism” and now we are left with nothing but endless racial strife.

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  1. 18 niggers killed other niggers in Chicago on Sunday. That is a record for that that city since they’ve kept records since 1960. It doesn’t matter when blacks kill blacks, no one cares. I sure as hell don’t care.

    This whole thing is just hate YT and find any reason.

    • They’re like spoiled children. They’ve gotten everything they want, but they still don’t know what they want. I’m so sick of their demands. The rest of us have to work and try to get by, and we can’t throw temper tantrums to get what we want. I’m tired of supporting them.

  2. Amnats must be having a rough time. Now that people are being fired from their jobs for not vocally and enthusiastically supporting BLM, their idea that activists could climb the social ladder while hiding behind dog whistles seems pretty silly.

  3. “George Floyd is going to change the arc of the future of the United States.”

    Awesome. This country done in by a drugged-out, shiftless baby-daddy.

    • They tried to use the jogger, but too much bad stuff came out about him right away. All of this is pathetic.

      • Exactly what I thought, I knew they were cooking up a race riot when I saw the lies about that burglar who was “jogging” away after being spotted trespassing. Who plotted this, how high up does it go? Soros? The billionaire owners of the Mass Media? The heads of the DNC like Shumer and Pelosi? The Pritzker family running Illinois? Where is Mike Bloomberg in all of this? I can’t imagine him approving of releasing this golem of black mau mau insurrection? They must have ran him out of the party after he invited himself into the presidential race with his billions.

  4. If you want a million dollars set up a fake Black Lives Matter group and ask for donations. Corporate America is giving till it hurts….

  5. CNN just did a report of a “multiracial family” being harassed by local folk who suspected them of being Antifa coming into their area to loot and burn. CNN went on to describe Antifa as, “a broad group of people who lean to the left.”

    WTF? Antifa: “a broad group of people who lean to the left? Yes, left of Stalin as the smoldering ruins of Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, DC and Chicago will attest to.

    This is Marxist propaganda and lies dressed up as “news.”


  6. The Progressive Left ‘The Democrat Socialists’ that I follow all over The Internet, have long regarded Mr. Carlson as the voice of Dr. David Duke.

    To them, Carlson is White Supremacy personified, only in a dangerously slick updated kind of new way.

    They see him as very dangerous, because, to their thinking, he knows how to peddle Nazi ideas to the old lady club.

    To tell the truth, I am surprised that they have not tried to assassinate him.

    Even though he has a bit more liberal view of life than I do, I respect Mr. Carlson tremendously – he one of the last legitimate voices of The America I grew up in.

    As Mr. Carlson does what Mr. Griffin does – critically appraise all sides consistently – I respect his bravery, fairmindedness, and even-handed ways.

    If anything is left of The U.S.A. that is good, Mr. Carlson is one of those few things.

    Mr. Carlson tries hard to be decent, civil, honest, circumspect, and honourable, and, if you don’t respect that, I feel sorry for you.

    • Tucker is sort of like a gateway drug, he cannot bell the cat or he would be booted off the air in 30 seconds. One can enjoy his monologues and truth telling but he can only take it so far, the rest is up to the individual. HW’s site here is an excellent next step.

  7. Tucker is too big to fire. He’ll just set up his own channel. Remember when the fags tried to cancel Duck Dynasty and it backfired?

    • Yes, he could go independent, he is that good. If Fox fires him, then that’s the writing on the wall with Fox.

  8. “I usually enjoy Tucker’s monologues. My criticism is that no one in the GOP’s executive class appears to be listening to him.”

    Mr. Carlson does have some influence on President Trump, and, as well, some congress people – such a Tulsi Gabbard, Josh Hawley, Rand Paul, Jim Jordan, and others.

    On the whole, however, Carlson has aligned himself with the minority in Washington – those who are in favour of The America People, The Constitution, and, in general, lawful ways.

    This means that there is a clear limit to how much influence he could exercise.

    That said, America will be reorganized around most of the ideas that Mr. Carlson advocates, and, that, cannot be taken too lightly.

  9. White privilege is the privilege non-whites derive from living in predominantly white societies

      • And being supported by us. They’d never live like this on their own. We NEVER get one Thank You or sign of appreciation. Never. Nothing NOTHING is ever enough. We spend billions on them, but that’s not enough. Everything they get is just expected with ENTITLEMENT, and they hate us, like biting the hand that feeds it.

  10. Tucker Carlson should go back to wearing a George Will-style bowtie as camouflage while still saying the same relatively based things. George Will established the bowtie as a cuck symbol, so maybe when they see Tucker wearing it again they’ll think he came back to them and they won’t criticize him. It’s a shame bowties were ruined by George Will and NOI. I think they’re much better looking than neckties.

  11. Endless racial strife is the fruit if Jews. And Christ said you will know them by their fruit. Everything they have wanted in order to make America better they have gotten and America has only gotten worse as a result. I am telling you this is a curse placed on Jews by God almighty. The Jews want to lead, think that it is their god given right to lead but God has other ideas. No Jew can lead without accepting Christ and his teaching and each and every successive generation of Jews is going to be taught the same lesson over and over again by God almighty. Cursed to failure, time and time again until the end of time never able to see the truth, forever in the darkness.

  12. These twitter tard lefties have room temperature IQs every time tucker is trending the only response is racist. They can’t think for themselves or come up with a coherent statement of why hes wrong They are literal npcs following a script

    This is the only word they know and it doesn’t matter how much truth or solid facts tucker says each night their only response is racist! The revolution they want to happen is supported by big business and global homo

  13. That is the problem with waiting for a supernatural solution to the problem.You’re up against chosen ones. You’d never win.

  14. We’ve been watching a huge change in Conservatives vs Liberals the past 2 weeks. Something we’ve been pushing for all these years. I believe that Conservatives are more Pro White than ever before and now talking about it. However it’s the usual Cuckservatives in office that do nothing because it’s still the 1700s in these people’s eyes. I believe that Conservatives are becoming Nationalists. I really believe that. Hopefully one day the word “Conservative” will be ancient history and we can get enough Conservatives into the White Nationalist Movement. I’ll mention European Nationalists as a perfect example of what we should be doing. Get organized. Get involved. Work together! Deo Vindice !

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