Cultural Revolution

Where are the conservative liberals?

Five months from the 2020 election, they are working on police reform:

In Richmond, anarchists tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus, set it on fire and threw it in a lake. They tore down a Confederate monument this weekend. Monument Avenue is about to be destroyed.

As our monuments are illegally torn down by mobs, new shrines are being built to Black Lives Matter in public spaces:

Anarchists have been allowed to take over a police precinct and to establish an “autonomous zone” in Seattle. This isn’t the first time it has happened.

More Jewish celebrities are denouncing their “white privilege” and calling for the police to be defunded:

The television show Cops has been cancelled to appease the mob:

I can’t even …

More pandering to people who didn’t vote for him:

Wall Street holds a moment of silence for St. George.

Tucker Carlson has another monologue about the chasm that is growing between Trump and the feckless GOP and their base.

Note: David French has a post about American racism on his blog no one reads.

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  1. Is our government made up of eunuchs? Are they seriously allowing a communist insurrection? What the fuck is wrong with them?

    • Insurrection would imply the protestors are fighting against authority, which is not the case. All of the protestors are on the same page as every major corporation and both political parties. Even the churches are almost entirely in agreement. The protestors are fighting against two groups: the police unions and Whites of the working and middle class.

      • yep.
        Imagine being aligned with literally every single political and social ideology that every single corporation and government entity stands for, and somehow believing that you are a political dissident or revolutionary of some kind!!!
        Like, imagine sharing the core ‘values’ of burger king , starbucks ,social media monopolies and walmart and thinking that you are “fighting” the system…lmao

      • This is another confirmation of de Jouvenel’s view of how the state preserves power: the high will unite with the low against the middle.

      • What these idiots fail to see is that the elites will come out on top in either system. When you control the money supply and banking, it doesn’t matter what “ism” you choose. The outcome is still the same basically.

      • Doesn’t mean it isn’t a communist revolution.

        “Marxist” if you want to split hairs.

        It’s just that communism has revealed its actual form — the overthrow of all forms of distinction. The exact economic system doesn’t matter. The goal of communism is, and always has been, the dissolution of all of humanity into one worldwide sexless, genderless, nationless, raceless commune. Reigned over by jews, of course.

        It did that initially by appealing to the proletariat to overthrow the capitalists, in an era when that mattered. Now it’s the capitalists overthrowing Whites with a horde of brown “proles” led by White and jewish Antifa, but it’s the same spirit, just at a later stage. You can see that by the fact that the communist revolution in Russia was massively funded by tycoon in London and New York.

        The goal has always been to melt away everyone’s identity. Except for the rootless cosmopolitan clique running everything for the greater good of the anonymous blended horde below them, of course.

    • The way to smoke out the anarchists without firing a shot is by cutting off utilities to the area they have taken over, especially the electricity. See how long they last without electricity or running water, that will get their attention. Unfortunately the government at all levels either sympathizes with the anarchists or are Republican cuckservative types who lack courage because they have no convictions.

      • Just tell them “borders aren’t real” and invade their autonomous zone. Maybe it will teach them why borders were created in the first place.

  2. I’m 61, how much of a “cultural revolution” has this been?

    When I was a kid in the 1960s…..

    Homosexuals were routinely arrested. None of us had any issue with this.

    Blacks were kept out of our neighborhoods by police force. This is what we expected of our police: keep the Negro out and if he resists, thump him in the head with the policeman’s nightstick.

    Everyone knew that the police beat suspects who resisted arrest, and planted drugs and guns on black suspects. None of us had a problem with this. We wanted the Negro in prison for a long time.

    I was 16 and at a friend’s house discussing the police when my friend’s dad told us, “Boys, don’t break the law, because no one is going to cry if the cop beats the hell out of you. Live by the law, and you will have no problems with the police. We pay them to maintain order.”

    It was order and safety that we prized back then, not “justice.”

    In those days, admitting to being a communist, a homosexual or dating a black guy was grounds for never being spoken to again. No one wanted anything to do with queers, commies, or blacks. I know girls who flirted with black guys and their dads beat them within an inch of their life. None of us had a problem with this. We would say to her, “Don’t make eyes at the Negro and you won’t have a problem with your dad beating you.”

    America was a different time, and a different place in the 1960s.

    • “Live by the law, and you will have no problems with the police. We pay them to maintain order”:

      The U.S. was not really a different place then. It is still the same imperialist system, only more so now. The legal looting of common people within the borders has been extended and intensified.

    • Yeah, back then people still had common sense. We see what the lack of it today has wrought. The result is CLOWN WORLD!

    • I can confirm it was like that in parts of 1960’s NYC. Yes, we did not have to locks our doors either. I miss the old USA but I especially miss Bull Connor.

    • But I do want justice AND safety. Cops need to follow the law, and the constitution. They are not there to hurt people. They will just as easily hurt a white person as they would a black. And why would I want a cop to plant drugs or abuse black people or white people? I want honest, moral cops. Why is that too much to ask for? Who wants cops that are thugs?

      • You ask why is that too much to ask for?

        You want honest moral cops in an all white Helsinki, Finland neighborhood…possible.

        You want honest moral cops in Detroit or Somalia…not possible.

        You cannot “police” a violent, low IQ, sociopathic populace with the same methods you would use with an intelligent, law abiding, decent population.

      • Police carry out civil asset forfeitures all the time even though it’s clearly unconstitutional i.e. it’s seizure of property without due process. Civil asset forfeiture is when police stop someone, search them and seize property, typically cash but don’t find anything illegal or charge the person with a crime. They are free to go after their money or vehicle has been taken even though there was no court case and subsequent guilty verdict.

        This is just one example of police and prosecutors abusing their authority with the connivance of corrupt politicians, many of them the “law and order” types, too. Of course, the courts have been asleep at the switch since they connive with prosecutors and police to broom cases out the door as quickly as possible with a plea bargain.,Civil%20asset%20forfeiture%20proceedings%20charge

        The money seized illegally by the police and prosecutors goes into law enforcement budgets with sometimes a pittance thrown to “charitable” organizations. This illegal practice is an outgrowth of the war on drugs, the argument being that seizing drug dealers’ and users’ property will end or reduce the drug trade. The law already had provisions for forfeiture of ill gotten gains as well as excessive fines but due process stood in the way of being able to steal innocent people’s property easily.

        Civil asset forfeiture also allows politicians to increase police budgets without increasing taxes especially when police seize property mostly from people from another state who are unlikely to contest the seizure especially when it’s only a few thousand dollars. This helps anti-police sentiments in the U.S. more than all the BLM protest put together. If Trump were serious about police reform he would try to end the practice of civil asset forfeiture, it would be better for the country and for the police, too.

        The old conservative joke is: “What do you call a conservative?” A: “A liberal who was mugged”.

        The other part of the joke the idiot conservatives don’t know: “What do you call a liberal?”

        A: “A conservative who has been arrested”. Goes double for civil asset forfeiture.

      • Yes, say it loudly to warn people, at least those who will learn. I have found that telling people bad news, things that are objectively true as well as pessimistic speculation about the future generally angers people and some become instantly enraged. The lesson is to be much more circumspect about bad news since those people want to believe in fairy tales. They cannot be convinced that water is wet if they don’t want to hear it.

        This varies across the political spectrum in my experience. Try telling DJT supporters that he has failed to build more than a few miles of walls on the border, that he signed off on thousands of new H-1B visas for Indians (dot, not feather), that he has obviously grovelled before ungrateful Negroes for that mighty %3 of their votes, that he is war mongering in Syria, Saudi etc. and that ardent supporters like Ann Coulter have soured on him. Good luck, you will get an angry reaction.

        Tell ‘Liberals’, the conservative or the left wing type that all races are not created equal; that NE Asians score highest on standardized tests, whites a very close second and blacks/browns way back of the pack. Tell them that whites have the greatest record of creativity, invention and exploration and that the white race invented the modern world, even the idea of progress. That when white people depart an area such as Newark and Trenton, NJ, Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI, Baltimore, MD and now Minneapolis, Minn. those places fall into ruin under blacks/browns, without exception.

        Just make sure there is at least six feet between you and them so they can’t reach out and strike you.

    • I think the U.S.’s domestic troubles are temporary because the peasants are leaderless, thoroughly confused and divided. The Empire is quite secure internally, and there is no serious exterior threat to prevent it continuing a thousand years on its inertia.

    • What’s the point of buying all those guns and all that ammo if it’s just sitting in a safe somewhere? We have millions of guns and we are being taken over by a group of low IQ retards. It takes men to use those guns but the men of today are weak.

  3. Oh what a stupid bitch lol If it wasn’t for whites no one would watch your dumb films Ms Portman. Own up to your race and call it jewish privilege at the very least

    Shes a decent looking jewess to be fair kinda like Jennifer connelly tho Connelly is a far better actress. I thought she was somewhat principled when she snubbed Bibi for some Israeli award ceremony because of his treatment of Palestinians perhaps I was naive it meant anything substantial but at the time I did

    • She is just spouting that crap so she can still work in Hollywood. I think at least half of those actors don’t believe a word of this nonsense. They say it so they keep getting the jobs.

      Which essentially makes them whores.

      • Oh definitely they are just saying this, she knows who signs her checks. Shes actually a certified Israeli born jew in Jerusalem after reading her wiki didn’t know that I thought she was American born at least or half and half

        Must be nice to be a elitist rich bitch with dual citizenship and hide behind “white” when it suits them

  4. No “Systemic Racism” isn’t the problem, “Thug Culture” is. I’m surprised more cops don’t snap considering the absolutely stupid shit blacks do that they are exposed to day in day out. They must have an awful lot of patience to put up with this.

    • Yeah, state and local governments, Congress, corporations are all falling over themselves apologizing and virtue signalling to these savages.

      But yet, we live in a “white supremacist” society.

      What a joke.

  5. I remember the “protests” starting in the late Sixties after the usual subjects got all the unleash-the-negro laws they wanted. “Police brutality” was first heard then and the “solution” was “civilian revue boards”. It’s been down on cops ever since whenever the “victim” is black. 55 years later the logical conclusion finally arrives.

    The anti-White cultural revolution was brought about by convincing Whites that we’re nothing but evil, oppressive “racists”, “Nazis” and “white supremacists”. The complete and utter genocide of our race and total destruction of our civilization are prices not too big to pay for our horrendous “sin” of being White.

    It’s not okay to be anti-White. White self hatred is sick.

  6. So is this the Paris Commune 2.0? Imagine if a bunch of White Separatists blocked off a portion and a city and called it the Aryan Republic. How long would it take the powers that be to invade and eradicate everyone inside?

  7. The Conservative Liberals in my State of Mississippi still think it’s 2001 or something. The usual Cuckservatives and Liberals are talking about changing the MS Flag. It’s brought up year after year. However I think the “Conservatives” are really making some progress as I believe Conservatives are more Pro White now than ever. I personally believe we have around 70% of the popular vote here in MS for Trump as well as the Mississippi Flag. However the best thing I’ve seen in years is so many Conservatives and Republicans calling for the National Guard to be in the streets protecting everything. That’s a giant step in the right direction but Trump didn’t really deliver on that because Republicans are still stuck on the 1700s view of government. The whole states’ rights thing. Funny enough here I’m talking negative about States’ Rights now but our own Confederate Ancestors fought a War for States’ Rights. Funny how things change. However solutions must be found and those solutions mean Nationalism. We should catch up with European Nationalists who’ve been ahead of the game for a very long time. Deo Vindice !

  8. Just take a look at that photo of S.C. United States senator tim scott in the first CNN politics tweet. His face and expression tells me all I need to know about his cognitive abilities, or in scott’s case lack of mental faculties, and this individual is the one the GOP tapped to draw up a police reform strategy! Not that I have any confidence in senators Alexander and McConnell, as advocates for a hard nosed law and order platform that this shithole country needs either.

    The USS United States has hit an iceberg that anyone with a modicum of logic and reason could have see coming for decades. Now the rats are fleeing a sinking proverbial Tower of Babel and Sodom and Gomorrah, and the perpetrators of this abomination aren’t too proud to cross dress to get a seat on one of the lifeboats.

    • The Usual Suspects will probably head to Asia this time as the U.S. sinks and do it all over again there like they have throughout history.

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