Coronavirus: 6/9

Here are the latest numbers:

The South: 6/9

MS: 18,109 cases, 847 deaths

AL: 21,422 cases, 729 deaths

SC: 15,228 cases, 568 deaths

GA: 53,249 cases, 2,285 deaths

TX: 78,997 cases, 1,892 deaths

FL: 66,000 cases, 2,769 deaths

LA: 43,612 cases, 2,962 deaths

AR: 10,080 cases, 161 deaths

KY: 11,708 cases, 477 deaths

OK: 7,363 cases, 353 deaths

WV: 2,179 cases, 84 deaths

VA: 51,738 cases, 1,496 deaths

MO: 15,450 cases, 855 deaths

NC: 37,226 cases, 1,068 deaths

TN: 27,575 cases, 435 deaths

U.S. cases:

6/1: 1,859,323

6/2: 1,881,205 

6/3: 1,901,783 

6/4: 1,924,051 

6/5: 1,965,708

6/7: 2,007,449

6/8: 2,026,493 

6/9: 2,045,549 <— YOU ARE HERE

U.S. deaths per day:

6/1: 730

6/2: 1,134

6/3: 1,083

6/4: 1,031

6/5: 975

6/7: 373

6/8: 588

6/9: 1,093 <— YOU ARE HERE

TOTAL: 114,148 dead

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  1. Somewhere a millennial white is watching the dusky crowds topple these statues …and he’s going to change the trajectory of history.

  2. Continuing these daily updates indicates that you care about permanent truth and facts more than temporary popular opinion. You will be proven right.

    How long until the U.S. begins using threat of heavy fines and imprisonment to force people back to nonessential work in unsafe conditions? * The Neo-lib-con government of Canada is blazing the trail: “the Trudeau Liberal government is intent on ratcheting up corporate Canada’s reckless back-to-work drive, which is proceeding apace even as total coronavirus infections approach 100k and deaths surpass 8k, and that it stands ready to use the full force of the capitalist state, including the courts and prisons, to suppress worker opposition. From the outset, the Liberal government’s overriding concern has been to protect the wealth and investments of the ruling elite. While over $650b was funnelled into the coffers of the big banks and corporations with virtually no strings attached, the aid offered to the more than 7m workers who lost their jobs and income has been meager and temporary (…) Once the bailout of the financial oligarchy was concluded, the Liberal government, trade unions, federal opposition parties, and provincial governments began working in tandem to remove lockdown measures and reopen the economy”:

    *It probably won’t need to resort to these measures because American “sheeple” are more stupid and easily led than other peoples.

  3. Tommy Rubinstein is getting the football fan firms together to counter protest the BLM iconclasts. It’s a trap.

  4. What you need to do is map out a plan for September when the second wave of Covid19 hits. It’ll be a virtual war. Rampaging blacks and cowed whites. plan plan plan. This will be the October surprise. Covid 2.0

  5. The question raised in the Peak Prosperity video about the virus weakening, becoming less lethal, is very important. Genomic studies including individual case genomic studies to identify the various strains and their outcomes will eventually determine whether the virus is weakening as it mutates.

    Also important is the information (in the video) that truly asymptomatic cases are much less contagious than had been thought, more like original (classic) SARS.

  6. I’ll be the first person that admits wrong. With that said I do believe my original view that Covid-19 was something of a War between the US vs China was wrong. Sure that could have been the case. However with the race riots and terrorism going on….same time as Covid-19…it’s obvious this was very much planned and political in nature. It’s obvious some people are planning on the controlled demolition of this country and it’s happening right now. Why? All because of Trump? Was he really that bad Liberals? Couldn’t Joe Biden have run on something else like Medicare for All or Universal Basic Income? Oh no he’s just gotta fund a Race War in the streets. How crazy is that? Super Crazy that’s what it is. Deo Vindice !

    • The pandemic was an accident, but as soon as it hit the left began plotting the opportunity it provided including economy destroying endless shutdowns in communist occupied states and inciting a race riot and color coded revolution using the stir crazy populace. My real question is why now? Why couldn’t these bums wait till November when Trump was probably going to lose due to the nonstop Jewish media demonization for the last four years affecting the weak minded females we were so foolish as to let vote. What reason do they have to run “Plan B” now instead of keeping it for if Trump would win? Is Joe that senile already? Is there something yet more coming soon that they don’t want Trump in there this summer? Is this being secretly directed by the Chinese as well as payback for the Hong Kong color coded revolution before the Pandemic and afraid Trump might be about to defund the PRC? Trump was pivoting to make the fall campaign be about China, are the globalists that afraid their heads were about to roll if their treason came out? Really why now? Are these people just so crazed with Trump derangement syndrome they couldn’t wait it out 5 months to see what happened in November? Also where is Mike Bloomberg? Certainly he can’t be on board with this crap? Have the crazies totally taken over the Democratic Party? Is this spinning out of their control with blacks running an absolute crazy agenda the way all revolutions eat their own. Soy Boy Mayor Frey’s political career is finished, all any opponent has to do is run the video of him walking off like a pussy from the mob, they joked he looked like a pitcher walking off after giving up a lead changing 3 run homer. Is some Indian Shop owner or Hispanic Business owner going to run against him in the Democratic Primary? Immigrants may have some grudges against whites, but they didn’t come here for this black anarchy crap that is going on. Even the Hispanics in Chicago are very upset and don’t want to see their neighborhoods trashed and the business’ they built destroyed. Amazing, just a few weeks ago I was fantasizing about that Powerball ticket and how I’d open a bunch of Zaxby’s. Now I’d just take the money and run off to somewhere like Poland or Dubai or Singapore that’s how bad the US outlook seems now with the monsters running wild and nobody standing up to them.

  7. In other news, Nascar bans confederate flags at its events.

    All because Bubba Wallace wanted them too.


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