Southern History Series: How The Union Perished

As the United States crumbles before our eyes in its second Age of Discord, I have been reading Colin Woodard’s well timed new book Union:

“The American Loyalists further convinced Simms and his circle that secession was inevitable, imminent, and necessary to protect their society. He and Hammond formed an affectionate alliance with three other Southern intellectuals: William & Mary’s Nathaniel Beverley Tucker, who had challenged Bancroft’s depiction of early Virginia; the Virginia planter Edmund Ruffin, who had argued that the Declaration of Independence’s promise of universal equality was “both false and foolish”; and the University of Mississippi chancellor George Frederick Holmes, who called the natural rights of liberty and equality “vain twaddle.” This “sacred circle,” as they called themselves, corresponded, organized political actions and publications, and developed the intellectual foundations of something new: a Southern nationhood …

“One of the most dangerous errors which prevail among the people of the North, is their obstinate faith in the integrity of the Union,” another Southerner in Simms novel warned. “There can not be peace, so long as the south is in the minority, and so long as the spirit and temper of the north are so universally hostile to our most vital and cherished institutions. Until you reconcile this inequality, and exorcise this evil spirit, that now rages rampant through the Northern States – allied with all sorts of fanatical passions and principles – Agrarianism, Communism, Fourierism, Wrightism, Millerism, Mormonism, etc. – you may cry peace and union till you split your lungs, but you will neither make peace nor secure union.”

The storm was coming, Simms warned one and all. It was time to prepare the Southern people for a nationhood celebrating inequality, hierarchy, and the supremacy of the Anglo-Saxon race.”

The experience shook Simms to the core. Never again would he be quite as confident in himself, nor as healthy. “You have gone North at a somewhat critical time for you and martyred yourself for South Carolina, who will not even buy your books, and for Brooks, whose course could at best be only excused,” a worried Hammond counseled as soon as he read the devastating reviews. “What Demon possessed you, mon ami, to do this?” Simms thereafter described the tour as “my defeat.”

From then on, he would make no further attempt to win over the people of the mid-Atlantic states. It was time to throw himself into the forging of a new federation, one where the specter of human equality would never again disturb the white man’s hall.”

We find ourselves in a similar moment.

William Gilmore Simms and other Southerners of his generation were being condemned by a tidal wave of fanaticism that had come out of the Second Great Awakening. They responded to it by creating a new narrative and vision of an independent Southern nation. In much the same way, we need to jettison liberalism and create a new vision and response to the ideology of the Great Awokening.

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  1. Thanks for this tip Hunter! I just went to Amazon on the link you provided and bought it for my Kindle which will be delivered on June 16 when it is published.

    By the way, I just found out that John C. Calhoun was much admired in Germany in the 1930s because he was an American who spoke the truth about race.

    And because of that, a few years ago, the Minneapolis city council voted to re-name Lake Calhoun to a “Native Peoples” name which is Bde Maka Ska, which in the original Dakota language means, “Big chief drink a lot.” (I think.)

    Anyway, thanks for the book tip!

  2. Interesting article, worth reading. I would note that Agrarianism, one of the political philosophies and movements mentioned by Simms, existed on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, and some kinds of religious fanaticism were/are common to both sides.

    The north-south division is a terrible history of White people killing White people sometimes closely related. So are the many wars of Europe, over many centuries, some of them “religious” but all of them at root money-related.

  3. So what’s our plan for November and federal elections from now on? Vote for anything but Republicuck and Democrat? Only vote in local/state elections? I think we need the GOP to suffer tremendous losses, but how many of us could stomach voting blue to make that happen?

    • @BR Friend, it’s a pro wrestling match. It literally doesn’t matter who wins except to the degree that one likes the Ultimate Warrior over Hulk Hogan 🙂
      You don’t have to buy a ticket, you don’t have to watch it at your friend’s house, you don’t have to buy any merchandise.

      • Still, I want to “participate,” if only to convince my brain that I somehow helped the situation. I see HW posted he’s gonna vote Big Chungus so…

        BIG CHUNGUS 2020!!!!

  4. @Mr. Griffin…

    As always, I appreciate your reaching into the pantry of our past to remind us that issues we have before us today are not only not new, they have been bedeviling us for a very long long time.

    Because I always had a bias towards European Culture, from the time I was a youth I studied a great deal of their histories and troubled myself to learn a number of their languages.

    Because of your articles, I not only have learnt a great deal more about Dixie, , and have been encouraged to look into things more about our part which, if the truth be told, is not so long ago.

    Yes, we are at another Simms’s moment, and, if the truth be told, we have been at this moment since I was a toddler.

    How long will we choose to suck our thumbs?

  5. “we need to jettison liberalism and create a new vision and response to the ideology of the Great Awokening.”

    We haf to have the political machinery and people in place to make it happen.

    Right now, with state governments and the general government showing that they’re mere shaddows and form, with no substance, we’re in the position of not having spoons while it rains pudding. Lack of this machinery is why.

    • @James owen…

      “Right now, with state governments and the general government showing that they’re mere shadows and form, with no substance, we’re in the position of not having spoons while it rains pudding. Lack of this machinery is why.”

      I totally agree with this – it’s a lack of machinery that is bedeviling.

      Yet, one thing I would add : ——- the machinery ain’t there because the will that arises from state of mind to create such ain’t there.

  6. Looks like patience paid off. After weeks of flu panic, now this. I also agree that those history lessons are best part of this blog.

    And I must admit that my prophesy may be wrong. I always thought that the Empire will end up like Soviet Union but now it seems that Yugoslavia is more likely.

    Yugo collapse also started by protests followed by minor violence and then bigger violence until general public quit using word protest or violence and started to talk about war.

  7. Jefferson hoped for a nation of independent farmers and artisans that would only need to come together for self-defense, but otherwise leave each other alone to pursue their own brand of happiness. If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, do as you please, to paraphrase Tom. But globalists and their minions have got to convert you to their secular religion. No freedom of thought and action for you! They’re like Wahabis, those blue-haired Soup Nazis, but with even less charisma and intellect.

    I think we’ll eventually become autonomous regions. We’ll have the Disunited Kingdom, with our versions of multiracial Englands and monochrome Wales within our current states. Not that the more White places will announce the Fourth Reich or anything like that. They’ll just quietly accept our tribal nature, because everyone not brainwashed can see where being around niggas and heebs leads: to a multicultural dystopia. Let the “laboratories of democracy” proliferate, and let’s see what works best for people!

    • @Boomer…

      i totally agree with your synopsis and prediction.


      Because it is a subtle and deeply perceptive explanation of both what can been seen manifesting itself, and, as well, because it takes into account deeply established trends, in both The American Psyche, History, and culture.

      In the end Whites will have the bulk of the country run as we wish to, and those non-Whites who value that will be with us, and we will accept them to be with us, because we have no problems with people who wish to live according to our customs and rules – no matter where their ancestors roamed.

      As to the others – they’ll live in Leftist-run ghettoes, as they already do, they free to live out their dystopian nightmare away from our inhibiting oversight.

      In the end, this is the best that we can do in this world – offer people the opportunity to experience the privilege it comes with living in a traditional White Society, or, if they don’t want that, allow them to live somewhere else.

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