Why Are The Rich Revolting?

Gradually, we began to hate them.

We determined that we had to be rid of this class of people once and for all. It would be better to be conquered and live under the rule of foreigners than these people.


“That strange revolution which sees the sons of the bourgeois throw cobblestones at the sons of proletarians.” So observed the French writer Jean Cau of Paris in 1968, when student protests about living conditions at the university erupted into a historic rebellion against the old guard.

That year, the United States was rocked by riots, assassinations and political crisis, and half a century later, history seems to be, if not repeating itself, then certainly rhyming. Yet while there are huge differences between the 1968 and 2020 disturbances, the one continuous theme running through both uprisings, and indeed all revolutions down the years, is the prominent role of the middle class. In particular, the upper-middle-class, the haute bourgeoise, are the driving force behind revolt and disorder throughout history, especially — as with today — when they feel they have no future. ..

Lenin’s Bolsheviks followed in this fashion, radicalised by their experience at universities, not factories. The Russian revolutionaries were so bourgeois that, as Daniel Kalder observed in Dictator Literature: “Only one solitary worker ever sat on the executive board of Lenin’s party, and he turned out to be a police spy.”

That noble tradition of haute bourgeoisie revolution continues today, especially in the US. The Occupy movement, for example, is deeply opposed to the 1% but largely because they come from the 2-5%; Amy Chua cited figures suggesting that in New York, more than half it members earned $75,000 or more while only 8% were on low incomes, compared to 30% of the city. They also have hugely disproportionate numbers of graduates and post-grads among their members.

The wider Great Awokening, of which the 2020 disturbances are a part, is a very elite phenomenon, with progressive activists nearly twice as likely as the average American to make more than $100,000 a year, nearly three times as likely to have a postgraduate degree, and only one-quarter as likely to be black. Likewise with the radicalisation of American academia, with the safe spaces movement most prevalent at elite colleges, where students were much more likely to disinvite speakers or express more extreme views.

This indicates a significant radicalisation of the rich, a process that began in the 1960s when the heavily class-based politics of the 20th century began to shift. …”

“My daddy works for the courts.”

This video is from one of their riots before COVID-19. It sums up what is going on. We are watching “white privilege” in action as these people riot and prosecutors drop charges against them.

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  1. Just wait. Eventually any mention of whites in the history books will be erased and or black washed with BS stories about their achievements.

    This is what the conquerors do, it happens in each case.

    This is what happens when you trade a faith, family, nation based country and replace it with a radical individualistic consumer country. It doesn’t matter what soil your country is on, the result will be the same.

  2. Locally here in SoCal, some poor sucker was so defiant as to deface a George Floyd poster. Unaware that cameras are everywhere (to assume otherwise is stupid), his face, clear as day, was plastered all over the televised news in a sickening display of vicious damnation. We’re all villains in 2020.

  3. I am very mad at the American authorities not protecting Christopher Columbus statues. Without Columbus the Indians would still be pagan savages like the Aztecs sacrificing humans to their devil gods. Mexicans would be nothing without the Spanish civilization and the Catholic religion.

    I might add that i do not give a damn about Indian superstitions. If there were statues of Jesus would the demented USA authorities defend him from the mob? All my girl friends believe the same as me.

    A few of my girl friends have some Indian blood in them. Not much but some and they still hate for Columbus statues to be insulted. They are like me. We are Catholics before we are Mexican.

    • Because you and your friends still have respect and decency.

      These antisocial turds have zero.

    • Well what do your and your good Catholic girlfriends propose to do with your nigger foot washing, gay wanker Jesuit Pope?

      • Flaxen,

        We are quite aware of how evil he is. He is either a Anti-Pope or an evil Pope. Unfortunately, I am not head of State anywhere and all I can and will do is talk to my friends and family on such matters.

        I would talk to my teachers as well but school is out for summer and has been out for lockdowns for a couple of months anyway.

        I am open to further suggestions on what I can and should do about Francis.

        • You could start by identifying his allies in the Mexican clergy and dealing with them first. I don’t need to explain any of the details to you.

    • If Columbus himself was not crypto, certainly he was associated with some. There was substantial migration of Sephardim at that time from Spain to conquered lands of the Western hemisphere, not only to the Netherlands, Britain and central Europe.

      • anonymous,

        It could be you are correct. However, his voyages led to the European conquest of the Americas and I strongly support that. To me it is the big picture that matters here.

        Yes. Jews were usually more welcome in England, Netherlands etc. than in Catholic countries. At least in those days.

      • @anonymous,

        Both the philo-semitic Dutch and British protestant governments recruited and armed Sephardic Jews as pirates to menace, plunder, and instigate murderous attacks on the naval fleets of Catholic France and Spain.

          • Krafty Wanker,

            There were other captains and lots crew on those ships too. Just because the two you listed weren’t Sephardic jews doesn’t negate that the English and Dutch did indeed utilize them as privateers.

    • Christina,

      I too am infuriated that the New England massholes in jagoff “bean town,” and Richmond Va public guardians allowed the desecration of the statues of Columbus.

      Cultural marxists in academia especially have had Columbus in their crosshairs for decades. The (((usual suspects))) radicalized America Indios both via unearned scholarships to colleges and universities where the social “sciences” departments would fill their Paleolithic minds with grievance propaganda, and then by “volunteering ” on Indian reservations and indoctrinating the stupid and ignorant indigenous tribes with anti-European American venom.

      That Columbus’ statues are being targeted by POC and homosexuals was the logical progression from changing Columbus Day to “Indigenous peoples day.”

      We can hope that the spirit of vendetta still flows through the veins of Italians, and these spiteful mutant ‘pay the piper’ for their misdeeds.

        • The warlord of Seattle’s autonomous zone ran out of food within 2 days.

          This movie we’re watching may be the first of its kind. It’s all the genres wrapped up in one flick.

          • There’s a slight chance that when our younger generations realize how they ended up with their destructive mindsets, they’ll be torching the universities themselves. I’m an agnostic right now but I still pray to God for some things.

    • Cristina,

      You are one of the few people who look at the possibility of things not being as they appear and it is deeply appreciated.

      So, I direct you to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Act) which, according to its website and United States Executive Order #12127), operates under Constitutional Law as opposed to Admiralty/Maritime Law the default of rule. With this EO the following occurs:

      1-101. Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1978 (43 FR 41943), which establishes the Federal Emergency Management Agency, provides for the transfer of functions, and the transfer and abolition of agencies and offices, is hereby effective.

      1-102. The Director of the Office of Management and Budget shall, in accord with Section 302 of the Reorganization Plan, provide for all the appropriate transfers, including those transfers related to all the functions transferred from the Department of Commerce, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the President.

      You read that right. There is far more going on here than meets the eye. That is most likely why many federal officers that are acting/replacing existing just have “POLICE” as their identifying marks.


      Don’t just watch…… observe.

      • Correction: Federal Emergency Management Agency

        I don’t know if the source of these typos is my head or my fingers…. I’m thinking one thing and my fingers appear to have a mind of their own

        • Snowhitey,

          Thank you for the information above. I suspected from the beginning that the Federals are allowing things to get out of hand before coming down with an iron hand. Of course, I could be wrong and the USA might be unraveling with a truly weak government.

          As for your typos? Not to worry. I have long fingernails and I frequently type in error and have to always check what I write.

  4. Peter Turchin suggested that revolution would occur in 2020 because of a surfeit of graduate students. He’s not put a foot wrong yet.

    • Sehr interessant as they say in Germany. The universities are the hive producing these villains. Let’s see what the Town & Country revolutionaries have to say when financial markets, the source of their unearned wealth, disintegrates and their trust funds are depleted. Perhaps they will have to get real jobs and rub shoulders with the hated proletariat they are supposedly marching for or is it the poor, beset upon, violent, impulsive stooopid Negroes they march for now? I am not smart enough to figure it out, I don’t have a graduate degree.

    • “Peter Turchin suggested that revolution would occur in 2020 because of a surfeit of graduate students. ”

      They are drowning in debt and have no future, because their expensive degrees are worthless. They feel entitled to that important position because they went to Harvard, but no one understands how great they are, so they are throwing the world’s biggest tantrum.

  5. The petty nobility have always been chief allies of the revolutionary cause since at least 1792.

  6. …but white boys will still sign up for the military to enforce this Big Fag Globohomo agenda on the rest of the world.

    • Enemy training is also training. Avoiding collaboration is noble but the bad thing is that when the freedom fighting starts, there is nobody around who could understand the art of war.

  7. meanwhile the nonstop, never-ending black on white rape and murder and terrorism in every city in every town and in every state goes unreported and unnoticed by the cult worshipping masses for going on about 55 straight yrs…..

  8. why the rich ‘revolt’

    elites feel their better path to power is to use non-normies as an army against the normie majority … because non-normies will remain in fear of losing their leftist-bestowed privileges

    media dominated by jewish+rich-white oligarchy, pushes cultural marxist oligarch agenda, creating the non-normie army

    rich people esp youth, take the cue from media as to what is the up-and-coming power curve, and act to take lead position on that curve

    they do this because they are driven to increase / maintain status, not lose it to another gang who would otherwise be on point

    everybody instinctively understands that under ‘democracy’, you get and hold power on ‘leninist’ principles, i.e., elites pose as supporting either
    (a) common working people
    (b) key minorities who become the elite’s praetorian guard … this latter is the basis of cultural marxism, now the elite’s preference

    classic marxism – pretend to support workers, everyone opposed is ‘anti-social’ or ‘bourgeois’

    new cultural marxism – pretend to support feminists, migrants, lgbtq, jews, people of colour; everyone opposed is ‘racist / bigot’

    existing structure can always be critiqued as never radical enough, never protecting group x’s interests enough

    volatility until someone really seizes total apparatus enough to stabilise it

    100 years ago Gramsci and others started to realise old marxism ‘for workers’ did not work in the west

    it didn’t work because common normies are intrinsically ‘petit bourgeois’, more inclined to rightist populism … far right ‘fascism’ is authoritarianism with a ‘normie family’ base of support

    so ‘cultural marxism’ built itself on attacking / destroying the normie option … family, gender, ethnic, religious traditionalism all must go

    those sidelined by normies, can become fanatic cult marx troopers, the left gives them higher status which they would lose without leftism … this is the leftist ‘army’

    since normies are bigger in number, suppression of normies must take very severe forms for ‘the left’ to get & hold power

  9. Communists want to get rid of all identities except for class identity (and then class identity, too, eventually). Capitalists want to get rid of anything that might take precedence over consumerism and interfere with the establishment of a global marketplace. Both are radically individualistic. Their shared enemies are nationalism, white racial consciousness, the nuclear family, religion, heritage, traditional gender roles, etc.

    Embrace a Third Position

  10. I just went to Amazon and bought and downloaded Gone With The Wind. I suggest everyone else do the same. Make a list of films or music that is not “woke” or “diverse” or “inclusive” and buy them.


    And if the woke mob is pulling gone with the wind, how long will this be up on YouTube?

    Watch it now while you can.

    • If people bothered to learn how to use the Internet properly, they wouldn’t need to buy music, movies, or software, let alone fund the degenerate lifestyles of scum like Jeff Bezos.

      Learn2Internet Boomers!

      • Must of not been that long before her big role in The wizard of Oz?. You know she was a life long democrat? So basically democrats are the real racists

  11. History shows how the radical kids of the rich get treated. The Weathermen were mainly scions of wealthy, connected elites, like Bill Ayers. It’s not a cohencidence that Ayers’ father was president of ConEd, and that the worthless piece of crap got away with being a terrorist. Ayers even got to be a professor of education at the Univ. of IL at Chicongo. Now, THAT’S “White privilege.”

  12. The rich are revolting because they are entitled, they view themselves as the best and are outraged that they don’t get get everything served up on a silver platter.

    Its ironic, they waste daddy’s money on the best education the can buy, yet demand that the working class should be enslaved and robbed blind so they don’t have to do any kind of work with the stuff they learn.

    Remember the back female who raged “It’s not about that, it’s about building a home here!”. College and University is the height of their lives, its a time period where they can live a drug fueled non stop orgy on daddy’s money with all their friends and once it’s done, they have nothing to look forward to. Because all they got to show for those seven to eight years is a stack of shitty degrees that are utterly useless on the job market.

  13. Jews do not ask for forgiveness for their sins or perform acts of contrition. The Jew people remove their sins by transfer the sins,the ills and the wrongs to a scapegoat. The innocent goat is then sent into the wilderness with all the sins of the Jews taken away. The Jews are the racists, the old testament curse of ham, the Jew role in the slave trades, centuries of Jew mistreatment of blacks, have all been transfer to the scapegoat, the innocent White Christian.

  14. Hey Hunter, have you seen this letter from a cop posted on Law Officer?

    To say this letter is “sobering” is an understatement. I copied it and posted it to my blog. With apologies to all the cop-haters out there who think law enforcement is the problem, I side with the police. They may not always be “right” or “gentle” but 99.9% do the best job they can under difficult and dangerous circumstances.


    • If murdering thousands of White people every year for being poor is a “good job”, sure.

      What about all the Black cops who rape White women? That happens all the time. Are they in your 99.9% too?

  15. There’s no revolt occurring when these people are acting with the tacit permission of the government. This is a “revolt” of the government (public and “private”, monopolistic “private” enterprise is every bit as much a part of the government as federal employees) against its own people and the sort of people who depend on the government for patronage.

    • I meant to say:

      “. . . and the sort of people who depend on the government for patronage are participants for that reason”

      The real end game is to physically attack the white Christian population.

  16. Upper middle class (including most business owners and higher level bureaucrats and management) are the most economically conservative or reactionary of all classes because they are comfortable with and proud of their status, generally very ambitious (or avaricious) and have the most to lose. They are not really revolutionary but counter-revolutionary. They take control of and re-direct genuine peasant rebellion, and will reform the system to save it, to save their own status and fortunes.

    • Exactly.

      If you see the bourgeoisie joining or expressing support for a “revolution” in large numbers, you can bet pretty safely that it is a fake Zionist-friendly “color” revolution. Or at the very least, it may have began with legitimate resistance but was quickly and easily hijacked. If there were a Marxist-Leninist, anti-Zionist, class-based revolution occurring in this country then all corporations would be screaming for as much “law and order” as possible.

      The bourgeoisie is not left-wing. The sentiment that could build a true Left in any part of the world is still mainly in the popular classes. When it comes to the issues that matter, the capitalist class is virtually all economically reactionary (obviously!) as well as pro-war, pro-Zionist, hostile to any country on Israel’s shit list, and so on. Dressing this all up with “woke” rhetoric and acting “left-wing” when it’s easy and system-approved to do so doesn’t change the fundamental nature of this class.

  17. Great article from unherd. “White privilege” ideology is just a tool of intra-white class war (and of course stoked by Jews). By making the axis of “privilege” racial rather than class based, it allows the rich and educated Whites to punch down on the poor and uneducated Whites, who tend to be more “racist” because they are the ones unable to shelter themselves from diversity or unable to keep up with the ever-changing ideological cues and signifiers of campus radicals. Borrowing some terminology from the commies, those lower class Whites who ape the critical race theory ideology of the upper class Whites could then be considered “class traitors” or suffering from “false consciousness.”

  18. As usual “woke” whites sitting on their ass doing nothing as the apes and soy boys destroy their culture and race.. Woke whites: “What do you wants us to do”? Nothing but sit back and make excuses on why you wont organize as our enemies have done. It doesn’t take money, it takes anger and resolve. We lost without firing a shot but by all means go out and buy more guns and ammo so you can look at it before you put in it the safe.

  19. Ghads, I woke up and the morning news had on yet another funeral. How many funerals are they going to have for this bum? They are carting him around from state to state like Weekend at Bernies.

  20. The rich are revolting? Of course they are! I hear they are involved in some sort of insurrection as well.

    • Re Slats: Thanks for noticing the pun in the headline. There are still a few of us with reading comprehension skills who have read and remembered things.

  21. I have a multi millionaire family in the US. They love CNN, NYT, and the Atlantic Jew. They hate Trump and Tucker, this despite being ZOGified right during the 2000s under Bush. They supported the Zionist wars and even were petrified that I was for scrapping sodomy laws back in 2003. Meaning, these people go whichever way the media and their private golf club member “friends” go. They have no backbone, and a large possibility for their upper middle class income is their ability to completely forgo their own thoughts for group think and meld into the crowd of PC so as to not rock any boats. Now they are horrified for my support of Russia, most specifically the anti homosexual propaganda to minors law since one of their own came out as a dedicated butt plugger. They continual read the Atlantic Jew and NYT who blame Russia for chaos and disorder in the US, which is an OUTRIGHT LIE! Soros and the leftist Jewish billionaire class fund things like BLM and anti-fa, their Jewish owned media perpetuates Wiemarization and clown world, and their own government supports open treason and subversion of order. Maria Butina can’t even join the NRA, yet Soros is not indicted for literally paying people to riot, start fires, and loot. Russia couldn’t do any of that, its a nice faux explanation for low IQs so they don’t blame their own media and oligarchs for subversion.

  22. Hunter, can we please have something on CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone)? Their food got stolen by hobos and they already have an armed warlord (Raz Simone) after just 2 days.
    Murdoch Murdoch couldn’t script this.

  23. Portsmouth CSA statues are on fire or are down right now. 11 statues in DC will go in the next few days. I hear our side say this is the business class using leftist mobs for their purposes but it is deeper than that. The financial elites got woke via several means, social media, etc- they got influenced by the communist online rabble, aka, the New Lefts descendants It may be a two way street but without kids reading Fanon or Marcuse most of this would not be happening. Simultaneously the (((capitalists))) have calculated the disposable-ness of whites.
    Biden will most likely ban us all off the internet , or worse.

    • Come on man, they aren’t reading Fanon and Marcuse, or understanding it. That is ridiculous. That’s like believing Marxism was a matter of “the kids” sitting down with Das Kapital. These Jews and left-wing fanatics have been working on this shit for many decades now in the universities and secondary schools. If you want to blame somebody, blame Trump and the Zionists, they are NOT opposing this, they are 100% pretending to oppose this.

  24. This is a spiritual war between the Semite and the White. Between the iconoclast and the image maker.

    Between the void and the forms.

  25. I grew up lower middle class, and my oldest brother was fortunate to become a banker at some point in his life. His son thus experienced class privilege that I never enjoyed. But he has disowned me for not acknowledging my White privilege.

  26. There is a symetry to authority, and to ownership. To rule someone, or to own something, is to take responsibility for it, and it places upon the authority an obligation to maintain it.

    The rich are revolting against nobless oblige, they’re revolting against their responsibilities to the well being of their people.

  27. “Why Are The Rich Revolting?”

    Because they are empty spiritually, and this ‘Woke’ manner is a trend that promises them to fill them up some, not to mention, bring them some esteem in the eyes of others.

    If you are semi-unconscious, as many are, it would be hard to resist.

  28. @Al Bundy…

    “Ann Coulter needs to start a National Party. Immigration reform. Immigration moratorium. Etc.”

    Immigration is a serious problem, to be sure, but, only one of many.

    However, The United States’ Government is corrupt and lawless, and, that so, it will be a serious weight against The American People, until it collapses of it’s own weight.

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