Rod Dreher’s Mawkish Weakness Solved Nothing

I will save you the time from reading this.


“On Friday, in my hometown, there was a Black Lives Matter rally in the same park where we have held Walker Percy Weekend events. I didn’t go — I haven’t left the house much since mid-March, when the Covid-19 thing hit — but a couple of (white) friends did. They said it was a hopeful, peaceful event. I was very glad to hear it, and I wish in retrospect that I had put on a mask and driven the thirty miles up to the country to march. It has been a difficult week for the town — a hard one, but a necessary one. Let me tell you a story.

Forty-nine years ago, the Historical Society started an annual festival called the Audubon Pilgrimage. Its intention was to use the time John James Audubon spent in West Feliciana Parish. …

Well, that story was finally written, in a way — by my very progressive niece Hannah Leming, who is now living in Spain.

Last weekend, inspired by the George Floyd moment, she posted a petition calling on the Pilgrimage to change its ways, and open itself up to black people and black history, or shut down. She wrote, in part:

Percy’s wisdom is needed today. If we want a more truthful and just commemoration of history, we have to change. That’s why I signed the petition. But if getting on the right side of contemporary liberalism means holding everything about the antebellum past, and the past before 1968, in contempt, count me out. …

Now the spell has been broken. I am not at all party to the discussions of the Historical Society board to end the Pilgrimage, but it is instructive, I think, how quickly it all collapsed. They must have known, deep down, that the day of this kind of historical memory is done.  …

Will it be the same for the parish, now that the truth about the Pilgrimage, and the fact that black lives have not mattered in it, has been spoken openly? I don’t know. My mother called just now to talk about the continuing fallout from Hannah’s petition. I mentioned to her that Hannah had revealed a myth-busting truth to me in Paris in 2012, and though things never were okay after that, her speaking the truth was a gift. My life would have been more peaceful had I never known what she told me, but it would have been worse. It is always better to live with a painful truth than with a comforting lie. Lots of people did not want to hear what Hannah said. All of us, myself included, needed to hear it, though. I am very far from her woke politics, but I am proud of her for speaking truth about black lives in West Feliciana, and opening the door for change.”

Skip over all of that.

Rod Dreher and other mainstream conservatives have been writing garbage like this and trying to have it both ways for fifty years now. What has been the result?

Did they achieve racial equality? No, they did not.

Did they bring about racial harmony and reconciliation? No, they did not.

Did they preserve our Southern heritage? No, they did not.

Did appeasing the Left buy social peace? No, it did not.

Did they saddle future generations with massive social and economic problems to clean up on almost every front? Yes, they did.

The bill has come due and everyone under the age of 45 and their children are going to be the ones who end up paying it.

It was people like Rod who gave away the farm and got nothing in return. The last two weeks have been a turning point and more people than ever before are fed up with it. These people are burning down our country AGAIN like in the 1960s so that “white supremacy” can be redefined as “white privilege.” We’re not going to submit to this and carry on with business as usual conservatism.

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  1. Rod Dreher is embarrassing. I’m am ashamed to say I bought one of his books years ago. He’s got the Constitution of a bowl of jelly. He’s basically a yuppie hipster with religious pretentions. If Christianity had depended on guys like him to spread the faith. I’d be going to the temple of Jupiter instead of church. He’s become insufferable and pathetic.

    • If we still worshipped at the temple of Jove we would not be a country “half Judaised and the other half negrified”

      • It is really mind-boggling that people still try to defend christianity. All the things Hunter cites about liberal-conservatism can be attributed to christians. And i am talking not since vatican 2.

        They are even worse on some issues. Christianity was screwed from the start. It is a mutated renegade judaism that white people managed to make the “best” out of. But people just cant let go because of the community, churches, pictures and other idolatry.

        Look at all the division inside christianity itself. Is it because of our rampant individualism, or was this religion screwed from the start? How in the world is jumping on such a sinking ship a good thing? Just for fun or to scare the jews, it might be ok, but for real? No thx.

        Ignorance and religious belief (zealotry) is very powerful nonetheless. Sure, some order is better than none, thats another reason the jews hate and fight christianity, but in the end they always had a foot in door because it is rooted in judaism. Furthermore christianity poses a threat because of its universalist approach. But this, like other things, can easily be turned around by them. Jews want their almighty god exclusively for themselfs, while christians want to convert everybody. It is a schizophrenic relationship.

        Maybe thats why the church never slaughtered thousands of jews and tried to convert them by force, like they did with their pagan brothers. The white man needs his own way to god not some chimera full of contradictions and easily exploitable backdoors.

        Here are a few things that jews dont like about christianity:

        – Jesus the traitor
        – Jews killed jesus/ Christians are pissed
        – Hijacking their exclusive universal god
        – Whites having some religion/order at all
        – Whites coming together/ organizing at all
        – Hyper morality making people sensible to their scheming
        – Forgiveness weakens their best weapons. Guilt and Debt.

        Here are a few things that jews like about christianity:

        – They remain the chosen people
        – Jesus was a rabbi
        – Palestine/Israel is the “holy land”
        – The focus on sin and guilt can easily be exploited
        – Christians love to fight over bible interpretations/ stupid details
        – Keeps people pacified and docile
        – Promotes an universalist NWO doctrine/ is anti-racist/ has no loyalty to race or nation
        – Catholics teach that jews are not to be harmed

    • Southern nationalists have failed because in a culture shaped by almost two thousand years of Christian delusion and a white race imbued with the conviction that a Jew is God is a fool’s errand’. —R.M.

    • Quite true, even though blacks don’t give a damn about bird watching anymore than they care about NASCAR auto racing. This is about “Diversity” chasing down Whites.

  2. Hunter no one can lead this better than you. You got the pulse the blood the education. Start a simple pod cast with guest and you can shape the southorn agenda.

  3. I began to despise them in the late 1990s once I noticed ‘The Pattern’ with a right wing macho man type conservative. He’d race bait on some issue to get clicks on his blog right up until his followers began to agree with him enthusiastically. Then he’d do a 180 and tell them he’s not a racist, and he hates neo-Nazis. When you see this enough times you begin to hate them. Trash.

  4. It was people like Rod who gave away the farm and got nothing in return.

    That is the long and the short of it.

    The right thought it prudent to gamble their racial future on harmonious relations with blacks at the same time as the left was committed to riling blacks up. Epic cost/benefit analysis fail.

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