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  1. Farewell, Jean. You will be respectfully remembered.

    I am glad he was able to see that he was proven 100% correct.

  2. Of all of the most powerful books I have read in my life; Camp of the Saints is in the top five.

    If you are reading Hunter’s blog, and you have never read Camp of the Saints, you are cheating yourself of a powerful weapon to use in this fight. Written in 1970, when he was on vacation in the south of France, he got the idea from looking across the sea toward Africa and wondered, “What if they all got into boats and came to Europe?”

    The novel is filled with well-known “types” that are very familiar to anyone who watches the news.

    Please, download, or send off for this book. Read it and you will be much better for doing so.


  3. I read that book over 30 years ago, and it sent chills up my spine then. I still remember the captain of that Greek boat seeing these black heads floating in the water. He was puzzled at first, then he bellowed out something like ‘it’s that mob from the Ganges, full speed ahead’. I also remember the fate of Iris Nan Chan, wife of a mulatto writer. They had opened the prisons, letting out all the scum, then locked her husband up for the night. He found her the next morning, after they had let him out, dead from suicide. And did he ever get the cuck SJW down pat, too.

  4. I remember reading about Camp of the Saints in a Pat Buchanan early 1990s’ newspaper column, and then reading the book itself. I was already, “red pilled” (HA w/o even knowing) and to imagine Raspail’s fiction ever becoming fact, nightmarish. An unsettling read for sure.

    His horde red instead of black & brown, but what difference does it make? (Pardon my Mrs. Slick Willy). Overrun a western nation with 3rd world invaders (shipped in wave after wave on ZOG’s orders – and boats) and you get UKY2K, a cesspool of a country, its sewage now, overflowing.

    Raspail saw the future, maybe seeing it become the present was too much for him to take; couldn’t have helped matters – for his health, or any civilized person’s stuck in Britain’s – and every other 1st world land’s – hellscape reality.

    A bad dream foretold in pages, come to life in streets.
    I can’t say I thank the author for the heads up, but it did make its arrival less surprising, tho no less problematic.. What lies ahead seems ugly – at least in the short term – the man l picked a good time to, “make other arrangements.”

    Rest in peace, Jean Raspail. Ours for the foreseeable ahead, appears anything but.

    • Thank you! Until you posted that, I had no idea that this VNN even existed. I just followed the link. The layout looks similar to Stromfront: any connections to them? And you say that Alex Linder is a colleague of Brad? Interesting. Until today I had never heard of Alex Linder or VNN. Thanks. I’m going to do more research.

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