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  1. Apparently Atlanta is on fire tonight, not by Sherman this time but “protesters” upset another black man got high As a kite, tried to fight the police, then run and pull a weapon on the police in pursuit. What a tradgedy.

    But lets enjoy the white pilling in Philly.
    What a pleasure to see. As i mentioned last week I went to protect a historic site associated with my family and ended up being removed by the police “for my own safety”. The people protesting were mostly ok and i could see they were being used as pawns in this game, not even knowing what they were carrying signs for. The only real antagonistic ones were a couple of fellow whites and their mixed race friends. The aged Dutch, Irish and Italian populace here is all that remains but i did have two of my parents Indians neighbors join me, which was depressing but they meant well enough as they said they moved to America to live in a white western nation. Not the third world.

    Good for the Italians in Philly. Only a few tiny pockets of them left, like my area decreasing by 90% in forty five years since by coincidence the bicentennial of 1976. The Philly bros are tough and no nonsense. Praying that they dont get crucified by the media as the city burns yet the only people and arrested are whites on patrol Duty.

  2. A couple of decades ago, I remember Al Sharpton and his parade of darkies marching through Bensonhurst. My husband, who is of Italian descent, lived there for a portion of his childhood. The place used to be protected by the mob, just like Howard Beach, until Guliani went after them (probably at the request of the Jew Yorkers). Anyway, the Italians were hilarious jeering them while holding watermelons and buckets of fried chicken. Yes, they often show courage under fire. You know, like the Anglos once did.

    • @Captain Schill…

      “Apparently Atlanta is on fire tonight, not by Sherman this time but “protesters””

      Sherman and Protesters are all agents, products, and proxies, of the same entity, Kind Sir.

      Only uniforms and time in history changes – NOT the source.

      In any case, I am glad you and your family are doing well!

      • @snowwhitey I remember the Bensonhurst affair well as I was a very small child at the time. I have always been a nationalist and my views have not changed much but I still felt quite bad for Yusef Hawkins and especially Michael Griffith who was so frightened that he ran onto the Belt Parkway near where i lived. Protecting your neighborhood is good and the right thing to do but what happened to those guys just isn’t right.

        Not to mention the media and elite are still using that shit against us 30 years later and used it as an excuse to destroy our neighborhoods which are ALL gone now. The white ethnic enclave here has disappeared. The Bronx Brooklyn Queens. Through law and forced integration those wonderful neighborhoods no longer exist.

        By contrast Crown Heights didn’t change a thing. In reality it is the only pogrom Jewish people have ever dealt with in the New World and it was at the hands of blacks. And despite the Jewish ambulance letting those little black kids die on the street like dogs, 30+ years later and Crown Heights along with more than a dozen Orthodox Jewish enclaves all still exist and if anything flourish. They are bigger. Shows what having your own ethnic advocacy can get

        @Ivan you couldn’t be more right and i didn’t even think of it in terms like that. Both deep and true. Everyone is hanging in there here, and if it was me I would have moved ten years ago. The home my family built about 150 years ago still stands but the area has fallen. Depressing on every level . thanks again and take care friend

        • My questions to you are when whites are killed by blacks, do they get the “always innocent” story line? How about favorable support from the press? Do politicians, white and black, ever get involved regarding race? Has the law even been changed due to a white victim/black perpetrator? They don’t even get unwavering support from fellow whites.

    • I’ve been a regularly visitor to Italy over the years and you cannot fail to love the country. However, my favourite quote on Italians comes from Graham Greene’s ‘The Third Man’ spoken by Orson Welles.

      ‘In Italy, for thirty years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace – and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.’

    • @ Snowhitey,

      Many racially aware White women from Western, Northwest, and Central Europe that I chat with on telegram have told me that they have married Mediterranean men because they were more family oriented, masculine, and wanted children, unlike the majority of men in their native countries that were also their age group.

      If these women are not outliers, then a lot of prepubescent Whites in Europe are going to be a mixture of European ethnicities. Just like many America Whites are a combination of European nationalities.

      • Snowhitey,

        Now thanks to some organically nationalist movements more young White men understand demographics and have become more willing to become husbands and fathers, but that’s only the ones that have been redpilled and care about their country’s cultural and racial future. This is occurring independent of any religious influences.

        • Unfortunately, as we march toward globalism, we need to work harder to preserve our different ethnities under the white race umbrella. Since the globalists want everyone on the planet in their system of control (complete tracking via biometrics), it means we will be forced to live in close proximity with every other life form that walks upright. That’s why blacks, LGBTQ, and other minorities have the system on their side. The leveling of the playing field regardless of capabilities or behavior. Of course, most of this is just my opinion. Can anything else explain the madness?

  3. South of Philly is Atlanta HW, the economic engine of the south hell, New Orleans can’t compete.

    OutKast, the Nog hiphop pop noise maker’s associated with the Atlanta metro have a one hit wonder?

    That Nog music has a prophecy song called?

    So fresh, so Clean : The song lyrics mentioned (((Ann Frank)))

    fight racism with Fire on Fire eye for eye Semitic tribal Tulmunck laws

    Ice cube has been pointing out the real (((racism tribe))) on Twitter war’s recently.

  4. Working class ethnic sunsets of white guys need to get in on this shame they didn’t act in twenty seventeen but now is the time to make a stand

  5. I said some years ago that these Leftist radicals will pick on Southerners because Southerners are just too peace loving and easy going to fight back. They will just let people walk all over them for the most part.

    But you start attacking someone like the Italians over their past concerning slavery and it is going to be a different story. These radical creep sjws don’t know what they will be dealing with and will probably end up at the bottom of some river with cement overshoes given to them free of charge.

    I think my words may have been prophetic … we’ll see …

    Great job defending/protecting the Christopher Columbus Monument. May all these monument attacking cowards flee away and crawl back down in the holes they belong.

    • SJW’s are bullies. Bullies never pick on anyone who will beat the crap out of them. Bullies are cowards.

    • I love the way one of the defenders shut the liberal fag reporter’s argument down who was condemning Columbus.

      “They were f**kin savages back then.”

      Perfect timing.

      All “intellectual” discussion just stopped.

      Love it.

      • Wait a minute there cowboy ?!
        You are right many Southern Folk are peace loving . BUT!! As evidenced in the fomer hostilities, ie. THE WAR OF NORTHERN AGRESSION, We will open up a WHOLE CAN OF WHIPASS when Necessary. I guarantee you, The beligerants and communist useful idiots
        running loose now will meet their “WATERLOO” in the near future.

        • Yep! The Yankees couldn’t whip the South until Lincoln turned it into a race war and still the North had to wait until the South was starving to death to win.

          • Actually, the Yankees whipped the rebels in early 1862 when they won a series of victories and captured vast swathes of southern territory including the largest southern city, New Orleans. After that, the rebels had no chance of victory sans foreign intervention.

          • Not really. The South’s biggest loss was the death of General Stonewall Jackson. The South would not have lost Gettysburg if he had lived and may have taken Washington and forced a truce which would have given the South their independence.

  6. They tore down the statue of Christopher Columbus in St Paul, MN. The worthless cops were notified that it was going to happen and were there but stood by and watched as it was toppled – the cops then stood guard over the statue as city workers loaded it onto a truck and hauled it away.

  7. People are getting really sick of niggers and neoliberal race traitors and their attempts to destroy all history and culture of this nation.

    • We can only hope a huge White backlash is coming, notwithstanding everything “conservatives” will do to stop it.

    • While supposedly white pussies like you write posts and do not dare to come out in the open for fear of blacks!

      • Well said Erik. We are <10% of the world population, this bullshit denigration of other European’s has to stop. Unity.

        • This is nothing new. Italians and Irish were considered to be the niggers of the White race. In the Jim Crow era, Southerners lynched Italians mistaking them for niggers.

          • Kallis,

            If southerners “mistakenly lynched Italians” because they took them for negros, then that stereotype of southerners inbreeding for generations must have caused optical degeneration.

            But Italians aren’t completely innocent of prejudice of Anglos either. They still find them to be faggy even when they aren’t queers.

          • kallis,

            There was an incident in New Orleans I think in the late 19th century where very prominent men of the city lynched several members of the Black Hand. The Hand were the precursors of the Mafia.

            Those were criminals and were not lynched because they looked like blacks. I have seen many Italians and in the USA I have seen many blacks. There is no comparison in image.

      • Indeed brother. You just described white nationalism, southern nationalism and whites in general. The Italians (whites) at least defended their statues as the weak League of the south members did nothing as their statues were defaced and torn down. The Italians at least walk the walk while the other tough talking whites just talk the talk.

      • Italians are a very mixed bag.
        Some , Nordic looking, and others so heavily mixed, they could be Africans.

        Italy, a prime example of race mixing and the resulting chaos.

        • Truth. Some Italians are white…some others not so much. The Northern part of the country is still the most prosperous.

        • Some , Nordic looking, and others so heavily mixed, they could be Africans.

          Have you ever been to Italy? I’ve never seen a single Italian who looked like a Black or a Nordic although there are some who could be passed off as Arabs.

          Most of the DNA in the Italians is from the ancient farmers who spread across the Med. That’s why Italians look similar to Basques. They’re a fusion of an ancient Basque-like Caucasian people with Aryans. That’s the norm across southern Europe.

    • Reminder Italians successfully defeated both Arab and Turk and stopped them from overrunning Europe and Christendom, while your Anglican forefathers literally sided with the Muslims.

      Only Sicily was ever taken over by non-whites (actually a mixed group), and even then they mostly expelled. As for Ireland, they contributed a lot to European and Catholic culture.

      • Sicilians are mixed with Arabs; they even look alike. the whole patronage/ thing is semitic; Lord/master.

      • Reminder Italians successfully defeated both Arab and Turk and stopped them from overrunning Europe and Christendom, while your Anglican forefathers literally sided with the Muslims.

        England was never closely allied with Turkey. However, Germany was allied with them on several occasions. I see no one complaining about Germany’s alliance with the Turks.

        As for Ireland, they contributed a lot to European and Catholic culture.

        I’m not anti-Irish per se but this is blatant exaggeration. If you go to France, Germany, or Italy and talk to educated people they would be downright confused by this statement because everyone knows Ireland has always been a weak nation on the edge of Europe with little influence on how things shake out in the core.

  8. These Italian Stallions need to tell it to their Leader Pelosi and her fellow Italian Roman Catholics in Congress, the State Houses, and big city governments.

    Btw, Frank Rizzo was an honest and honorable man, his statue was trashed and removed by the City of Philadelphia.

  9. Love it.

    Got to love no BS Italian Americans. They’re probably get prosecuted/persecuted, but successfully prosecuting Italian Americans is never a sure thing, witnesses often decide not to testify, $ money is exchanged and not always the one way. How many efforts to prosecute John Gotti failed.

    I really like the way they just through this punk with the video camera out and dealt with his bicycle.

    Most big city central places, including my former city of Chicago are cancelling Columbus Day celebrations and substituting indigenous people’s day or some BS like that – what should be done, has been done is to make this cult marxism specifically attacking White Italian Americans – the Leftists will deny this and say it’s against all White racists.

    F**** that.

    Italian Americans have, are and will defend their turf, their statues, their neighborhoods.

    Italian Americans used to never tolerate a race traitor like Cuomo family.

  10. That is good news. Hopefully others will show courage as well. I keep wondering when there will be a furious reaction. I suppose that will only occur if food/water and jobs are massively threatened.

    • As Gerald Celente has repeatedly stated through the years, “When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”

      Or, as Isaac Cappy once said “Beware the man who has nothing left to lose for he has nothing left to protect.”

    • Never happen. Southern and Northern whites, mostly Southerners would rather debate and ignite another brother war than come together as a cohesive group and fight our real enemies. SN are like jews, they can’t get over war as jews can’t get over the holocost. Both are eternal victims.

      • The Civil War actually did happen. WWII, itself, was the Holocaust not some fiction about gas chambers.

  11. Good for the Italians! I’ve always felt that they have a toughness in them that allows them to defend their people. If only all white ethnic groups were this way!

    • Italians did not fight very well in the Second World War though. In Operation Compass, a British Army of 30,000 soldiers annihilated an Italian army five times its size. Even the British colonial troops fought better than the dagos.

      • The Italian military had old equipment and terrible officer corps. Once they were being trained and supplied by Germany, they fought remarkably well. It can also be said that they weren’t fighting for jewish hegemony like Northwest Europeans were.

        I suspect you’re just another British or British descendant a$$hole who haunts this blog’s comments section with nothing good to say about Mediterraneans like fellow imbreds Daryl B and Krafty Wanker.

        • November,

          Well said. I asked my father and uncle on this. They study military history. They said if WW 2 would have broken out in 1930 that the Italians had a state of the art military. For whatever reason they did not have the industry to update rapidly so that 10 years later their technology was second rate.

          My brother even mentioned they still had a lot of bi-planes in the war. He told me that he read that Italian pilots were very skillful but with out dated planes what could they do.

        • I suspect you’re just another British or British descendant a$$hole who haunts this blog’s comments section with nothing good to say… @November


          From the sound of his name, he might be a Brit, or one of their French poodles.

          French – cuz, you know just how splendid and magnificent the French army is, right?!?

          *Just ask the Viet Minh … or the FLN of Algeria 😉

        • It was not just equipment, Italians were simply poor material. They couldn’t even beat Greece on their own and got their asses kicked by British and French colonial troops. At least, the Dagos were sensible enough to realize they were useless soldiers and switched sides in 1944.

          And I’m not British, you inbred Nazi clown. I have nothing against Mediterraneans either – real Mediterraneans, not Semitic and Negroid mongrels from southern Italy.

          • @Georges,

            You’re half correct. National Socialist. Yes. Proudly so.

            Inbred. Not even a little bit. I am a true American Euro-mutt.

          • You’re half correct. National Socialist. Yes. Proudly so.



            You know right off the bat that your dealing with an insincere, bad-faith troll when they respond by calling you a “nahtzee” – a jewish slur – a term the genuine German National Socialists never used to describe themselves.

            Sad we have to have, like you said before, these cowardly trolls who have to come here to haunt the comments section with nothing good to say or contribute, just passive-aggressive little bitchy snark (hi Dupe!)

          • Actually, ‘Georges’, the most amount of obviously miscegenated persons — mulattoes of both the negro and ‘semitic’ (moroccan) variety — I have ever seen was in France. (When I visited France, I thought several times over that I was in Brasil.)

            This would stand to reason, since France has been bringing in ‘colored’ folks from their erstwhile colonial empire pendant très longtemps — for a very long … and longtemps après — for a very long time after, more than any other European nation (next to Ku¢k I$land, of course).

          • @Virtus,

            Georges indeed has JIDF troll screen odor. In Scandinavian mythology, even when hacked apart a troll is capable of regenerating. Nordics claim the only way to stop a troll is to burn it, and I believe that I provided the flammable accelerant, and you the lit match. Proverbially, of course.

          • Yeah, ‘Virtus’, France is a highly miscegenated country too, but I’m not French either, though I’ve lived in France. It’s amusing that you Nazis assume someone must be British or French just because they are not fond of Nazis. In truth, Nazism is universally despised in Europe, unsurprisingly, as it is a failed ideology that caused the deaths countless millions of White people. It’s also amusing that you call others trolls when you plastic Nazis are the biggest trolls ever. It’s a well known fact that “neo-Nazi” movement in the US is run by Jews for the purpose of derailing any serious White advocacy movements. Nothing good has ever come out of associating with neo-Nazis and nothing ever will. Any serious nationalist movement must get rid of dirtbag Nazi trolls who have nothing useful to contribute and sow division between White people.

          • @november,

            TIL what MANBLA is. It’s obvious you are a member of that organization and you have been a rent boy for perverts since your salad days.

          • National Socialists dispose of pedos, while anti-NS scum embrace them.

            (((Alan Ginsberg))) was one of the founders of MANBLA, and you know know how their sexual degeneracy was resolved in Deutschland between 1933-1945. In other words, they play for your team.

          • Georges,

            You are behaving like a SUPREME HYPOCRITE, if on the one hand you claim to support White Advocacy, and on the other, you gratuitously and cowardly slam BRAVE Italian Americans, the ONLY WHITE ETHNIC GROUP collectively taking a FUCKING STAND against the vermin of BLM and pantifa at the moment… (Maybe your jealous of them, hmmm?!? 😉

            Regardless of what the Italian army was like in WW2, Italian men are some supremely tough fellows on an interpersonal level … and, on top of it, you have some nerve calling us “neo-nazis” – when you HYPOCRITICALLY dredge up autistic, 19th century retarded Nordicist sperg sh-t about race and ethnicity.

            This is not the Daily Stormer here Georges. I’m certainly not a “neo-nazi”, in fact I despise them (((Hollywood nazis))) as does virtually any commentator here. A lot of us are keen, honest students of history, and greatly appreciate what the Axis powers did to fight against the forces of degeneracy, particularly against Bolshevik Communism.

            If you are a sincere White Advocate, and have something meaningful to contribute to the conversation here, we’ll be glad to have you … shit, I don’t mind a good debate or spirited discussion, but not if you are here to just gratuitously insult and disrespect people.

          • Virtus,

            I didn’t say anything about your “brave” Italian Americans at all, other posters did. I was talking about a battle in WWII and suddenly you two jesters jumped in and started randomly insulting the French and the British. You are the one being cowardly and moronic here.

            I am not a “Nordicist” either; while I do love the Nordic people, I love the Celtic and the Slavic people more. It was the Nazis who believed in the “autistic, retarded Nordicist” nonsense that caused the ruination and destruction of Germany. I’m also a student of history and not greatly impressed by Axis powers at all. You can’t appreciate failures and disasters.

            I don’t understand the rest of your rant. Obviously this is not daily stormer; this is a blog dedicated to the South. I don’t know or care who you are and I don’t give a damn whether you “will be glad to have” me or not. I and many others visit this website to read the honest and excellent writings of HW (though don’t always agree with him) and nothing else.

      • Overall true, but there were some notable instances where the Italians fought very well during that era. The Italian army fought substantially better during some of the most ferocious winter, mountain battles of WW1 in the Alps, for example. Between the wars, they supplied most of the material and manpower in the Axis effort to aid General Franco in Spain, with Italian and Spanish soldiers jointly successful in fighting the communists and other leftist vermin during the Spanish Civil War. And during WW2, the Italians were the last survivors of Stalingrad to make it out alive and return homeafter their Alpini general Reverberi mounted a last-ditch effort to break the Soviet encirclement, winning the Battle of Nikolayevka, leading to an Axis breakout.

        • Virtus,

          Yes. The aid the Italian Fascists and National Socialists gave to Spain was invaluable in enabling Spain to defeat the Republicans.

          • Cristina,

            Great video of el salvador de España, el Caudillo Francisco Franco!

            Muchos gracias, jovencita!

      • Georges,

        Did not the British colonial troops have the Lee-Enfield rifle that held 10 rounds? From what I have been told the Lee-Enfield might have been the best bolt action battle rifle ever. British colonials will also have British officers and tanks and artillery.

        The Greeks did well defensively against the Italians as you have noted but then Greeks historically do fight well.

        The Italian tanks seem embarassing to look at compared to British, French, German, American, or Soviet.

        My conclusion–I have only a limited idea on the effectiveness of the Italians. Perhaps if they had British weapons and the British had Italian weapons things might have been somewhat different.

        I am only speculating of course.

        • Christina,

          This eight minutes long animated video by “The Armchair Historians” is quite good on explaining Italy’s less than stellar performance in WWII. The only part of it I would dismiss is the when they cite a jewish writer William L. Shier’s reason.


          • November,

            Apparently national socialism was a fantastic success internally. Internationally? Fighting the 3 largest empires in the world at the same time was impossible.

            Instead of going through all the invasions to determine which ones were just/unjust/ or unclear I will just list the traditional Catholic criteria for a just war.

            1. The rights of the State or the Church are threatened or violated in a serious matter.

            2. A rightful intent.

            3. The war must not be continued after the unjust aggressor nation/State has sued for peace and will pay/make due compensation.

            Criteria #2 is hard to determine of course. Which rulers really had a Rightful Intent in WW 2 I leave to God.

            I am aware that Germany offered peace on several occasions and they were rebuked. That combined with the Allies’ decision on Unconditional Surrender in 1943 definitely put the Allies as the unjust aggressor at that point therefore violating Criteria #3.

            The Soviet Union obviously violated number #1 and #3. Christians were oppressed in a serious manner in the Soviet Union and their country being Communist is not legitimate anyway since all governments have to believe their authority comes from God not the State or the People.

            I could pad my comment and go into more detail but short is sweet. The secret for my comments is going to/or asking the right source. It took me an hour just to write this comment.

            The source for my Criteria are of course the Church with St.Thomas Aquinas listing them also definitively in Summa Theologica I believe. An American source is the Baltimore Catechism-1954 Edition–my grandmother’s.

          • Christina,

            You notice that @georges doesn’t mention the tens of millions of Kulaks in Ukraine murdered by communist jewish kommisars during the Holodomor, and that that the communist party is still a legal political party in Europe, while National Socialist parties are banned in Europe. What does that tell you about who makes the laws?

          • November & Cristina,

            The Axis Powers deserve our undying respect and gratitude for what they did fighting against satanic Bolshevism … and/i> from international, finance capitalism (cartel capitalism)

            Europe was saved from a Soviet takeover thanks to the Wehrmacht. Anyone else looking to know the real facts about this, just simply should read the spectacular book by former Colonel of Soviet Intelligence of the KGB, Victor Suvorov (Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun), in his seminal, salient book Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?, to get all the truth and facts they need on this matter (of course, IF in fact they want to know, and HONOR, the real truth and facts).

        • Cristina,

          Regarding the Italian army during WW2, a lot of it genuinely remains an enigma. For example, like I said before, the performance of the Regio Esercito (Royal Italian army) during the First World War, was substantially better than it was overall in WW2 — with Italy winning several major battles and engagements against Austria-Hungary, on some of the worst terrain and topography in the war — the perpetually snow-covered, high-altitude mountain ranges of the Alps.

          Secondly, as I mentioned to you, and you verified it by presenting the video of Generalissimo Franco, Italy rendered a tremendous military aid to Nationalist Spain during the Civil War, with actual brave, tough, Italian soldiers fighting the Reds — and other Leftist vermin — who were fully supported by “uncle joe” stalin and the Soviet Union, the British, the French, and, of course, the judafied u s of a (you know, with the “abraham lincoln” brigades).

          Germany contributed as well of course to the alliance with Nationalist Spain, but in military terms it was primarily limited to the air war with the Luftwaffe of the Legion Condor.

          On the ground, it was the Italian soldiers who fought like lions against the bestial Reds, before the arrival of Nationalist troops, who were then in Morocco with the Spanish Army of Africa and General Franco, with the Italian army fighting in Spain making it possible for them to get back and fight the Communists.

          Only God knows what it would have been like had not the Italians and Germans helped Spain expel the Leftist vermin, and prevent it from becoming a Soviet vassal state.

          *Cristina – just read alone what those “Loyalist” monsters did to priests in nuns in España, if you wish to get a glimpse of what Europe’s — NOT JUST SPAIN’S — fate would have been like if El Caudillo, with the help of Italy and Germany, did not prevail. , and BEAT the stinking, evil Marxists.

          • Virtus,

            Thank you for your detailed response.

            My grandmother once showed me an article that noted that some Reds were crucified to doors for their atrocities. I remember jumping with joy. Also, I read that sometimes the Italians were shocked at how ferocious the Spanish were in fighting and treating some of the Republicans and Communists. The article mentioned that they were surprised at how religious the Spanish were compared to the Italians at the time.

            I will always be grateful for the Italians Fascists and German National Socialists for their help in the Civil War. And i will never forget whose side the Anglo countries were on.

          • Virtus,

            The war against the Reds in the Civil War was considered a Crusade until after Vatican 2 when the Church hierarchy went crazy. Due to infiltration by liberals, freemasons, communists, Jews, etc.

  12. I suspect Trump’s inactivity has lost his base and while they will not jump ship for Biden they will stay home election day. America is over, a political experiment that failed. I wish it had not happened in my day but it did and things will get very interesting after the presidential elections.Think outside the box. Even if a David Duke or a Tucker Carlson type did win the presidency there is nothing they can do. The problem is systemic and cannot be solved from within. To do so is wasted energy and an exercise in futility. No tricentennial! Only in separation is there sovereignty!

  13. Lol. Hilarious. But as usual, it’s over. Philly is a far left dump and whitey did go to the burbs years ago.. Whites are a minority there. Many of whites are clearly leftists. That being said, these Italians do far more than these southerners who are mia while their statues come down and their flags. At least protest it consistently.

    Southern folks love to gurgle about really, we still have control as the barbarians are at the gates taking them down bit by bit. Ivan who comments here and who seems like a nice guy, just did this the other day..lol. Maryland is gone. Virginia gone or nearly. North Carolina on the edge. So is Florida. Texas may go blue. South Carolina votes cuck Republican. Tim Scott? Trey Gowdy? Lindsey Graham? Nikki Haley? Is this some sort of sick joke? Gowdy endorsed Marco Rubio for president over Trump in the 2016 primary..Unbelievable.

    So statues go up or get taken down based on the surrounding culture. If I still see tons of white Southern folks at nascar now then you know the cuck is very real. It seems ” the old confederacy” is a decaying concept giving way to the multicultural hordes day by day. It sometimes takes some Italian guts from a northeast city to remind me of that.

  14. Christopher Columbus apparently a ‘marrano’ Spanish Jew like Fidel Castro, the lineage of those who posed as converting to Christianity when Judaism was outlawed in Spain

    “It is from a group of Jewish conversos who had reached the highest echelons of Christian society in the church and court that Columbus received his chance for greatness.

    “Columbus’ voyage was not, as is commonly believed, funded by the deep pockets of Queen Isabella, but rather by two Jewish Conversos and another prominent Jew. Louis de Santangel and Gabriel Sanchez, who advanced an interest free loan of 17,000 ducats from their own pockets to help pay for the voyage, as did Don Isaac Abarbanel, rabbi and Jewish statesman

    “Columbus’s first announcement of his voyage’s discoveries went to the treasurer of Aragon, the former Jew, de Santangel.

    “The help afforded him by Jewish scientists and financiers of that time can be explained only in the light that he was of the same race

    “In the 1892 work, “Columbus and his Discovery of America,” Herbert B. Adams wrote: “Not jewels, but Jews were the real financial basis for the first expedition of Columbus.”



    • Nope. He was a pure Genovese Catholic Christian- the very same that helped defend Europe and Christendom from Islam while your English Protestant ancestors were siding with the Turks.

      There is literally no proof he was Jewish- hence why you have no primary sources to reference. Just propaganda and lies, in fact it’s likely you yourself are a disinfo agent working for ZOG.

      • Some believe that Columbus dissembled being jevvish in order to secure financing for his voyage.

        He knew, as a Catholic, jevvs would never back him.

      • Dr Moon is correct. CC wasn’t a Marrano Jew. Nobody during his lifetime ever voiced any suspicions that he was Jewish, and after his death, it was the majority opinion that he was Italian. This nonsense about him being Jewish is a modern thing, a little over a hundred years old. Nor was he a Greek prince, as one person who commented here suggested.

    • Puhleeeze! If Christopher Columbus had any jewish ancestry that could be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, his statues would not be jeopardy.

      Occam’s Razor.

    • There is no reason why, even if he was funded by Jews, that would prove him to be Jewish. There were many Italian explorers during that era and anyone with money & brains would know to find one & fund him. Conversely, there were no known Jewish explorers from that time period.

      Sometimes the right answer is the simple one: he was an Italian.

  15. Remember – and I want you to remember these words whether you believe them or not – what Clif High’s data predicts:

    The Italians will breach the Vatican wall and what they carry out will shock the world.

    And this single act of rage – and bravery – will reveal our true history.

    Just because you don’t believe something doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    • According to St. Malachy, the mincing pedo Francis will be the last Pope. Maybe Italians (and Catholics in general) will tire of being associated with the lowest scum on earth, pedophiles, and take the church back. Or destroy it.

  16. The Antifa, Black Communists, and Liberals have been doing this because the Police are afraid of doing the job. This risk of a police officer being fired or arrested from stopping these Domestic Terrorists is real. We no longer have Law & Order in these cities all across the US. We’re pretty much without rule of law now. The good cities and towns are fighting back. The Police are being the Police. Conservatives are more racially aware than ever and I believe the vast majority of those people now have White Nationalist views. It’s the Jews and Conservative Liberals who keep holding back the push for the National Guard and Martial Law being in place in all Liberal cities in America. Trump will be seen as a “Hitler” like figure but what’s the alternative? That all cities will be destroyed by our enemies who hate us all? What’s left after that? The Domestic Terrorists will go after neighborhoods and the Police and Military will have no other choice by use large force. That along with common Patriots who’ll defend Home & Family. That’s the future. Deo Vindice !

  17. I went to Richmond Va Saturday. The mob has a permanent camp around the Lee Monument. Numbers fluctuate between about 300 during the day but it is much less at night. Scattered police are around. It would be very hard to dislodge the mob right now- they can call for reinforcements and beef up their presence rather rapidly, if necessary. But I hope soon they will tire and dwindle down and then maybe our side can do something. They got graffiti all over the monument, as far up as they can reach. Same for the other monuments. They tore down the Columbus statue and Jefferson Davis too. The Governor and the Mayor are 100% backing the rioters/vandals. I get the sense that the majority of the white cops despise the antifa/ BLM. Two lawsuits have been filed to block the Governors order to remove Lee- one of them might actually work, for a while.
    I think it was January when the city installed that black statue by the museum , it is a copy of the JEB Stuart one, but with a negro on the horse. It is called ‘Rumors of War’ …Hmm.
    Im hoping some kind of backlash emerges to all this bullshit, it should be white folks demonstrating in the streets to protest black crime and the destruction of white heritage.

  18. Some comments here violate OD’s comment guideline restrictions against spreading, wild unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. One of the worst CT is to spread wild, unsubstantiated rumors that every historical figure someone doesn’t like is a secret Jew.

    Stalin was supposedly a Jew (Not!)
    Hitler was supposedly a partial Jew (Not)
    Every Catholic Pope or something was a secret Jew (OK the first Catholic Popes were ethnic Jews, some of the most vicious Catholic Inquisitors were Converso Jews. This current worst ever Catholic in Name Only, Liberation Theology Pope Francis isn’t a Jew.

    Neither is Mitt Romney and most of the cowards and traitors in the US Congress.

    Yes, we have real Jewish problems with a Jewish media mafia dominating the American mass media, the Federal Reserve Bank etc – but there are plenty of White Gentile traitors as well.

    At this late stage, it’s more important to find someone anyone that is on our side and is in a position to help our people and our civilization in any meaningful way. CT is a waste of our time.

    • Stalin wasn’t Jewish. He was a Georgian. His actual surname was Jugashvili. It’s means son of an oxbow maker. I highly doubt whether a Jew would be in such a trade. Also a few years ago, one of his grandsons who kept the original surname had a DNA test. His paternal DNA was Georgian, not Jewish. And if Stalin was Jewish, why didn’t any of his communist contemporaries ever mention it?

  19. Anyone defending any statue should cover their face, tattoos and hair. You do not want to be identified.

  20. Take note all you nordicists out there: these were Italians (ya know, the people you malign the most) who stood there ground.

    • Gumba,

      Nothing more depressing than reading the verbal vomit than from child-like, autistic, Nordicist spergs …

      ESPECIALLY in times like these when it’s

      the Italians that ARE THE ONLY ONE’S C*O*L*L*E*C*T*I*V*E*L*Y FIGHTING BACK

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