Wendy’s Is Burning

This is a shame.

I used to like Wendy’s.

In this country, I can’t say that I have ever burned down a Wendy’s, but we are the problem because of our beliefs about race, which are based on watching things like this repeatedly happen:

No one who did this will be punished.

They are the victims of “systemic racism.”

They were victimized by the “racism” of this fast food restaurant.

Wendy’s will probably end up donating millions of dollars to “racial justice” organizations and sending out some more woke tweets about “racism.” We should all be REALLY SORRY for watching mobs of black people burn down Wendy’s in Minneapolis and Atlanta and having naughty thoughts!

Note: Every single Wendy’s location in the United States has been racially integrated for decades and serve all customers, but none of that matters at the present moment. Enthusiasm is what matters.

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  1. Since the White race has zero leadership, and we have been sold out by our own, and we are denied the right to freedom of association, is there a Plan B? Or, do we just wait to be mopped up, one by one?

    • Plan Q…Trust the Plan…vote Trump in November and see those DemRacists get PWNED as /ourguy/ arrests the traitorous lefty scum all the way up to Killary and ushers in a return to 1950s Constitutional America! KAG!

    • Rob157, I say separation. Admittedly, it is going to take quite some time, but this is the only way we as a people will survive.

      Our enemies are on a roll, and the more they terrorize us, the more they get their way.

  2. Wendy’s, like Target, Walmart and a host of others, loves “Diversity”! Let them get a good taste of its “strength”.

  3. As Steve Sailer points out in his ‘Gone With the Wendy’s’, seems to be a white person doing the arson at the Atlanta Wendy’s, video here

    Similarly in the Brussels Belgium Black Lives Matters riots last Sunday 7 June, blacks are breaking windows, looting and rioting, but you see a white person at about 1:05 in the video, doing the arson at the Jimmy Choo store

    Antifa whiteys are a big big thing in all this

    • Well if that jiggaboo burning hisself up with his own Molotov Cocktail at Haymarket Square in Fayetteville, Norf Carolina is any indicator, then maybe the white Antifas have assumed a monopoly on burnings in order to protect their incompetent, low IQ useful idiots from instant self-destruction.

  4. When I was a kid growing up in the 50’s & 60’s in NY, the cops were all great big Irish Brutes.There was no such thing as women, blacks, little midgets etcetc, on the police force. If my memory serves me, the cops in standard police uniforms, even wore ties with .38 revolvers on their hips, twirling their night sticks as they walk the beat. Now these cops did not have any mace, tazers, dogs, machine guns, they didn’t need none of that, because they knew how to use that stick. If a drunk punched at a cop, the fight didn’t last two seconds, one good lick on his skull was all it took, he would wake up the next day in a jail cell, and ask “What happened!”

    • Wow! You and I had the same childhood! I grew up in Phoenix in the 1960s and my step-dad couldn’t get on the police force because he was only 5, 5″ and you had to be at least 5, 11″ tall to join the force.

      No women, no gays, no blacks; just big white guys on the force who liked to fight. The Phoenix cops in my day used their S&W .38 revolvers as a “club” in close-quarters combat. One cop I knew told me he left “S&W” emblems on this guy’s head when he worked him over.

      Later, in 1983 I lived in a small town in Tennessee and my brother-in-law (a white guy) spit in these cops faces as they were arresting him for a DUI. They beat him almost to death and he spent a week in the hospital. No one lost their job or went to prison. It was understood that my drunk brother-in-law got what he deserved. No one blamed these cops.

      Boy do I miss the good old days.


    • Richard. It was also far whiter then and Jewish tentacles were not as corrosive in media and Hollywood yet. I think the last time I looked, nyc was something like 33 percent white. When Guiliani became mayor in the mid 90s it was about 43 percent white. I am sure in the 50s and 60s nyc must have been about 65 to 70 percent white or more.

      When I see videos from those eras I am shocked at how white it was. Not just New York but all cities. Then the 1965 immigration changes came in and its never changed since.

      Plus this bitter, loser millennial generation was not around yet and financial disparity was nothing like it is today. The financial excesses of capitalism, owing insane amounts after college, brain wasting homosexual everything and insane amounts of shit stirring media are large reasons why we are in the last days of America.

      I do expect riots if Trump gets in again in this evil, die-verse America. Any “accelerationists” should vote for him just on that even if you don’t trust him. The left sees him as Hitler which is truly comical. But I guess saying you will not watch the nfl if they take a knee( half the league will now) will intensify the absurd Trump/Hitler comparison in child woke world. Anyone not seeing we have taken a giant step to break up just does not get it yet. I also think if he wins again, heavy secessionist movements will push further along with increased tearing down. C’mon man. Diversity is a strength. Lol.

      • My home town was White Plains about 13 miles north of NYC, it was suburbia ( think leave it to Beaver ) very affluent & segregated. My neighborhood was all white, not one negro in our little elementary school, and only two Jews. Black people had their own neighborhood, same with Italians, Jews, WASPS, all the way up the food chain.

        • Richard, Reminds me a bit of my experience. I remember my Catholic elementary school with one mixed race kid in it. At church one day all the kids turned around to get a look at the kid’s dad who was black. It was like seeing a unicorn..lol. I do remember one nice ( and when I think back, pretty Korean girl) who had racial slurs thrown at her by some of the meaner white boys. It was not nice and was totally unjustified. Kids can be terribly cruel. I remember some of the girls coming to her defense. As a dopey 12 or 13 year old I would just say “hi” to her and move on.

          Hating someone just on the pure basis they are not white I do not agree with. We are all randomly whatever race we are. The irritant for me is simply blacks never ever take responsibility for anything and are incredibly selective in their outrage and have high crime rates.. It’s also obvious for too many of them their culture is very different. Diversity is not a strength. Coward whites should have limited how many children all welfare people can have. Just that alone would have prevented us from going into post America.

          I did look up the current racial demographics of your former residence, White Plains, today. I am sure it will surprise you. It’s majority non white now. It’s about 45% white. It has become very Hispanic with about 33% of the residents being that. I think about 12% black. The rest Asian and I guess mixed race.

          Forcing non whites into the suburbs was obviously done to spread Democrats into them under the guise of racial integration. This is why a state like New York has zero Republican state level leaders now. Republicans are clearly not great but there are a few gold bars amongst the turds.

          I do find it funny it will be the communists and blm types that will break up America. Then again the entire corporate cowards are on their side along with jewish media and mostly jewish run Hollywood. Showing once again the founders were very short sighted in creating the very weak U.S. constitution.

  5. Whatever they don’t burn we may……you know the rest.

    Start with the white ones. The traitors.

  6. I have a genuine question: don’t you think police can interact with blacks WITHOUT killing them? Should the man in question have been arrested? Absolutely and that’s not racism. But why don’t the police shoot to wound? Shoot to stop running away but not killing? If police are such well-trained professionals, then they should be able to wound suspects and make arrests.

    It is the killing of blacks by police that is the systemic racism. Contrast this with Dylan Roof who was armed with a rifle and had just committed mass murder. he was arrested without even being injured. Why can’t cops do that with blacks? It’s the killing that is the problem.

    Also consider the incident with the two students: was it necessary to tase them and drag them out of the car? The systemic racism is the fact that when dealing with blacks interactions start much more aggressively than with whites. And the reason I believe so many whites are sympathetic is because they know from their own experiences with police that these situations needn’t go this way. It is a choice on the part of the police.

    • I agree with you. If these officers can not aim, I question their training. They had the car so he could not have driven drunk at that point. This was an unjust killing and only made this horrid situation we are in worse.

    • Comrade Traveler,

      Did Dylan Roof resist arrest? I do not think so. If he did then he could/should have been roughed up.

      I have been told you shoot to stop. The best way to do that is shoot to kill. Crime is no game and criminals deserve no mercy. I have an uncle and 2 cousins who are police officers. Two in Mexico and one in the States. They say that police are not good shots and that even if they were in the stress of a situation motor skills and marksmanship go out the window so they aim at mass–which usually means the torso.

      As for the 2 students? Is that the black girls who resisted arrest and dragged a police officer? If so they were lucky they were only tased.

      Blacks act more aggressive against police and resist arrest a lot more as a general rule and create more crime. The overwhelming majority of police will not hurt a black or a white who does no harm. Police with experience know this.

      Blacks rape and murder way more whites than the opposite. Why do you not admit you do not care. That is the big picture. Any outrage over that? That is black systematic hate and racism against whites. I am sure that must be upsetting to you.

      Ever thought how things are going to work out when the Southwest becomes de facto Mexican? I have and you will not like it.

      I have no sympathy toward criminals of any race and those who support them. That includes riots as well. If I was in control of the USA rioters would be shot as would those who support them. All AntiFa members would be arrested. I also would not tolerate police brutality against the innocent. Kneeling on necks on a compliant prisoner is different than subduing a violent resisting prisoner.

      Crime is a moral issue since people have freedom of will. Until black people are outraged over their own behavior nothing for the sake of good will change.

      Anyway, I have addressed you once and that is more than sufficient. Enjoy your moment in the sun for you are going to either succeed and fragment the country or provoke a furious reaction.

      • Christina is correct that when you shoot someone, you go for the vitals. This idea of shooting to wound is a Lone Ranger fantasy. When you shoot someone, you aim for the biggest target. The chest and the guts are the biggest and easiest targets on a body. Head shots and limb shots are only good if you’re real close. And since the other guy is probably trying to kill you, it makes sense to shoot to kill.

        • It’s simple: always aim for center mass. If they’re still moving towards you after the first shot, keep firing. When the cops show up, say only one word to them: Lawyer. Yes, legal eagles are scum, but you’ll need one on your side. Cops aren’t there to help you, and will lie to get a statement out of you, so STFU.

        • Stephen,

          Well said. I almost used Roy Rogers and Lone Ranger gunfight fantasies in my article above.

          • Thank you Christina. I loved the Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers as a kid, but both of them were fantasies about the Old West.

        • Re: “when you shoot someone, you go for the vitals. This idea of shooting to wound is a Lone Ranger fantasy”:

          Aiming police gun shots directly at the torso, to kill, instead of at limbs to immobilize and cripple is only one of many brutal techniques imported from Israel. “Many dozens of Minneapolis police officers were trained by Israeli experts in (…) ‘restraint’ techniques (…) Derek Chauvin’s chokehold using his knee to press down on Floyd’s neck is an ‘immobilisation’ procedure that is very familiar to Palestinians. Troublingly, Chauvin was training two rookie officers at the time he killed Floyd, passing on the department’s institutional knowledge to the next generation of officers. These similarities should be expected. States inevitably borrow and learn from each other on matters most important to them, such as repressing internal dissent. The job of a state is to ensure it maintains a monopoly of violence inside its territory. It is the reason why the Israeli scholar Jeff Halper warned several years ago in his book ‘War Against the People’ that Israel had been pivotal in developing what he called a “global pacification” industry. The hard walls between the military and the police have crumbled, creating what he termed ‘warrior cops.’ The danger, according to Halper, is that in the long run, as the police become more militarised, we are all likely to find ourselves being treated like Palestinians. Which is why a further comparison between the Pindo strategy towards the black community and Israel’s towards Palestinians needs highlighting. The two countries are not just sharing tactics and policing methods against protests once they break out. They have also jointly developed longer-term strategies in the hope of dismantling the ability of the black and Palestinian communities they oppress to organise effectively and forge solidarity with other groups”: https://www.middleeasteye.net/opinion/minneapolis-jerusalem-georgefloyd-Iyadhallaq-palestine-israel

          • When I was taking concealed carry training, I was told to aim for the torso. The limbs are too small a target to try to hit in a life and death situation. And it’s hard to hit a small moving target like limbs. And if Israelis are telling people to shoot at the torso, every other police force in the world is doing the same thing, regardless of whether they had Israeli instructors or not.

        • Stephen,

          One of my uncles in the late 1970’s was also taught that you aim for the torso when he took a self -defense course. I am sure that throughout history individuals and police know and are taught to aim for center of mass. A shot in the legs will not stop someone who has a projectile weapon even if you hit him.

          My police relatives were not trained by Israelis and they know to aim at the largest portion of a human unless he has a vest, then head or legs.

    • Dylan Roof did not resist arrest.

      The two Atlanta students were tased by Black cops

      Controlling for crime rates, Whites are more likely than Blacks to be killed by cops.

      Police brutality originates today from training of US cops by Israelis.

      It is a fact that Blacks are more impulsive on average, so cops are correct to profile them.

    • (Fellow?) Traveller,

      The leftist cult of diversity and inclusion controls every major institution in America and in the West in general. They overwhelmingly control the narrative spit out to the ignorant and stupid populace via the mainstream media, Hollywood, academia beginning in kindergarten through postgraduate programs, Silicon Valley tech firms, big box corporations, bureaucrats low and high, NGOs, ad infititum.

      Therefore, if “systematic or institutional racism ” actually exists, who would be responsible for it?

      • November,

        i also was thinking of the Fellow Traveler name. Notice how Ivan Turgenev will almost always take the other side while pretending to be pro white? I hope you realize I was not fooled from the beginning. And neither were you and savvy others.

    • @Traveler…

      yes, they used excessive force, because it is easy to shoot a man’s legs at close range and stop him.

      They clearly were pissed off- which is only too human after the trouble he gave them.

      I have friends on my local police department, and they have the patience of angels – far beyond anything I might have, in the face of such disrespect as they are often shown by Negroes who are not from our area..

  7. Wendy’s is complete coward trash like most corporations whose only purpose in life was to make as much money as possible. That’s it. It must come as a shock to such folks that you die and will be totally forgotten about. Life was pretty useless for such folks.

    American media- Fox included- is trying to get white people killed. Not just white cops but all whites. I see that liberal punk, Eric Shawn, doing the news on Fox and he is giving softball questions to some black author who is looking to promote black rage. Shawn is totally on the black guy’s side. Gee, Eric, any news about black crime that has crippled one city after the other? I guess not in the Black Lives Matter psychosis world we now live in thanks in large part to corruption filled media.

    I now totally understand why the press must be limited. If not, they will destroy you. Freedom of the press is a concept that lives and dies on good faith. If that good faith is corrupted, it’s over. That’s America today.

    America the joke country. A nation that barely does any news except catering to blaxx. It just waits for a white officer to kill or injure a black guy no matter the situation. That’s it. In a nation of about 340 million people, I think a bit more is going on, even (gasp) positive things. Our satanic media certainly does not want that.

    Between slavery and a weak Us constitution, the founders really put the screws to later generations with no end in sight. A breakup would be a massive reprieve.

    • There is potentially a much more serious threat to the criminal government’s control (or lack thereof) of cities and suburbs. Truck drivers are refusing jobs hauling loads to violent cities, especially ones without police protection. Seeing all the videos from Minneapolis and LA of rioters attacking trucks and stealing cargo without the police doing anything about it has made up the minds of some of these drivers. They drive to support their families, not BLM and the U.S. Government, the risk isn’t worth it to drive to these places.

      According to the article on Zero Hedge 68% of all tonnage in the U.S. moves by truck. If truck drivers refuse to work the country will shut down. Think many of the people in the Republic of Chaz or the rioting nogs in Atlanta have CDLs? How are they going to get their 40 oz. malt beverages and 10 Lb. buckets of KFC if the trucks stop? EBT does no good if the shelves are bare and that is exactly what will happen if the trucks stop rolling. I hope the truck drivers boycott those cities or at a minimum get twice the regular rates for hauling cargo.

      Needless to say, there is nothing from those pricks on CNN or Fox about this story. If the KFC, 40 oz. malt beverages, potato chips and Newports stop showing up there will be hell to pay. Fuck ’em.


      • To be fair, 12ax7, I did see an interview and discussion about it on Fox. They had a truck driver from Ohio on speaking of his worries.

        I am not pushing Fox and feel they are the best of a horrible lamestream lot. If anything I think Fox is going down a bad road with more liberals coming on and truly bad “news” highlights pushing by on the bottom of the screen promoting very leftist talking points right up there with cnn from just a few years ago. Cnn has gotten even more deranged if possible. Throw in the fact that Murdoch’s son is clearly a Rino at best and there you have it. Tucker is by far the best Fox will ever have despite flag waiver Hannity being their homerun hitter financially. My jaw drops everytime I read he makes 40 million per year to speak the language conservatard. For that alone capitalism needs a fix..lol.

        • I stand corrected, no problem! Perhaps my dislike of Fox led me to assume too much. I don’t watch much of them anymore except for Tucker occasionally.

        • Hello Ivan;

          Yes, between the distribution center and the retailer it’s basically all truck, it was railroad sidings mostly before WWII.

          Another point of vulnerability is the ‘cold chain’ of food distribution. It’s the system for preparing, transporting, storing and distributing fresh and frozen food that must be kept at cool, steady temperatures, say 40 deg. F. for vegetables or below zero deg. F. for frozen foods. It’s enormously complex, time sensitive in places (fresh produce) and consumes enormous amounts of electricity and diesel fuel.

          The links in the chain may start on the farm in refrigerator trucks in places like Florida or California, travel partly by train to distribution centers then refrigerator trucks again for the final miles of the journey to retail. It is a modern miracle of technology that people take for granted. If it breaks down, only then will people be aware of it by its absence.

    • Freedom of the Press is a good thing when it is actually free and does the job it is supposed to do. Our problem is that most Americans simply don’t know that our media is almost completely owned and controlled by jews, who use it to push their own agendas. When you understand that jews control the media, and that jews hate whites, most of the things that are going on make complete sense.

    • @Jeff…

      “Between slavery and a weak Us constitution, the founders really put the screws to later generations with no end in sight. A breakup would be a massive reprieve.”

      I don’t think The founders ‘put the screws to us’, Sir. it’s just with the way that Northerners, particularly New England Yankees see The Constitution, and have adapted it to their ends, it is untenable.

      And, yes, a breakup would be a massive reprieve – just like the separation that comes 20 years after it already ought to have happened.

      I know I would be jumping for joy for days.

      • Ivan, I say the founders put the screws to us simply by reading the heavily weak U. S. Constitution. Illegals pour in here and have babies because the weak constitution was extremely vague on the issue. Jews and Moslems and even atheists have the same religious rights as Christians. Utterly insane and it’s played out horribly. The 2nd amendment is very vague,too. What what were these ” genius” founders, the equivalent of high school grads and two year college kids today? Lol. Ridiculous piece of paper in too many categories.

        Also simply bringing slaves here was the worst move possible. Capitalist gluttony even then. The black issue never goes away and if anything, we are going to be seeing utterly obscene things like more black expansion into white areas by gov’t decree; rich blacks with their new blm loot given to them by scumbag white corporations; even more blacks on Tv and sports. Black statues of every kind will go up.

        Reparations already is being pushed in California as their Assembly just did some more wealth transfer to them. Obviously the satanic governor and state Senate will sign on. I can go on forever. In due time the reparations issue will be brought before the Senate and House and the President. All this because of black slaves brought here. And even Lincoln gets killed before deporting them. Unbelievable.

        On a side note I found it rather ironic and typical to read a black guy in Florida just murdered a young black woman and old white lady he met at the blm protests. The old white lady named Victoria Sims was another ridiculous Democrat activist attending blm rallies and met the two blacks. He then murders both. One because he wanted sex off the black girl with an African name and the ridiculous 75 year old because why not? Would not be shocked if she was Jewish.

  8. I want to add this: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/09/us/disband-police-camden-new-jersey-trnd/index.html

    I am including this in my previous post because it shows that police and blacks do not have to have adversarial relationship. Both groups can work together productively provided the community trusts the police.

    I am not anti-police or necessarily pro-black. I just think that given what we have seen over the years that we have to acknowledge that police do their jobs much differently depending on the race of the individual.

    Finally, the incident in Buffalo shows how hard it is to give the police a full-throated defense. Not only did the cop shove that elderly white man, but lied in his report. His superiors called the lie a mistake. And the officer’s colleagues all resigned in solidarity even though he obviously did something wrong which he compounded by lying about it.

    I don’t agree, condone, support any of the actions of the mob. But that aside, there really does appear to be a problem with the police.

    • Good summarization of events Traveler I’m not pro black for blm thugs and I don’t support zog patrol either but they do need a reform them pushing that old man was absolutely pathetic tho

    • @Traveller,

      When black males who comprise 3% of the population commit 50 percent of the murders annually in America, and murder law enforcement officers at an immensely disproportional percentage to their population.

      Stimulus and reaction. It is pretty simple.

      • November,

        The Traveler obviously has no outrage over black crime/riots. He is really only concerned with whenever the police committed or maybe committed brutality. He is as fake as someone else on this website.

        • Christina,

          Yes, indeed. Judas Goats.

          You are a very impressive as you describe yourself “school girl.”

          • November,

            I am gone all day long to swim at a relative’s house and to have a fiesta. But I could not resist getting on their computer and looking at Occidental Dissent. And what do I see? A kind compliment from the November. We will eat young goat.

            There will be alcohol and since I am not sure of Texas laws on age I will not say anything more.

            I am a school girl who is being educated exquisitely. My older sister knows what I know but she is frivilous.

            My imp of a sister called Maria says hello. Her plastic knife has been confiscated already for the fiesta. She pokes the younger brothers and sisters a lot.

          • Christina,
            Enjoy your fiesta, but remember, beer before liquor-never sicker, but liquor before beer-you’re in the clear.

            I am a big fan of your little sister Maria “The Monster.” She is a firecracker.

          • November,

            I was given a stiff margarita. I am very slender and i gobbled it halfway down and was dizzy. My father thought it was funny and a good lesson on how not to drink. I then drank a lot of water and ended up being okay.

            My mother was not amused. i was limited to that one drink. I will remember that saying.

    • “I am not anti-police or necessarily pro-black. I just think that given what we have seen over the years that we have to acknowledge that police do their jobs much differently depending on the race of the individual.”– Well would you even consider assenting to the notion that different races have different probabilities of different behavioral propensities when it comes to interactions with cops, especially interactions that are likely to be adverse to the subject civilian putative malefactor?

      I’m more inclined to believe that you are a supporter of the Juneteenth Amendment to the Constitution:

      Congress shall make no law compelling a Black man to submit to an encounter/arrest with the po po if he is not in the mood (or too fucked up on drugs/alcohol) to do so.

      • Camden, NJ is not representative of the U.S., it’s unlikely the example of Camden would have wide applicability in the U.S. Camden was the manufacturing hub for Radio Corporation of America from about 1910 until about 1970. When RCA declined Camden went with it.

        RCA was one of the leading high-tech companies in the world from about 1920 – 1960, pioneering radio and TV technology from about 1918, the end of WWI until 1954 when the color TV standard was defined. RCA supported many good paying, high IQ (white) jobs that vanished when RCA declined. The invention of the transistor then integrated circuits doomed RCA, they belonged to an earlier generation of technology.

        After RCA Camden declined rapidly in population, became overwhelmingly black/hispanic as ethnic whites moved out of their neighborhoods because of black/hispanic criminals and lack of economic opportunity (i.e. jobs). The minorities just went on welfare and drug dealing for a living and the city reflected the black/hispanic culture, talents and energy: crime, destruction, poverty, violence, corruption.

        Crime, destruction, poverty, violence, corruption are still present in abundance in beautiful Camden, it’s just that there is one less department of the corrupt local government feeding at the trough. The State Police or county sheriff’s office fill out the paperwork for the dead bodies now and lesser crimes just aren’t reported. No doubt Camden, a shithole, is the template for the new, improved, future USA of BLM’s fever dreams.

    • I’ve long maintained that a lot of what you’re seeing is the result of one of highly dysfunctional subculture – Ghetto/Urban/Sharecropper culture – going head to head with another – Thin Blue Line/Us vs Them Warrior Cop culture.

      On both sides of the divide, psychopathy and/or diminished and moral sensibilities, adrenaline addictions, immaturity and attitudes of entitlement are tolerated and protected, via though not limited to – in no particular order – transfer payments, transfers of military equipment, minority set asides, social programs, qualified immunity, social promotion, free medical care, freebies in general, preferential contracts, poor hiring practices, and so forth. It’s also apparent the both subcultures are populated primarily by persons of below average IQ.

      In short, there’s plenty of blame to go around. And that’s something that neither side wants to hear, and will bray loudly how “offended” they are that you might even mention such a thing, even to the point of making you suffer financially or professionally. (Bill Cosby with his Pound Cake Speech about the failings of Black Parents found that out the hard way. Doubtless, non-partisan officials have suffered the same fate.) Cancel Culture takes place on all sides of a heated debate.

      Likewise, whoever is reading this right now might be offended as well, their partisan sensibilities and world views being challenged. All right, then so be it.

      And to that, I’ll add the following: People are often offended by unpleasant truths.

      Just a thought.


  9. When our (((politicians))) take a knee for the subhuman negro beast, this is a pretty good indicator that they more than likely also suck baby penises as well.

  10. It’s only a matter of time when we see whites being hacked to death while they scream “They’re not all bad!” as we laugh roaringly in the shadows.

    There’s a good chance blacks might actually solve our traitor problem.

  11. There’s a video online showing a White Anti-Fa bitch starting the fire at Wendy’s.

    In fact, there are a lot of videos showing Anti-Fa starting fires and vandalising various places in niggertown.

    I don’t blame the Blacks for this. I blame the Jewish Kommissars and their ostensibly White stooges, which fill out the rank and file of Anti-Fa, for stirring all of this up.

    BLM, like the NAACP, is another Judeo-kommunist outfit with nary a nigger in the ranks.

    • “BLM, like the NAACP, is another Judeo-kommunist”

      NO ! CAN’T BE !

      That jevvs would incite others to do their dirty work, perish the thought.

      (Kinda like ww1 and ww2 , where White fools killed the best of their breed , for a pack of lies ?)

  12. Geir,

    Do you really think those days were good? Police should not be beating people as public servants. Your BIL in no way deserved a beating that bad for spitting on a cop. A few extra hits, but hospitalization? Your story is one of the key reasons I support police reform, not defunding. State officials should be accountable for their actions to the people who pay them.

    • Cops in those days were referred to as peace officers. They are now referred to as law enforcement officers. Many are trained in Israel and they are dressed for warfare. You do the math.

      • Also, the chance of a police offer being shot on the job was pretty close to zero back then. As with government, the condition of law enforcement is a reflection of society.

  13. You know the kyke messiah, the Moshiach is going to usher in an era of world peace with no evil, any where. How TF is he going to deal with the blacks, by putting them back in chains? I think the Moshiach may be getting in over his head.

  14. Don’t use the word “woke” in your “reporting.” Doing so reveals your functional illiteracy and discredits the publication.

  15. The race riots are popping up so fast….I don’t see it changing. I think this will continue election or not. Conservatives have a choice….keep being old or be new. That new is called White Nationalism. Deo Vindice !

  16. Why is it wendys fault, why aren’t the peaceful looting lowest unemployment joggers burning down another police precinct to protest his death? I’m guessing Atlanta police isn’t a soft target like it was in Minneapolis libtard city

    Like I get wendys only have themselves to blame in a way for being such cucks and donating to terrorist organisation blm but why burn down the wendys? it isn’t their fault he fell asleep in their drive throu
    Lmfao these thugs really have low IQs just unbelievable

    I used to love wendys milkshakes when I was a kid but I stopped drinking them when I found out they use some type of thickening agent in it. Theirs burgers and chili are alright but my homemades are better

  17. There’s a small bit of tragedy here as this dude appears to be the rare sort of black man who was an active presence in his kids’ lives. Gonna be a terrible loss for them, but…why did the dumbass decide to resist arrest? Wouldn’t have gotten much trouble for what he did. Probably would have been out on bail the next day.

    • He seemed to panic at the point when the police tried to cuff him, the ‘fight or flight’ reaction although in this example it was both fight and flight. I haven’t seen any reporting on his criminal record. If he doesn’t have a criminal record he would be the exception who proves (i.e. tests) the rule.

  18. We keep being presented with examples of why there is no Kumbaya Nation, and never will be one. We aren’t meant to live side by side. Europeans evolved to build greater things, while others weren’t even able to come up with the friggin’ wheel. Let the darker tribes descend into their devolved pig sties. Let them see how well they can do on their own. Their lower worlds will be filled with disease and senseless violence, as their tribes turn on and eat the others. The Turd World will be the Rwandan Civil War writ large.

  19. I used to walk down the street to the Wendy’s and get ten jr, bacon cheeseburgers at a pop when they were still ninety-nine cents and then dip’m in their chili-seasoning sauce. Add some fries and a frosty and it was legit garbage food. And now, like so many other cell-out corporations, they’ll get nothing. That’s the only personal solution to these things. These transnational corporations are simply envisioning a non-white future and proceeding under the cover and cloak of the politics of the “woke.”

    • HI Steve,

      Great to hear from you – hope you are doing well. Thanks for your long, solid activism on behalf of our people. I enjoyed doing the demo with you in Middle TN – “No Jihad in Tennessee” targeting Tyson Foods flooding Tennessee with low wage Somalian Muslim workers.

  20. Since when did rooting for the police become part of the alt right? I’ve felt that the big city cops were almost as much of a menace as the spades and the wetbacks. I see the cops as being glorified security guards for the donor class, the people that shut down industry, so they could work chinks for 90 cents an hour, and let as these Godamn non white assholes come in the country by the millions.

    • No absolutely you are right we refer to them as zog patrol for good reason I don’t simp for brutes in blue,see how zog patrol operated in charlottesville for proper reference they take there barking orders and side with antifa

      I’ve known and personally dealt with a few good cops in my life thats all i’m gonna say but most are authoritarian dicks with a chip on there shoulder. The knee on neck choke hold technique is a favorite of Israelis IDF most blm activists wont tell you that tho I wonder why…

  21. I used to say white people would scream their love for diversity while being forced to their knees watching their wife and daughter getting ganged raped. Its no longer fantasy or wild exaggeration. If you are watching the NFL when it comes back on you are part of the problem and need to exit this site. No leftist is ever “Woke” because their ideology and that of the system is identical. The only true awakening is White Awakening.

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