We Are Ruled By Fools

If we have learned anything from the past few years, it is that people who obey the law are abused and punished for doing so. In contrast, those who break the law are praised and rewarded by our elites. Social justice is now decisive in determining outcomes in these matters.

Just imagine if it was the “Far Right” that was rioting, laying siege to the White House or creating “autonomous zones.” It would be Waco all over again. The entire political establishment would unanimously agree to send in the military to arrest and kill every single one of us.

Why is this happening? It is liberalism and its value of equality that has led to this. Slavery was abolished over 150 years ago. Segregation was abolished over 50 years ago. As we move further away in time from “white supremacy,” it seems like the obsession with it only grows. This is because liberalism promises “equality,” but since it is based on the false premise of human equality it can never deliver the goods. This disconnect between abstract equality and actual inequality creates enormous racial resentment. The only way to bring about true equality is to punish Whites and reward blacks.

Over the last two weeks, we have taken a gigantic leap toward the world of the U.S. Handicapper General in the dystopian movie 2081. The -isms and -phobias which only apply to Whites are already handicaps designed to weaken and punish us in order to uplift minorities.

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  1. Jeff Sessions should have never left the Senate.

    “@DougJones vote to remove from all military facilities and installations the names of every soldier who fought for the Confederacy betrays the character and decency of every soldier who fought for the South in that bloody and monumental war…”
    — Jeff Sessions on Twitter

    “If you (@DougJones) and the radical left had your way, the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument would be razed to the ground. I will never back down to the woke mob—be it Republican or Democrat. This insane attempt to erase American history has to end.”
    — Jeff Sessions on Twitter

      • @Powell…

        Oh, yes indeedy, Dear Powell – let’s totally disregard and disrespect the mountains of good that Senator Sessions has done, and, indeed, has tried to do, for decades for both Dixie and the entire country – all because his daughter married an Asian man!

        Fantastic approach!

  2. No, no no, We are ruled by a people who believe they should rule but have been denied the abilities and capabilities to do so by God almighty. Only those who accept Christ and his teachings have the ability to rule for if they do not, they are doomed to failure by the hand of God.

    • Christ is the son of the Jewish god, that by definition makes him the son of Satan AKA the Anti-Christ.

  3. It is now 1917 St Petersburg across the Western world

    The ceremonies of worship of black folk, and statue etc destruction, are part of a full-scale attempt to demolish white european culture, using the leninist tactic of pumping up minorities who will gain status by suppressing the normie euro-whites

    Since virtually everyone pre-2010 is a racist bigot mysoginist or anti-lgbt homophobe in sjw terms, everything must be torn down

    Facts and truth matter less these days, as the leninists take control of both media and the government & legal systems

    It is now just Who? Whom? before the leninist kangaroo tribunals and ‘authorities’

    To which the average human herd animal is inclined to submit, out of an illusion as to what is her/his self interest

    Push-back in Europe is building, tho the main cultural marxist initial poison, feminism, is doing its termite-like slow undermining

    With euro-white school children already a minority in USA classrooms … Good luck ameri-burgers

  4. If you had suggested to me three short weeks ago that virtually the entire establishment would cave this badly, I would’ve thought you eccentric. I absolutely did not see this coming. I’m still gobsmacked.

    • There was an article on ZeroHedge yesterday about how STEM fields are racist and therefore, a day should be set aside for STEM workers to stop their work and learn about BLM and other bullshit. At first, I thought it was satire but it isn’t. Since blacks/browns do poorly in STEM fields Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General must be called in to fix things.

      There is even a group, “Particles for Justice” dedicated to alleviating racism against black particle physicists. “Black students often feel unwelcome, unsupported, and even unsafe in their physics departments and predominantly white campuses.” They assert that there are “institutional barriers” and “systemic racism” that “exclude Black people from physics . . . “. Equality strikes again, science is not immune to the mob’s wrath.


    • If you haven’t figured out that Trump and the GOP are fully on board with this, you’re behind the curve. This IS TRUMP AND HIS KIKES ENABLING THIS, SUPPORTING THIS. BLACKMAILING THE WHITE POPULATION FOR VOTES.

  5. On Friday evening, a group of armed patriots in Brandenburg, Ky. protected a Confederate statue as a Black Lives Matter mob was expected to gather and potentially deface it.

    The mob has made a big deal of the 70 foot Confederate statue, which used to be located on the University of Louisville campus until 2016, as they continue their ongoing cultural genocide. The patriots of Brandenburg showed up to say no more to the ISIS-style movement of destruction.

    While most are willing to roll over to the mob, the armed patriots in Kentucky have shown that they will not budge. This is the type of courage that will be needed across the country to repel the savages and their war against Western Civilization.
    — Big League Politics: “Armed Patriots in Kentucky Declare ‘This is Our Battle Line’ as They Defend Confederate Statue From Mob”

  6. I can’t listen to Jared he’d put me to sleep in 5 mins. Mr. Wallace would you be interested in doing a weekly podcast?

  7. I genuinely believe that now is the time for the LOS / Identity Dixie & allies to create a Southern Party and focus aggressively on winning support in a few key states. This will not actually take off until after Trump is out of office (either this year or in 4 years) and the goal would be to build a network which can channel a groundswell of support as more people become disillusioned with the GOP.

    I would also make sure to write up explicit arguments for the legality of each of this party’s goals. Then organize events (the Southerners that I’ve known like picnics, barbecues, etc.) and try to spread the party’s message.

    Once the GOP begins to bleed supporters, it will fracture and die. As the weaker pillar of the two party system falls the entire system will begin to lose influence.

  8. We should be pushing Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X across black twitter. We need to get black separatism into the public consciousness. I think we should shame blacks, calling them cowards and slaves in their minds for wanting to stay attached to whites.

  9. If we have learned anything from the past few years, it is that people who obey the law are abused and punished for doing so. In contrast, those who break the law are praised and rewarded by our elites. Social justice is now decisive in determining outcomes in these matters.”

    Maybe if we used these tactics, it would be us making demands. It’s not about right vs wrong, It’s about fear. BLM and antifa have put the fear into states, governors, mayors and corporations. They are afraid of what MIGHT HAPPEN TO THEM IF THEY DIDN’T GO ALONG.We no longer live in a homogeneous society where laws are respected and followed. We live in a 3rd world shithole and it’s time we start acting like our forefathers or we will be we eaten alive. It’s past time white start using fear as a tactic and stop with the pussy bad optics nonsense. We are at war white man, it’s time we start acting like it. Time for defense is over.

      • ZOG wouldn’t even allow Randy Weaver and his family to live in peace in the middle of nowhere back in the early 90s.

        Jew and gentile elite could see and sense that Whites were beginning to breakout of their suicidal CivNat and AmNat trances.

        Now they shook up their Etch-A-Sketch, and are ushering in a ZOG World 2.0, after Beta testing Clown World over the last 55 years.

        We are no longer their favorite windup toys, but are now considered objects of derision and hate.

    • The situation of pro-whites today is more akin to the position of pro-blacks in the 50s. The establishment came down hard on pro-blacks who tried violence, so they had to largely stick to non-violent protest.

      The main difference is they still had, even then, tremendous media support. Today, even perfectly peaceful massive white civil disobedience would be demonized and characterized as a violent uprising.

      For white civil disobedience to work, it would have to be massive and happen over a very short period of time. That way, they surely couldn’t fire every white participant. (Or perhaps they could.) The country would grind to a halt without white workers. But done piecemeal over an extended period of time, they would have no qualms about firing and race-replacing the entire white workforce — since that’s already the program they’re committed to, whether they’re even conscious of it or not.

  10. Hunter,
    Was watching a Tim Pool video by random chance, and in it he discussed Konstantin Kisin, a Jewish comedian who was warnng the left they are going to bring about a far right revolution, if they don’t stop pulling down White monuments.

    Later they said when Tommy Robinson’s people go out to protest, the cops will not take a knee, they will bash their heads in (which happened). The White normies will notice the double standard, and will then support a far right party. This party will take votes from Conservatives who will move to the right to stop them gaining power. This will efectively end liberalism and bring about reverse non-White immigration.


    Can the jews stop being anti-White? I don’t think so. They aren’t that smart.

  11. We are ruled by ruthless traitors. What will they do when they no longer have security to protect them?

  12. I have not read their articles but a search for companies supporting BLM/Antifa riots, violence, arson and looting brought me to a site called conservativeus dot com and their lengthy list of businesses for you to boycott. Right off the bat the list prompted me to dump a Fender product I was going to buy in favor of another.

  13. Anyone “right wing” is a second class citizen, and they cannot expect the law to be applied impartially for them. The high caste, which includes PoCs, Jews, and White leftists, will not be prosecuted for crimes they openly commit. And any damages caused by the people of the high caste will be blamed on people of the low caste.

    The entire country is Charlottesville now.

  14. If anyone is willing, I have a petition on change.org. I’m calling on CNN and other liberal news outlets to stop shaming whites simply for being white. I would love at least a few signatures to get the petition more exposure, so the people we really need to see it will see it. The point is to get people to read it and think about it. http://chng.it/R4crbZKT

  15. “Hunter…”

    Over ten years ago I was telling you THAT NO MATTER WHAT CONCESSIONS YOU MADE (((they))) were still going to see ALL OF US as “white (s)upremacists.” And this is for the very simple fact that IF YOU WERE what you OUGHT TO BE then you’d be a genuine white (S)upremacist.

    White men who desire (S)upremacy are white Christians.

    The hatred is real, but your understanding of what is REALLY BEING HATED confused and muddled.

    Satan and his minions murderously hate any and all white men who desire objective (S)upremacy, ie., (P)erfection.

    Same as it ever was.

    PS Notice how the anti-(C)apitalists want to capitalize the “B” in “black,” but LOWER-CASE the “s” in (S)upremacy as an anti-(C)apitalist is BOUND to do.

  16. Good article, Hunter. The only answer is for us to have our own nation, and blacks to have theirs. Everything else is just playing with the details. The obsessions with statistics and trying to reason with the other side just isn’t working.

  17. “We Are Ruled By Fools”

    No, we are ruled by demons. These people aren’t stupid. They’re EVIL!

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