Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case On California Sanctuary State Law

As I was saying …

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday turned down an appeal from the Trump administration seeking to challenge a California “sanctuary law.”

As is the court’s custom, its order declining to hear the case gave no reasons. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr. said they would have granted the administration’s petition seeking review.

The California law prohibits state officials from telling federal ones when undocumented immigrants are to be released from state custody and restricts transfers of immigrants in state custody to federal immigration authorities.

A unanimous three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, ruled that the federal government is not entitled to commandeer a state’s resources to further its immigration agenda …”

Conservative liberalism is worthless.

I’ve said it here a 1,000 times. It is a complete waste of time. I wouldn’t trust mainstream conservatism to conserve a bucket of ice. It couldn’t preserve the definition of marriage. It couldn’t even preserve the definition of men and women. It certainly won’t preserve our borders!

Look around you: caravans of illegal aliens streaming across our border, cops kneeling before mobs of looters, a virus which has killed 117,000 Americans, economic collapse, the worst race riots since the 1960s, anarchists laying siege to the White House, countless historic monuments destroyed, free speech on the internet gone, freedom of assembly gone, Antifa rioters being released and not even charged with crimes, DOJ and the FBI prosecuting nationalists, Corporate America celebrating and pushing Black Lives Matter and Pride Month while the Senate GOP works on “police reform” and the DREAM Act.

Who controls the White House, Senate and Supreme Court? Aren’t the Democrats supposed to not be in power? Conservative liberalism delivers huge victories like criminal justice reform.

If you are stupid enough at this point to continue voting for these people with this track record, well, I don’t know what to say to you.

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  1. This decision is one that upholds States’ Rights.

    Now, let’s act accordingly, and use our newly restored 10th Amendment States’ Rights to prohibit immigrants from voting our Southern States.

    Case in point? : ——- Alabama ought revisit those restrictive voting & immigrant acts it passed earlier in this decade.

    If the system bends to justify The Left, let’s utilize that bend our way.

    • Ivan Turgenev,

      i am not sure if you are the eternal optimist or if you are living in a fantasy. But your comment was interesting.

      I think if you were afloat in the ocean and the sharks were closing in you would say things are going fine.

      • @Cristina…

        Whenever your opponent makes a move, always watch for where he leaves himself vulnerable.

        This decision is consistent with numerous recent decisions, made with the Trump nominees, supporting States’ Rights – that being a marked change from the previous 7 decades of decisions.

        As long as we are in this godawful union, I look for any opportunity to push the 10th amendment, and, here again, is another one.

        Now it is up to Red States to see this opportunity and push this situation.

        Be well!

    • The Supreme Court is basically a nine man, unelected, lifetime appointed legislature in every sense except one, it cannot originate legislation. The theoretical checks on it are worthless.The last president to successfully rebuke them was Andrew Jackson.

      The Supreme Court had no business overturning housing covenants and other precedents in Shelley v. Kraemer, Brown v. Board of Education or Roe v. Wade. Those decisions should have been returned to Congress for a vote which would have brought about entirely different results.

      The Left, after infiltrating the law, rotting it from the inside, used lawfare to achieve its ends and thwart the popular will. There was no bottom up, popular demand for the revolutionary changes made after WWII starting with Shelley v. Kraemer, it was a top down revolution made by the Usual Suspects following Frankfurt School ideology.

    • Ivan,

      I think you are reading this incorrectly. It is perfectly clear at this point that states have the freedom ignore federal law on issues related to leftist policy. It is also clear this will not apply to state’s pursuing rightist policy. Any states who pursue rightist policy will be submerged under a tidal wave of jewish lawyers before you can bat an eye.

  2. If you want a strongman, this societal chaos is how you get it. The modern peasant wants to left in peace while they play their video games and munch on their mass-produced chips. That means the need to be secure supersedes the faux-macho insistence on unrestricted personal rights. We aren’t proud, independent wolves on the wide-open frontier anymore, we’re pacified sheep on the corralled pasture. A willful shepherd who’s “mad as hell and won’t take it anymore” could reap a lot of votes from the uneasy flock.

    • Meh, voting is a sham.
      We can pick anti-white jew funded candidate #1 or anti-white/pro-fag/pro-immigration/ pro-nigger candidate #2.
      We will never vote our way out and once the muds , niggers and self hating whites finally get their way they will probably suspend voting out of fear that another “bad orange man” may get elected.
      I ask people with Trump derangement syndrome on a daily basis what the difference between trump and the anti white left is, but none of them can even understand anything outside of what the talking ,electrical rabbi wants them to…
      Its pathetic beyond words.
      There isn’t anything left to really save in Weimerica anymore..
      It’s time to watch it collapse and rebuild after separating, LMAO ….as IF that will be permitted…
      Yeah, without collectively organizing and preparing to commit acts of massive violence as a whole, we are never going to get anywhere.
      Take a peek at how you gain political power in the half negrified half judaized USSA….you burn cities down and rule with terror and threats.
      We are not a civilized nation anymore but a bastardized , mongrelized soviet style talmudic ruled

      • The whole point of voting is to get a public endorsement of the lethal system by its victims, white people aka real Americans. It’s true as the civic nationalists say, it doesn’t matter whom you vote for as long as you vote. They are completely credulous when they make such asinine statements but they do have the virtue of sincerity.

        From the Government’s viewpoint it would be best if 100% of people were registered to vote and if 100% of voters voted in every election, like in the old USSR or N. Korea. Each vote is a vote for our displacement. The civic nationalists are correct in that regard; it doesn’t matter whom you vote for.

        If large numbers of people disengaged from the system by staying home on election day there would be a crisis of legitimacy for the government. 50% turnout however is sufficient for the government to claim it is Vox populi, Vox Dei.

      • Jude, you’re right, I should’ve left out the idea of voting. A strongman won’t need votes to get in anyway, he’ll just take power. And warlords are coming in the near future, I believe. But such a leader will be welcomed by people sick and tired of our multicultural mess. The herd wants peace and security.

  3. How about “The Rule of Law?” They can’t even stand up for that!

    Here is the Mayor of Atlanta on extreme DUI suspects who resist arrest, disarm the police and run:
    “Just let him go. Call him a cab. Call someone to pick him up.”

    What happened to “zero tolerance” for those who get drunk behind the wheel? Where is MADD? Where is SADD? Where are these “law and order” GOP senators who said, “lock them up?”

    Why did we spend the last 40 years lowering blood alcohol levels to get more DUI convictions?
    I thought conservative Republicans wanted drunk drivers locked up? Sickening.

  4. The “but Gorsuch” argument that flew around after his confirmation is particularly prickly right now. I honestly do not think Joe Biden would bend to the far left as the GOP has, although he won’t get my vote either.

    Today, Ted Cruz who used to be a serious staunch conservative is engaged in a Twitter name-calling fight with Ron Perlman over Jim Jordan. He’s losing so badly his own constituents are telling him to get back to work. You can’t make this stuff up. It is truly Clownworld, and I’m sorry – the President leads the party & the fish rots from the head.

  5. Mo’ SCOTUS rulings in support of States Rights, June 15, 2020!

    “The Supreme Court declined 10 cases related to gun rights for the term that begins in October.

    “Five of the 10 cases the court rejected on Monday questioned whether the Second Amendment allows the government to restrict the ability of citizens to carry a firearm outside the home for those with “good cause” or “justifiable need” to do so. Two of the petitions for appeals declined by the high court included challenges to assault weapon bans in Illinois and Massachusetts. The other three cases had a narrower scope.”

    Ha ha ha!

    Blight wing, blight wing,
    What choo gonna do?
    What choo gonna do,
    When dey come fo’ you?


  6. The US Supreme Court the Scrotus, refuses to hear arguments in literally 99% of all cases presented to it, it is a joke

    Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is said to be blackmailed by how he engaged in apparently illegal international child trafficking when he and his wife purchased children to adopt from Ireland in the 1990s, closing the deal in Latin America to evade Irish law which forbids this … seems the Deep State owned him from the beginning

    The DOJ file on Robert Mueller’s misconduct with the bribery of two US fed judges, talked about how DOJ people like Mueller encouraged judge bribery, because the judge is then ‘owned’ by DOJ and the Deep State

    And then all US judges have in mind from 2016 when Supreme Court Justice Scalia, after ruling against Obama, was found dead with a pillow on his face

    And also in 2011 when US Federal Judge John Roll, after ruling against Obama, died in a hail of bullets on the street in Arizona, the media barely mentioning this, likely because the signal was meant for the 865 US federal judges, not for the public

    The US Constitution allows Congress to remove any and all federal judges, including the Supreme Court justices, if they are not in ‘good behavior’ such as making up their own laws and oppressing the public

    Impeachment by House, Trial by Senate

    Congress is Supreme, theoretically

    But they almost never do this … when oligarchs buy a government, they buy all 3 branches

    Jewish convert to Russian Orthodox Christianity Israel Shamir wrote, that rule by judges is a very Jewish invention … intrinsically corrupt because the loyalty of judges, like that of the fancy high-dollar law firms they hail from, is intrinsically to the elites

    • Good comment, Brabantian.

      Didn’t know Scalia was found with a pillow over his face. Never heard about John Roll, either.


  7. Our Law and Order system is definitely broken. This is how white supremacy works. The illegal Mexican in California who shot the girl on the boardwalk was acquitted and JUST TODAY IN THE NEWS is the the “teen” who stabbed Tessa Majors to death in Mornignside park is expected to serve SIX MONTHS in juvie. Murder and robbery equates to six months. These damn whites really are benefiting from the corrupt system

  8. I am so disgusted with white people at this point, I’d vote for a Pinhead/Chatterer ticket before I’d vote fake conservative again.

    • Snow,

      When I called most white people worms last week you were offended. May I at least call white Americans not very manly?

      • @Cristina…

        “May I at least call white Americans not very manly?”

        If you did it would be very fitting for the overwhelming majority.

        We are at our absolute worst at this time in history, and guts is not the only area where we are deficient.

        • Ivan Turgenev,

          Ha! That was good. But I will be very careful not to insult white people on this website. You people get enough insults as it is.

          • @Cristina…

            It’s not an insult, Dear – just the truth, and everyone knows it.

            Be well!

  9. Between SCOTUS not hearing or overturning California’s “sanctuary state” obstructionist laws, not hearing or overturning 10 Second Amendment impediments, and voting in favor of providing federal protected status to literal dysgenic mutants, that should leave most of the few remaining AmNats/MAGApedes flailing in the wind. Perhaps, this slap in their faces will finally make them abundantly aware that they have no power or influence in ZOG World.

    The vote on the lgbtq and gender bender shapeshifting would have been 7-2 had certified retard GWB nominated Harriet Myers for SCOTUS, instead of Samuel Alito, as he was planning to, before someone in the White House convinced him that would be a massive mistake.

    Put a fork in the jewSA. It is done. All the institutions are pozzed beyond any redemption.

  10. The thing that seems a no brainer to me, is the absurdity of counting illegal immigrants for congressional district representation. Shouldn’t the GOP make that an issue? How is that fair to states like Alabama with smaller illegal immigrant populations?

  11. Trump has been a foremost voice for LGBT (what happened to the Q?) on an international basis! The Confederate Constitution had some provisions that would have prevented the Confederacy being ruled by judicial fiat if you read the entire document.

  12. Don’t forget scumbag federal judge Sullivan who wants to be both judge and prosecutor in the outrageous Flynn case.

    There was a federal judge who ruled against Trump in a case involving “dreamers” because he said Obama didn’t want his program ended.

    Judge Amy Berman Jackson inexplicably kept getting Mueller/Weismann cases despite the (supposed) rotation of judges. What are the odds? Hahaha

    SC Chief Justice Roberts actually re-wrote part of Obamacare so he could vote for its constitutionality.

    I have NO respect whatsoever for the unbelievably corrupt federal judiciary. Just shit.

    It is appalling that these scummy black-robed dictators can thwart any act of Congress or order of the president on a personal whim. The rapidly-decaying USA is now a kritarchy.

    And yes, I believe the gangsters in the government murdered Antonin Scalia.

  13. Time to break up the Jewnited Snakes of Embarrassment anyway. It’s now a diverse tower of Babel society and cannot be saved. The South may finally get their Confederacy after all.

    • “The South may finally get their Confederacy after all.”

      Seeing how racial genocide is the end game strategy of the jewish monsters who rule America, i seriously doubt that will ever happen.

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