Tucker Carlson: Violence Worked For Black Lives Matter

Just call your opposition “racists.”

It works like a charm. It is your passport to getting away with ANYTHING. You can murder cops. You can loot stores. You can riot against the police. You can lie, cheat and steal. You can engage in vandalism. You can bully people. We will throw away our entire civilization, kneel before criminals, beg for forgiveness and shower them with billions of dollars in order to not be accused of “racism.”

Salvaging our civilization really depends on only one thing. We need people who will smile and laugh and push back whenever the mobs accuse them of the various -isms and -phobias instead of curling up into a ball and apologizing like mainstream conservatives. We need to discredit these cowards who are under the spell of mere words. We have to shame them and humiliate them and shove them aside.

Note: This isn’t to say that you actually should be hateful to anyone. It is just acknowledging that this obsession with “racism” (read: White racism because no other variety matters) has been taken to such a ludicrous extreme that our civilization has been paralyzed because of it.

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  1. Hatred gets a bad name in modern society. The Bible certainly advocates hating evil and those who do it.

    For those who wish to see me and mine destroyed and humiliated I will cheerfully hate them.

    • @Sharrukin…

      Hatred is an expensive consolation of no consequence for those who fear themselves impotent.

      Better to save your energies to focus on strategies that can actually contribute to affecting the situation to the positive.

    • Old Testament and Talmud seem to advocate, but the New Testament forbids it. Love your enemies refers to real enemies, a red letter text at the heart of the Gospel.

  2. White people are terrified of one thing, more than a horrible death itself. That is the fear of being ostracized. After a century of psychological warfare against Western Civilization, and the United States in particular, we have reached the point of paralysis, and mental slavery.

    Most people simply do not comprehend that they have been programmed to accept this. It has been a sad experience to try to explain to people, for decades, that they were watching their civilization being destroyed in slow motion, and being attacked, and ridiculed for it.

    Won’t be long before even Tucker Carlson is no longer allowed a public voice; his frustration is quite visible, he likely knows full well how we got here, but cannot say.

    We are in phase 2, of the 3 phases of bolshevik revolution, and White people had better face that; is it very real. There is no voting your way out of this. Almost midnight…

    • @Rob…

      Maybe, maybe not.

      One thing we do know – Mr. Carlson has a huge following that will follow him anywhere, so, in the final analysis, he is not in any peril.

    • @Rob…

      “White people are terrified of one thing, more than a horrible death itself. That is the fear of being ostracized.”

      Very true.

      Yes, it is about one’s honour being besmirched, and, as White Gentiles are, as a body, honour-oriented, this is big motivating factor.

      BUT … that said, it is also about personal insecurity and whether you have the guts to be willing to buck what you perceive is the crowd.

      John Wayne was for a coupe of generations seen as The Rugged American Individual as was Clint Eastwood in turn, but, I have come to suspect that the principle reason they were popular was because their fans were living vicariously.


    When I was an adolescent, I took note how many of my classmates began trading in the individualism they had worn nakedly as children for a kind of conformative ‘sophistication’ that, I assumed, they thought would bring them acceptance, above all acceptance from themselves, because they were deeply insecure about who they were.

    Just look at automotive design – each era filled full of cars that look practically the same. One innovative person follows his gut, and then the rest march to his tune.

    Music and art is like this, too – in the 80s almost every rock band wearing womens’ clothes and spraying their hair high up to the moon.

    Then, when the raw rage of Grunge began, with Kurt Cobain’s ‘Teen Spirit’, out went the hair spray and elegantly effeminate clothes and in came the studied sleaze.

    And so I have seen this over and over again.

    In fact, I am quite sure that, if all those Confederate flag wavers of my childhood had been brought up today, most would be wearing t-shirts with Black Lives Matter emblazoned on the front and, if queried, would tell you how dang passionate they were in the cause.

    That is why I think the current power of Black Lives’ Matters is, in actual political terms, largely illusory.

    Is anything real about it?

    Yes, at it’s core it’s another attempt by The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government, and those in league with it, to make sure that Whites, particularly White Males, move over a little further.

    Will that occur?

    I don’t think so.

    Why not?

    Because there is not much room left to move over into…

  4. The power of 1 word..Racist. Why do people fear it? This country is being destroyed by a coordinated attack from the Democratic Party though Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other liberal organizations. It’s already been proven the Democrats, Presidential candidates in the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, Black Lives Matter, and other liberal groups are all connected on fund raising. What and I mean really? What is Joe Biden thinking? Is all this destruction worth being elected President? He has zero chance of winning now! Heck no! Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian…

      “The power of 1 word..Racist. Why do people fear it?”

      Because most people fear what they are told to fear.

  5. As ole Bob Whitaker would say, “Things come to those who repeat.”

    What did BLM do? They repeated Black Lives Matter billions of times.

    What did the anti-White left do? They’ve repeated racist, nazi ,white supremacist, trillions of times for the last century.

    What does the right do? Hot takes on twitter. We win all the debates because we are the smartest. We write essays with researched stats trying to convince people. Hardly any of us repeat phrases like anti-White, White Genocide, because we think that would make us look silly.

    Result? The left have been getting their way for the last 100 years, and the right have been slowly pushed out the back door.

    For a brief period everyone was using White Genocide, and Trump used that energy to get elected. After he got elected, people stopped using it. We cruised on what was done with WG for a while, but then the plane began to stall. Now we are in a tail spin.

    Yeah, repeating the same thing all day is boring as hell but it works. Ask the left.

  6. 13% of the country(Blacks) that are absolutely worthless and are actually a detriment to society as a whole holds the other 87% hostage to their demands. What an absolute joke the US has become.

    • Cd, it’s much less than 87% that is held hostage. I see tons of white faces demonstrating with blm and love being anarchists. Do you think most Hispanics are being held hostage? Or Asians? It’s more like 50% tops.

      America is gone. It’s way too many people stuffed into a vast land now. It’s way too diverse thanks to a nearly all white Congress and white president signing it away with massive immigration changes in 1965.

      What do you have in common with a black guy in a housing project or recent immigrant from India or Africa or an illegal alien? Just that you all happen to live in this huge space called America. That’s it. Heck, what do you have in common with white communists marching in Seattle, New York or Portland? Basically nothing. This is what happens with too many people in a land and a media allowed to lie and poison minds every single day.ooo Any sane country would look how to be not like America. Western Europe copied us and they are breaking down because of it.

      Look at how whipped most Republicans are. Old and tired and always playing defense. Lindsey Graham spewing out cuck nonsense of how 100% of blacks fear police. Lol. And this guy is a Republican senator from South Carolina? Are you kidding me? Mitt Romney marches with blm? Republican Lankford from Oklahoma saying it’s time to take down confederacy names from military sites? The same guy for daca? Susan Collins from Maine? Weak! Lisa Murkowski? Weak! I can list many more Republicans.

      Trump just bloviates which at this point seems radical next to most “muh tax cut” Republicans. It’s over. Clearly. Chop up the nation, re-write a real Constitution unlike that C minus Constitution slop we are barely running on now and be thankful with your slice of cheese!

  7. Recently, Fròdì had the director of The Institute for Historical Review on his YouTube show “Guide to Kulture.” As usual, Mark Weber did not disappoint.

    Fròdì and Mr. Weber discuss the truth behind the blm riots. Mr. Weber’s all encompassing take on what is occurring in the contemporary West is from the POV of a historian that connects the dots without pulling any punches.

    Because I have already watched this video, I recommend that you fast forward to where Mark Weber is speaking, and bypass Fròdì’s imput.


  8. Two groups are now allowed to flaunt the law in America.

    Group One: Jews. No surprise. They demonstrated to the entire nation during the CoronaChan lockdown in ground zero (NYC) that they were above the law.

    Group Two: Blacks. See the last two and a half weeks.

    If this trend continues, homosexuals and illegal immigrants will follow suit.

    The only group that will be policed ruthlessly by ZOG is White Gentiles.

  9. I am a Gay man, and I can’t believe I have more balls about standing up to this madness than most straight men I know. Maybe they are just afraid of not being able to feed their kids, but so many people already have made so much money, or their kids have all grown, so I don’t get the cowardice.

    • @Daniel…

      Straight White Christian Men have been so bullied for so long, by a whole host of systemic aspects, passivity and punch-drunkneness is what has resulted.

  10. When will the SPLC have a hate map up showing all the homes and businesses of white people? A hit list keeps BLM and the rest of the Left organized on what they still need to vandalize/destroy.

  11. “Racist” is passive liberal-speak for “white supremacist.” And “white supremacist” is euphemism for American white hetero Christian father (yes, there is redundancy).

    “Anti-racism” and the “black lies gather” movement that is its “physical force” aims to ANNIHILATE all aspects of the above turning each category into its antithesis* thus real eyeing the triumph of “anti-white supremacy.”

    *American into anti-American
    white into anti-white
    hetero into homo
    Christian into anti-Christian
    father into anti-father (self-hatred)

  12. Tucker one of the few real leaders. The lemmings following Black Lives Matter off a cliff have been warned!

  13. I’ve been wondering whether the Columbus statue atop the column in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle will be replaced by a statue of Martin Luther King. In fact, I’ve been wondering whether every street in Manhattan will be renamed in honor of Martin Luther King and distinguished only by its number: 42nd Martin Luther King Street, Fifth Martin Luther King Avenue etc.

    • It’s of great value to have only one street in every city named after MLK, I am in favor of that. When you are travelling to an unfamiliar city and your navigation system says: “Turn right in 50 yards, then go 1/4 mile to MLK boulevard . . .” Google is doing you a favor. They are telling you where the most dangerous part of the city is. It’s as if Google were saying “Danger! 50 yards ahead to the right and 1/4 mile down they will kill you. GTFO now.”

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      C’mon now, John – let’s have some diversity : ——- W.E. Dubois Boulevard, Frederick Douglas Fairgrounds, George Washington Carver Parkway, and Thurgood Marshall Thoroughfare…

  14. Getting an uneasy feeling that the dissident right is just as bad as the mainstream. Reason: the DR is obsessed with tweeting and does virtually nothing else, just like Trump (who they loathe for it). The DR revolves mainly around online wisecracks and joking.

    Food for thought: What would we all do differently if we knew that the situation is about to get really, really ugly. Not online, but in reality. War on the kulaks, etc. What would you say about kulaks in 1916, all yukking it up online with jokes about the “dipsh*t bolsheviks”? (While the bolsheviks archived it all.)

    In a nut shell: What if the situation is actually dead serious?

  15. Anybody aware of what went down yesterday in New Mexico? BLM/antifa was “peacefully protesting” by vandalizing and attempting to demolish a statue. Several members of a local right-wing patriotard militia group objected to this. One of their members was swarmed and assaulted by the protesters. He defended himself by drawing a gun, and shooting at his attackers. He hit one, who’s presently in critical but stable condition. The up-shot is the rioting vandals CALLED THE POLICE…who responded with uniformed and SWAT units. The militiamen surrendered to the cops, and were taken into custody. The police chief, the mayor, and the governor have all apologized to the rioting vandals. The icing on this cake is…the FBI will be investigating this incident. FWIW…one of the sites promoting this retarded militia shit, which used to be featured on this site’s blogroll: westernrifleshooters.wordpress.org…has cancelled itself.

  16. About the “violence works” blackpill in (what we used to be able to call) our sector:

    Okay, then, let’s go out and be violent, in order to get stuff.



    And for a good reason: While “violence works” in terms of violence being on the x-axis and gibs being on the y-axis in the constrained terms of those two things only and critically in light of the kind of people doing the violence, when you step back and take a wider view, both the violence and the gibs are both on the y-axis. The violence only happens because the American establishment begs for it (again, from certain people), and then turns around and gives the violent groups what they (supposedly) want, and those things usually redound to the benefit of the American establishment.

    What’s the straw stirring the drink? I have various suspects, (((including one in particular))).

    • Some Jews seem to be belatedly waking up to the fact that the revolution they’ve been engineering since 1917 will devour them as well. Aliyah ought to be looking like a good option for US Jews right now.

  17. A 25 year old White girl has just been killed by police in Missouri in a routine traffic stop. The majority of the over 1,000 killed per year by U.S. police are still White people. “Hannah Fizer, who was white, had been recently promoted to assistant manager and was on her way to work Saturday night at an Eagle Stop convenience store after spending the day with family and friends. She was pulled over by a Pettis County deputy at approximately 10 pm near West Broadway Boulevard and Winchester Drive. According to the limited information provided in a press release by Patrol Sergeant Andy Bell of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, which has taken over the official investigation, the unidentified deputy initiated the traffic stop after Fizer was observed ‘speeding’ as well as engaging in ‘careless and imprudent driving’ (…) Why the killer cop did not have a body camera or a dashcam has not yet been volunteered by police spoxes. Notably the deputy who murdered Fizer has yet to be interviewed or publicly identified. According to investigators a warrant to search the young woman’s vehicle is ‘still pending.’ Fizer’s family have disputed police accounts that she was armed or would have threatened a police officer. Hannah’s father John Fizer, in an interview with the Kansas City Star, claimed Hannah ‘wouldn’t shoot a frog’ and the only thing she carried with her was a cell phone, and ‘is not threatening in any way.’ He said: ‘She’d be the first one to give to a beggar on the street.’ Hannah’s stepmother Lori Fizer, 51, likewise did not know her to carry a weapon, telling the Star: ‘She weighed a whole 145 pounds and she was by herself.’ Fizer’s aunt Frances Fizer-Gaddy, 56, who lived a short drive from her niece’s apartment, drove to the site of the shooting, where she found blood on the pavement along with some fresh flowers recently left behind. Fizer-Gaddy also believes that her niece did not carry a firearm, and that her easy-going and quiet personality did not match the description of the aggressive assailant with a death wish as police have portrayed her. She said: ‘I just want them to get to the bottom of it, get to the truth.’ Speaking to the Star three days after her murder, Fizer’s boyfriend James Johnson, 22, asked a simple question for state investigators: ‘Where’s the gun?’ Fizer graduated from Marshall High School in 2014 and is survived by her 21-year-old brother and four step-siblings. Since she did not have life insurance, the family is asking for donations to help cover funeral costs through the Rea Funeral Chapel in Sedalia. Fizer was the second person killed by Missouri police on Saturday. An unidentified white male was shot by Kansas City Police Dept officers Saturday afternoon at roughly 2 pm after fleeing from police. The man allegedly pointed a handgun at officers as he ran from the scene of an accident. As with Fizer’s killing, the Missouri State Highway Patrol will be overseeing the investigation. These latest slayings are grim reminders of the class nature of police violence, and an objective repudiation of the racialist narrative put forth by the Democratic Party and their functionaries. Police are once again on track to kill over 1,000 people this year (…) and the largest number of victims are white, and all are overwhelmingly poor and working-class”: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2020/06/16/pindostan-itself/

  18. These protesters and provocateurs are being allowed to be violent, within limits. The system could stop the protests and violence instantly, with its unlimited resources to maintain thousands of professional police forces with immensely superior weapons.

  19. Weimerica is a jewish owned corporation and like all jewish run corporations its goal is to not provide a product for the world to consume ,but rather, to choke the world on its uselessness, promote satanic degeneracy to the younger genrations and spread anti-white hatred via “social issues” as the new norm.

  20. I’ll say it again, whites could have taken a page out of BLM and Antifa’s play book but instead they wanted to go the easy route of using stupid phases and catch words such as “red, black and white” pill. Politician respond to fear and intimidation, that is something whites refuse to use because our stance in “nonviolence”. Starting to see how yet works yet, white man? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

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