Talcum X: Jesus Christ Is Next!

What do you think?

My theory is that anti-racism is about to plunge the United States into a new Crisis.

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  1. In The Smithsonian Museum, there are three surviving eyewitness testimonies as to the appearance of Jesus Chryst in life, one of which is from Pontius Pilate.

    They all agree.

    How do they describe him?

    A tallish man with sloop shoulders, a ruddy complexion with piercing silvery blue eyes, and a slightly wavy sandy blonde long hair.

    AND … if you go to Nazareth today, you can find Semites living there who absolutely fit this description.

    One is a famous Palestinian activist by the name of Ahed Tamimi …


  2. It did not take long for the Enemy to reach this point. It was obvious this would have to be their ultimate target. Happened in Russia, Hungary, Mexico, Spain and now perhaps the United States.

    My grandmother and little brothers and sisters are being sent to Mexico. Wednesday my father is taking the rest of us to one of our rural properties for target shooting.

    Need I add how ridiculous that person in the article was who wondered why the Holy Family fled next door to Egypt rather than many hundreds of miles to Danemark? I could add that the Israelites were white but then logic and reason are useless in dealing with these evil people. Also, if I remember correctly the Holy Family lived in a cave which is not exactly trying to go native in Egypt.

  3. Only an animal persecute and torments the weak and the innocent. Only a Goddamned animal. What reason do they have for their hatred of the innocent man who did no wrong? What reason do they hate for hating the innocent Christ?

    • Pride, the first sin. They were to be the only chosen ones and Christ promised redemption to all of mankind, not just a few.

      • The Old Testament also promises redemption to all mankind. Jewish race supremacism (in the Talmud and Kabbalah) is not in the Torah.

        • Be serious, what TF does chosen mean as in Gods chosen people? If not racially superior than what?

    • @Ron…

      Yes, but not any old kind of racism, but, the most vitriolic and destructive kind.

      Clearly this racism is a foil for something else…

  4. This is an obvious next point in the current trajectory, as I posted previously.

    Totally obviously.

    ( future, ban the bible, as it commands ‘slaves obey your master’s’. RACIST ! )

    • The same reason Senator Pocahontas pretended to be part Cherokee. These white lib grifters know that if you can pass as a nonwhite today (preferably black, brown, or red because the yellow Asians are doing too well to claim victim status), then you have it made.

  5. I forgot to mention that we have some statues of the Virgin as an Indian even though Mother Mary was not Indian. This was because Mother Mary supposedly appeared as an Indian in order for the Indians to accept Christ. By today’s standards that would be considered racism since it believes in the the idea that people accept those of their blood and image above others. This occurred in the early 16th century.

    Needless to say I would be horrified if anti-Indians wished to tear down those statues for any reason including racial ones.

    The Apparition is known as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Also sometimes known as The Brown Lady. The apparition is a private Apparition only and no Catholic is bound on pain of sin to believe in private apparitions including this one as far as I am aware.

    Naturally, I believe the Apparition to be true.

    • Mesoamerican Catholicism is a syncretic mess. You’ve even got the Chapel of Jesus Malverde in Culiacan.

      • Flaxen,

        Now you have to know that the Jesus Malverde is officially condemned by the Catholic Church.

        • So? And? Official condemnations no more discredit my assertions than pouring hot maple syrup on an old shoe sole makes a pancake.

          • Flaxen,

            What can I say? Dealing with large amounts of Indians will do this to any society. But then you have large amounts of blacks and we are seeing what that means.

    • In case I was not clear my point was I am obviously against the attack on all Christian statues regardless of the racial image portrayed. I doubt however that Our Lady of Guadalupe statues are in danger. They would seem to be protected by anti-white racism rather than piety.

        • Gamecock,

          I am familiar with Indian beliefs/practices past and present including the Aztecs.

          • Naturally, you are familiar with the Indian beliefs and practices. But those who are unfamiliar with them might not know that there was an Aztec ‘Lady of Guadalupe’ before the Catholic one.

            And, as Dr. Oliver’s article explains in the link above, the story of Mary’s apparition before the Indian peasant is completely fabricated.

        • Gamecock,

          You do not know that and neither does someone named Dr. Oliver. But is is nice of him to pretend he does know.

          Either way it is private revelation and is optional for a Catholic and anyone else to believe. Or not. I will put you down for the latter.

          • Know what? That whether the story of the apparition is real or fictitious? That’s easy. The person Juan Diego, before whom Mary allegedly appeared in 1531, never existed.

        • Gamecock, Thanks for the link. It was some of the best stuff by Professor Revilo Oliver. He was always at his best when exposing Catholic frauds. I found this passage particularly hilarious.

          “Mary, who so miraculously retained her virginity after giving birth to a series of sons, including a detached part of old Yahweh himself, is
          virtually a goddess, but she evidently retains, together with her hymenal membrane, her maidenly shyness, for she appears on earth
          only to solitary peasants, male or female, when she comes upon them in lonely places and can be sure no educated person is watching. That,
          at least, is what the stories say, and the tale told at her shrine in Mexico is that she appeared to a poor Indian, trudging homeward, and charged
          him with a message for the Bishop of Mexico, whom she was evidently too modest to meet in person.”


          • I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, Dr. Oliver was brilliant in exposing religious charlatanry and fakery of all sorts, not just the Catholic ones. His book The Origins of Christianity is still one of the best works on the subject.

  6. I, and many others like me, fallen Christians, bear a huge responsibility for this.

    Almost 40 years ago I abandoned my Christian faith and found “safety” in doubt and agnosticism. As false teachers made peace with a wicked world of degenerate homosexuals and anti-Christian groups, I, and many others like me kept silent. We too wanted peace, we wanted to sooth our guilty consciences by saying that Truth, especial Biblical Truth was “relative” and therefore not worth fighting for.

    We deceived ourselves because we were tired of war and wanted “peace.”

    Think about it. Can you name one, just one Christian leader who has denounced Antifa, BLM, homosexuality, “drag kids” and “drag queen story hour?”

    It’s not not like the Bible is “fuzzy” about these things.
    Black felons dying at the hands of police? What does the Bible say?

    Romans 13: 3-5

    3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. 4 For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil. 5 Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience’ sake.

    Has ANY Christian leader quoted Romans 13 when discussing black felons dying in conflicts with law enforcement?

    Well, I have re-connected with my faith and I WILL FIGHT in this fight.

    I can no longer remain silent. This really is a war of good vs evil.


    • @Geir…

      Thank you for this comment of yours. it was very brave in it’s forthcomingness.

    • @Geir…

      One more thing : —– men of The Orthodox Church denounce this LGBTQ anti-Nationalist, pro-Communist, secular-humanitarian stuff all the time. Just go to YouTube and you will see it.

      Hell, they even denounce Zionism and Modernity, as well!

    • @Geir…

      No, Sir – that was not it. Here is the site, ‘Church Militant’, at YouTube.

      They are the premier Roman Catholic voice denouncing all the heresies and evil of our day, both within and without the church.

      They cover daily news fro a pre-Vatican II Sedevacantist point of view.


        • @Geir…

          You are very welcome, Sir. Thank you for returning to the faith with a full set on you.

          We’ll build a new/olde country on the shoulders of men like you!

  7. What do I think? That these communists and enemies to America need to be rounded up by the authorities in whom the authority of the people is vested. If the authorities abdicate their responsibility or side with the mob, then it is up to the lawful, peaceful masses to rise up and wipe them all out.

    • Lawful peaceful masses are no longer lawful and peaceful if they’re doing that, genius.

      This nation is headed towards becoming another Brazil where corruption and crime are rampant, whites retreat to rural pockets, a middle class hardly exists, and the wealthy isolate themselves with armed guards and gated communities while a vast underclass that lives in slums surrounds them. When it gets to that point, nationalistic Americans may band together to elect a pro-military dictatorship leader as Brazil recently did when it elected Bolsonaro.

      To avoid that future and a dictatorship of any kind, enough Americans need to work towards electing third party candidates or independents and changing our electoral system to a more proportional one so that at least some nationalist and Third Position parties gain some seats. But since most Americans today are lazy overweight slobs who guzzle beer while watching Negro dominated sports like football or basketball and don’t even know basic U.S. history, it’s likely the 2 party system will remain until we Brazilianize ourselves.

      • @ Freethinker

        No shit. I mean that those who just want to live their lives and love their country need to rise up and handle business if those within the govt and assorted agencies such as the police and courts, do not.

        We dont need leaders in govt to tell us what is right and wrong, especially if they are not doing their job in protecting the Constitution while also allowing America to be destroyed.

        • America Always says: No shit. I mean that those who just want to live their lives and love their country need to rise up and handle business if those within the govt and assorted agencies such as the police and courts, do not. We dont need leaders in govt to tell us what is right and wrong, especially if they are not doing their job in protecting the Constitution while also allowing America to be destroyed.

          Politicians aren’t perfect, but we live in a republic, not a democracy. We elect politicians to make laws by constitutional means.
          I’ll still stick with a constitutional republic for the time being over mob rule headed by the likes of you. And if people in elected office are middle or upper class instead of lower or working class, that means the system is working, because who the hell would want a broke loser as President?

          “Rise up and handle business” like that chubby dad and son duo down in GA who tried to do a citizen’s arrest on that jogging fat sambo? You should follow their example when you see these BLM dregs protesting and rioting and let us know how it turns out, ok?

  8. Yeah, but if you think Notre Dame was burned down intentionally, you must be some sort of “conspiracy theorist.” There is no truthful explanation of modern events that does not involve a grand conspiracy.

  9. Cui bono? Who are THE INSTIGATORS who suggest to the Africans that they should attack the Christ and Christianity? In Palestine, the biirthplace of Christianity, Christians made up over 25% of the population before the Zionist invasion. Now Christians have been reduced to approximately 1 percent of the population. Even Nazareth and Bethlehem, where Christians were over 90% are now barely 7% Christian, due to relentless, brutal religious persecution that tourists are never allowed to see.

  10. Talcum X is a piece of shit, but the “was Jesus black” question strikes right at the heart of our relationship with our (((fellow whites))). They’re white when it’s convenient to be white and they’re non-white when it’s convenient to be non-white. If the world were a sane place, Jews would assimilate 100% with white, western culture, they’d stop being tribal, and they’d stop encouraging anti-white tribalism among minorities.

    Jesus was a Jew. A Semite with European admixture. If Jews were not tribal people, their instinct would be to affiliate with other northern Mediterranean/European ethnic groups. That is unfortunately not the case.

    • Wasn’t Jesus a Galilean? Ehh, maybe you care since you’re a Xian, but Xianity has been a detriment to the West. We need to return to our pagan roots.

      Semites aren’t considered white. Europeans are. That’s why the full or mostly Semitic Jews look closer to their Arab cousins. Some Jews look white, because they’re either converts or mixed with lots of European ancestry, so they could be considered white. But white is both appearance AND mentality.
      Many Sicilian-Americans have North African ancestry (North Africans are Semites btw, not Sub-Saharan Negroes) and can look exotic, but they’re among the most pro-American and pro-West people you’ll ever meet, especially compared to WASPS and Scandinavian-Americans. A few Mexican-Americans are white Spaniards and not mestizos, but they’ve been brainwashed into allying with mestizo Mexicans and will work against the West and Americans, particularly European-Americans. Same with white Jews.

  11. It will be interesting to see what all those supposed Christians called Evangelicals – I mean Zionists – do?

    10X worse. I’ll check back in early 2021.

    Let us not forget that if the commies win in November, the nuclear arsenal will be theirs once all their comrades are appointed to strategic positions. Of course, I mean adding to the ones already placed. Let that sink in.

    • ” see what all those supposed Christians called Evangelicals – I mean Zionists – do?”

      Beg for money .

    • What communists (“commies”) could win in November? I am not aware of a single viable communist candidate or communist party in this country. What you call “commies” or “socialists” are certainly not communist/socialist; they are mostly Neo-liberals, and pragmatists who will do whatever works to advance their political careers.

    • There is a more dangerous nuclear arsenal, Israel’s. They have the ‘Sampson Option’, to attack Arab/Iranian territory with nukes if it looks like Israel is going to be overrun and also to attack European and if necessary, American cities if military support is not forthcoming. It is nuclear blackmail on a grand scale, used in 1973 against President Nixon to secure military reinforcement when Israel was losing the Yom Kippur war. It worked, too.


  12. In the New Testament, Christ is called the Last Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45). Adam was White.

    The Bible says Man was created in God’s image: Genesis 1:26. The word Man in Genesis 1:26 & Genesis 2:7 & means Adam. Strong’s definition of Adam means RUDDY, man who shows blood in the face and is able to blush. Strong’s # H119 & H120.

    Genesis 5:1 says: “This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him. The Race of Adam is White & Ruddy.

    The Song of Solomon in verse 5:10 is used as a type for Christ: “My beloved is White and Ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.”

    When the Crusaders cried out, “God exalt Christianity,” it seemed often to be a mandate to abuse Judaism.

    When Pope Urban II, the disciple of Gregory VII, addressed the Crusaders as “the children of Israel,” his words may well have carried for his excited listeners a reminder that the Jews were children of the devil, Jesus’ murderers, and God’s enemies.

    ADL of B’nai Brith, 1971, p.86, History of the Jews.

  13. The white Christian is a “white supremacist.” {{{They}}} have been stating this for at least a decade or two.

    And all the damage done is in OUR DENIALS.

  14. Jesus is God, and God gave us brains and expects us to use them. So why are we no longer discussing and applying our God-created minds to solve the problem of the raging pandemic that really is killing and permanently disabling not dozens of people (as in the protests) but hundreds of thousands of people in this country, and millions around the world?

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