Woke Cult Engages In Ritual Self Flagellation In Charleston

This has nothing to do with history.

This is a bizarre cult engaging in a self purification ritual.

Note: Are you noticing a pattern in all these recent stories? The problem is the “anti-racism” mania in our culture.

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  1. I hope they whip them mercilessly. Again and again and again. Scar their faces horrifically, especially the females. Give them that badge of honor they so pathetically crave.

  2. Just as you stated Brad, these people need to be viewed as unintelligible and unreasonable cultists. They have had their circuits rewired like the spoiled Antifa brats and black people who genuinely believe they are being oppressed and if left to their own devices would be living in Wakanda despite all contrary evidence.

    They need to be written off. If one of your family members or friends belong to this group I apologize but they are gone for good. Their is no reasoning with them and the best you can hope for is that they stick to these demeaning acts and dont resort to violence like their more vocal allies. I am really hoping things dont amp up with more widespread acts of violence and destruction. It makes me sick to see people acting like this and hurting innocent others and destroying our heritage.

  3. If you engage with a Woke crazy white hating liberal or POC of BLM show them the picture of Nelson Mandela.

    What picture? On any search engine type “Nelson Mandela with Communist” then go to the image option on the search options.

    The image of Nelson in the center next to his wife and that white/Semite (Looks like Bernie Sanders brothers) Jew raising his clenched fist salute with the USSR flag is worth a thousands words on how this will never end well for whites or POC.

    Make talking points of who the (((suprematist))) is
    Is in the picture, who had gained the most ethnic race privileges from living in the USA Or South Africa.

    I could make more arguments however many wise folks on this site are more articulate than I could ever wish to be.

    Stay calm stay home and stay safe my fellow whites for whites causes.

    The secretary of health of Pennsylvania the Jew tranny that looks like the twisted Sisters front man, keep repeating the Stay Calm, stay home stay safe lingo every day during press conferences of the look downs with Covid 19,

    That bitch witch is still right!

  4. I dunno. Are these white bois getting paid to do this? I mean, if they hate themselves so much, how did they not commit suicide long ago?

  5. And for me the really frightening part are the parallels to Soviet Russia in the 1940s.

    By 1940, there were no anti-communist “subversives” left in Russia: Stallin had killed millions of them. The tiny few that were left were finished off by WWII and Stalin’s NVKD. So why did the hunt for anti-communists and “Tsarist elements” go on after 1945? Because the system, like the one that is now emerging in the US needs a group of “subversives” to hunt down and denounce.

    There are no racists in the KKK: they are all federal agents.

    There is no “Bull Conner” in the police, no Governor Wallace in state government.

    Racists, like “Tsarist elements” must be manufactured.

  6. This all happened under GOP control. Conservatives permitted the Overton window to shift to the extent that the greatest living scientist today who helped discover DNA is now persona non grata for stating a biological fact that was seen as axiomatic until the 1960’s. Conservative Republican Reagan helped usher in the neoliberalism age, signed amnesty for millions of illegals in 1986, refused to touch Hart Celler, and started the free annual foreign aid to Israel which continues to this day. Conservative Repub Trump continues neoliberal policies, has given more to Israel and AIPAC than they could ever dream, and signed “prison reform” to release hordes of dangerous criminals into our midst. He hasn’t passed E-Verify or a birthright citizenship ban, refused to back the Raise Act, barely built any new fencing, and done nothing about free speech.
    The GOP and Dems won’t save this nation. Third parties, independents, Third Position, and more proportional representation will. Let the GOP self destruct or they’ll continue this farce.

  7. How many are paid actors ?

    How many are dupes, being ‘handled’ by managers ?

    (Anyone who thinks these protests are organic and not managed by paid ‘activists’ iz too naive to be out after dark.)

  8. And what about the curse of Ham in the kyke bible? Why doesn’t the guy in chains have a beanie on? Because these people are being paid by Jews? Are they whores? Are they ruled by money? And if they are then who can they be better than those who are ruled by god?

  9. In their sick minds, these whites are “cleansing” themselves of the “sin” of racism. We really have to teach our young people not to have any guilt over our past history. We won’t be able to do this, however, until we have our own homeland with control of the media and academia.

  10. Actually enslavement has a lot to do with white history. Turks, Mongols, Moors, and Barbary Pirates enslaved more than ten million white Europeans. Do these peoples today feel the slightest guilt about what their ancestors did to ours?

    • Hardly. They want to enslave us again, in our homelands. The rape of white, Christian girls by Moslems in the UK with the complete cooperation, mostly through willful blindness from the Queen on down to the local magistrate is an example of this. The 2nd amendment in the U.S. limits this kind of depravity, which is natural to the coloreds, thus the hostile ruling elites’ drive to render the 2nd amendment worthless.

    • The fucking Mongols have a huge statue of Genghis, the most prolific rapist and murderer in history.

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