Donald Trump Vows To Protect Our Historic Monuments

While Tucker Carlson was begging the GOP to do something last night about the vandalism on his show, the woke mob came for Old Hickory’s monument in Washington, DC. The police were able to repulse these animals before they succeeded in tearing down the monument. The incident which happened in front of the White House has forced Trump to at least appear to be doing something about it.

This image of a mob of angry blacks and woke Whites climbing up on the back of the Andrew Jackson monument, putting it in chains and trying to tear it down in front of the White House is a vivid symbol of the last 80 years of American history. The defining idea of the post-World War II era has been anti-racism and anti-nationalism. The entire Spirit of the Age has been weakening, deconstructing, demoralizing, undermining, humiliating, degrading and tearing down the White man while exalting all other groups. Crudely put, this is the captivating idea of “social justice” to the woke mob.

It has led to this.

We are approaching the climax.

Note: It doesn’t have to be said here that our culture and its captivating idea reflects our elite and, specifically, the ethnicity of that elite.

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    • Woodrow Wilson’s Attorney General Palmer didn’t go after the anarchists until a bomb was hung on his own front gate. Only then did Palmer get religion and go after the anarchists-communists-socialists with a vengeance.

      The FBI has 35,000 employees, probably half are trained agents. Like any government agency they are heavy with Blacks, Hispanics/Latinos/Catholics, Women, plus other minorities. After you discount these people the FBI probably has 5,000 White men who could handle Black, and radical violence. The ATF and the Marshals service no doubt would be in the same situations the FBI. So, Trump could figure on maybe 6,000 from the 3 agencies who could be used to restore order and put down a Black, Hispanic and radical revolt.

      I had an acquaintance of mine who told me J. Edgar Hoover would have been shooting people by now.

      Maybe a bank robbery and gun battle with the anarchists will be the straw that finally breaks the camels back?

      It ain’t going to be nice whatever happens.

      • You’re seriously brain-dead with your hate of Catholics. Prots were the first ones to lie down and kiss the feet of blacks, so GFY. Who do you think the abolitionists were? They were a bunch of protestants. The Irish Catholics were the ones who fought against being drafted into the Civil War, not your bend over prots.

        • LOL. Irish Roman Catholics like that spineless faggot Kevin McCarthy the GOP Leader, or Newsome the Roman Catholic Governor of California, or the Cuomo brothers one of whom is Governor of New York, or a real high pitched voiced homo like the Bob Casey of Pennsylvania or goofy Joe Biden. I won’t get into Pelosi, Gilibrand or Dickless Durbin of Illinois, just another Irish Catholic cunt. Go pray your Holy Catholics Marys.

          • lmao what trailer or shack deep in the woods did you crawl out of recently? You can’t even tell the difference between Irish and Italian-American Catholics. Your anti-Catholicism and anti-Italian/Irish ignorance died out in the 19th century. Keep dreaming of the Know Nothing Party days and do us a favor and stay out of the Amren conferences. The mainstream media try to smear all race realists as slack jawed yokels and your presence will only deepen that image in the public’s eye.

        • Catholics have been kissing the feet of blacks for hundreds of years, along with promoting miscegenation with them. We can see the results of that in Roman Catholic Brazil

          • Learn your history, dude. Except for parts of Argentina, Uruguay, and southern Brazil, Latin America is a mestizo, mulatto, Amerindian, and Negro mess because the first European colonizers in the New World were Portuguese and Spaniard single men. If you send single males to a remote solar system, you’ll eventually end up with a part human part green population. The British and French colonizers were mostly families, which is why you saw much less miscegenation in the French and British colonies. If your theory of RCC promoting miscegenation were correct, there would’ve been widespread mixing in the French colonies and the British colonies where Catholics outnumbered Protestants but there wasn’t.

          • LOL. You Catholics are too much. One of the first things the Spanish did when the conquered Mexico was to ask their priests if they would allow them to marry Mexican women—the Catholic priests granted them permission to marry Aztecs, Toltecs, Maya etc. You can see the results today of Roman Catholic miscegenation in Latino America.

            You can already see the it today in the US as Roman Catholics marry “Spanish” Mexicans. LOL.

  1. I wonder if Trump really understands the significance of this. The enemy is coming for our statues, monuments, literature, etc. Does he understand that next the enemy will be conducting a physical genocide against whites?

  2. Every single event has trasnpired because Hitler and the National Socialist Germany were destroyed. We reap what we sow.

  3. The FBI already has enough on their plate investigating white lives matter graffiti and the noose found in the Nascar garage, so I predict they will choose not to do much about this.

  4. Trump says that Andrew Jackson is his favorite President – Trump is the antithesis of Old Hickory.

  5. Amazed that Jackson statue still stands. Honestly it is probably because the mob is just tired from tearing down everything else. Very doubtful the weakling Trump had anything to do with stopping them.

    My hunch is the only statue Zion Don cares about is the one to Judah Benjamin. The Big Jew of the Confederacy.

  6. I like Tucker. He’s one of the few white men these days who shows any courage. But his P.C. stance on Southern monuments is disgusting.

    • @Roland…

      I totally agree with every single word you said.

      Tucker is great, but, his animus for my great-great-great granddaddies and uncles is something I have to put out of my mind, so that it does not spoil my great appreciation for all else he does – and, as there is a lot of ‘all else’, it is the right thing to do.

  7. The memorial preservation act is already existing regulation, and does not need any special authorization to be enforced. This is nothing but a punch in the air from president Kushner’s secretary.

    • @Jordy…

      That’s EXACTLY what my wife said, when I told her about President Trump’s threat!

  8. Trump=tweets tough and vows action after all the damage is done. Dubya sucked, but can you imagine how bad Trump would’ve been after 9/11?

    • freethinker,

      This was the only comment of yours where I could find a Reply button. Your comment above on single men wanting to have sex with anything with a skirt even with aliens was true and funny.

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