The Crucifixion of Karen

While Twitter censors the president, it allows this guy to do this.

I’ve been arguing lately that the United States is about to plunge into its next great national Crisis – one on par with the American Revolution, the Civil War and the Second World War – and that anti-racism will be the cause of the conflict because it has completely delegitimized White Christian America. Every day now brings fresh signs of the looming national crisis. It is close.

It is so close that you can now see the darkening clouds and the thunder and lightning cracking and the drizzle of mist on your face of the outer bands of the approaching storm. The outlines of the Crisis are now visible. The political weather feels like a Category 5 hurricane is about to make landfall. Maybe it is just me, but I sense that something really awful, but necessary in the long term is about to happen.

Note: Hopefully, I am just reading too much into current events. It feels different this time though like something has changed. Conservatives like Rod Dreher and Ben Domenech have been given a real glimpse of what the future is going to be like for their kids.

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  1. HW at least you’re family is not in South Africa.

    If everyone one played nice and civil we would be going down that path anyways.

    Whites need a wake up call


  2. Do you remember 1989? One minute the USSR was this mighty, invincible behemoth. The next minute the Berlin Wall was coming down and the whole edifice was crumbling away.

  3. This is sickening.. Perhaps it is what needs to happen to this legion of white women aged 18 to 50 i see carrying and wearing “Black Lives Matter” apparel and have their social media ablazoned with BLM logos. Sickening but sometimes a shot of reality is what it takes to waken someone from their coma

    • Most white Americans aren’t pro-BLM. That’s what the mainstream media and the corporations that own them want you to believe, so you support their narrative and get distracted from what they’re doing to you economically.

      • I can only tell you what I have seen with my eyes. Friday night i saw several groups of young women aged around 21 that were all carrying professionally printed signs with “BLACK LIVES MATTER” or wearing clothing. On social media, a majority of the urban women I know have “BLM” on the profile pics or have done photoshoots with “Black Lives Matter” painted on their body.

        So please dont call me a fool for seeing what I have seen. We live all over this country. If you are in a coastal urban area, you have seen the same things I have. They are despicable. Denying them does none of us good. The original looting and destruction was almost exclusively black. But the virtue signaling and low hanging protest fruit has been almost all white women and gay bi racials.

        • Ever heard of the silent majority? More young white voters voted for DT than HRC in ’16. This probably won’t be the case this year because Trump has been unable to maintain the large coalition of suburban independents, blue collar Dems, and Repubs he had in ’16. He has only himself to blame for turning into Bush after getting into office.

  4. “Do you remember 1989?”

    I do. The USA is very close to having moments like what happened back then. Yeltsin jumping up on a tank to rally soldiers. (The moment he basically took control from Gorby)

    Or in Yugoslavia where one politician got up in a crowd and yelled ‘I will never let them hurt you again!’ (I think it was Slobodan Miloševi? tho not sure)

    Some White pol could do stuff like this and become a new leader, even a new Fuhrer! Hail Victory!

  5. She’s a liberal married to a black guy. If she were on the other side of this, she would be joining the bandwagon to cancel whatever White had been held up for victimization. No sympathy from me.

  6. Unfortunately for Dixie, we mostly have cucks, scalawags and in some Southern states, Reconstruction Governments. Which will make survival hard enough, even without being under relentless political attack from Carpetbagger SJWs and their “federal government.”

  7. In a sane and functional society, she would be in a mental institution. Most of the Karen’s and their male counterparts are mental defectives. Other than that I have no sympathy for the mudshark.

    • Its a dangerous time to be a mudshark rn even more so then before, women better smarten the f*ck up or they will end beaten and left for dead. White women are disposable to black men they don’t care about their feelings or plan to grow old with you its mostly just lust

  8. One black guy did the job what entire white nationalist movement failed to do for decades.

    And yes, I also agree that the end is near. Swamp behaves like failing military commander.. Both Stalin in 1941 and Hitler in the spring of 1945 ordered every last troop to attack attack and attack, wasting pointlessly their last resources.

    Swamp burned Roberts and Gorsuch and threw their 5th column under the bus in the completely irrelevant places like Lithuania without any reasonable cause.

    This looks like desperation. Noam Chomsky told that ….“Trump Is the Worst Criminal in History, Undeniably……

    And he is absolutely correct. Hitler never had chance to invade US and take entire World Jewry down.

  9. Is she a nurse or something? Looks like a pink nurses uniform shouldn’t she be doing cringe tik toks dances? I have some sympathy for her but what kind of comeback is my husband is black? That doesn’t exempt you from the hatemob lol they don’t care

  10. “Braked checked some, called me out of my name”? Damn these joggers can’t even speak proper English ffs

  11. During the British fiasco in Afghanistan during the 19th Century, and old fool, Lord Elphinstone was in charge of the retreat. To say he was criminally incompetent is being complimentary. Trump reminds me of this useless tool, he’s allowing communist hordes to take over our cities, destroy our statues, and call for the open killing of White people, and he does nothing. Excuse me, he tweets. How fucking embarrassing.

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