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  1. The plutocratic elite want to distract regular Americans from how neoliberalism is devastating the U.S.(and West at large). Since they’re shareholders of corporations and corporations own most of the media, they use their wealth to promote a “progressive” narrative on social issues while they use lobbyists to prevent the government from returning to pre-Reagan Keynesianism. That’s why corporations and the mainstream press avoid talking about overpopulation, the top 1%, globalism, and mass immigration.
    It’s also profitable for corporations and their media outlets to push a socially progressive agenda because liberals and nonwhites tend to spend more money and watch more entertainment than racially aware right wingers. The super rich use corporations and the mainstream media (which they control) to virtue signal to raise their stock prices and to avoid giving up the ridiculous excess wealth they’ve accumulated post-1980. The brain-dead lemmings who fall for it don’t even realize it.

  2. I have an entire “featured” segment in my youtube feed devoted to BLM and another “featured” segment devoted to LGBTQ. These are the top two featured segments of my feed. Everything else is unsolicited ads, videos from documentary channels I subscribe to that get pushed, and COVID news

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