Target: The White Man

There is no denying it now.

The days of conservative make believe are over.

By the new standard, conservatives were born “racists” and suffer from “White Fragility” when they try to defend themselves. As “racists,” they are no different from us. They are just as “evil” and illegitimate. There is no place for “racism” in our society which means there is no place for them either!

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  1. I saw this coming many decades ago. In 1970’s Manhattan, blacks were arrogant and nasty. They had a sense of entitlement even back then. I remember many whites were just disgusted at what they got away with and corporate management looked the other way. It was nowhere near as bad as it is today but we all knew it was headed right here.

    • In the mid-1980’s, someone wiser than me, told me this, and the marxist infestation, was coming. Trying to wake up most White people is like talking to bricks, they simply can not hear it.

      What we are seeing is the product of a century of marxist infiltartion, and psychological warfare, against White people. White people had beeter wake up, and face reality. It’s almost midnight, nightmares are coming.

  2. The statue toppling business has created the conditions for Hitler’s second coming. Some lad in his early thirties who toys around with conservatism, moderate center right stuff…might even be a center left type who awakened. The images that give been created are indelible.

    • The analogy is not to Hitler, it is to Stalin. Nazism was a reaction to the Communist threat, and the Communist threat is upon us now, but whites are too drugged, dumbed down, dehorned and castrated to notice or take action. The combination of 80 years of Yankee Empire propaganda on soft weak minds has resulted in Godwin’s Law.

      • I wouldn’t put down Stalin. Yes, he played the game. All the Bolsheviks thought this Georgian of Orthodox Catholic origins was stupid and gave him a job that nobody wanted, because they couldn’t be out there showing off and pushing their weight around, but it turned out to be very influential because Stalin signed the paychecks. Naturally he amassed his own loyalists, staged a silent coup, if you will, and ousted and eventually had the favored Jewish Bolshevik candidate Leon Trotsky ousted and assassinated.

        Unfortunately most of Trotsky’s supporters ended up emigrating to America and, when the Democrats weren’t enthusiastic about supporting Israel, took over the Republican Party and creating/expanding right-wing talk radio as Neo-Cons.

        At the time Stalin was poisoned, he was gravitating to a form of National Socialism. I would say that IF six million Jews were murdered, Stalin was the culprit. He established the Jewish Autonomous Oblast of Birobidzhan, a region the size of Switzerland. A lot of Russian Jews were put on trains to settle the area, but it is surprisingly sparse.

    • If there is another Hitler, he is going to come from the left, not the right.

      The right has functioned as nothing more than a pressure valve all these years. The only thing they ever conserved was funding for Israel simultaneously preserving tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy. Nothing more. All they did was dog-whistle Whites and conservative Christians to con them into voting for them in hopes that they would appoint strict Constructionists to SCOTUS to protect our constitutional rights.

      Well, Neil Gorsuch made a mockery of that premise in less time than it took John Roberts to write new law forcing Obamacare down our collective gullets. I truly think this was the last straw and with this stab in the back, along with them all running and hiding like scared rabbits and knuckling under to the leftist mob, the Republican have thoroughly discredited themselves.

      I would be greatly surprised if there IS a Republican Party a decade from now. The Democrats have co-opted all their donors, using the old carrot and stick approach. Obama’s vindictiveness in closing any Chrysler dealership who donated to his opposition must have given businesses pause and the Democrats were certainly instrumental on deciding the Winners and Losers of this CoVid depression.

      For anyone despairing, remember that “the Democrats are the REAL racists.” Tune into the Mark Levin show and all he does is love to rant about the “Anti-Semitism” on the left, especially the Anti-Zionism in the New York Times.

      I honestly think that “right-wing” Talk Show radio and the Fox Hosts are making a huge mistake with that talking point. The first blunder they all made was not going great guns and balls to the wall defending the Unite the Right Defenders of Robert E. Lee warning the country where this was headed. They should have shown all the real stuff that went down at that demonstration instead of keeping to the Democrat narrative and encouraging Donald Trump to hunt down and prosecute every single one of those people and their sympathizers.

      Of course, they dropped the ball even earlier when they ended up supporting gay marriage after putting up a token resistance to it. It’s not like they didn’t have the support of so-called “people of color” where the traditional definition of marriage was concerned. Though the Mormon Church was scapegoated, Minority-Majority California scuttled the gay marriage idea when they were allowed to vote on it. They would have gotten more of the voting share from so-called “people of color” if they had fought gay marriage tooth and nail. The POC figured early on that Republicans are all less-obvious versions of Mitt Romney who was called The Etch-A-Sketch candidate by his own campaign because he has no core beliefs beyond that he deserves puvlic office. I am only surprised that Romney didn’t change parties once he had conned Utah into making him a Senator.

      Now they are back to underscoring the dumbest talking point the GOP Republicans, who Sam Francis dubbed “The Stupid Party” by underscoring that The Democrats Are The Real Racists” putting it on steroids and saying that The Democrats Always Have Been Racists And Never Stopped.” Then, when they bring up the Democrat Record, they remind everyone that more Black people were incarcerated under the Democrats under the Clintons while The Party of Lincoln was instrumental into letting all these Black Felons out of jail who proceeded to beat, rape, rob and murder people moments after getting out. None of these people left jail because they got their acts together or with any wealth, so it stands to reason, the first wave of victims resulting from this had to be Black and “Latinx.” No law-abiding citizen craving safety and security in the sanctity of their homes, regardless of race, who has two working brain cells, would get on board for this. Yet Republicans trumpet this as an achievement!

      Of course, Pro-White advocates have dropped the ball big time themselves. I am guilty of this myself. So there are three fingers pointing back at me when I point out that Whites have a tendency to listen too much to what people say and pay absolutely no attention to what they do. Whites elect candidates who have an R after their names and then don’t watch them all like hawks and that is why every Republican ends up working for the Democrats in a Spirit of Bipartisanship.

      By no means is this meant to be a Black Pill with one-party rule looming. I have felt, for years, that the Republican Party has been an Anti-White Pro-Corporate body from its inception and never changed. It remained the biggest obstacle to White progress and was instrumental in passing the Civil Rights Bill and the disastrous immigration bill. An all Democrat body would have never allowed those disastrous two bills to pass on their watch, but once it did and they were scapegoated for it because Johnson was their party leader, they had no choice but to take credit for it. They DID punish LBJ by pushing him out of the White House by rioting at the Democrat National Convention, using hid mishandling of the Vietnam War as cover.

      I imagine that One Party Rule nationally will look a lot like that which was in Texas and would have been the same all over the South if the Dixiecrats had not been so ticked off over the Civil Rights bill and fallen for Nixon’s Southern Strategy. They ended up thoroughly neutered by the Bush-Lindsey-Romney Republicans of the Northeast. In Texas, they had populist Democrats getting into the mud and slugging it out with populists like Bob Bullock versus progressives like Ronnie Earle. Even then Earle had incredible law and order leanings and didn’t let the Constitution get in his way when it came to punishing the baby sitter who murdered an infant back in the mid-nineties.

      So, yeah. the Republican Party is about to go the way of the Whigs. Conservative Talk Radio won’t last much longer, but they have all made lots of money from it. They’ll all retire. I believe they all have plans to do so. I listen to them and they all keep talking about the radio host Neil Boortz who chose to retire when Obama beat Romney, already seeing the writing on the wall. So, I will predict ALL of the Gentiles will retire, leaving the field to Jews like Levin and Shapiro and media like Breitbart to get a Passover to plug for Israel.

      Ironically, in a weird way, sites like OD are in less danger from One-Party Democrat Rule than they are with the treacherous Republicans having any great numbers. Especially as long as they bash and tout their disdain for Republicans. Hellholes like Detroit, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland have demonstrated to the White Democrat Party what happens to Democrat enclaves when their leadership swallows the Kool-Aid and coddles so-called “People of Color.” It is NYC under David Dinkins writ large. It is Mayor de Blasio being openly Anti-Semitic and looking the other way while his wife’s race terrorizes Orthodox Jews. As Hillary Clinton once remarked, “these people need to be brought to heel.” They can’t do that without the support of White racist “Deplorables.”

      Yes, somewhere out there in his late twenties or early thirties is another Hitler (who, ironically enough, had Hispanics and Muslims and other various so-called “people of color” fighting alongside his men and remains a hero to many of them all over the world today). I would bet, dollars to donuts, he is a registered Democrat already working in the Democrat Party.

  3. Anyhow. We have some Mexican Karen down thread.

    She is talking down on us, an opportunist. Probably a fat Mexican chick.

    So, head over to Borderland beat. See what they do down there.

    Cutting heads off. Raping women and taping it. That’s Mexico.

    • Ron that Aztec DNA reasserts itself time and time again as regards Mexico.Think drug cartels.

  4. It is all symbolic. If Christ is unfit to rule and if those who adhere to his teachings and treat other in the way they would like to be treated are unfit to rule, then who shall rule? Moshiach must. Everything you are seeing is a staged symbolic showing of the rejection of Christ.

    • Even if you don’t believe in Christianity, good people, what will be your basis for a social moral code? I’ve never received an adequate response from those opposed to anything Christian. If you talk about getting your guidance from “Natural law,” for example, you’re still talking about something that emerged out of the Christian worldview and ethos.

      • Their were highly ethical people and societies before christ was ever heard of.
        The 5 noble emperors and dozens of others.

        Christians don’t have good morals, they aren’t loyal or trustworthy or considerate.

        History is packed with despicable Christians.

        • You still didn’t provide a moral code to follow. Can you offer anything besides your pathological hatred of Christians? When most people discuss morality and wish to avoid religiosity, natural law is the codex usually mentioned. Got a workable alternative that most can accept? Great, please mention it. Otherwise, you just come across as unhinged.

  5. Tucker Carlson did a segment last night about a woman and her child who were caught up in the rioting in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and the response of the local Mayor to the emergency:

    I remember Fredericksburg in the early 1970’s when it was a bucolic Southern town surrounded by, and steeped American history going back to when George Washington was a boy and before.

    It’s really hard to believe that a mob of feral Blacks has been allowed by the Fredericksburg Mayor to terrorize the local citizens. I’m guessing the Mayor is a Roman Catholic, and she is for a fact supported by the local Roman Catholic priest. One “Father” O’Rooney or O’Reilly or O’Asshole?

    Fredericksburg was the scene of the Civil War battle field of that name, and bullets and shells are still being dug up. Nearby are the battlefields of Chancellorsville, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, and the greatest cavalry battlefield of the Civil War, Brandy Station, plus countless skirmishes.

    I’m hoping this Mary Katherine, “whatever her maiden name was”, the Mayor of Fredericksburg RESIGNS.

    • A lot of Irish Catholics perished in that battle. It was there the Irish Catholics proved their “loyalty” to the United States and earned their right to be considered as White Americans by Yankees.

      • @ Lighthorse…

        In The South, The Irish did not need to p;rove themselves to be considered White.

        The Southern Confederate Irish kicked ass, because they saw The United States’ Government as a carbon copy of 10 Downing St. in London, and they did not want that tyranny here.

        Nothing typifies this spirit and sacrifice better than the great General Patrick Claiborne.

        • Pat Cleburne was a tragic figure though. He advocated the freeing of negro slaves and enlisting them in the Confederate armies, for which he became unpopular in the South. Cleburne and many other Confederate generals died in the disastrous Tennessee Campaign of John Bell Hood in which an entire confederate army was destroyed.

          The best Irish Catholic general of the war was Philip “Fightin’ Phil” Sheridan. He beat the crap out of the Scotch-Irish Presbyterians – the old enemies of Irish Catholics – in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864.

          • @Lighthorse…

            Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

            I cannot think anything good of Sheridan, though, I respect your right to.

            As to Cleburne : – I don’t find him tragic.

            He was brave, correct on every count, and far-sighted.

        • @Ivan

          There was no such General as “Patrick Claiborne”. There was Patrick Cleburne or maybe you are confusing him with Claiborne Fox Jackson, the Governor of Missouri?

      • @ATBOTL – it is strange that HW does – although Southerners have always had a wild hair up their ass for Catholics. Adolf Hitler recognized that any war on International Jewry would be have to be fought by White Christians no matter the denomination.

    • Krappy Twerker is an obvious troll trying to piss off Catholics. All anyone is doing by responding to the Krapster is giving the troll an undeserved dopamine hit, so ignore it.

  6. Since Robert E Lee was a Mexican war vet, and fed and state laws protect memorials to US military vets, then his monument in Richmond Va should be legally protected? It is not a memorial to the Confederacy but rather it is dedicated just to him.

    • @Dave…

      Ultimately, there is no protection for Southerners in The Jew-run New England Yankee United States of America.

      • Precisely, just like Eastern Europe when the Bolsheviks took over, after creating the same chaos and disorder they are doing here right now.

    • “Robert E Lee was a Mexican war vet, and fed and state laws protect memorials to US military vets, then his monument in Richmond Va should be legally protected”:

      A different argument can be made that he was like Benedict Arnold, a war vet hero for awhile, but later on, he wasn’t.

  7. Robert W Whitaker knew Whites are the target many years ago. He developed the only effective program for Whites to fight back with. His program was ignored except by a tiny handful of dedicated Pro-Whites.. Whitaker will be vindicated.

  8. Culture trumps skin pigmentation level. Diluting the cultures of the West with imported barbarians is a weapon used by tyrannical elites to divide and conquer Western people.

    A culture AND socioeconomic war is being waged upon us by tyrannical elites and their army of lackeys inside our own countries. Lose this war and we are doomed. Muster the forces of freedom and prepare for a war for survival of our blessed Western ways of life.

    The divisiveness of the imported horde was inadequate to topple the USA as mass invasion in Europe was doing so the USA tyrannical elite-owned media, entertainment industries, educational (indoctrination) systems and even the advertising industry began urging the USA Negro to hit the streets and get back at that debil’ Whitey. A few whispers here and there and Antifa and bored college kids and Red Guards and sundry indoctrinated buffoons joined their Black “brothers” and the ongoing divide-and-conquer ploy by the New World Order-loving tyrannical elites took a step closer to the longed-for one-world government that initially strives to rule all Western countries and its 2nd- and 3rd-world satellites.

    • I think the distraction of BLM is making us ignore the significance of Antifa and White rioters.

      Historically, those who have fomented revolution over the past two hundred years have NOT been so-called “people of color,” not poor Whites, but educated Whites with greatly diminished prospects.

      Corporate lust for cheap labor did the country in, not when they brought IN a cheap labor force to kill off the unions in factory and construction. The big mistake was outsourcing it to countries that could then bend our government over the barrel to get lifesaving medicine and PPEs. Had they brought in the so-called “Latinx” to compete for the grunt work but left it here and then not made the crucial mistake of insourcing programming and upper and mid-management jobs to Asians, the country would not be in this predicament.

      All these White rioters have college diplomas and are carrying massive college debt even though the banks have been paid ten times over for those loans with bailouts, quantitative easing, and stimulus money.

      While the country was in lock-down the Usual Suspects stole everything that wasn’t nailed down, robbing even those Whites who found a way to earn a good living outside of being a manager in a big corporation.

      Everyone should have seen what is happening today … years ago. Hate to say this, but incorporating Bernie Sanders’ two platforms of Medicare for All and College Debt Jubilee could have spared us all this.

      Whites venting their fury on all these statues are Whites who feel that all these White men of yesteryear sold them out to the Usual Suspects before they were even born and if you look at Jekyll Island, the Civil Rights Act, the Immigration Bill, and Affirmative Action, they are right!

  9. Hunter did call it. And it’s ongoing. Unreal times ahead.

    Pat yourself on the back and keep up the information. Where this goes is up in the air.

    In my city I’ve seen gun stores with lines around the block. Not one but many.

  10. White normie sheeple are like the “Eloi” in H.G. Wells novel “The Time Machine.” They are oblivious of the talmudic locomotive heading right at the with its hooked nose, dreadlocks, face tattoos, and the smell of curry. They seem beyond reach. So it is with CivNat morons that still believe in “The American Dream.”

    No one will mourn their passing, as they’re swept away by the feral mob along with their worthless consumer goods they cherished above all.

  11. “White normie sheeple are like the “Eloi” in H.G. Wells novel “The Time Machine.”

    Yeah, i think Wells was trying to send us a message, but most ppl are too dense to see the obvious metaphor. Just another silly story to keep them entertained, nothing more.

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