Behold, Progress

Don’t ever forget.


What would happen if we decided that America should be based on nothing but the ideals of civic nationalism? What if the consequences of that were the creation of a new elite that is utterly unmoored from the American past and alienated from the ethnocultural core of the United States?

What would happen then? Now we know the answer. Believe me, it is not a pretty sight!

Note: Colin Woodard gave another interview this morning and tried to put a positive spin on our current liberal dystopia that has rejected the Good, Beautiful and the True.

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  1. Unlike the Bible thumping conservatives and neo-Confederates here, many of us race realists don’t have qualms about many “progressive” ideas such as animal welfare, environmentalism, free speech, anti-overpopulation policies like abortion/birth control, equal opportunity, reasonable gun control, universal health care, etc.

    The problem is most sjws don’t realize all these policies require at least a 75 or 80% white (Western) majority to keep them going. You see such progressive ideas and policies in places like Western Europe, Canada, and Australia/NZ, not nonwhite countries or Eastern Europe for that matter.

    If you’re a white nationalist or alt-right, maybe you welcome accelerationism because it could lead to balkanization and a white ethnostate. But if you’re a white race realist who prefers a constitutional republic and some progressivism like some of us do, then you’ll want ethnonationalist immigration laws (like Israel has) so we can return to the days of 1960’s-70’s Keynesianism and moderation.

  2. The video of the black lady shaking her stuff was funny. I was in a restaurant and showed my wife. She was not amused. But that’s the deal now. We have these people doing this. Not sure where this goes.

    Solution is obvious, separation. Not a hard segregation stance but separation. Break up the states and chill.

    Don’t know where this headed though.

  3. Honor citizens of future white homeland. In Ukraine, lots of people like this cross dressed to Ukraine patrons and Nazis and this is the main cause why Ukraine is so troubled.

    You know, there is no big difference to push white boys to drugs and sodomy and white girls to abortion…..or cross dress to Nazi uniform and start promoting free economy and war with Russia. In both cases white people get killed and genetic white liberals get what they want.

    Genetic white liberals must be addressed and smoked out, despite what they talking or wearing. We have genetic defect inside the white race and there is no difference, under what flag it is hurting us.

  4. How bad is this about to get? Just about everybody reading Hunter’s blog have at one time, had their social media accounts shut down over “hate speech.” Well, the Left’s stranglehold over free expression just got worse.

    Money talks, and bullshit walks.

    This from CNN just now.

    Shares of both Facebook and Twitter were down more than 7% in mid-day trading Friday after Unilever said it would pull its advertising from the social media companies for the rest of the year.

    “Given our Responsibility Framework and the polarized atmosphere in the U.S., we have decided that starting now through at least the end of the year, we will not run brand advertising in social media newsfeed platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the U.S.,” the company said in a statement. “Continuing to advertise on these platforms at this time would not add value to people and society. We will be monitoring ongoing and will revisit our current position if necessary.”
    The massive household goods company’s decision was driven by concerns over hate speech and divisive content on the platforms, it said.

    Big Business, who can make more money selling to the Woke, mindless mob are demanding that as repressive as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are, they need to be ever more repressive.

    Soon, pressure by deep pockets will be brought to bear upon congress to gut free speech protections and imprison us for making racial jokes or moving to all-white neighborhoods.

    Here is the link to the story.

    • @Geir…

      “How bad is this about to get?”

      Unfortunately, Dear Geir – it’s going to get much much worse.

      The devils that set Judeo-Bolshevism about Holy Mother Russia a century ago, are over us now, and congregating in full strength.

    • There have not been some kind of genetic mutation, so communists are still the same like they were in 1917.

      What we see, is the best Lenin style revolution. Must people do not know Soviet Union before 1937 before Stalin went after liberals. Before Stalin purges , Soviet Union was very much like US soon.

      It was Stalin, who made Soviet Union an Empire as we know it today.

      Before Stalin, this was Super Rich paradise. Trotsky had 200 cook,s in his armored train when he traveled and simple man disappeared when he said something politically incorrect. Lot of music lot of entertainment, lot of fun , lot of sex and lot of death.

      What you have right now, is very much like we had somewhere 1920. Only less dead bodies but this may change soon.

  5. For years I have been saying that what The United States’ government has done to The south in my lifetime is thousands of times worse than what Beezelbub Sherman did.

    He just shots some of us, burned some buildings, raped women, and stole plenty of silver.

    What he did not do was lobotomize us, which is what’s happened here, since the 1960s.

    Only in the smalltown and rural areas do I recognize my South, anymore, for every single of our cities is more or less gone, they just vary to what extent.

    So, no, if The Chinese physically conquered us, it could not get worse than this…

    • I believe Arian has brought this up previously but the Chinese have the racial solidarity and the order to genocide
      I would be careful looking at being conquered by those godless insects to be nothing ‘worrisome’
      I understand people’s frustration with Jewish clown world though.

      • Agreed. Clownworld is awful, but that’s no reason to think that the cold arthropod regimentation and cruelty of the Chinese would be any less crushing to our people.

        Seems to me this odd right-wing Sinophilia was pushed initially by Anglin, mostly. Frankly, I’ve wondered from time to time if that sawed-off runt is being funded by the Chinese. More than likely, though, he’s just a rather ordinary mind out of his depth, but trying to do something at least.

        • Most definitely have heard Anglin speak of this before and i must admit, i am reading the DS again here and there.
          He is one odd duck but his pro white and white genocide message is actually reaching millions of young people so i am torn about his role and his importance…but i digress.
          His latest “dumpster fire” of an encrypted message was that whites in Germany should start removing the clits of their daughters in some type of islamic genital mutilation process to prevent them from being whores.
          It wasn’t parody, he was being serious…because removing jews or barbarians from the desert is no longer an option to him or to the ZOGs of the world.
          There is no peaceful way out and the longer we wait the less of a chance to succeed we have.

          • Of course it was parody. It’s just his hyperbolic way of pointing out that white men have lost control of their women, and their societies.

    • That is stirring for people like you and me, but for your typical brainwashed Millenial, I don’t know. That vaguely humanoid thing at the beginning needs to be shipped to Haiti where it can enjoy the exciting culture it so desires.

      • I believe denise took a break from the website because of the coronavirus and hunter reporting on it too much. People act like Hunter is personally responsible for the outbreak or something I don’t get it. I could be wrong but I haven’t seen her on for a few weeks now

        • I have a feeling Hunter had had enough of Denise with her constant Johnny one note joo, joo, joo. I haven’t seen Fr. John+ and Spahnranch1969 in a while either, I suspect for similar reasons.

    • Snowhitey,

      Do not forget spahnranch1969. He was amusing and disappeared about the time Denise did.

        • Snowhitey,

          That was the funniest thing I have heard in a long time on this site. Perhaps in a bunker trying to outlast the zombie hordes?

      • Those people you mentioned are capable of independent thought, unlike you retards that believe in the coronahoax. You are a religion / cult and HW is your Jim Jones.

  6. This is so well said: “The US population, besides being profoundly disoriented, have no political or economic representation (…) Infested with libertarianism and fierce individualism from the cradle on up, economic democracy is actually feared by many Americans. What they have therefore is elaborate simulacra, a constantly simmering charade that reaches boiling point every four years, although the imposture sometimes rises in temperature during interregnums, such as we saw with the utterly fraudulent Russiagate. The US really has not had a detectable opposition party to the reigning oligarchy for generations. Thus, contrary to their ubiquitous propaganda enshrined in the Civics 101 catechism, itself undergirded by the US exceptionalism mythology, all the US sheeple have, this bestest of all democracies ever, this best of all possible worlds, is a single party representing the interests of the obscenely rich 0.001% of the population and their very well heeled retainers. In sum an illusion”:

  7. Quick question, why do any sane white person choose stay in the US anymore?

    Its so obvious they don’t want us there in any way, so why don’t we just all pack up and go back to Europe to help swing its mental balance back in the right direction.

    • I always thought of it as erasing standards; so the same thing basically. If you want to have a civilization and maintain it, you must have standards and boundaries. The morons have no idea of the hell they are trying to create.

    • oh yeah….we’re going to see some real “erasing of boundaries” when some fat, angry female pickaninny is in the white house.

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