Jaden McNeil’s Auto-da-fé

Jaden McNeil, a nerdy White kid who is a Kansas State student and a Groyper associated with Nick Fuentes, is being burned at the stake for making a joke about George Floyd on Twitter:


If Jaden had only engaged in blasphemy against Jesus Christ, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but this is St. George Floyd (a porn star, convicted criminal and drug addict who died on fentanyl) we are talking about here who has become an object of religious worship in the cult of wokeness.

The joke is now convulsing the university to the point where Kansas State is convening an Inquisition:

Black football players are demanding his expulsion:

From the Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students:

What supportive resources are available? A fainting couch?

From the Kansas State Director of Athletics:

From the Kansas State Provost:

From the Kansas State Head Football Coach:

As you can imagine, the Twitter lynch mob of crybullies and snowflakes is going after him. All this over a single politically incorrect joke.

What is the argument against integralism again?

Those who reject the cult of wokeness are being punished like heretics right now. There is no such thing as a neutral public square anymore. There is a new Orthodoxy.

This is my YouTube feed this afternoon:

No wonder these kids identified with The Joker.

This country has become a joke. It is not worth caring about.

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    • Hate Fuentes and the Groypers all you want, but at least they have the guts to show their faces and cause disruption in public. They’re the Dissident Right’s cool bad boy brat pack.

        • Guess I was wrong & you’ll have the balls to walk into a BLM protest and get them all chanting “Groyper! Groyper!” for the cameras. If you don’t, you can shut up about Fuentes.

        • Alas, Ovidio!

          While in thy corner thou dost carp and mutter
          Brave Groyp’rish deeds to slander and malign
          With spine of lard, and heart of rancid butter
          “Wherefore yon half-spick Fuentes?” is thy whine.
          Yet what dost thou to stem the heathen tide?
          What TruCon quailed before thy fierce-browed quiz?
          Was Ben Shapiro quivering inside?
          Or wallowest thou instead in pools of jizz?
          Rather fey Catboy, with his faggy giggle
          Shows better stuff to lead the Right than thee;
          Besotted with the Penii, ears a-wiggle,
          But still more apt to bring us victory.
          A worthier adversary to our foe
          Than thee – piss-quaffing, false Ovidio!

      • Fuentes and the Groypers have not been relevant since the one Kirk college tour they disrupted. Nick was banned from YouTube and has been reduced to pinning a beg on Twitter to read his content for a fee.

        This movement needs serious people. These so-called young nationalists are having fun watching us get angry, thinking we will run out and start shooting, because they can’t aim for anything other than a tricked out prostitute with a Black on a video game.

        Fun, cool boy brat packs and Trix are for kids. If this is the new White movement, so be it but don’t ask for refuge in our prepped bunker. Family first, and other space is limited for sturdy White women and children.

        • Attacking Kirk, Crenshaw, Trump Jr. etc. in public was a big deal, caused a lot of discomfort and disruption, made a lot of people think & no doubt swung them in our direction. That’s good. Whatever anyone’s gripes about Fuentes (Catboy allegations, etc.) he isn’t afraid to put himself on the line. I applaud him for that. It’s not for everyone – and I bet neither I nor anyone else following this (needless to say, valuable and important) blog are accomplishing anything ourselves anywhere near that magnitude.

          Everyone has their own little part to play. Sure, prep your bunker. Nothing wrong with that. But don’t bitch about the Groypers as they set about their appointed task.

          • Okay Fine. I am team White. I will not follow or endorse you all, but also will not bash. I’m just not seeing it right now.

    • Normal guys never do revolution. Normal guys are too obsessed to follow rules. Have you seen any normal liberal ? Revolution is about passion and action and breaking rules, not good looking irrelevancy.

      Young guys have been better examples for a last 50 years. You know those intellectual WN who speaking and writing and who,s 200 person “conferences” are so pathetic that sometimes even Antifa haven`t bothered to show up.

      What have Amren and Vdare type intellectual nationalism gained last 40 years ? Nothing, except giving their owners lifetime income what probably was the point from very beginning.

    • I agree with Juri about the youth heading in the right direction. Every generation seems to be more aware of the problems and less obsessed with trying to go back as things go on.

      The reason why people resonate with Fuentes and (if he’s still relevant anymore) Anglin is because they have their finger on the pulse of the world today. One of the things both of them were critical of are e-thots and even thots in general whereas most of even Gen X White Nationalism still are White Knighting. A great example recently was everyone kvetching over that Black guy who harassed that crying Karen that even outwardly exclaimed she had a black boyfriend. Who even cares about liberal White women?

      There’s a statistic out there that shows among ages 18-30, men are about 50/50 Republican to Democrat whereas women are 33/66 Republican to Democrat. Yet concerns brought up against women, dating and marriage these days are met with scorn and accusations of incel by the same people that will White Knight for Karens that hate them.

      Another thing that both of them promote (and in the case of Anglin there may have been a hint of irony) is embracing even superficially, religion. A large portion of alt-right leadership are agnostic or atheist are usually pretty critical of Christianity. Most people who get involved in right-wing politics due so because the society crumbling around us offend our spiritual values which are more often than not Christian or closely related. When nihilistic older generations want to go on some anti-Christian rant, it just seems as offputting as the Left going on some anti-Christian rant.

      Props to Keith Woods for telling Richard Spencer that the BLM thing had nothing to do with Christianity and was more about an absence thereof at that the BLM stuff is basically a replacement religion not a continuation of Christianity.

      Sometimes I wish the old would shut up and listen. We have 60 year olds still trying to “bring back” America from the 1960s and we have 40 year olds still mad that mom made them go to Church until 7th grade and didn’t let them close the door when their girlfriends came over.

      I’m not a Fuentes and Groypers fan but at least he’s catering to the youth and not fighting some personal battle from his youth like some of the older guys are.

      • Keith is wrong. Negro worship is completely derived from Christianity. That’s why it only occurs in Christian or formerly Christian countries and nowhere else. That’s why every major Christian church supports it. Liberalism itself, on which negro worship is based, is just Christian individualist ethics applied to political theory of industrialized civilizations.

        • @Dart…

          “Negro worship is completely derived from Christianity. “;

          To believe that, you could not have grown up in The Jim Crow South.

          • There are different forms of Christianity. Catholicism and protestantism are two, with various subcategories of each. Liberalism is another. Like it or not, the cult of negro worship lies firmly within the intellectual/ethical horizons of the Christian religion.

        • to both @Dart & Ivan- you are both correct seeing how conquests three laws of politics applies to Christian fundamentalism as well.
          Everything political has been infiltrated from within by the (((enemy))), (including ALL religions) and has been perverted and diluted from its original form.

          • @Jude…

            Thank you, Irate Irishman!

            Sadly, things have been almost entirely subverted.

            Yes, we have been outfoxed.

            Time to go foxhuntin’..

          • The difference with Christianity is that there is no infiltration required, as liberalism is teased out from the presuppositions of Christianity (particularly the individualist hermeneutic of Christian salvation, the elevation of free choice/will within Christianity, the egalitarian-universalist implications of the teachings on “hypocrisy,” etc.). The liberal implications of Christianity were moderated by material necessity in pre-industrial times, because following them to their conclusions before then would have resulted in extinction.

    • There was and perhaps still is an “Identity Dixie” account on Twitter which was rabidly Anti-White. They enjoyed going after Pro-Whites to dox and ruin their lives. To be safe I’d be very careful about any kind of communication with the outfit you link to here.

  1. Dark movie. I saw it in Arizona. In the morning. The stairs. He was dancing on in some point in the movie. Been there, that area is a complete mess.

    Had a buddy. They stole his car and drove around flipping people off. In the Bronx. Knowing he’d get blamed for it.

    The building there was packed with wild people. We were talking one day and he said that building there is filled with killers. And it was.

    I used to hang out there. And I saw his car. And the guys inside. Flipping people off. Setting him up. Hard to explain how dangerous that area was.

    In that same area at the same time a guy was robbed and stripped. They took his jeans. They got on their feet and chased them and got into a gunfight. Under the trains in NYC.

    I ve had guns to my head in that area. I’ve seen people go off.

    One day in broad daylight a serious fight happened. In Manhattan. Busy area and everyone just froze. Dudes were getting busy.

    One night I was walking down a street and guys were laughing, one of them ran right past me and shot a guy.

    The raids and stress in that area is unreal. I sympathize with it. I lived it.

    And then you are around people that are going in and out of prison. Hard people. I lived near a store where a person kicked in a window and emptied a full clip in he clerk.

    A black that used to slap a stop sign and give evil looks. I don’t wish that on anyone. Some very hardcore stuff. A guy bought a weapon and shot it down the street. Blew off a jaw of a woman. In Queens, was in the area when it happened.

    If this is where we are headed. Get ready. Be alert

  2. K-State: “We condemn racism and bigotry in all its forms.” Except when it is directed at whites, then it is fully encouraged.

  3. Your final comment about not caring about America is very true. It’s become like a wife or girlfriend who got fat, ugly and shrill. You look at the old pictures and can’t believe it’s her.

    Also whites have been fed too much independence nonsense, a basically F your fellow neighbors. Just worry about you and family. That kind of thinking breaks down cohesiveness. Remember how Republitards went crazy over one Obama comment of” You didn’t build that?”

    You really can’t trust any white person in a decent job position. He or she will dump you in a minute over non conformity.

    The country got too big and too diverse. Capitalism was just as bad and subversive as Marxists at creating problems. The Business Chamber of Commerce is a subversive group of money hoarders who simply treat people as moving parts to be worked till old age or death while changing the nation demographics. It sucks.

    I used to be a flag waving weirdo when much younger. Then what started to turn my thinking outside of seeing men with missing legs from wars that did nothing for them was seeing rich people fight a dollar or two increase in the minimum wage. Seeing old men mega rich people just 5 or 10 years from leaving this life permanently who were still hoarding cash made me gag. Just like Republitards always fighting universal healthcare makes me gag. People don’t care how you get there. Just get there. All they do is protect the uber rich. I loathe Democrats for the obvious.

    • @Jeff…

      “I used to be a flag waving weirdo when much younger. ”

      No, you were not a ‘weirdo’ in waving the flag.

      To the opposite, you were a fine well-meaning lad who loved his country.

      It was not your fault that you were systemically lied to and subject to a national leadership that is gutless, godless, and greedy.

    • “Your final comment about not caring about America is very true. It’s become like a wife or girlfriend who got fat, ugly and shrill. You look at the old pictures and can’t believe it’s her.”

      What a perfect comparison, made me have a laugh too.

      • Lol Outlander. Now the ugly, shrill wife is literally putting up a Blm memorial across from Trump Tower in New York City. This is what a communist D bag in De blasio is doing as shootings rise a lot. Then again he is just showing his King Wigger status. Anyone who says ” diversity is a strength” should be kicked in the nuts..lol.

        • You are still a loyal Trump voter. You are part of the problem. You can rail against “republicans” all you want, but Trump brought this. We have never, ever been so disrespected. If your 401K is doing well, so called “conservatives” will never represent White interests. I do not mean to call you out or disrespect a White Man. You just seem to be an easy Trump Loyalist. I refuse to accept this becaue we are better than Trump.

          • Vickey. I see the obvious. I know Trump did not turn out to be what we wanted. No doubt. However he still did move the ball forward. We all were expecting a touchdown but instead got 10 yards from him. Where? The wall is part of the Republican brand now. Was he slow on it? Of course. Trump sending people back at the border. What would Biden do? Trump sending fbi after antifa terrorists. No Democrat does that and how many Republitards say anything?

            It is clear as day Trump accelerates the train to the breakup of America far faster than basement Joe and his female black who would eventually take over. Do you doubt that? Really?
            A Trump loyalist? Lol. It’s not that deep I assure you.

            But I do see the pure filth coming from Biden and yes, I don’t want to see crazy old man and his black slave owner for four years. No sane person should. Daca signed on day 1 as Joe promised. The black stuff pushed by a Biden administration will blow your mind.

            He is another pitiful fallen away cat lick who is nearly 80 and mass baby killer Planned Parenthood loves him. His final act before leaving this world permanently will be to */% all over America. So if that makes me a ” Trump loyalist” so be it.

            The Biden train is speeding up Mao Mao time for whitey. So yes, my vote goes with wildcard President Trump. You and others may see Trump as a sellout but millions of others see him as a pseudo Nazi. Thus, I am all in favor of breaking their psyche.

            A Blm Democrat Party is headed for Marxist revolution anyway. The old white liberals are retiring or dying soon. Believe me, if Biden gets in you will be longing for Trump after 6 months despite how average he has been. Now get ready for Beyonce and Jay-Z and ghetto thugs all over the Black, er, White House if Biden gets in.

  4. Yes, The Mob is humourless and irony-proof, because they are murderous.

    It’s a human reality that is not possible to be murderous, whilst snickering and chuckling at the very same time.

  5. I mean I don’t really care one way or the other don’t know much about this Jaden kid but had McNeil waited a few months this joke probably wouldn’t have got attention that its getting now.

    I think Floyd was a thug pos but he still was unjustly killed IDF style by that police officer with the knee on neck chokehold

  6. There is no free speech in America anymore. Politically Correct speech is the only speech allowed. Remember that the next time some asshole politician or celebrity starts a spiel about all our freedoms, democracy and the Constitution.

    • @More…

      Absolutely correct.

      Glenn Beck did a great program, several years back, about how nearly every single amendment of The Constitution is shot.

  7. Jaden totally stole this meme off telegram, everyone has been congratulating Saint Floyd on his weekly sobriety records.

    • I mean its not even a funny joke for starters Jaden must of needed the attention and validation because I don’t know the reaction he was expecting with every crazy thing going on. He just painted a bull’s-eye target on his back for the radical left mob

    • in other news- the rapist porch primate Treyvon martin hasn’t committed a felony in over 8 yrs!!!!

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