Saint Louis Protests

If you are wondering who is responsible for organizing all of this Bolshevik agitation in St. Louis and across America in general, they have been kind enough to let you know.

Note: LOL at the Trad Catholic neocons who are always preening about “anti-Semitism.”

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  1. I do not know any Traditional Catholic who is pro-Jewish. And no one I know wonders who is behind it all.

    St. Louis had their evil Talmud burned. That is the real explanation right there.

    King St. Louis also put down rebellious heretics in southern France and fought the Moslems. Anyone can look up his life. It is refreshing to see a pro-white website that recognizes the Jewish influence.

    I wonder if they will go after Martin Luther statues? I thought I read he was anti-Jewish as well.

        • Well the majority of Martin Luther statues are in Germany I don’t know the status of their current standing position but I assume they are coming down soon if this hysteria keeps up. Though I’d like the statues up I’m more worried Germany is turning into Turkey thanks to Merkel its now a middle eastern country

      • Is he an Iranian Jew? He’s a lawyer and mainstream media professional journalist who converted to Romanism only four years ago, just in time to become a Catholic Herald editor.

      • Trad Catholic isn’t analogous to “Trad Christian” in the contemporary sense of that term. Although they are trying. Unfortunately a lot of “Trad Catholics” are indeed biased in favor of Jews, because of the cultural zeitgeist. “Traditional Catholic” mean pre-Vatican II, Latin Mass Catholic. Or at least it did until the last ten years, in the last ten years there’s been an attempt to hijack it. The Iranian neocon, however, would not be recognized as a Trad by Trad Catholics. Nobody at First Things would be considered a “trad Catholic.”

        • JPS,

          i do not understand you. I believe in the dogmas that can never change. If I came across that man I forgot him for he is not very memorable.

    • @Cristina…

      “I do not know any Traditional Catholic who is pro-Jewish.”

      Trouble is that a shockingly high amount of Catholics in this country are far far from ‘traditional’.

      I know many of them personally, and the overwhelming majority of them are just as cucked as any other denomination of Christians.

      Be well!

      • Ivan Turgenev,

        I am usually well. Yes, I know what most Catholics in the USA are like. But I go to church with Traditional Catholics who are not mainstream. No Catholic I personally know likes Jews or Moslems. Or those who support them. Including those on this website who support them while pretending they do not.

    • “I do not know any Traditional Catholic who is pro-Jewish.”

      The Pope is pro-jewish, pro African, and Islamic mass immigration into Europe, and yet Trad Caths keep sending him money each week.

      • LK,

        Francis is an apostate and a heretic. The Trad Catholics I know do not send him money.

  2. picture at the top sums up the entire Amerikwa… Useless boomer being beaten by a gang of blacks while zoomers gawk through their phones.

  3. Shows how fake and astroturfed the whole BLM thing is. Blacks don’t care at all about Louis IX and would never naturally think about changing the name of the city. But with a little Jewish agitation, blacks become the foot soldiers to eliminate the centuries old enemies of Jewry.

    It’s like something out of an A Wyatt Mann cartoon. I can see the little Shlomos rubbing their hands together on the sidelines as Negroes and Whites beat each other senseless.

  4. Obviously it is not the Africans’ original idea. As an old schoolteacher used to say “Where there is trouble, don’t just look at the perpetrators, always look for The Instigators.”

    Nevertheless it would be delayed justice to erase the name of the evil king who genocided his own people, along with a lot of other evil deeds.

    Our geographic place names should not be non-Anglo-celtic or at least not non-European (so let’s replace all Indian names for cities, states, rivers etc. with English names) – and our places should certainly never be named after kings and other so-called “nobility” !

  5. “Trads.” Lol, right. There is no such thing as traditionalist or liberal or conservative Catholic. There is Catholic, and there is heretic. Most “Catholics” today are heretics. St. Louis was a Catholic.

  6. That imagery is occult. I would suggest that the star of David be chalked or daubed on every toppled statue now. It’s revalatory.

  7. The Right “The Leftist antifa and Blm are tearing down our statues for the love of god please do something”

    GOP Inc and Trump “Nope its the Chinese communist party who’s behind this” and “I don’t like them tearing down statues but they have to do it legally” and “LAW and ORDER!”

  8. I don’t think the Jews have the balls to go after Christian monuments themselves. And I don’t think the blacks have it in them to attack Christ..The Jews will send the homos.

  9. Separation is the only answer and even that will never last very long.

    Sadly, we all know but aren’t permitted to even type what needs to be done…meanwhile the enemy is being funded by leviathan and openly attacking our children and our heritage and burning down our country.
    Aside from the statues, all the attacks on cops and white people are totally ordinary.
    The only difference is that its being videotaped and uploaded on twitter now.

    Whitey better learn that the “rules” don’t matter when fighting against genocide.
    We need to start fighting dirty whether its “Christian” or not.

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