Cracker Lives Don’t Matter

She is right.

Cracker Lives Don’t Matter under the current paradigm.

We live under “systemic racism” in this country. White people benefit from “white privilege.” Only White people are racists. Racists are evil people. Therefore, White people are evil people.

The black woman screaming at the “cracker” and telling him his life doesn’t matter IS NOT a racist. Black people cannot be racist. They were born with a different skin color. Also, Black Lives Matter, which means Cracker Lives Do Not Matter and to object to this is White Fragility.

Where are the White Nationalists? Where is the Far Right? Sitting at home laughing at this shitshow which we spent decades trying in vain to prevent. We’re abandoning Donald Trump and the GOP in the 2020 election. This is what our country has become under mainstream conservatives who you will recall bet the whole farm on MLK’s Dream of colorblindness which the Left had abandoned by 1968.

Note: Apparently, Juneteenth wasn’t enough to sate the blood lust of the mob!

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  1. They are so jealous of us.
    They resent us in every possible way.
    They can’t compete with us without cheating or having the standards lowered.
    They see what we’ve built and what we’ve accomplished and it drives them crazy.
    They seeth and brew and now they’re bubbling over.

    They can’t even be on time.
    Or on target.

    95% of US farmers are white.
    96% of US hunters are white.
    86% of US fishermen are white.

    They need us.
    We don’t need them.

  2. “Catholic Church as racist because there is no way a child born “in The Middle East was a white baby”.

    Uhhh, the Greeks and Roman armies had been all over that area for centuries. White Greeks, the Ptolemies, had been on the Egyptian throne for 300+ years. Greeks all over the Levant.

    When stupidity reins, anything can be asserted.

    • There is a painting in a Sinai desert monastery that dates back to 550ad and it’s called Pantokrator.

      • Greeks were all over the Levant 330 bc and onwards.
        Didn’t they hear of that guy, Alexander ?
        Plus, a good case can be made for most Persians being White.
        They ruled 500 yrs b4 Alexander.

      • Remember this, too:

        Just wait until the goods in Antarctica are exposed because it’s coming…..

        Do we have alien origins? And, just what exactly do I mean by alien?

        Well, Clark McClelland, the former NASA engineer who worked with Werhner Von Baun and other German National Socialists (the true creators of our space program), said that blacks (African, aborignal, etc.) was the only race of people indigenous to planet Earth. He said they have monkey blood (I guess that’s the indigenous part is but then the RH factor needs explaining). Folks, I’m only repeating what he said. I’ll try to find the clip. It was during a Jeff Rense interview in 2015-16??? which I, myself, heard (not third-party). He broke his NDA because he felt the American people should know these things and the government completely destroyed him. Lost all of his retirement benefits except for a small SS stipend. This is what they do to whistleblowers – the truth speakers.

        Listen to Scottish hacker Gary McKinnon’s interview about what he found on government computers. The US tried to extradite him but Theresa May, of all people, blocked it. He was eventually diagnosed with autism He said there were other people from around the world also hacking yet only he was the US’s target. Google his name:

        Watch the darn thing before it is scrubbed from the Internet!

        Dr. Stanley Monteith was an orthopedic surgeon who was made aware of certain things in our world from a radio interview in the 1950’s (a caller challenged the host stating that our government reps were controlled). It was enough of a jolt that he eventually closed his practice and traveled the world seeking answers. And, he found them:

        Go to the 3:45 mark regarding our Founding Fathers:

        If you don’t want to believe this information, it’s your call. Just remember it!

        The lies are endless.

        • I think Trump makes some interesting hand displays as do other leaders like Merkel….. you be the judge. As Jordan Maxwell often says, it’s all right in front of us.

      • “Trump makes some interesting hand displays as do other leaders like MerKel”

        It shows who they have been around.

        Monkey see, monkey do.

        • I don’t believe it is the art of imitation. It is active communication.

          The great Clif High says they understand symbolism but apparently not memes. Hence, Chuck Schumer’s request….. will you stop it with the memes already…..

  3. Seems like many in your wing are starting to realize that Trump is the true accelerationist candidate, Brad. Why should we want any of this to stop?

    • They control both sides, right? Communists vs Zionists. Liberals vs conservatives. Democrats vs Republicans. etc. etc. etc. Now that’s not to say every single person in leadership within each group knows what the hell is going. But a lot of them do or eventually do.

  4. I read someplace that only one in six BLM activists is actually a nigger. We can probably guess who some of the other five are(k).

  5. All lives don’t matter means White lives don’t matter. Meanwhile, our “leaders” look the other way and celebrate the “dream” that started White Genocide.

  6. Always show up to a battle at the last minute to tip the balance. It demoralizes an enemy best. Good advice.

  7. Right now…watching Meso American jungle indios playing basketball…they do it every weekend.
    Nigga, nigga, nigga…you ain’t needed. Nobody wants you. Everybody wants you gone.

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