Catholics Clean Up Jewish Vandalism In St. Louis

Jews vandalized the monument of a canonized Catholic saint.


“(JTA) — On top of a hill in front of an art museum in the biggest park in St. Louis stands a statue of an anti-Semite. 

The monument to the city’s namesake, the medieval French king Louis IX, depicts the king astride a horse, wearing a crown and a robe and holding a sword in his right hand. Erected 116 years ago in Forest Park, it is one of the city’s best-known monuments. 

Now, a coalition of activists want it taken down because Louis IX persecuted Jews, presided over a notorious mass burning of the Talmud, issued an order of expulsion against his Jewish subjects and led two Crusader armies in unsuccessful offensives in North Africa.

At a time when statues of Confederate leaders and other figures condemned for racist actions are coming down across the country, activists in St. Louis want the Louis IX statue to come down too. A petition launched last week is calling on the city not only to take the statue down, but to change the city’s name. …”

No one else is offended by “St. Louis.”

Blacks even have negro carols about being from the city of St. Louis. E. Michael Jones has written at length about this issue and every Catholic should read his book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History to understand what is going on here.

Note: In the last article, I explained why a surplus of bored, wealthy, overeducated Jewish elites are plunging America into a crisis. Everyone laugh at the “post-liberal” Trad Catholic LARPers like Sohrab Ahmari who are too cowardly to even acknowledge who is responsible for this.

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  1. Even my anglo-saxon Catholic girl friends are at a pitch of anger. I am ready to go Peter the Great on them. If you do not know what that means look up what he did to rebels in the late 17th century.

    My Father is about to order the rest of his children to Mexico while he and other males will stay in the USA to manage business. My firearm lessons will continue in Mexico. I hated it at first but now not at all.

    I will now tell family and friends that a pro-white website hates what is going on even when Catholic saints are defiled. No other group seems to care.

    • The Peter you call Great was only half Russian, and he is one of the Tsars that despised Russian culture and tried to Westernize it; and he persecuted Russian people (Old Believers), though not nearly to the extent that “saint” Louis destroyed French people.

    • How can you “legally” do firearms practice in Mexico with anything bigger than a .22 calibre peashooter?

      Not that “legally” has ever meant much of anything in Mexico, but I’m curious just the same.

        • You are correct Cristina, and I believe you can keep/shoot hunting-style rifles and shotguns in Mexico as well.

          Is it true that there is only one place for citizens to buy lawfully-owned firearms, an armory in Mexico City that is owned by the government?

          • Virtus,

            Mexico has a right to keep arms and used to have a right to bear arms as well until around 1970/71 I think. Yes, I believe there is one large gun store in Mexico run by the Army.

            My Family/relatives seem to have little trouble in buying legal firearms.

    • @Cristina…

      “Even my anglo-saxon Catholic girl friends are at a pitch of anger. I am ready to go Peter the Great on them. If you do not know what that means look up what he did to rebels in the late 17th century.”

      Well enough, My Dear, but, Antifa and BLM aren’t ‘The Rebels’, but an irregular force of The United States’ Government.

      So maybe The Peter Analogy is not best?

      • Ivan Turgenev,

        It was the first analogy I could think of since I am learning Russian and studying Russian history.

        • @Cristina…

          Alrigh, Dear. I just want you to comprehend the main point – that Antifa is an irregular paramilitary arm of The United States’ Government

          If it were not so, they would have been locked up a long time ago.

          At any rate, God bless you for being a good girl!

    • @Cristina…

      “My Father is about to order the rest of his children to Mexico while he and other males will stay in the USA to manage business. ”

      Of course he knows what he is doing, however, according to all the Mexicans in my area, with whom I regularly speak, the country of your blood is in terrible condition – far worse than we are here.

      Just as our social fabric has been breaking down, y’all’s has, and, even to a much greater extent than ours, as we have not quite yet reached the stage where we have to patrol our towns to maintain order and decency.

      • Ivan Turgenev,

        I can not speak for all but my life in Mexico is quite nice. I will be in and out of the USA and will probably resume school in late August assuming classes are not cancelled.

  2. The Catholic church is fully on board with critical race theory narrative. Scumbags like E Michael Jones and Dave Reilly are the gatekeepers who try their best to prevent any White identity politics from forming. EMJ actually gets all of his pseudo-historical racial narratives straight from Noel Ignatiev.

    • Dart,

      I do not know what you are talking about. I never heard of E Michael Jones until last year. None of my family and friends have heard of Jones at all. He does not speak for everyone.

      Outside of his anti-jewishness he seems extremely liberal.

    • I mentioned before that Jones is a friend and neighbor of that Buttigieg character the Mayor South Bend.

      I would love to see the Roman Catholic and Jew political alliance in Missouri bust up over a French Roman Catholic “Saint”. But, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting.

        • Every source says Buttigieg and Jones are neighbors and friends. That doesn’t mean they are homosexual buddies. LOL.

          • You’re lying yet again, Krappy. “Every source”? Show some of them. When I was looking into Jones, it wasn’t hard to find info on this subject that contradicts you. Jones has written an anti-Buttplug book (“Home Alone”), and there are YT videos where he talks about not only his opposition to the little queer, but that his family knew but had nothing to do with the Buttplug clan. You’re a strange, dissembling little troll.

    • Every modern church is evil. However Catholics in the middle ages would never even DREAM of allowing mass immigration, Zionism or anarchy. In fact, the last king of France before the masonic revolution outlawed mixed race marriages.

      • Polaris,

        You are well informed. There is even a story that Napoleon’s wife wanted to marry one of her handmaidens to a negro and that Napoleon was furious and ordered her not to. I read that a couple of years ago when I was a child.

      • @BoomerX

        I’m trying to avoid name calling.

        In “Home Alone”, Jones claims he has lived on the same street, in the same block, since before Buttigieg was born. Others claim Jones was Buttigieg’s next door neighbor?

        Once again, being friends & neighbors, does not mean they are butt buddies. Unless?

        You seem offended.

  3. They are damned by the hand of God to eternal darkness and misery and only the light of Christ can save them. It is Gods will for the Jews to forever repeat their same mistakes over and over, forever trying to rule over human kind and forever failing. Thank God you are not a Jew. Get down on your hands and knees and thank the heavenly father.

      • Everything is being done out of a hatred for the innocent Christ. Do you want to be in the dark, mocking the breeze go ahead? Don’t let me stop you.

        • Fr. John,

          I am glad you are back. You were always kind to me and took up for me. I have fondness for you and I blow you my kisses.

          • Mr. Wallace,

            I have heard of the Daily Stormer. One of my family was briefly on there 3 years ago and was horrified. She quickly left but she told me that the worse comments I have seen on this website would be just normal on the DS.

          • @Cristina…

            The Daily Stormer is a magnet for the mentally ill and or dæmonically- possessed types, and, to the extent that you can find normal types over there, many seem to think themselves the very paragon of chic wrapping themselves up in endless Yiddish terms, as they wax murderously on and on.

        • @Fr. John…

          I second the others, in that it is good to have you back!

          Now will you please stop being so testy and be nice.

          I know you know how!

  4. These people really want to go here. I recall on the video that the Cathedral was threatened by one of the BLM/Antifa goons.

    Deus Vult.

  5. “White Genocide Louis” did collect the gatherings of Jewish moneychangers (it was almost a tradition in Europe to make such “Jewish tax collections” periodically, especially when a lot of money was needed for wars, and soon begin the cycle all over again, more often secretly than openly) but that does not absolve him of major crimes (like White genocide) or minor ones that prove he was not a saint in the Biblical sense. The Papacy (RC) should de-canonize him as it has de-canonized some of its other “saints.” But I’m not saying that the name of the city should be changed, and not saying that it shouldn’t….

    • But I’m not saying that the name of the city should be changed, and not saying that it shouldn’t…

      This site is really not a place for you.

      • Virtus,

        You were overly polite. Just last week I believe he said that the city name should be changed and he would not want to live in a city with that name.

        • You’re so right, Cristina!

          I have a strong suspicion this is the same anon who we were debating with a few weeks ago, the one who really digs the Red Republicans from the ‘Spanish Civil War, that the blessed General Franco had to put down, like the rabid dogs that they were.

          • Virtus,

            He is the same. Everyone who comments regularly is predictable in their belief system including me.

  6. I’m all for renaming cities to expunge an ugly past. Let’s now call Detroit something like Fitzhugh City, and remake Minneapolis into Carlyleville. That won’t happen right now, as I expect urban areas to continue dropping trou for their dark overlords. A few St. Floyds and Tubmanburgs, complete with publicly-funded Kwanzaa parades and Black History Years, could be in our near future.

  7. If a backlash against them comes they’ll have no idea why they’re being targeted. It will be the Catholic Church come rushing to their defense, ironic.

  8. Christina,

    Do you remember when Notre Dame was the victim of Ashkenazi muzzie terrorist arson last year in Paris, and prominent jews in the media and social media platforms basically cheered and laughed at its destruction? I do.

    • November,

      Glad to see you back. I never forget my enemies of course. On this website is it not obvious who is pro Jewish? They do not even pretend otherwise. Naturally one should not even give a supporter of the Synagogue of Satan the slightest respect.

  9. I am Jewish (yeah, go ahead and hate on me) and I think that graffitti-ing that statue is disgraceful. I hope that every last one of the people who defaced that statue are arrested, indicted, and convicted. Fat chance, though – they’ll probably be given a pass and be nol prossed or a suspended sentence by some Soros financed DA. F*cking barbarians.

    • @Emmanuel…

      Don’t be shy, not by a dang longshot you are not the only one with Jewish blood here, nor are you the only one with Jewish blood who feels exactly as you do.

      Patriots, of every kind of blood, everywhere in this country, are ready to cut loose.

      Anyone with any sense or decency, propreity, and civility left is furious at this.

      Welcome here!

      My daddy’s people were of Hungarian Ashkenazick Jewish blood.

      They loved this nation, most particularly The South, and if they were alive today, they stand with Waffen SS, if necessary, to forcefully express their displeasure at what has been going on.

      Don’t be put off by those who cross the line, here at this blog, from justly reproaching the behavior of sinful Jews and Organized Jewry, to every single Jew living.

      There still are a lot of Gentiles who cannot quite come to grips with the role their brethren have played, in cahoots with those of Jewish blood, in taking down this civilization, over the last century.

      That so, they evade the unpleasantries by putting it all on Jews, which,of course, is simple-minded ridiculousness.

      We defend their rights to be ridiculous, however!

      Tikkun Olam!

      • “Don’t be put off by those who cross the line, here at this blog, from justly reproaching the behavior of sinful Jews and Organized Jewry, to every single Jew living.”
        Put off? What really puts me off is the behavior of people whose action tars me by virtue of my ancestry. I reproach that behavior myself.

        • @Emmanuel…

          “Put off? What really puts me off is the behavior of people whose action tars me by virtue of my ancestry. I reproach that behavior myself.”

          I understand exactly how you feel and take the same measures you do.!

    • Thank you for your very thoughtful and energetic response, Emmanuel, in defense of the Catholic statue.

        • A Jew with Catholic tastes? Before or after you fell in love with Red Lobster? Inside family joke.

          A late uncle by marriage was raised Jewish Orthodox. He joined the Navy at whose ports made avoiding good seafood impossible. But he was a bit of a gourmand who enjoyed trying exotic new foods at least once.

          So, when he married my aunt, both sides of the family joked, “His road to perdition started at Red Lobster !”

      • Catholics practice talmudic pilpul much like their Jewish brethren. Any contradictions are hand waved with subtle shifts in semantics, mental gymnastics, and logic pretzels. Any changes in their (allegedly) sacred tradition are explained away as “development” of doctrine through action of the Holy Spirit, “like a tree develops from a seed.” They will claim that despite drastic changes, the essence of the tradition is the same (much like they claim that the essence of the catholic god is the same as the essence of the mohammedan god). This stems from their Aristotelean definition of their god as act without potency, which makes their god isomorphic with the “first mover” and with the Islamic god Allah (Islamic theology also being heavily Aristotelean) and with the Jewish god. This may explain the anti-White alliance that has existed between Jews and Catholics for decades in American (and global) politics.

  10. In the end nothing happens because all these places are Democrat dumps for decades. The elected mayors are part of the insurgents. It’s played out over and over again. Most whites left decades ago and the whites still there are either old timers or white Marxists or goofy liberals in debate mode. Look at Philly where they made a good stand on the Columbus statue but it’s not 1990 any longer. Whites are a minority in Philly and many whites there are leftists and wanted the statue down and they got their wish.

    Whites are so used to being Joe 6 pack or Joe tech guy that they forgot a nation can be stolen from you thru too much diversity and Satan worshipping news. The Marxists are always attempting something and they got their big opening through black people and tv fake news.

    Look at how putrid we are by flying the dung hole sex flag in Russia. Even for those ok with the whole gay thing, you cannot deny it has a weakening affect on the nation’s health. They always link up with the most treasonous elements in America. It’s like it creates a descent into the sewer.

    Jews are always problematic. Not all but many. The fact these Talmud weirdos feel good enough to chalk up the statue and surrounding pavement shows you how brazen the whole attack on white America is. Hey, I don’t like the African liberation flag and the people who fly it don’t like me. But I get over it.

    Unfortunately, our enemies feel good enough that all Democrat places will give the wink to takedown whitey statues or deface them. Then you throw in an occasional Republicuck governor babbling something about ” muh rule uh law” and then he goes and meets enemies at the Urban League or some nonsense.

    In fact outside of Trump are there any Republicans truly out there talking about these statue destroyer terrorists? Yeah Trump is a goofball but I think many forget just how mind numbingly bad Republicans like Bush, Romney, McCain, Graham and so many others are and were. Yeah Trump dunks on those losers and I think he is so bizarre that he could up his game a lot in a second term because his main thing is it would be his final term That is why I will vote for the wildcard president again over a treasonous pig sell your soul Biden who promised daca invaders on day one and a communist black chick on the Supreme Court. Uh, I mean progressive.

  11. I’m Jewish, and I condemn such actions – not out of respect for the dead, but out of respect for the living. I just don’t believe it’s acceptable to desecrate historic monuments.. except for Cultural Marxist monuments. Cultural Marxists are our enemies today. Rank and file Catholics are not, even though the Catholic Church is anti-white.

    • @JewAmongYou…

      Good to hear your voice, Sir.

      As someone with a lot of Jewish blood running in my veins, I have found the silence of The Jewish Community, as this country is torn down brick by brick over the last 60+ years, deafening and utterly vile.

      When you stand up, in the unequivocal way you have done, in some way you redeem some of the sin committed by many of our misguided and evil brethren.

      Good people, of every blood, cannot afford to be silent or divided. We must close ranks and be aggressive against what is occurring in this land.

      • Ivan Turgenev says: As someone with a lot of Jewish blood running in my veins, I have found the silence of The Jewish Community, as this country is torn down brick by brick over the last 60+ years, deafening and utterly vile.

        That’s because communism and cultural Marxism are as Jewish as the drug cartels are mestizos, mafia’s Sicilian, paddy wagon riders were Irish, CCP is Chinese, vodka swilling gangsters are Russia, etc.

  12. X deserves to be dishonored because X “persecuted Jews”. And what did he do? He stopped some Jews draining the blood of a Christian child for their teligious rites. Well, goodness, of course X should be dishonored. That’s anti-Semitic.

  13. Hunter, you do admirable work here. Regular reader.

    The only thing I don’t understand is why you give that crusty lunatic E. Michael Jones any space.

    As someone already noted, he has Noel Ignatiev’s take on race. He denies the very existence of white people. He actually sees Catholics and Protestants as two different “ethnic groups” and therefore sees you as a Jew-manipulated enemy group.

    People such as him and the Groypers have been as hostile to white identitarians as Antifa has.

    Sure, he’s anti-Jew—but from an intellectually stunted “spiritual” perspective. We’re in a real-life blood battle. Jones and his ilk are enemies and liabilities in this battle.

    • Re: E. Michael: I believe he is a Papist (Roman Catholic). I don’t follow him but have heard that, among other CTs, he believes in an AIDS conspiracy, and that AIDS in Africa is a myth. I do know he thinks SARS CoV2 is a bioweapon that the U.S. used to attack China, and he could be right about that….

  14. A minority of Jews like Herrnstein, Rothbard, Kissinger, Hart, Richwine, and Michael Savage have been pro-Western civilization. However, nobody who’s honest can deny that the Jewish establishment works to advance their tribal interests at the expense of their Gentile host nations and neighbors, communism is a Jewish invention, and you’ll find Jewish tentacles wrapped around every 5th column in the West.

  15. I live in St. Louis, and it’s getting annoying. A couple of weeks ago, they took down the statue of Columbus in Tower Grove Park. I wrote a novel, The Saint Louisans, talking about this statue, and published in 2012, it already seems like ancient history. There was a rally saturday, the mob versus some Catholics and priests who prayed the rosary for Louis, threatened by the antifas. One big black buck bellowed ‘pray all ya want, it’s goin’ down.’ I fear the Art Museum may chicken out. Mayor Krewson is another coward. The crowd was getting nasty. One man was photographing this, and some antifa moved on him, and he told them to back off. The police, standing by, did nothing until a supervisor went to the man and said ‘you have no business here. Leave now.’ He did, and the cops did move in to guard the rosary crowd from the antifa, who were getting ready to attack. The problem is the police won’t do anything in these blue state cities, and I doubt Trump should save them. If he sent troops in, as he threatened, the mayors and governors would protest…there is this feeling ‘we mustn’t do ANYTHING to anger the protesters, because THEN it will make us look bad.’ Sure, but it’s still cowardice. Like Rush says, ‘there’s no push-back.’
    Christina, you’d be angry in a real Peter the Great mode. St. Louis is a very Catholic city, but it’s crumbling. The big Catholic architecture are islands in black ghettos, and the clergy are whipped.
    But all of this is staged to get rid of Trump. It’s so obvious, and, much as we hate it, he’s all we got to defend our race.

    • Dargason,

      Nice to hear from you again. I also imagine the Art Museum will cave. I remember you being a renowned author. I read your accomplishments. Thank you for that incident you described with the police. Frequently, such matters are not reported on by the news media unless they can spin it.

      I doubt if the USA has any Peter the Great equivalents in high position. After the election it should be interesting and dangerous no matter who wins.

  16. I’d like to see the jew-WASP domestic and foreign policies alliance that brought us both ‘Brothet Wars’ on the 20th Century that led up to our current disenfranchisement and anti-white political and economic conditions we are suffering from, but I won’t hold my breath while waiting for that dissolution.

  17. Cristina, at this stage I’d settle for another Zapata. To quote Oppenheimer. ‘an optimist believes this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears it is true.’

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