Beyond The Abyss

From an OD reader:

“Hello, long time reader.

I recognize there is little to feel happy about what’s going on. That said, could you try to write about some way out of this, some possible silver lining? Some hope for the future? Or are we just totally, unequivocally, screwed, and your telling it like it is? 

Take care and hang in there”

I don’t think the situation is hopeless.

I think we are in a dark period. It is about to get even darker for White Americans. There will be a major national crisis in which all the trends of the past 80 years come to a head. The outcome of the crisis will resolve these issues. After the crisis has passed, we will move forward.

I’m currently reading Peter Turchin’s book Ages of Discord: A Structural-Demographic Analysis of American History. The book argues that there are regular cycles in all complex human societies and that the United States is no exception. There are long integrative and disintegrative phases. There are periods of recurring instability that mark the transition between these periods.

In the Roman Empire, there was the Kingdom-Republic transition, the Republic-Principate transition and the Principate-Dominate transition. In France, there was the Carolingian Collapse, the Early Medieval Crisis (Capetian Reconquest, Albigensian Crusades), the Late Medieval Crisis, the Wars of Religion and the French Revolution. These are long term cycles which usually last two hundred to three hundred years. There are other shorter cycles that tend to occur every fifty years. These are natural cycles.

The book argues that the United States went through its first complete historical cycle between 1780 and 1930. We are currently building up to a revolution or civil war which will occur in the 2020s. The national atmosphere seems dark and hopeless because we live in a disintegrative phase of American history. We are approaching the climax. We have a fragmented elite and a surplus of bored, idle, wealthy upper middle class liberals who are destabilizing the current order and plunging the nation into an inevitable crisis. This is also what it was like in France on the eve of the French Revolution.

In the 1840s and 1850s when American politics were last this intensely polarized and toxic, it was because the new manufacturing economy in the North had created a surplus of wealthy elites who were shut out of political power by Southern slaveowners and their Northern allies. They responded by demonizing the South over slavery. Similarly in our own times, we have a surplus of wealthy Jews and discontent minorities who are demonizing Whites. They want to shove White Christian America aside and take over. See the Bloomberg and Steyer presidential runs which were a glaring example of this surplus.

We are not totally, unequivocally screwed. The situation is not hopeless. On the contrary, this is necessary to resolve the crisis and bring about the downfall of our existing elite and move forward. Historically speaking, Jews have always overreached like this. We have always sort of known that one day there would be a reckoning given the long term cultural, economic and demographic trends. My advice is to just sit tight and watch and to try your best to stay out of it as events spiral out of control.

This does not concern us. There is nothing we can do about it. The American elites are fragmenting and fighting with each other. They are on a reckless course. When your enemies are making a fatal mistake, you do not want to intervene and insert yourself into it.

Note: We are grilling and chilling.

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  1. Best thing to do I think is get as far away from a big city as possible, learn how to grow your own food, hunt, fish, etc. Arm yourself and have an emergency plan in place.

    We need to start being in survival mode and tailor our thoughts and actions around that. It’s going to be very bumpy soon.

    And yes Brad, you are correct. This is 2 factions within the globalist cabal that are fighting this out. We have no control over the macro situation. This whole facade does need to come down before we can restore.

  2. Only biological, genetic damage is permanent and irreversible so we have to find strategies to combat that. My sense is the the white boomer generation will not fight back, too much Christian indoctrination and post WWII propaganda. However, I think the younger whites are unlikely to sit back idly while they are made second class citizens in their own Nation. The accelerated track we’re now on will be the impetus of their resistance. Of course, if Trump loses, it may all slow down or end quickly, I’m not entirely sure.

  3. For whites, it is hopeless.

    I am reading Caldwell’s new book, and his thesis about Civil Rights legislation being a rival Constitution is correct. The racial protections of the 60’s however will never be extended to whites because that legislation was not about establishing racial harmony, but was about zero-sum empowering blacks at the expense of whites. The necessary historical conclusion then is the ever increasing elimination of whites, to the point where we are the new blacks and *then* the “freedom of assembly” outlines of that other Constitution, the first Constitution, will be gradually be reinstated to permanently exclude whites into a neo-segregationism. We have seen this already in California just recently with the state government re-enabling racial preferences in hiring. As black supremacist lawmakers increasingly become empowered, they are absolutely going to propose straight-up segregation legislation designed to categorically attack whites exactly like Jim Crow, and because blacks are holy, who is going to oppose them in the courts? John Roberts?

    It is over for the white race. We have no future.

    • This comment is by a different “anonymous.” I’ve noticed there are apparently at least two of us commenting as anonymous with the lower case “a” and at least one with the “A” capitalized, one with a numeric suffix, and one abbreviated “Anon.”

      • Anonymous: Please keep your defeatism and cowardice to yourself. They distract the rest of us from the tasks and opportunities at hand.

    • @Anonymous…

      “It is over for the white race. We have no future.”

      Okay, then, Young Man – you just go right ahead and put the noose around your neck, then, with a Beta-male sigh, kick the stool out from underneath you.

      The rest of us will fight our way out of this – never taking hopelessness for an answer.

    • If you are certain it’s hopeless, end it or escape. Whine in relative peace from a Turd World country where the dollar still goes further. Although, I’ve been seeing stories that show Americans aren’t as welcome as they once were in some places. As Jose’s or Mtumbu’s conditions worsen, consider that he might lash out at Whitey, because the regime of his native cesspool will likely be merciless in crushing violent peasants. You’ll be the exploiter that’s easier to kill. Might as well sit back, not interrupt your enemies when they’re self-immolating, and step in after they’ve destroyed themselves.

  4. I still don’t see the fragmented elite. The elites are together in stepping on the White plebs. It’s more like putting down a peasant revolt, which is how the elite viewed the election of Trump and the rise of (fake) “populism.” Even though Trump ended up doing everything elites would want and nothing at all populist, they still viewed the election as spitting in their eye and it did hurt their prestige. It might happen at some point that opposing factions are created, but for now I am not seeing it. It’s just backlash at White plebs for the audacity of thinking they have rights and electing an impotent champion.

    The real risk is still a foreign war rather than civil war IMO. The Chinese cold war is shaping up and could end up with direct or indirect confrontations. And it could gain popular support, because even with a polarized population, each side has something to hate about China. Ironically, the Russiagate hoax that was cooked up to damage Trump has ended up pushing Russia and China closer together, ultimately helping Russia in the end more than Trump ever could have even if he had been a Russian puppet. CNN is really pushing the anti-Russia stuff hard now, too. And Merkel even came out recently and more or less said that American power can no longer be relied upon and that Germany (thus the EU) needs to start looking after its own interests. Germany has been moving closer to Russia because of their oil pipeline deal. Things could get weird.

    • Hopefully all of Western Europe will gravitate towards Russia. Not that they are perfect, and I never dreamed I would say that. But U.S. influence on Europe is nothing but cancer. The post-war American narrative is a proven failure and a path to hell.

    • @Dart…

      “I still don’t see the fragmented elite. ”

      Maybe so,, but, the coalition against White Europeans is a very tenuous one – Zionists, Corporate-Globalist Capitalists, Corrupt Beta-Male Politicians, Judeo-Bolsheviks, SJWs.

      When they begin to come under a hard concerted fire, we’ll see how long they last.

      Odds are they will splinter quickly and become unable to make a coherent offence or defence.

    • Dart,

      You really spelled it all out man.

      You as well hit the nail square on the head, in that the reason they hate Trump so much is primarily, or rather exclusively, because he is an avatar for the White plebs (and perhaps amongst old-money, old-skool White patricians).

  5. “”… try your best to stay out…..””

    People tried this in Russian Empire. Absolute majority were disgusted by both rotten elite and communist, so entire Russia decided to sit out. Because of that, Lenin got power with few hundred thugs. Few dozen men could have open fire from Winter Palace on thugs and scatter this degenerate filth and avoid all disasters in 20th century

    But Russia did not had those few good men. Later people woke up and fought back but then was already too late. It wasn`t long ago. Soros father was 24 and I think that he educated his son properly about revolutions. People behind current mess in West are sons and grandsons of people, who succeed in Russia 1917, so there are lot of competency and willpower around.

    There may be collapse and rebirth ahead but may be much worse. That is why is important to support Trump. Despite all his problems, he is the last defense line against full 1917. Look at rioting anti whites. If anybody gives them permission to go after Nazis, do you believe that any of those hate mongers hesitates ?

    • I have been warning friends and family for the last 20 years that this was coming. All I got was for my efforts was derision. They kept partying and voting for the end anyway. Jews and commies rising are a symptom of a civilization that is already a corpse.

  6. The state will attempt to externalize this crisis with a war.

    If you want an internal reckoning with the near enemy do not be tempted into an externalization of the troubles.

    The trick will be to pick out the right leader.

  7. Project Scorched Earth
    by Zed
    20 April 2020

    Europeans around the globe face an existential threat. In Western Europe, the United States, South America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand the founding populations of those nations are facing demographic decline and ultimately genocide. The threat is the result of declining birth rates to below replacement levels and massive immigration of hostile and incompatible populations primarily from the Muslim world, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and India. The existential threat exists to nations that have until recently possessed no significant foreign population which could have been oppressed and to those that did not engage in either formal or informal colonialism. This threat has heightened in the last decade due to the acceleration of the immigrant invasion and the restriction of political discourse such that effectively dealing with the immigration problem through openly drawing attention to the threat through speech is costly and through politics impossible. Unless this global demographic threat to Europeans is countered on a global scale the global European population will continue to decline in both absolute numbers and relative numbers. Sadly as we have seen in the past a piece meal reaction is doomed to failure. Any nation that rejects the new order is isolated politically and economically to such an extent that its very own elites seek to undermine the state for self enrichment. This is the pattern we saw in the former nation of Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa. Presently the enemy is attempting to politically, economically, and militarily attempting to isolate several nations of Eastern Europe that refuse to accept Third World immigrants.

    We must counter this threat to our race on a global scale. This requires that strategy be divided into offensive strategies and a defensive strategy. It is the later that will be discussed here. The necessity of this strategy bifurcation is based on two reasons. First a united front is more easily created and maintained in matters of defense against a common enemy. Secondly, Europeans across the globe are divided on the basis of ethnicity, religion, culture, language, economic rivalries, and a history of hostilities among our own peoples and nations. These two realities and the extraordinary if not impossibility of openly organizing limits our options for global coordinated action that simultaneously protects the anonymity of the participants. The best option if not the only practical option is the creation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO(1).

    A DAO is a type of organization made possible by the invention of blockchain(2) technology. A DAO has three core characteristics. First it is a programmed set of rules. This set of rules is on a smart contract platform which exists on the internet as an open-source code. Second, it functions autonomously. This means that its day-to-day activities is purely based on the written code. Third, it is coordinated through a distributed consensus protocol. This means that decisions regarding the future of the platform is taken by the community of users according to the agreed initial plan. To elaborate further on the blockchain, blockchain is a decentralized ledger that is incorruptible because each node in the ledger is distributed to all the nodes and each transaction on the block is timestamped. The blockchain is fully public open for anyone and everyone to see. The blockchain is a simple yet ingenious way of passing information in a fully automated and safe manner. One party to a transaction initiates the process by creating a block. The block is verified by thousand and perhaps millions of computers distributed around the network. Falsifying a single record means falsifying the entire chain in every instance which is extremely difficult if not impossible. Bitcoin uses this model for monetary transactions, but it can be deployed in many other ways or purposes.

    The purpose proposed here is to create a DAO blockchain(s) to permit participants from around the world to crowdfund projects to create incentives for investigations into the political, financial, personal, criminal, ethical, or moral offenses of our enemies so that they are one by one effectively removed from the board and cease to be effective opponents. A sufficiently large incentive will encourage professional and amateur investigators into targeted individuals, groups, and institutions as well as to have whistle-blowers bring inside information to the DAO for public release. What is expressly not being recommended is to use the gained information on any target for the purpose of assassination, physical intimidation, blackmail, or extortion. What is being proposed is investigative journalism.

    Technical Overview
    Initial Phase
    We propose that several pro-White programmers be contacted for quotes on the costs and time frames in which the software could be completed to a first release candidate stage. Software which each user installs on his own device is far more resilient than a website based solution. As we have seen over the past several years websites are vulnerable to attack from several vectors. During the Initial Phase the project leader will be in contact with the developers to further devise aspects of software development to choose the best path forward. The final quote will be obtained from the programmer, or programmers if a team effort, and fund raising will begin.

    Intermediate Phase
    Once a first release candidate is completed the project will go public. Until that point secrecy must be maintained. The software will be released on various open-source repositories, the darkweb, and privacy/anti-censoring hosting providers, and as a torrent. To prevent man-in-the-middle attacks the authentic software will be able to be verified with a sha256sum or stronger hash. If the software has been manipulated in any manner the hashes between the authentic and subverted software will not match. The project leader or project spokesman will market the project to the various European nationalists media outlets and traditional organizations around the world.

    Mature Phase
    Once the project is fully operational the project enters maintenance and upgrading phase as additional users and targets for investigations are added. The software developer or the developer team will continue to monitor for threats to the software and develop patches for any threats.

    Software Features
    (Some of the following features are tentative pending consultation with software developer(s) on both feasibility, practicality, and necessity.)

    The software will be desktop platform agnostic. It shall work on Windows, Mac, and Linux at a minimum. The software will be open-source to engender trust and confidence.

    The software will have a list of suggested security measures for non-technologically adept users to employ to protect their identity.

    Each installation of the software functions as a node in the network. This serves the security of the overall network by making it more difficult for any hostile party to take control of the network by control of a certain percentage of the nodes.

    The nodes connect to the node network through the TOR network. This provides protection in that it prevents IP monitoring through encrypting the traffic across the network.

    When a new target is selected a new block is created. This prevents the project from being one basket which could cause every target to be compromised at once. It also allows the project to incorporate improvements in blockchain code as that code progresses. New projects are able to incorporate the most advanced code at the time the target block is created. The project is therefore able to evolve.

    The payout for the successful removal of a targeted individual or entity is determined by a vote to the contributors to that target. The provider of information on a target may request a vote by the contributors to that target’s blockchain. The vote of any individual contributor is weighed to the amount contributed by that individual contributor. The final form of the payout mechanism will depend heavily on the recommendations of the developer(s).

    The project will function similarly to the Assassination Market found on the dark web except in that it will not payout for assassination. The similarity is in the incentives in making contributions. A contributor will when making a contribution reserve a period of time. The release of information during this time sufficient to cause a vote by contributors against the subject target will receive the payout. Practically speaking there will be two general types of contributors. The first are the altruists whose sole purpose will be the removal of an enemy. The second type will be those who wish the removal of an enemy and whose intent is to also profit by providing the sufficiently incriminating information to remove the enemy. The latter type will presumably gather the necessary information; make the contribution and reserve time; and lastly release the information at the reserved time. Once enough time has passed as judged by that contributor he or she shall request a vote by all the contributors to that project.

    The openness of the project encourages not only those sharing European nationalist objectives to participate but also those who do not share our objectives to participate. It is highly likely that several nations in the non-White world who are under threat or attack by the current Western power structure will participate to undermine threats to them. For instance Iran, China, Venezuela, and other pariah states could contribute funds to remove threats. Additionally the project allows even those who are part of the power structure to participate to remove personal rivals or enemies either for career advancement or simply to profit off confidential information to which they are privy.

    The ability to adapt is the first virtue in forming a strategy. The more powerful the enemy faced the more important this virtue becomes. Our enemy has hubris but they are not fools. The have put in place counter-measures for prior strategies of opposing the powerful. We have to adapt and adopt a strategy which neither they nor any power has faced before. Our strategy must be scalable and employable on a global level. The enemy must not be allowed any refuge. This proposal should be employed as our defensive strategy. If sufficiently taken up by our people and others then it will open enough room to employ more traditional strategies to gain political power.

    You may find me on Gab @IAmZed.

    • Your entire premise assumes blockchains cannot be manipulated, which is false. Cryptocurrency markets, for example, have been controlled and prices maneuvered for investor advantage, and bots have been developed to help scumbags make big scores at the expense of the many. Your adapted assassination markets will be subject to the same control by unscrupulous elites, and others seeking quick and easy advantages.

      • The only manipulation is bad-faith actors contributing crypto-currency who have no intention of approving the payout regardless of the effect of the released info. That possible manipulation will be disclosed as a known risk. Each target has its own blockchain which makes the overall system capable of evolving. Much of the manipulation possible on crypto-currency blockchains is through miners. Project Scorched Earth has no payoff for miners.

    is for sale
    $2 billion
    (includes and

    In the imminent epic struggle for final mastery of Planet Earth the control of will be the decisive point, the moral high ground, the hinge of fate, the ultimate schwerpunkt in this titanic engagement that will decide the fate of political careers, vast business empires, countries big and small and billions of people. A new Homer yet unborn will sing of in stanzas that will be repeated for ten thousand years whenever and where ever heroes gather to feast and hoist their flagons of mead in tribute and salute . . .

    Jimmy Giles
    173 Pear Lane, Pearl, Mississippi 39208 US
    Phone: 601-613-1290

  9. Elites will be participate in the rebuilding process. When that process starts is the time to get involved. You will want a voice in who the rulers are and how you are to be governed. A restart will provide the opportunity to reshape governmental forms.

    The founding fathers conspired together to kill the Articles of Confederation at the Constitutional Convention, which they saw as chaotic because it didn’t allow for a centralized power at its core. States having total sovereignty, with no veto power by the aristocrats, was scary to them. My preference would be for a new loose Confederation that mitigates elite control. Their incompetence and greed for money and power has to be guarded against in the future.

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