Douglas Murray: Far Left Ideology Is Based on a Lie

Surprisingly, I watched this and found nothing that I disagreed with. We are on the same page. In fact, I have repeatedly said here in recent weeks that anti-racism is the animating idea of the post-World War era and that the postwar consensus has grown decadent and that this idea is plunging the West into its next crisis period. Douglas Murray even describes elite overproduction which is the leading cause of revolutions, civil wars and state collapse. He wrote a book about these people.

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  1. Hunter,

    Read Christopher Caldwell’s new book, you will love the destruction of Reagan, among other things. Murray has said sensible things in the past, but like his friend Mark Steyn, Murray ultimately only represents “Conservative Liberalism.” Caldwell calls for an outright repeal of all Civil Rights legislation. I am amazed his book was allowed to be published in 2020, and then get on the NYT bestseller list.

    • Yes, it is amazing too that his “polemical” book on Muslim immigration to Europe was well received in all mainstream quarters, but then he is a NYT contributing editor, and WSJ and WAPO writer, etc. – a mainstream media insider.

  2. Does Caldwell address the fact that there were white nationalists who were saying essentially what he is saying now during the whole time he writes about?

  3. Douglas Murray is a good speaker that’s well-grounded in common sense. Diversity and multiculturalism are complete and absolute failures. We also have a traitor problem in both race and nation. What do we do with them? What do we do with the parasites? Even my conscience wants no part of them. Can you read my mind?

  4. Something more fundamental to this chaos is an “elite” denial of a desire for “supremacy.” It’s like Mike Tyson claiming he wants to be the Heavyweight Champion again and yet denies any desire to be the best boxer ever. Such a radically contradictory mindset is CHAOS.

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