Mysterious COVID-19 Spike

We will never know why it happened.

The virus has taken a strange turn with a sudden surge in young people being infected by COVID-19. Lots of people are saying that something happened two to three weeks ago and it is Donald Trump’s fault.

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    • Ah, didn’t you get the memo Haxo, viruses apparently DO NOT SPREAD among Leftist-approved rioters and looters… (oh, my bad, “protestors”)

    • “We’re all martyrs for St. Floyd”

      Shows the awesome power of coordinated media control.
      To turn the death of a worthless black thug into a global cause celebre.

  1. Racism is the real virus. It’s only found in White blood, so I don’t know how the blameless dark angels could possibly get it. It’s a mystery.

  2. BLM will end up killing more blacks this year than have been killed by police in all of US history.

  3. Yes, The Wuhan Flu is real.

    And, yes, they, The Government Mainstream Media, are scaring the dang hell out of people, as even in Podunksville Dixie, 60%+ of the populace is now wearing a mask, some, even, in their own frontyards.

    And, yes, it is all part of a concerted effort to destabilize this country, so as to defeat President Trump and usher in the next step in their One World Order Agenda.

    For decades The United States’ Government, and it’s vast infinite array of proxy and confederate individuals and organizations, have been overthrowing one regime after another around the world, and so we get the full on theatre at home.

    Sadly, most Americans do not follow Foreign Affairs, beyond Fox News bombing report updates, so they do not know what is going on – absolutely clueless.

    All I can say is that my wife and I are not going along for the ride – nor will we, at any time in the future, be social distancing or wearing masks over The Wuhan Flu.

    We’ve examined the evidence and we reject the frenzy outright.

    We know that, beyond a shadow of a doubt that, as soon as Biden is elected, if he is elected, this all will go away in a matter of weeks, if not days – as if it never existed.

    That is the behavior of liars – once they get what they want, you don’t hear from them.

    • “We know that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, as soon as Biden is elected, if he is elected, this all will go away in a matter of weeks, if not days”:

      If that statement weren’t meant seriously, it would be hilarious.

  4. Number of deaths keep going down, though. Time for this virus to put up or shut up. Either it kills all the rioters real soon or it’s a big nothingburger for the younger population.

  5. “We will never know why it happened”:

    Many will never know. Those who lack common sense and an average or above average IQ, and at least a secondary level science education do not know, and will never understand why and how a pandemic happens. They think that “it depends on what you hear, and what you believe.” Opinions and emotions, not facts, are all they “know.” They follow the stupid crowd that is led by quack doctors who claim “there is no virus, only poor immunity” and that “wearing masks will make you sick,” and civil libertarians who claim public health laws are a conspiracy to “take our freedom,” and mass media and government propagandists for big business who tell them re-opening time is way overdue, just get back to work.

  6. But according to the wingnuts, it’s just the flu and just proof on the success of more testing lol
    The pandemic does have some positive aspects to it, especially for the environment.
    But this is what happens when the fringes dominate the conversation and the more rational moderates and independents stay silent. Just like the far left when it comes to genetics and HBD, the far right is hostile towards science too (anti-evolution, general distrust of science).

  7. Even if the numbers are accurate, who cares? Everyone will eventually catch the virus anyway. It’s less harmful than the flu for ordinary healthy people. Hospitals were never overwhelmed, and never will be from this bug. The only people harmed are the ones who have mild symptoms and are put on a respirator. The patient is drugged unconscious, then the respirator forces air into the lungs, damaging them.

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