Mississippi Hoists Republican Battle Flag

Well, I am as shocked as you are that the Republican Party …

  • Which could not conserve our borders
  • Which could not conserve the nuclear family
  • Which could not conserve the unborn
  • Which could not conserve our traditional culture
  • Which could not conserve our manufacturing base
  • Which could not conserve the definition of marriage
  • Which could not conserve the definition of men and women
  • Which could not conserve virtually any monument of a White American from Christopher Columbus through the Founding Fathers to Theodore Roosevelt
  • Which could not conserve free speech on the internet
  • Which could not conserve freedom of assembly in public
  • Which could not conserve law and order in the streets
  • Which could not keep criminals in prison
  • Which could not do anything about political correctness
  • Which could not punish mobs that burn down our entire country

I’m shocked that they couldn’t conserve the Mississippi state flag with total control over the state government. It is the most shocking thing that has happened since Neil Gorsuch discovered transgenderism and gender fluidity in the text of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The term “conservative” is synonymous with punk or effeminate weak willed loser. There is an election coming up in November. You have the opportunity to sit on your couch. Take it.

Note: Did you know American conservatives are the least successful conservatives in world history? Never before in all of history has there been more change in a shorter period of time than under these people. It is nothing short of miraculous that more people haven’t realized that conservatives never conserve anything or win any cultural battle. Will people ever wise up to this scam?

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  1. GOP needs to be erased and replaced with a true American nationalist party. No reason to vote, since it’s clear voting doesn’t matter anymore. Did the good citizenry of Mississippi vote on their flag change?

    • I totally agree. The GOP has not represented us in a long time.Trumpers think Trump has to get in or things will be bad. What do they call this?

  2. There is nothing more nauseating than watching Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk pretend to care about Confederate symbols. Or about any kind of pro-white things whatsoever.

  3. Russell Moore is a Trojan horse the likes of which The South has never seen.

    Even the word, ‘Scalawag’ ( our traditional Southern epithet for souls like he) seems to shrink before him.

    It’s difficult to put into words what I think of him, other than to say, if I ever see him in person, one of us will be very very sorry.

  4. To play Devil’s Advocate, the Civil Rights act of 1964 and its accompanying 60s reforms invite readings catering to the liberal impulse which actively tries to eliminate discrimination *through* discrimination, which is fundamentally impossible because it is still discriminating. Nature is thus crucified. This is exactly what Nietzsche tried to destroy and which he called “nihilism,” and the extreme lengths he had to go to for this otherwise historically basic argument shows how deep the rot was even in the late 19th century.

    Read Caldwell’s book! The Conservative lie culture begins with Reagan. Reagan received an overwhelming mandate after the catastrophe of the 1970s to destroy the judicial “Civil Rights” revolt of the 1960s. Reagan soon realized that fulfilling his promise to merely reduce the scope of Johnson’s “Great Society” transfer systems would strike at the foundation of desegregation, and so he pulled back from the brink. If he didn’t, 1865 is immediately delegitimized. It has been the same thing with Conservatism ever since. Conservatives increasingly and correctly saw everywhere the titanic ramifications of the Civil Rights system, and they could not bring themselves to fight it. Gorsuch did exactly what Reagan did, on the Great Society and then on immigration in 1986, which completed California’s destruction. The Cold War rivalry with Communism is partly to blame; we internalized a kind of Bolshevism by political osmosis.

    Regardless, I certainly will never vote Republican again my life. I don’t care if they install gun control or even ban them entirely. I don’t care if they formally rewrite or abolish the entire constitution. I don’t care if they install retroactive hate speech laws and then arrest us all and imprison us for life simply for disagreeing. I will never vote Republican again in my life. I hope the party gets completely routed in November and disintegrates.

  5. Isn’t this still subject to the vote of the people, in the general election ?

    ( yes, Russel moore is one of the most despicable creatures on earth. I hope churches defund the SBC, it deserved to die, long ago.)

  6. Why is it, that Russell moore’s opinions always get immediate amplification in th national media ? Who’s given him the gold card to the fast lane ?

    This Judas will get more than 30 pieces of silver.

  7. The internet destroyed the old order. I was in middle school around 1999 when Napster was terrifying the (((music industry)) The eggheads at Apple figured out a way to monetize the selling of music online and then gave us the smartphone which more than anything has altered and rewired people’s outlook on media consumption.

    The only reason Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a serial predator is because he’s simply not as powerful as he once was. The last time I purchased a video game or went to a movie theatre was in 2012. That should tell you something.

    Hostile elites are losing money, power and influence caused by the now widespred access to information and free media. There is a whole generation of people accustomed to binge consuming TV series without (((commercials)))

    Time magazine is irrelevant. TV sitcoms are a thing of the past. Nobody is buying into the wars (((they’re))) selling and more people than ever are questioning the banking industry and Big Pharma.

    The (((elites))) are losing and all you are witnessing is a desperate and ultimately self destructive “all in” gamble.

  8. They are coming for Christ. They are coming for the innocent one. We are going to see it.

    • @Mr. Browning…

      Yes, they are coming for Chryst. They’ve been coming for Him my whole life long. That’s the point of all this – to make a world of Man without God.

      They’re not going to succeed, however.

      But, being demons, as they are, they’ve got to try.

  9. Contrary to Russell Whore, the Confederate flag was the banner of Christian men who stood against federal terrorists who inflicted misery and suffering on the people of the South, black and white. His “Christianity” is Cultural Marxism with a religious veneer.

  10. I personally hate the Southern Baptist denomination as it is the most pro-Zionist of all dominations although most of my family members are devout Baptists. I find most Protestant denominations-and indeed modern Christianity-heretical. In many Baptists churches I see Israeli flags flying outside along the American flag but hardly ever the Christian flag.

    • @Heartland…

      Whenever I visit Protestant Churches in my area, and I find Israeli flags, I ask them why they are doing such a thing, when The New Israel of The New Covenant belongs to everyone in the world.

  11. But do not the people get to vote on whether or not to keep the flag? I can see the strategy now. The new flag will have” In God We Trust” on it whereby its opponents can demonize whites for not voting for it as being anti-God!

    • @Heartland…

      “But do not the people get to vote on whether or not to keep the flag?”

      No, we do not get to vote. What’s the point, anyway – for, even if we vote, as we did in North Carolina, to keep our monuments and flags, our politicians will not enforce our laws.

      At this point the political process, as we have long thought of it, is gone.

      We live in a lawless state.

  12. I’m a Independent Southern Baptist, I hate the convention though , nothing but cucking and judeo Christian Zionist Peddlers. I prefer to stick to how the religion was before the year 1900 the writings of Basil manly the man who swore Jefferson Davis or william Johnston are good reads. Find your local Independent Fundamental Baptist Church thier the holdouts

  13. As a pro-Union suburban Southerner, the Confederate flag is low on my priority list (as it is for most Americans outside the tiny neo-Confederate minority in the deep South) compared to keeping the nation perpetually Western European white majority as the 1924 and 1952 Immigration Acts were designed to do. It’s dispiriting to see the havoc taking down our country and our politicians doing almost nothing about it. Some of us vote for independents and minor parties, donate, volunteer, blog, and try to do outreach, but let’s face it: we’re in the minority.

    We have nobody to blame but our uninformed and lazy fellow citizens who make up the majority of our country. They’re the ones who choose to maintain the two party system and electoral college.
    We can blame the neoliberal left, in which Jews are a significant portion, and globalist right, but let’s give credit where credit is due: they don’t rest and they’ve organized and operated much better than the “silent majority” has. Politics is a chess game and if they keep checkmating the silent majority despite being outnumbered, they deserve to win.

  14. Right you are! An organized numerical minority is always more powerful than a dispirited or apathetic majority!

  15. Memorials to Judah Benjamin, the former Southern U.S. Senator, and War Secretary and he “brains” or “de facto President” of the Confederacy stand undisturbed. These include “a 5-foot-high pink marble column topped by a sundial located in Sarasota, Florida at the point where Benjamin escaped from the United States. The monument is inscribed ‘Near this spot on June 23, 1865, Judah Psite commemorating Benjamin’s legacy is the Judah P. Benjamin Confederate Memorial at Gamble Plantation in the town of Ellenton, Florida, south of St. Petersburg. The historic site is maintained as a state park by the Florida Department of Natural Resources and also by the Judah P. Benjamin Chapter No. 1545 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It is the only surviving antebellum plantation in central and south Florida and includes the mansion and gardens as well as a visitors’ center. A large bronze memorial plaque commemorates Benjamin”: https://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/the-memorials-to-judah-benjamin/ This article in Forward notes that the statue of David Levy Yulee, another famous Southern U.S. and Confederate Senator, also remains standing: https://forward.com/news/380453/why-are-there-no-statues-of-jewish-confederate-judah-benjamin-to-tear-down/

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