Today’s Cancellations

Christopher Columbus:

The monument of Christopher Columbus has been taken down in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus Day:

Senate Republicans are trying to ditch Columbus Day and replace it with Juneteenth.

Canada Day:

Canada is the product of settler colonialism.

Stonewall Jackson:

For being a danger to public safety.

Stephen Hsu:

Cancelled for contradicting the woke narrative.

Military Bases Named After Confederates:

Senate Republicans are trying to get rid of these to appease the mob.

Sexual Racism:

It is racism for White people not to be attracted to non-Whites.

Mount Rushmore:

The conversation is just getting started.

Abraham Lincoln:

For the notion he liberated Black people.

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  1. You’re right about how we really need to stay home in November and hand the GOP a crushing blow from which they will never recover.

    • Make sure to tell every party representative you run into why you won’t be voting for the worthless bastards.

    • The brave groypers who u said at least do something, disagree with ur obviousness. You need to join them and tell them how cool and brave they are.

  2. I had a number of now distant ancestors who were in the Stonewall Brigade, so this removal has special significance to me. I really don’t know what to say! This monument really was a monument to the Confederate soldiers who fought and won the battles, often against great odds, and with only third rate equipment, if that.

    Chasing after Jackson, up and down the Old Valley Pike, with little water, and little food must have been a real challenge for all involved.

    There are places even today along the Old Valley Pike, where you can stand, and see the Confederate soldiers marching by. I’m not the only one who has experienced this form of deja vu along the Old Valley Pike.

    I hope that nigger mayor of Richmond, Virginia is happy having the Jackson memorial statue removed. Maybe, he can erect a monument to the niggers who murdered the Harvey family some years ago.

  3. I’m seeing GOP shills posting pictures on Twitter of areas formerly occupied by “protestors” that have been turned into a shambles. Then they’re telling us that this is how things will look if Biden is elected. It seems to have never occurred to these idiots that this is how things look on Trump’s watch.

  4. How ironic it is that blacks endlessly obsess about the chattel slavery that ended long ago, even as they vote overwhelmingly for a party that proposes Marxist political slavery today. If that happens and whitey is totally defeated, they will be in for a rude awakening. The yellows and browns who would dominate society then won’t have the slightest sympathy for the blacks’ sad tales about slavery and Jim Crow. They’ll be pushed back to the back of the bus, then off the bus, and then run over. This is where their hatred and envy are taking them.

    • Everyone knows blacks are at the bottom of the barrel. They’re being used as cannon fodder of the revolution. They’re useful idiots to be dispensed with when no longer useful.

    • It’s proof that Politically Correct violence makes things happen. Political Correctness is our state imposed, Anti-White religion.

  5. Looks as if all the segregationists were right. We should never have allowed these people into our society.

    We had the power to stop this long ago.

    These anti-white haters will soon be attacking us physically when they get through trashing everything else related to us.

    May God wipe out the Republican party. I don’t want to ever see again these stuffed shirts grinning like whores pretending they can appease these demonic killers by compromising.

    The South needs a party for whites that will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER compromise on ANYTHING!

    Slavery is not a sin! If you compromise on this basic point, you have lost the WHOLE argument and your WHOLE society!

    • “Looks as if all the segregationists were right. We should never have allowed these people into our society.”

      I was born knowing this.

    • Banned For Life said: Looks as if all the segregationists were right. We should never have allowed these people into our society. We had the power to stop this long ago. The South needs a party for whites that will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER compromise on ANYTHING!

      Banned for life from most business because you rant like hell and spook everyone? lol. If you don’t like Negroes in America, blame the Southern slave owning elite for doing business with Jewish and Muslim slave traders to bring them over here. Of course, you won’t blame them, even though they were responsible for convincing the white Southern working masses to support the very system that kept them and the South back for a century, because it’s easier to blame outsiders.

      And there was a party in the South called the National States’ Rights Party founded by JB Stoner who served three years in prison for bombing the Bethel Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. The party was a miserable failure, because it was too extreme even for most pro-segregationists and Wallace supporters. The American Nazi Party and George Lincoln Rockwell were shunned by most of you neo-Confederates because Rockwell was a Northerner who didn’t give a rat’s ass about the bearded man in the sky faith aka Christianity, the Confederacy, and he heavily criticized Jews and Israel, which are sacred animals to most Southerners (Southern evangelicals are second to Jews in Zionist fervor).
      While Yankees Rockwell and Tom Metzger were trying to warn neo-Confs like you about mass immigration and Zio-supremacy, you were too busy kneeling to Southern Bible thumpers Falwell and Robertson and fretting about abortion, school prayer, pornography, feminists, pagans, and atheists. How did that work out for you?

      Thank the gods we suburbanites in the outer South are more reasonable than you bumpkins and care about the more important stuff like how to preserve the white majority in America to keep our First World nation status.

      Learn your history, because outside your little bubble here or in the sticks you’re a laughingstock.

  6. Columbus Ohio, now getting rid of Columbus statue, has some wanting to put up a statue of Fieri, the italian cook who became Chef Boyardee, as a more appropriate statue ‘reflecting our meeting place of ethnic cuisine.’ From Columbus to Chef Boyardee…this isn’t tragic, it’s idiocracy.

    Stay home in November and hand the GOP a crushing blow? They;re already doing it to themselves. No, stay home and barricade yourselves. Itz coming.

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