RIP Seattle CHAZ!

Long live New York City CHAZ

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  1. Like Occupy Wall Street, it was nothing but a controlled-opposition fake “revolutionary distraction,” a huge time and energy waster (and SARS CoV2 spreader) with no true revolutionary plan or purpose.

    It was never worth paying any attention to. I haven’t wasted ANY time reading, watching and thinking about these sensational street protests that are such juicy “red meat” for Fox and Carlson Tucker fans.

  2. Read the top Tweets under the Ian Miles Cheong bottom post… All “conservatives” calling out “white liberals” and comparing the protesters to the KKK in the face they actually believe race is real and not that we are all the same genetically.
    If this is the best the Right can muster, Fox news level pandering, things are over

  3. The last month has provided a goldmine of Murdoch Murdoch material. They may have to make a full-length movie: “The Wrath of Murdoch-Chan”.

    • Outside of the sanity of my friends here along with all Brad’s hard work, I must admit that “Murdoch Murdoch” brings the largest and most refreshing burst of sanity over the past few years. They are always ahead of the curve sparing no one, whether fake right women hating incels like Fuentes or Trump himself. I owe those crazy kids my sanity

  4. This thing got shut down PDQ when BLM/Antifa stopped trying to terrorize working class White neighborhoods who were armed to the teeth and invaded Hollywood, yelling, “Eat the Rich” and almost stormed Mayor Derkan’s mansion. I might add that Bezos was treated to the lovely sight of a guillotine in front of his complex.

    If any of this crap starts up again, we all need to point them back to rich enclaves so that all these rich leftists funding these organizations can deal with the monsters they have created.

  5. If you’re not going to blow up the Bank of International Settlements building, or wipe out the Davos attendees, what you do in the mainstream political sphere will be of limited effect and influence.

  6. I always thought the gauge of public discourse and free speech was seen in the South Park animated series. I am surprised the powers that be have not advocated for its removal. They take on everybody. I cant wait until they portray Black Lives Matters and Antifa! As things now stand Eric Cartman would make a much better president than Trump! LMWAO!

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