Woke Liberalism Self Destructs In New York City

As I have been saying for weeks, anti-racism is the defining idea of the post-World War II era and is about to plunge the West into its next major crisis which is currently taking shape:


“He is absolutely correct. This video, which features people (council members) who are Jewish, white Gentile, Latino, East Asian, and South Asian, is an absolute disaster of racialism and ideological policing. If you want to know what post-liberalism looks like in a pluralistic society, there you have it. For all its problems, I can’t see any governing system available to us in our pluralistic, multiracial democracy than classical liberalism. Just drop in on any of the clips I’ve embedded or linked to above, and see what a freaking catastrophe the race-conscience, post-liberal progressives bring about. It is the perfect follow-up to the liberal writer George Packer’s much-discussed piece last fall about how race-conscious progressivism is destroying New York City public schools. …”

Rod Dreher is incorrect.

This isn’t what “post-liberalism looks like in a pluralistic society.” This is what our current system looks like going through a fundamentalist revival that is plunging the system into a new crisis.

In our current system, “anti-racism” is celebrated as the highest good and “racism” is held up as the greatest evil. By anti-racism, we have also always meant White racism. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Jews have been encouraged to develop a strong sense of identity and to assert themselves as members of organized groups. Diversity is our strength. In contrast, asserting a positive sense of White identity or a White collective interest is the definition of “racism” and must always be called out. The Congressional Black Caucus isn’t a racist group. Neither is the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Ever since World War II, the “mainstream” culture has always been tilted against Whites like this. White identity has been uniquely repressed. Whiteness is evil and negative. White people as a race are uniquely guilty of a parade of horrors throughout world history. “People of Color” have been oppressed by White people. “White supremacy” has been stigmatized. This has been normal and mainstream progressive liberalism for as long as I can remember. As a White Southerner, we have been instructed for generations to celebrate every culture on earth except for our own which is just awful. The Germans have been taught this same nonsense. So have the British, Swedes, Canadians, Australians, etc.

This is postwar Western liberalism. It has always had this anti-White wrinkle to it. The definition of being “mainstream” for generations has been going along with this consensus. It has meant opening up the borders to these Jews, South Asians, East Asians and Latinos. It is what has made the New York City Community Education Council for Manhattan possible. It is the dominance of anti-racism and the postwar consensus that was built around it which turned the universities into breeding grounds for radicals who were immersed in white privilege and critical race theory discourse. No one else in higher education or the mainstream media or mainstream politics was allowed the space to push back against this.

This progressive version of “post-liberalism” isn’t a break with progressive liberalism. It is an intensification of it. The essence of the current liberal system is the idea that Whites are a uniquely awful race who need to be deracinated, punished and treated differently than everyone else. The next logical step is to create a racial caste system to do just that. In order to advance tolerance, we must not tolerate Whites. In order to advance justice, we must have social justice, not equal justice. In order to advance freedom, we must strip Whites of freedom. In order to fight racism, we must be racist against Whites. In order to fight bigotry, we must be bigoted against Whites. Eventually, progressives conclude they just have to get rid of White people and that whiteness is synonymous with racism and that the stain has to be removed. They’ve gone so far around the bend that they have emerged on the other side.

This is a logical development of the current liberal system which has been maturing for decades. It effectively means overturning the American Revolution and displacing the people who won it and who originally had the rights and liberties which were extended to everyone else.

Note: Click through to TAC to watch the meltdowns or skip ahead to 39:15 and 44:41 and 52:33.

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  1. Communists felt justified in killing millions of “class enemies.” Now the Left has assigned an equivalent role to white people.

  2. These are bolshevik/communist/jew machinations…in 1917 the “Kulaks” were the “evil racists who needed to be socially and physically murdered”..these things bring pre WW2 Germany into perspective when subversives, homos, gypsies and jews were put into camps, these racial attacks against Europeans and their countries, by grouping together, and funding, every spiritually malformed degenerate available has always been a jew strategy to attack Whites..Noel Ignatiev is on record saying they would bring together this “minority” in such a way that it will make “Whiteness” impossible, the problem for the jew today is; it’s making being human impossible, so a lot of other intellectuals of other races are waking up to the corrosive, criminal nature of the juden…which is bad news for the jew!…lol

    • Most people don’t understand that the “Nazis” came about as a mainly working-class reaction against a sick society and communists in the streets. They didn’t just appear out of thin air.

  3. I noticed that teenagers are doing alright and the middle aged have lost their marbles.

  4. “Anti-racism” is a code word for Anti-Whitism. That’s what all the madness since WWII has been about.

  5. I’ve been reading a marvellous, though for all the wrong reasons, book called Travellers in the Third Reich by Julia Boyd. It is an attempt to interpret the Third Reich through the eyes of foreigners who travelled in the 20s and 30s and some who stayed on a while in the 40s.

    It is a treasure trove of antisemitic observations by Americans and English along with some truly amazing observations by a Chinese PhD student who arrived there.

    WEB de Bois shows up as well. You can tell he likes Hitler but obviously expects the challenge Hitler poses to Judah as a suicide mission. The voices rarely include any continentals but several Scandinavians give an interesting interpretation. The author paints a picture of a country not unlike the modern US suddenly turning into North Korea, promising the good life but in practice delivering privation.

    AMAZING quotes about Jews from several very interesting sources.

  6. Strong speech by Trump last night—now will he follow through?

    Naturally, Trump engaged in Abe Lincoln Republicanism, which few intelligent White Americans want to hear. Really, what did Lincoln do that was so great? Free the African slaves, you can see where that got us every time you turn on the TV. LOL.

    Then trump also needs to remember that entertainers and professional athletes have become the problem, not the solution!

  7. What empowers them is the White Devil Theory of History whereby whites can do no right even as people of color can do no wrong!

  8. Let’s be honest about what they are REALLY discussing here: Witches.

    Do witches exist? How have they effected our community? Will they openly confess to witchcraft; or must they be forced to do so? How many witches have infiltrated our group? Are you in league with them? Have you had any contact with witches? How far are you willing to go to prove that you are not a witch?

    2020 is the new 1540.

  9. “I can’t see any governing system available to us in our pluralistic, multiracial democracy than classical liberalism.”

    Dreher also says that segregation is the greatest evil and a moral stain. He is a clown. Conservatives will complain all day about symptoms of the problem, while holding the root of the problem sacred.

    • Someone who thinks that segregation is the greatest evil must believe that blacks are incapable of taking care of themselves, or are somehow deprived by being denied the company of whites. Therefore, he is a racist.

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