Woke Sports

I can’t wait to see how this goes.

CBS Sports:

“Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing,” a song also known as the Black national anthem, will be performed live or played prior to “The Star Spangled Banner” at each of the NFL’s Week 1 games in 2020, according to the Associated Press, which adds that the league is also considering memorializing victims of police brutality with helmet decals or jersey patches. These moves are seen as part of the league’s collaborative work with its players to raise awareness of systemic racism and police brutality. 

Following the nationwide protests that sprung up in the wake of George Floyd’s killing at the hands of the Minneapolis police, several NFL players, including Patrick MahomesDeshaun WatsonMichael ThomasOdell Beckham, and Ezekiel Elliott, released a video requesting that the league acknowledge the issues faced by Black people, that it had erred in silencing players who spoke out on those issues in the past, and that Black lives matter. Commissioner Roger Goodell released a video of his own the next day, acceding to each of those requests. Mahomes called Goodell’s video a good first step, but acknowledged that the players want to make sure it leads to action. 

The league later recognized Juneteenth as an official holiday, pledged to donate $250 million over the next 10 years to fight systemic racism, and pledged to “reach out” to players who have “raised their voices” on issues of racial inequality. Now, it has committed to spotlighting another part of Black history. …”


“(CNN)NFL players may see another head coach kneeling on the sidelines when the National Anthem is played before games this season — should it happen, of course, given the state of the coronavirus pandemic.Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule said in a video conference with reporters on Thursday that he is considering joining his players and taking a knee.

“I would consider anything as we move forward,” Rhule said. “I’m supportive of the cause. I’m supportive of the movement. I’m supportive of social justice. I think for every person, coach or player that will be a very personal decision. I think it has to be made at the right time and the right reason for everybody.” …”

CBS News:

“The NBA is planning on painting “Black Lives Matter” on courts when the season restarts in late July, ESPN reported Monday. The league and the players’ union, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), reportedly agreed on highlighting the movement at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. 

The death of George Floyd has pushed Black Lives Matter to the forefront, inspiring protests that included some current players. As NBA leadership and its players were in discussions to return playing, some stars brought up the possibility of not playing to retain the focus on social justice issues. Now, according to the report, the NBA will use the hardwood to keep the spotlight on the movement.

“Black Lives Matter” would be painted on the court inside both sidelines in all three arenas, ESPN reported.  The WNBA is also in discussions to do the same when they begin their shortened season at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. …”

Professional sports is the modern day equivalent of antebellum religion. It is one of the few unifying threads left in this country and even that is about to snap.

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  1. They are low IQ and don’t realize they are destroying the goose that lays the golden egg. When White people stop watching sports that’s one less opportunity for the blacks. They really don’t have much opportunity as it is because of their low intelligence and impulse dysfunctional behavior.

    However this is a good thing because they are self segregating. That’s a good step forward and will create a better culture. I think the blacks should get the state of Georgia. It should just be given to them providing that they are all required to relocate there. They don’t like White people. The only White people that enjoy the company of blacks in white females. Many have a negro fetish for some reason.

  2. Let pro sports destroy themselves. One thing White Male Americans are definitely guilty of is allowing Pro Sports to hold such an important place in our culture and social lives. We honestly should have listened to our wives and mothers on this one and found better uses of our time.

    For other forms of entertainment: I recommend hiking (good for your physical health) and reading the classics of literature (good for your mental health).

    • good luck.
      every Chevy truck pays labron james to bash white people, every shaving kit pays barry bonds to bash white people, every food company pays some negro to bash white people. every alcohol company pays jannell hill and steven A to bash white people. every insurance company pays negros to bash white people… good luck boycotting negro sports heroes bank accounts.

  3. LOL They should take their pet african rape monkeys back to the muthafucka-Lanz and play niggabawl…

    see how many blacks will make jewish owners billions of dollars for this utterly pointless ,meaningless garbage.
    Many white normies i know are vowing to turn it off…we’ll see.
    I can’t wait to listen to the kvetching about how racism and systematic oppression “killed” feetsbawl n sheeeeeiit.

  4. The NFL is helping to heap the funeral pyre of our Republic.

    “…the league is also considering memorializing victims of police brutality with helmet decals or jersey patches. These moves are seen as part of the league’s collaborative work with its players to raise awareness of systemic racism and police brutality. ”

    Point of logic in an illogical era.

    If racism is “systemic” and “endemic” to America, then America, logically must be destroyed.

    If those who resist arrest, fight and assault the police, and are killed in the process (like Big Mike Brown) are “victims” then any attempt at law enforcement is “police violence” or “police brutality” on those who do not want to willingly go to jail Therefore, the police, the courts, the whole system of law must be destroyed. It is the only end-game of this logic.

    The NFL owners, like most free-market businessmen, have not thought through this ludicrous virtue signaling display of cowardice.

  5. Didn’t Alinsky and the Frankfurt School suggest everything down to even cuisine and toys must be politicized to advance cultural Marxism?

    • These Anti-White psychopaths have no intention of stopping, even though they’ve made huge gains already. The most disturbing, but not really surprising, aspect is how TPTB roll over for them. Our only hope is that they’re moving too fast which will cause many more Whites to wake up quickly.

  6. Whites: Boycott NFL and their sponsors. Let’s see how far they get on woke “minority” money.

    • I don’t even watch low brow sports like American football and basketball, which are coincidentally dominated by darky players and widely popular with the Popeye chicken sandwich scrappers.

      The problem is that most sports enthusiasts in the America are lower class European-Americans and many of them are trashy automatons who can’t get enough darky sports and think classier sports like golf, tennis, hockey, and white suburban favorite soccer are too la-di-da for them.

      Middle and upper class European-Americans as well as Asian-Americans (all higher IQ) prefer these classier sports while lower class European-Americans and black and Hispanic-Americans (all lower IQ) prefer the low brow sports.

      It’s very difficult for European-Americans to unite in the struggle to save our historic nation, because we’re also fighting dysgenics which brings down the quality of European-Americans and everyone else for that matter.

  7. “…Black national anthem, will be performed live or played prior to “The Star Spangled Banner” at each of the NFL’s Week 1 games in 2020…”

    A black national anthem … ok …

    “…Gave proof through the game that a few white folks were still there:
    Oh, say, does that BLM flag yet wave?
    O’er the land of the freaks and the home of the knaves!”

  8. Modern sports perpetuate negro worship by design, and many of the teams are owned by Jews. Wuhan SARS has been a blessing in this regard as the Saint George riots took place when people didn’t have their favorite negro athlete to soften the blow to their perceptions.

  9. Just hope and pray that the NFL boycott will eventually cause this anti-white organization to go bankrupt and all their abandoned stadiums and training facilities will be converted into black prisons,

  10. Good. Let it all crash and burn. Any white person attending or following basketball and football in particular should really just put “wigger mutant” across his forehead.

    I used to follow baseball and football extremely close. I played for years. Knew all the stats and all that. Then the obscenity of the salaries paid started to turn me off; then the cost to go; then the taking away of the 2 for 1 price for doubleheaders in baseball; then the food prices, then the parking costs, then the negro league uniforms, then the retiring of the number 42 in Mlb since that was Jackie Robinson’s number; then the massive reduction in white players in football; then the obsession to get black quarterbacks, then the insanely long tv commercials to hog even more money; then the Kapernick knee routine, then the cowardly avoiding of black ballplayer behaviour while going crazy of anything white. Then the Blm riots and now the fried chicken anthem.

    Yeah, I would rather fire bomb my tv than remotely watch these rancid zulus and disgusting, evil Caucasian owners whose sole objective in life was to soak up as much dollars as possible while their souls look and smell like rancid cheese.

    Let the whole thing tailspin right into the filthy sewer it deserves. Oh and don’t forget to support any politicians looking to tax heavily all corporations and super rich individuals! Go bowling, go for a jog, work out at home, take a nap, go read, watch sports highlights from the 1970s. Anything but partake in this vulgar mao mao of America!

  11. Why “ev’ry”? Even if you pronounce the second “e” in “every,” it still sounds like “evry.” So just spell it “every.” I hate that phonetic spelling of ebonics that has been going on for as long as blacks have been in our literature and press. Better not to include or quote them at all if you have to use “dem” for “them,” “ole” or “ol'” for “old,” etc.

    • @Zai: “You’re all a bunch of faggots.” ROFL. Love Coach Pierce. 😉

      PS – I have that t-shirt. And a coffee mug. Brag. No brag, brag. Support the team.

  12. It’s very sad seeing Sports going in such a political direction. One of the few things we have that brings people together is now being used by the liberals in promoting a liberal extremist view of the World. Deo Vindice !

  13. The fact of the matter is if you are a white person watching the NFL or buying their merchandise or going to their games you are a traitor to your race and beyond redemption. No ifs, ands, or buts.!

  14. PS: In light of the fact that much of professional and collegiate football is virtual Negro worship by white Americans I propose the following song be sung before every game to the tune of Auld Land Syne.

    All hail to thee the God race
    Thy sacred blackness be
    To me and mine a symbol of
    Thy African divinity!

  15. I used to love the Negro Felon League….now I hope the whole fucking league folds.I asted countless hours watching this deleterious nonsense.

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