Black Man Crashes Into Black Lives Matter Protesters In Seattle

There have been at least thirty such incidents since George Floyd’s death because these rampaging mobs of BLM and Antifa are always in the street and causing traffic accidents.

Note: James Fields, Jr. got 400 years in prison and labeled a domestic terrorist for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  1. And the critters hit were a couple of grotesque lesbian nutcases, too. Nothing of value was lost.

  2. Lots of room for good lawyering here. They blocked off the freeway without any warning lights in the middle of the night and funneled traffic into the narrow space between the side of the road the the outermost blocking vehicle. Their vehicles funneled the oncoming car into the area where they were running. If they’d run toward the center of the fwy, they’d have been OK. So….they jumped into the middle of the only path available to oncoming traffic, to which no adequate warning lights had been used. By their own blocking of the freeway, they funneled traffic off to the side and then they ran into the path of oncoming traffic.

  3. Black guy hits two white liberal dykes with his car. Twitter mobs blame white supremacy. Can’t make this stuff up.


    Something lost on the Mainstream is that many Southern Blacks are very uncomfortable with how things are digressing.

    Nothing illustrates this better than an ancient town in North Carolina which, when BLM and Antifa decided to rally there, a few weeks back, The Negro Sheriff of the county teamed up with the White Fathers of this town and developed a plan.

    That plan?

    That the sheriff and the town chief of police (White) would use their patrol cars, as they do for the annual town parade, to escort the demonstrators/rioters from the northern end of town down to the downtown parks, where the offensive statues were, and where the town fathers were gathered with friendly smiles on their faces, yet they were armed, as were others not quite in plain sight.

    And it came to pass exactly like that, as did the rest of the plan – the sheriff and the chief then led the protesters right outside to the edge of town where a reception with punch, cookies, and meat sandwiches were waiting for them in a restored, yet unused, old textile mill.

    In recollecting this event to me, my White friends in this town told me that, of the hundreds of Black Demonstrator/Agitators, they only recognized a couple of local Negro faces – that all the rest of the would-be riot were from out of town.

    Below are 2 pro-White, Conservative, pro-American Negroes who typify the kind of attitude that many Smalltown Southern Negroes have about all that is going on…

    • Ivan Turgenev:
      Something lost on the Mainstream is that many Southern Blacks are very uncomfortable with how things are digressing.

      You’re wrong about this supposed “silent black majority.” It’s only a silent WHITE majority.

      In every election, ten percent of blk voters vote Republican tops. How many of those are also race realists like Jesse Lee Peterson and Tree of Logic? Probably not many. Every major blk organization and celebrity has either openly supported or silently condoned the BLM marches/riots. 70% of Azn, Hisp., and MidE. voters routinely vote Democrat and don’t even get me started on JEWS!

      Yes, there are patriotic and pro-white majority America nonwhites, but unfortunately, they’re drowned out by pro-Democrat and pro-nonwhite majority America nonwhites. If they’re more outspoken, maybe they can convince more nonwhites to fight the demographic transformation of this nation, because former European colonies (except the East Asian ones) demonstrate that nonwhite inhabitants are just as affected as whites in the end.

  5. These white women….green hair, shaved heads, ugly tattoos.
    It’s not entirely their fault. Society failed them. Their families failed them. White identities were denied to them, and natural roles were discouraged. So they became monsters.

  6. I was really worried that the driver was a white neo nazi racist after these “mostly peaceful” protesters formed blockades to slow down and harass, assault drivers with their radical propaganda but its good thing it turned out to be black immigrant from Eritrea thats so fricking based!

    And don’t arrest and convict that Eritrean of vehicular manslaughter either the juidicial system is racist and biased against blacks Washington post and CNN told me this they know whats best. Trump should give him a nice tuxedo and a pardon and a thank you to this fine man from Eritrea a new republican voter perhaps? Yep I think so!

  7. Nasty ass tattoos on both of them. That Diaz love lez go bald for blm?! Just wow
    Also Can you believe how much these disgusting things cost?! My friend showed me a tattoo he had he said it cost him a 1,000 dollars it was this stupid skull and bones demon looking thing on his left arm this was years ago. Why do this to your skin I just don’t get it waste of money imo

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