Armed Black Militia Declares Race War At Stone Mountain

Barely a peep from the mainstream media which had a meltdown over Charlottesville. This is how it is being covered in the new age of “moral clarity” in American journalism.


“(Reuters) – A predominantly Black group of heavily armed protesters marched through Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta on Saturday, calling for removal of the giant Confederate rock carving at the site that civil rights activists consider a monument to racism. …

It features the likenesses of Jefferson Davis, who was president of the 11-state Confederacy, and two of his legendary generals, Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

Stone Mountain has long held symbolism for white supremacists. The Ku Klux Klan, a hate group that was formed by Confederate Army veterans and has a history of lynchings and terror against Black people, held its rebirth ceremony atop mountain in 1915 with flaming crosses. Klansmen still hold occasional gatherings in the shadows of the edifice, albeit now met with protesters behind police tape. Many of those cross-burnings took place on or around July 4.”

Nothing “dark and divisive” took place at Stone Mountain yesterday.

It was Donald Trump’s speech at the Salute to America that was “deeply divisive” which “sought to deepen racial and cultural divisions in America” during our “reckoning on racism in America.”

Suppose for a moment that the League of the South had led an armed march on Stone Mountain, harassed and brandished weapons at black motorists, openly invited blacks to come and show up to start a race war and declared a willingness to use violence to establish a White ethnostate. What if the League of the South and the Alt-Right had just shown up and marched around with tiki torches? Everyone knows the result would have been 24/7 nationwide hysteria about the rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan.

Isn’t it telling that this happened in the middle of what CNN has called our “national reckoning with racism”? What does it say about “racism”? The definition of “racist” now simply means “White person.” The definition of “anti-racism” now means anti-whiteness. Only White people can be “racist” now. Black people cannot be “racist.” It doesn’t matter what they do. White silence is violence. When black people engage in or threaten racial violence, it is non-violence. When black people threaten White people, it is actually an act of “anti-racism.” Defending yourself as a White person is White Fragility. This is “moral clarity.” It is clear White people have to go.

What would happen if a group of black people went to Stone Mountain in 2020 and declared themselves to be the black version of the Ku Klux Klan? What if they started engaging in violence against White people? What if they started lynching random White people? By definition, that would not be “racist” and it would be “anti-racist” to lynch a White person. It would be “racist” for a White person to resist. White people who organize to defend themselves from these attacks would be labeled “hate groups.” The media would declare any form of White resistance to be “racist” and “dark and divisive.”

Does this sound like the beginning of the dystopian plot of The Turner Diaries?

“A framing device which takes place in 2099 (a hundred years after the events depicted) gives the novel’s main text a historical context, which is presented as the journal of Earl Turner, an active member of a white revolutionary movement. As the story begins, the federal government has confiscated all civilian firearms in the country under the Cohen Act. Turner and his cohorts take their organization underground in order to wage a guerrilla war against the System, which is depicted as being under Jewish controlThe “System” begins by implementing numerous repressive laws against various forms of hate, by making it a “hate crime” for white people to defend themselves when crimes are committed against them by non-whites even after all weapons have been confiscated, and pushing for new surveillance measures in order to monitor its citizens, such as requiring them to possess a special passport at all times and in all places in order to permanently monitor where individuals are.”

What would old William Pierce have had to say about the events of the last month?

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  1. Brad, you need to contact your ISP or check your software, your website is being flagged as being “not secure”.

  2. But years ago when we tried to obtain a permit to peacefully assemble our permit was illegally denied by Bill Stephens and the Stone Mountain Memorial Association. Obviously, they don’t mind a violent Marxist group to march through Stone Mountain and terrorize white motorists but if we did this the FBI and GBI would arrest us. Perhaps white Americans should organize a march and if denied show everyone the rank hypocrisy and double standard. We will no longer tolerate their anti-white discrimination. Time to go on the offensive. If denied then sue under a 42-1983 civil action and have every State actor charged with a Federal felony under title 18 sections 241&242. Enough is enough!!

    • It’s not reasonable to expect justice from US courts in these kinds of political matters, or asking for criminal prosecutions of the wrong-doers

      Judges dismiss most cases easily and casually and frequently, if the complainant is viewed as without influence and not in line with the oligarch agenda … judges can be removed by a fake scandal or some real bribery they know about, or shot dead in the street like Fed Judge John Roll was in Arizona in 2011 after he ruled against Obama

      The US Supreme Court never even listens to an argument in 99% of all cases filed there … literally and seriously, they are nearly all simply rejected

      Sure, you technically have a right to ask for a grand jury to prosecute a crime, but the prosecutors often stall and refuse … you might need to ask a judge to compel the prosecutors to obey the law ha-ha … and if there is a grand jury the prosecutor will simply advise the impressionable grand jurors that your complaint is nonsense and needs to be dismissed … and the judge of course instantly throw it out if the grand jury does do something

      It’s all ‘legal’ because the person in the black robe said so

    • You must think you’re dealing with men on OD or in the WN organization. All they are good at is talking tough on social media. WN and Trump have a lot in common, all talk, no action. They deserve each other. They would rather rehash the civil war.

      • I look forward to hearing of your bloodthirsty, ultra-manly attacks on our enemies. Unless you’re just another keyboard warrior full of crap, of course.

  3. The next violent and destructive nig-nog chimpouts will be in white residential neighborhoods and will target people in their homes.

    They wont be burning buildings and tearing down statues in a downtown urban area…..they are coming for you and your family, white people.

    Does anyone think that the average middle class whites will fight against these blacks for their white neighbors?

    People terrified of being called “racists” by strangers online will not fight back in defense of their neighbors or friends.

    The same people who basically label all others as “conservative” or “liberals” , depending on what side of the rigged system their mind is imprisoned and bias towards.

    This divisiveness has been strategically implemented in our brains from generations of mind programming and electronic cybernetic mind control.

    It has neutered the white male and turned the white female into a shameless whore.

    It’s getting a lot harder and harder to remain positive through this stuff.

    Its hard to carry on with everyday life as the normies all pretend this isn’t happening or that its satire or something…..or that blacks somehow will discern between racist and “good” whites when this happens to them or their loved ones.

    Its all so sickening and tiring.

  4. This is nothing but race-war distraction theatre for the working class of both races, controlled opposition, divide-and-rule, etc. Meanwhile the U.S.’s global capitalist war machine and the global enslavement and theft (usury) machine that it protects and facilitates, and the SARS CoV2 (probable bioweapon) pandemic roll on unnoticed by those who give their attention to scary acts like this one at Stone Mountain.

    If the Black population were stirred to action by a real leader like Thomas Sankara, it would not be allowed to continue. Thomas Sankara documentary: The official death certificate said Sankara died of “natural causes.”

    • Then you have the USA radical Robert F Williams who authored the 1962 book ‘Negroes with Guns’

      Williams got asylum in Castro’s Cuba, broadcasting on ‘Radio Free Dixie’ from there, and met Mao in China too … the USA eventually chartered a plane to bring him back, charges dropped

  5. This is the new Abraham Lincoln Brigade. The old ALB would be proud, the ones who fought “fascism” in Spain.Thanks Abe for preserving the union. It only cost 620,000 lives.

    • Maybe is that Southern idiot, Booth didn’t kill Lincoln, we might have the black problem today. Lincoln was dead and his VP, Johnson (Southern man) and abolitionist freed the black man and the rest is history.

  6. Here’s the warm-up group being sent to answer the black “panthers” Stone Mountain challenge:

    • What pathetic wishful thinking. We have to face the reality that white people can’t fight back until they have a sense of white identity, something most Southern white conservatives no longer have. We are fighting an intellectual war against “I don’t see color” and “Democrats are the real racists” type conservatives.

  7. All paid for by the Democratic Socialists and New World Order. All because you want Joe Biden for President? Now that is just sad. LOL ! Deo Vindice !

  8. This is pretty amazing. As usual the jewsmedia will play their little game of ” these are just peaceful demonstrators” until the group rips on jews. Only then does a black get dumped on. The black can trash whites all day and night and not a thing from the talmud vision. In fact it will say whites are stirring things up. But when the ” oyyy vey”moment hits discussing jews, then and only then will the kosher crew lash out.

    A perfect example is yiddish weirdo Jake Tapper of cnn. Fox and their ridiculous fox soul channel pandering to blaxxx was going to have a Farrakhan speech. Was all set to go until the yiddish patrol stopped it. Suddenly Faux stopped it. Tapper did his routine of how bad the nearly 90 year old Farrakhan is only due to his trashing jews. He would have said nothing if Farrakook just said it about whites. Suddenly aging, chubby anti white rapper Ice Cube cuts in on Twitter saying ” watch yourself, Jake.”

    Cube represents much if not most black thinking on Farrakook. Good black men like Charles Payne, Allen West, Burgess Owens, Sheriff Clarke, Niger Innis and even a female Candace Owens do not remotely reflect most black thinking. If I would even see blacks trashing black thugs, condemning baby daddy culture, recording black criminals and reporting them to police and yes even voting for the Stupid Party( Republicans) 25% of the time instead of 4 to 10%, a small part of me would have miniscule hope with blacks. But that ain’t reality.

    One thing about the black demons with their gun march stood out. One ” bruh duhhh” mentioned military training for some of them. I do agree this can be a problem like when that demon John Muhammad was murdering people in the burbs of Dc. He was a military guy killing people from some distance.

    That leads me to a broader point about military people. While no doubt a good amount love this nation and are tough people, there are also many who join the military to simply get out of bad situations, are bored or broke. It had nothing to do with being patriotic. I won’t get into thoughts of joining something you can die in or having limbs blown off while the rich guy pats you on the head, gives you a medal and says ” well done.”

    I will say I am noticing a smaller pattern of Democrat military people who run for office, hide behind their military service and then promote the destruction of America. Look at that Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth. She had limbs blown off in war. She is also an anti white, open borders, pro baby killing, pro homosexual everything and now pushing for statue removals of white men she does not like. She also is promoting whitey ” giving back” land to Indians. Two more lovely examples of this are congresswoman Mikie Sherril of New Jersey. She brags about her helicopter military stuff while voting to impeach Trump, being for open borders, gay stuff all over, slobs to blacks and jews and just a pointless congress chick. Max Rose of New York is another. Talks of his military experience while being Pelosi’s bitch. Who needs military people like this even in the slightest?

    • If nothing else, they can say they served in the military, unlike so many fat, lazy, cowardly, self-righteous White people I have known. I have known White “men” to talk down on those of us who served, because the system is so corrupt, etc, etc… I would bet more than a few of those blacks have been combat arms, maybe infantry. Training trumps righteous pride most of the time. On top of that is general overall fitness, which most White people have long ago given up. How many fat boys do you see in their ranks?

      Most White people really do not get what is about to happen, or just how serious this situation is.

      • Interesting points Rob. I can tell you feel angry about the way some folks denigrated your military experience. There is no doubt America needs a very strong military. There will always be a need for it until literally the end of time. For Believers that would mean until JESUS returns.

        What bothers me and others is why do we have wars that cause insane amounts of death, damage and money spent? All for what? Because Bush Jr. was mad at Saddam Hussein for allegedly trying to kill Bush sr? So therefore trillions get spent on wars with hundreds of thousands of people dying. That is truly a psychopath. A strong military? Absolutely. Using them much? Absolutely not. Trump has not been a warmonger and suddenly the anti war left could care less.

        White people are a victim of too many choices. Food is very easy to get and the faster the better for many people. No doubt many are tub a lards. But so are blacks and hispanics. Asians are the thinnest but as more become Americanized the easy life equals chubby. If I am not mistaken, don’t blacks have the highest obesity rates?

  9. Paid actors trying to bait some mentally-unstable lone wolf into a response.

  10. I remember back in the ’80s or pre-internet early ’90s reading about the Turner Diaries. Must’ve been an article in the newspaper or something. I thought the plot was outlandish and crazy. Today, not so much.

  11. If there is a white ethnostate every street corner will have a statue of Dr. Pierce. He’s on my top ten list of the most important Americans of the 20th Century. Can somebody tell me where he went wrong in his worldview and predictions? He may have been a little bit too libertarian on economics, but that could be ascribed to living in a multicultural and multiracial hellhole. (National) Socialism can only work, and only makes real sense, in a racially homogeneous nation.

  12. Based Kekstani Citizen,

    You do not know that these weapon toting ‘missing links’ are being paid, nor would some White person necessarily be “mentally-unstable” to choose to go full “Rambo” on these malevolent Homo erectus’.

    ZOG-USA does seem to be needling the ‘dissent right,& and in this case neo-Confederates/Southern Nationalists to enter the field of battle against their agitated golems. Eventually, White people will have to join together defend their families and race or be exterminated; optics and restraint be damned. This is where the trajectory of events like these lead.

  13. Not sure if this is a real threat or just more street theater and totemic militancy. I remember in the 60’s, blacks entered a church service with rifles ‘demanding reparations, etc.,’, but they were staged, backed by the church ministers. This group demands a black state. If only they would. The vast majority of their race are happy; they living large here, and get what they want, and can pout when they’re offended, and will vote for Biden…sorry, Trump; all those new jobs don’ mean shit…because he’ll give them the goodies.
    I wrote a novel about a civil war, and made two mistaken assumptions: 1. blacks would want an independent country 2. whites would actually organize and defend what’s theirs.

    Paul Craig Roberts columns are very good. He keeps saying life now is like The Camp of the Saints. I also think of Tom Chittum’s Civil War II. Chittum, by the way, argued against any white enclave in Georgis, except for a few counties near Chattanooga and a trio near the Florida border. The rest of Georgia, he wrote, was going to swallowed up in a black superstate with Atlanta as its capital.

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