Today’s Cancellations

Mary Hart:

For the O.K. hand sign which is an official ADL designated hate symbol.


For reflecting our racism.

Confederate monument in Seattle:

For being an offensive symbol of dead people in a graveyard.

Washington and Lee University:

For the racial terror perpetrated by their namesakes.

Christopher Columbus in Little Italy in Baltimore:

For standing out amid the graffiti and heroin needles in Baltimore.

Cleveland Indians:

For being racially insensitive.

David Starkey:

For saying slavery isn’t genocide.

Sam Caskey:

For posting offensive stickers.

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    • White flight. Baltimore’s right about Detroit now. Speaking of Detroit and Baltimore, isn’t it amusing that Negroes and their left wing agitators blame white flight for making their colored communities so damn sucky and gentrification by whites for raising property prices in those same communities (never mind the drastically reduced crime)? You can’t win with them.

      Oh, and the Axis Powers were bombed to the ground but Italy, Japan, and Germany today are clean prosperous First World Nations. Brown and black former Western colonies have received trillions in aid, but they’re still shitholes and many Sub-Saharan economies are even shrinking. But don’t you ever consider evolutionary differences in intelligence as a primary cause for this stark difference in outcome!

  1. The sculpture artist trade needs more WHITE HISTORY APPRECIATION apprenticeship and creative artist more than ever.

    Are Monuments for space exploration next? First the past, now the present, and then the future?

    Is NASA white supremacy? And the white USSR space programs?

    Yep it is , dirty white boys be proud!

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