Victims Speak Out After July the 4th Assault

How long will the media even continue to report stories like this?

My Panhandle:

“PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) —Police are still investigating an incident that took place the night of July 4th on Panama City Beach. The assault sent two people to the hospital and four others to jail.

A Panama City Beach couple who doesn’t wish to be fully identified claimed they were watching fireworks near the Bidawee section of Panama City Beach when five young men in their early 20’s pulled up next to them in a truck and began undressing.

“I looked over and when I asked them to please step around the other side of the vehicle that’s basically what cut loose everything,” said the victim of the assault, Vikki.

The woman who wants to be identified only as Vikki, says the young men began cursing and insulting the family, she added.

“Effing kill me and my white daughter,” said Vikki.

 After threatening her daughter, Vikki says the men attacked her husband.

“And they basically jumped on him, the one that came and said all that held me back from helping him,” said Vikki.

Vikki posted a story about the attack on social media, including photos of her injuries.

It’s been shared a several thousand times. …”

Everyone knows how the status quo works:

We rarely hear about these stories which are sent down the memory hole. This was a Hispanic woman in New Jersey getting beaten in front of her child. Close enough though.

  • The mainstream media selectively covers race and crime in order to push a misleading progressive narrative of black victimization.
  • Stories about police brutality are routinely misrepresented and blown out of proportion in order to demonize the police and conservatives as racist.
  • The White victims of black crime are reported by local media and rarely gain traction in the national media. The most horrific stories are usually only covered in the White Nationalist media.
  • George Floyd was “a story about race in America” that the media wanted to tell to push a narrative. Specifically, his death was instantly declared a racist act even though there is no proof of that.
  • Everything that Whites do reflects on Whites as race. In contrast, nothing that blacks do reflects on blacks as a race.
  • If stories make blacks look like less than angelic beings, they are usually suppressed or downplayed.

We all know the rules.

It even gets boring pointing out the anti-White double standard. Conservative liberals are too scared of being accused of “racism” and getting cancelled to stick up for White people.

As we saw yesterday, the familiar rules could be changing soon. Every White Nationalist site could be purged from the internet because “all men are created equal” which means that reporting on White victimization by black criminals is “racist” and “hate speech.” The definition of “racist” now means “White person.” The definition of “anti-racist” now means anti-whiteness. “White silence” is violence and Whites who resist being attacked by violent mobs are “racists” who are engaging in White Fragility. When blacks threaten to “effing kill” people like Vikki and her white daughter, it is an anti-racist act.

Strangely, the phrase “all men are created equal” now means establishing an anti-White racial caste system, replacing individual rights with collective racial duties, crushing free speech to fight “hate speech,” abolishing the Second Amendment, toppling monuments of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, razing the Jefferson Memorial to the ground, enthroning an established religion and selective enforcement of laws. It means treating different races unequally in order to promote equity and social justice. You could say that the Dred Scott decision is being revived and inverted by progressives:

“They [whites] had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the [Black] race, either in social or political relations; and so far inferior, that they had no rights which the [Black] man was bound to respect; and that the [white] might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit.”

As I have pointed out many times, the definition of “progress” is perversion or turning the world upside down. The celebration of “gay marriage” and the denigration of Christian marriage is only one example of this. Erecting Satanic monuments and leaving them undisturbed is another example.

White Nationalists are the canary in the coal mine and will be the first to go for being the core of the resistance to the new order. Soon, the media will stop reporting black-on-white crimes altogether because to do so will be seen as systemic racism. It will also be considered racist for a White person to report black people committing crimes to the police. Before you laugh and say this will never happen, Mayor Bill de Blasio is bragging on Twitter about charging Central Park Park Karen. He has already cut the NYPD budget by a billion dollars and given the green light to the mob. Demonizing the cop while celebrating and glorifying the criminal is another example of the spirit that turns the world upside down and inside out. Demonizing Whites and exalting blacks comes from the same mindset.

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  1. de Blasio might be the single most hated politician in the modern era. Lefties hate him. Cops hate him. Firemen hate him. Right Wingers and whites hate him. His daughter hates him.

    Yet he keeps winning elections. Regardless, as NYC sounds like a war zone the past few weeks, old Wilhelm is fixated on things that matter. Calling the cops on blacks and talking about social justice in sports. THE LATTER being his big talking point lately

    Clown show

  2. Yet if this family was lawfully armed and shot these bastards, I guarantee the mayor, DA, and cops would have arrested the father on hate crime and attempted murder charges. A system of anarcho-tyranny has been installed. The black guy in seattle who had the audacity to want to drive his car on the interstate and in the process hit 2 riotous, commie cunts who were assembled in the middle pf the highway, is now on a $1.2M bail and looking at homicide charges.

    The leaders in govt along with their police forces are no longer exercising the authority vested in them in a proper way. They are now using the power of our govt to attack and imprison lawful, normal people while allowing the rioters and criminals to be free to do whatever they want.

    The only way out of this will be through severe conflict. Otherwise, the left and their assorted power structures will just keep tightening that vice on our heads until our eyes pop out and our skulls are crushed.

    • Exactly. We aren’t allowed to protect ourselves or use self-defense. They let criminals out of prison because of “Covid”, but they go after normal people for trivial or false things.

  3. One of most moronic things the media and cultural gatekeepers could do is to silence dissident voices. To take away a space where we can vent is to drive us completely underground, where those of us committed to self-defense of ourselves and our kind will rightly assume we are marked for destruction. That will lead to the extremism TPTB assumes they can easily crush. Which to date is true, because we are publicly expressing ourselves and can (to some extent) be traced. Once the ability to safely vent is removed, however, so is our self-restraint. Keeping on this path is certain to unleash forces the elites cannot direct or control. Smarter people won’t be standing out in broad daylight waiting to be picked off, either.

  4. They get away with all of it. They threaten and physically assault whites with impunity. Everyone rallies around them. They are encouraged to resist civility and it emboldens them even more. Other blacks – and traitorous whites – defend their every negative statement or action.

    They have helped destroyed our nation. They hijack specific words and prohibit them from ever being spoken. They have lowered standards simply because most blacks can’t attain them. Everything they can’t do is due to white supremacy. They are given free passes and extra points just because they’re black. Other than entertainment, what exacty have they ever provided to whites that whites couldn’t provide for themselves?

    They lie about history. They steal our history. They frabricate most “supposed” injustices. They do not wish to be held accountable to the white man’s laws.

    I do not wish to live with them any longer (not that I ever did but now you can’t get away from them).

    They take and take and take and it will never stop until they have taken everything.

  5. And stop mimicking their slang, gang signs, and primate gait. No white man or white woman should be doing any of it. People who have dignity do not engage in such lowlife tactics.

    • Yes, the whole “white lives matters” and “all lives matters” really is bad. It’s playing on their field, just reacting to everything they do. It’s just bouncing the ball back.

    • That’s the whole idea,
      To apeify the entire nation and make it easy to conquer with tyranny.

  6. This is the exact violence j3w5 want to incite.

    This is the very reason for the ((medias)) endless drumbeat, “evil WHITEY, evil WHITEY, evil WHITEY, evil WHITEY, ……)

  7. Hunter,

    I think you are spreading to many negative stories of the worst Black criminals , Leftists , Antifa attacking and brutalizing our people, our elderly , our women and children and nobody fighting back .

    While these individual stories are all true , the non stop negativity spreads defeatism – as if all is hopeless . It s not.

    Most of the news I hear from Central and Eastern Europe is very positive.

    Look at the blogs Russia Today and Russia Today Russia Insider – they present lots of positive news, good politics and even some pretty not slutty gals.

    That s what we should do

    Give our people hope.

    Also build relationship with more pro White Hispanics who can and will inflict swift justice to these Black thugs.

      • Honestly, Brad, I have no idea what your relationship is with him but, from my view, he is always beaching the ship. Only weak people get intimated by the truth. Your stories inspire many of us to be more diligent and more determined than ever. I have great hope in our people and no amount of negativity will diminish it. Understanding what we are up against can only be understood by shining the light on facts.

        Jaye, Jack or whatever tomorrow’s given name will be can get back under the covers. Real white men will be the ones who save us.

    • Jaye Ryan, I thought your last comment regarding hispanics was interesting. You mentioned pro white hispanics. What I think the dissident right and even conservatards should be doing vigorously is promoting the fact a good amount of ” hispanics” are white. There is no race called hispanic despite our media pushing it.

      I was looking at the president of Mexico and it’s clear he is of European descent. I speak spanish relatively well and sometimes watch “those Spanish tv stations.” I am a pretty big boxing fan and Spanish speaking tv shows quite a few fights. If you look at the tv shows and commercials on these stations you will see a good amount of white faces speaking perfect Spanish and these folks are obviously from a Spanish speaking nation. Many Cubans, Argentinians, Brazilians( Portuguese is their main language), Uruguay, Paraguay, Spain, Chile and even a decent amount of Mexicans are clearly white. This needs to be stressed far more than the anti white ” they are Spanish” lingo. It puts too many Hispanic whites into a “we are not white” mindset.

      Any Latin type social media posts, conversations on the street, we should be promoting the whiteness of many hispanics. That is potentially millions more on our side. The first time I ever went to South Florida I was amazed at all the blonde haired, blue eyed people speaking perfect Spanish. Obviously these were Cubans, Argentinians and probably some Brazilians.

      We need to do a better job of bringing these people into the ” white camp.” In fact I read Argentinians always considered themselves very European and consider it fighting words if they are not called European. Call a clearly white hispanic person white and nothing else as often as you can on social media and on the street!

    • Mr. Ryan: re good news — Yeah??!! Well we live HERE, dummy. And most of us do not have the resources to travel and live in the places you cite as “positive” examples. Your judgement is not trustworthy, given your laughable “take” on South Africa as reported on the Political Cesspool. And good luck with that “Hispanic” thing. They have ZERO incentive to help White people. Non- Whites are not going to save us.

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