Hub City Riot Ninjas

Who are our enemies?

They are the overeducated, deracinated, downwardly mobile spawn of the upper middle class who tend to live in gentrified neighborhoods in large metropolitan areas.

Tablet Mag:

“What is behind the riots? The violent riots emerging from peaceful protests that have swept liberal, Democratic big cities across the United States in the aftermath of the horrifying death of George Floyd in the custody of the Minneapolis police on May 25 can only be understood in the context of the evolving class structure of American and Western European society. In my recent book The New Class War and the essays on which it was based in the journal American Affairs, I have explained that in the United States and other North Atlantic democracies, the greatest geographic divide is between high-density hub cities and low-density heartlands. The riots are a hub city phenomenon—and so are their most striking participants, affluent young white rioters dressed like ninjas. …

The hub cities have a radically different social structure than the heartlands. At the top are affluent members of the managerial-professional overclass, which includes well-educated immigrants as well as natives. Their incomes vary, but people with college or post-graduate educations dominate the upper rungs of corporate management, finance, business and professional services, government and the nonprofit sector in hub cities like New York, Washington, San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, and Austin.

As young adults, the children of the overclass often spend their 20s in the same few cities, living in gentrified bohemian neighborhoods that used to be factory or tenement districts. Often as they work their way up the cursus honorum of their class, they benefit from elite apprenticeships in the form of unpaid or underpaid internships, which are not available to young people whose parents cannot afford to subsidize them.”


“That strange revolution which sees the sons of the bourgeois throw cobblestones at the sons of proletarians.” So observed the French writer Jean Cau of Paris in 1968, when student protests about living conditions at the university erupted into a historic rebellion against the old guard.

That year, the United States was rocked by riots, assassinations and political crisis, and half a century later, history seems to be, if not repeating itself, then certainly rhyming. Yet while there are huge differences between the 1968 and 2020 disturbances, the one continuous theme running through both uprisings, and indeed all revolutions down the years, is the prominent role of the middle class. In particular, the upper-middle-class, the haute bourgeoise, are the driving force behind revolt and disorder throughout history, especially — as with today — when they feel they have no future. ..

Lenin’s Bolsheviks followed in this fashion, radicalised by their experience at universities, not factories. The Russian revolutionaries were so bourgeois that, as Daniel Kalder observed in Dictator Literature: “Only one solitary worker ever sat on the executive board of Lenin’s party, and he turned out to be a police spy.”

That noble tradition of haute bourgeoisie revolution continues today, especially in the US. The Occupy movement, for example, is deeply opposed to the 1% but largely because they come from the 2-5%; Amy Chua cited figures suggesting that in New York, more than half it members earned $75,000 or more while only 8% were on low incomes, compared to 30% of the city. They also have hugely disproportionate numbers of graduates and post-grads among their members.

The wider Great Awokening, of which the 2020 disturbances are a part, is a very elite phenomenon, with progressive activists nearly twice as likely as the average American to make more than $100,000 a year, nearly three times as likely to have a postgraduate degree, and only one-quarter as likely to be black. Likewise with the radicalisation of American academia, with the safe spaces movement most prevalent at elite colleges, where students were much more likely to disinvite speakers or express more extreme views.

This indicates a significant radicalisation of the rich, a process that began in the 1960s when the heavily class-based politics of the 20th century began to shift. …”

They are also the swath of this urban demographic which ideologically subscribes to various forms of Critical Social Justice Theory. The Portland Police Association knows them better them anyone and said yesterday that their “destructive and chaotic behavior defines the meaning of white privilege; their total disregard for people, property, and the law embodies entitlement.”

In essence, woke supremacists are America’s revolutionary spoiled brats.

“Half of you don’t even have a college education … you can’t even read a f***ing history book.”

“My daddy works for the courts.”

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  1. Of course middle and upper class are leading and instigating. Popular rebellions that were truly initiated by members of the lower class throughout history may be counted on one hand; and real revolutions, I can think of none. However this is no revolution, not even a popular rebellion, but just a form of summer recreation that has no order, no definite plan or purpose and no organized armed force. The Empire can stop it, crush it with overwhelmingly superior forces, weapons and resources at any moment, but it pleases, serves a purpose, to let it continue a little while longer. I am tired of being encouraged to pay attention to this illusion, to be distracted, and confused, and worked up by it. Look at pattern of the whole forest this little “tree” belongs to: Divide et impera est.

  2. “Who are our enemies?” – it’s the jews – duh – Blacks and Liberal Self-Hating Whites are just the jews’ foot soldiers in the War On Decent Whites.

  3. My entire newsfeed is either dedicated to “BLACKOUT… Day of only patronizing black owned businesses and boycotting whites for social justice” and a different celebrity grovel which today was TAYLOR SWIFT and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, and LANCE BASS calling Confederate monuments disgusting and demanding whites stop oppressing and “committing violence” against blacks.

    Never has a “rebellion” had more money, media and fame behind it in history

    • They are champagne radical liberals touting oppression of poor whites while they sleep safely in there 20 million mansions. None of this has anything to do with Thug Floyd or the pos cop who killed him. Blacks aren’t that oppressed they have it better here then anywhere else but they crave victimization status because the heebs taught them this trick

      Its because heebs and the rich elite got bored from the pandemic and they started funded a color revelution via twitter they are godless satanist pieces of shit and they want to punish white America for having the nerve to vote for Blumpf even if Blumpf broke 10 out of 10 of his promises its what he stands for or campaigned on rather. So they are foaming at the mouth removing statues as a payback and riling up the poc races against whites with no end in sight because the orange pos in the bunker has no guts to stop this because hes controlled opposition by kushner, adeleson and soros

  4. Kill off 3/4 of Oregonians and it might be a nice state. Not only are the fkrs a bunch of liberal loons, they are also hateful and snobbish. Much the opposite of the average rural Southerner.

  5. Another opportunity for Matt Walsh to coddle and suck off POC while taking a dump on “white girls at university.”

    Well, he’s wrong. Most of the hardcore purveyors of this shit are jewish, and poc of every stripe at university are more rabidly attached to this shit than your average white girl – who, by the way, has been indoctrinated and sledge hammered by this garbage since day 1 of her birth, by a system created and used against her and her race.

    This type of antiwhite conservative schlock trash is more sinister and disgusting than anything else from the left.

    The response Matt Walsh is begging for goes like this: “yah, fuck white girls! These blacks probably hate them too and theyre right!”


  6. @Arian

    Kill off 3/4 of Oregonians and it might be a nice state. Not only are the fkrs a bunch of liberal loons, they are also hateful and snobbish. Much the opposite of the average rural Southerner.

    I’d say that this describes good number of the residents of the Northeast and Great Lakes, too.

  7. Real working class folks are too busy working, to be revolutionary. They can’t afford to revolt and buy groceries at the same time. There’s no such thing as a working class revolution. Any economic or social gains on their part, were granted to them out of the kindness and dispensations of the ruling classes.

    As an aside, Castro and his associates were all spoiled, rich brats. All revolutionaries are. Or else they’re Jews. Ché Guevara came from wealth and actually hated the real working/farming class and wanted to murder them en masse.

    The revolutionaries recognise that for all of their supposed intelligence and education, they’re not the bosses. And they resent it.

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