Intro To Woke Supremacy

What is woke supremacy?

What the hell happened to these people?

The technical term for it is Critical Social Justice Theory.

James Lindsay is the author of the upcoming book Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity and Why This Harms Everybody and the Social Justice Encyclopedia which is an attempt to translate wokeness into English.

From Urban Dictionary:


“The belief that woke people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society. They also are a branch of Neo-Marxism, communism, Democratic Socialism, fascism. They to finding a final solution and seek to destroy culture , while wishing to eradicate all that are non-woke descent.

Woke Supremacy is being Defined by the power to name and shame, to demand abject apologies, to obliterate reputations and careers as well as lives. It is brought to bear against people accused of violating rules, often vague but always severe, about what may or may not be said, and who may or may not say it. For example a lot shops were destroyed it was a pogrom against non-wokes carried out by Antifa, Woke forces looters and so- called civilians throughout areas in America as well as worldwide”

From New Discourses:


“In brief, “woke” means having awakened to having a particular type of “critical consciousness,” as these are understood within Critical Social Justice. To first approximation, being woke means viewing society through various critical lenses, as defined by various critical theories bent in service of an ideology most people currently call “Social Justice.” That is, being woke means having taken on the worldview of Critical Social Justice, which sees the world only in terms of unjust power dynamics and the need to dismantle problematic systems. That is, it means having adopted Theory and the worldview it conceptualizes.

Under “wokeness,” this awakened consciousness is set particularly with regard to issues of identity, like race, sex, gender, sexuality, and others. The terminology derives from the idea of having been awakened (or, “woke up”) to an awareness of the allegedly systemic nature of racism, sexism, and other oppressive power dynamics and the true nature of privilegedomination, and marginalization in society and understanding the role in dominant discourses in producing and maintaining these structural forces. Furthermore, being woke carries the imperative to become a social activist with regard to these issues and problems, again, on the terms set by Critical Social Justice. This—especially for white people—is to include a lifelong commitment to an ongoing process of self-reflection, self-criticism, and (progressive) social activism in the name of Theory and Social Justice (see also, antiracism).

Historically, the term “woke” has been used somewhat extensively in slang throughout the twentieth century to refer to a state of awareness of the discrimination, disenfranchisement, and mistreatment of blacks, especially in America, and it is in that sense always had some connection to the critical mode of thought in the New Left. (See also, black liberation, liberation theology, false consciousness, and consciousness raising.) The term is alleged to have gained its first contemporary connotation in 2008 with the Erykah Badu song “Master Teacher,” in which Badu envisions and dreams of a world of racial equality and then advises genuine activism with the admonishment that listeners should “stay woke.” The term developed from there, particularly via black activism on Twitter.

The term then gained particular significance and tied itself to the contemporary Social Justice movement in the mid 2010s as it became an activist watchword of the Black Lives Matter movement. There, say following the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the phrase “stay woke” took on the very specific meaning of being aware of the reality (according to critical race Theory) of systemic racism in American society that activists blamed for being at the root of the incident. This has, in turn, led to the term being nearly synonymous with having a critical consciousness as provided through critical race Theory, although it has been appropriated through intersectional thought to apply to other issues of identity relevant to postcolonial Theory, queer Theory, feminism, and so on. It has since expanded and memefied further and is now seen from the outside as being wholly synonymous with having been converted to a Social Justice critical consciousness. As such, “wokeness” often refers to both critical Social Justice doctrine and the state of having accept it.

In that “wokeness” has become a term directly associated with the critical consciousness provided by applied postmodern Theories, especially critical race Theory (see also, postmodern, Marxian, Neo-Marxism, Post-Marxism, and Cultural Marxism). As such, it is centrally concerned with being aware of the intersecting systems of racism, sexism, and other forms of alleged societal oppression and analyzing these in terms of privilege. This is most often done, under woke consciousness, by engaging in discourse analysis, especially using close reading, which enables racism (or other systemic bigotries) that are assumed to be present in all situations to then be read into them. This is then treated as proof of the systemic problem that was assumed to exist in the first place (see also, mask). Being “woke” would entail being able to “see” the intersecting web of dominance and oppression that arises from the function of privilege in society and taking up efforts to challenge, disrupt, subvert, deconstruct, or overthrow the existing system in the attempt to bring those unjust intersecting power dynamics to an end (see also, Matrix of Domination).”

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  1. (((Erich Fromm)))

    ((( Situational Ethics)))

    It’s that simple!

    Brain washed pop culture soyboy’s , deranged militant feminist, and Orcs climbing the social order thanks to the ((( chosen ones in control of western nations)))

    How to save them ?

    I hope the King James Bible still works?

  2. These people are not fascists or nazis. In any way, shape or form.

    Retard tier take on this one.

  3. James Lindsay is just like Tucker Carlson. He says a lot of what we do, but his solution is “classical liberalism” which if you follow his work, is actually moderate progressivism, because he still supports the civil rights era, and believes that racism is real, and bad. This will always lead us to right where we are now, with the witch hunts for White “racists.”

    He refuses to judge group behavior; this is his fault. He doesn’t seem to understand that non-Whites are extremely ethnocentric, and no amount of “classical liberalism” has, or will, change that.

  4. Ugh I literally can not read more then a few paragraphs.

    It is impenetrable word salad to me akin to Martin Heideiggers scribblings. (I’ve been told it is easier in the German however.)

    Not sure which could put me to sleep quicker: Social Justice Theory or Das Kapital! Seriously this is the best the Far-Left has? The fruits and nuts devote their lives… to this?

    Reckon I will just stick with the Holy Bible. Western Civilization worked great for centuries with that.

  5. He needs to call the police. Someone stole his chin. Hopefully not a black person, because he will get locked up for making that call

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