Donald Trump Signs Executive Order On White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative

Does anyone know what he is doing?

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  1. The Republican says Build the Wall. The Republican says prosperity for Hispanics. The White Nationalist says Make Everything White! Deo Vindice !

  2. Hispanics are battling in the border zones with black lives matter rioters, to keep their own neighbourhoods safe, Latinos can fight with less legal system risk than whites, and may be much more willing to do so as it stands

    Hispanics don’t want to pay taxes towards $14 trillion in slavery reparations

    Trump fracturing the rainbow coalition

    Setting up for November

    Apparently Martin Luther King Jr himself said “We’re coming to Washington to get our check” of reparations money

    A quote now highlighted by ADOS American Descendants of Slavery

    • As always, a terrible cuck post from “brabantian.”

      blump was criticized by his dwindling supporters for pandering to blacks so now he is pandering to hispanics. Pathetic.

      I suspect this was triggered in part by a vague report that blump has seen a very slight increase in hispanic support recently.

  3. Lol. Actually this doesn’t surprise me in a very diverse America. Trump is trying all angles to increase his vote. He knows ” the blacks” are not going to vote for him despite some of these polls giving him 30% black approval. With Biden picking a black woman as his vp, Trump will be lucky to get the same 8% he got last time. The vibe will be racist blaxxx coming out big because they know Biden is like many white people- old, slow, pandering and ready to hand it over to black people.

    So now Trump is trying to increase the hispanic vote. Maga tards should have been stressing the European background of many hispanics these past years but Trump was too busy letting black criminals out or speaking of record black employment. I do understand some of the pandering because America has become so diverse. If it were even 1990 again Trump would not need the diversity talk.

    In the end I think Trump is easily swayed and has attention problems. That was the rap on him. He blew it on several key issues we all know about. Does President Kushner have this much power? I guess so. Trump bringing in Kushner and Ivanka will go down as one of the greatest mistakes in presidential history. Two moderate/liberals who are related to you become your key advisors? Why? Trump must owe the Kushner family big. Way too many Jews outside of Miller. Even Barr is cucking now. Surprise!!

    Trump is sloppy. Very much so. I take some heat here from a few for pushing folks to vote for him. Do I like him? Not really. To me he ranks a ” C” grade. He reminds me of a boxer with great ko power who uses it sporadically or gets knocked out himself. What I do like about him is the left views him as a crypto nazi. That is very big in a future break up of America which will be left driven. If Trump wins again what do you envision things to be like? I see riots unfortunately. This has become the new American way.

    Now we have Gorsuch agreeing with the jews and the chubby Latina( some say she is jewish, too) on the court that half of Oklahoma is basically Indian land. That sends a smoke signal for breakup. So will reparations which will not just stop at the black lottery. Others will be piggybacking on ” the blaxxx.”

    Trump seems so radical to some because Republicans are filled with Bush types, Mitch McConnell, Hairdo McCarthy, Blm Romney, uber cuck Ben Sasse, etc. Rand Paul will say one good thing and then instantly suck up to black people or illegals.

    Yeah, it’s over. The Republicans are done. It’s just to me Trump and someone like Jeff Sessions gets a passing grade to be voted for again. 98% of the rest of the Republicans? Nah. No way. Blow it up. It’s over.

    • “What I do like about him is the left views him as a crypto nazi.”

      They viewed George W. Bush the same way.

      • Trump goes even deeper, Atbotl. No president has been harassed like Trump. In fact I would argue Bush is totally accepted by the left now. His daughter is part of the liberal establishment as she is on controlled tv five days per week. The fact Bush is no fan of Trump has made most of his sins vanish in communist lunacy world. Suddenly the left could care less about war. They used to rip on Bush for being a mass murdering, war mongering lunatic which he is. That was one of the things I liked about the left. Well, Trump turned out to not be a warmonger and suddenly the left could care less.

        I agree with Michael Moore. Trump is the last American president. The country has jumped the shark. Even if other people become president after Trump the country is clearly done headed for breakup or pure Marxism.

  4. Its almost as if trump was lobotomized right after the election last time in 2016
    Guy has the strangest speech cadence I’ve ever heard
    I don’t recall him be so odd with his wording of everything back a few years ago
    Noticed it in 2017

  5. Drumpf desperate, as he’s falling further and further behind in Wisc, Mich, and Penn polls. Still gottta chance in hispano-Fla., tho, and that’s the Y of his latest nonsense.

  6. “Does anyone know what he is doing?”

    Yes Trump is making HORRIBLE speeches that no one should listen to. He says the economy is the greatest, the plague is Chinese, schools must open, and then I couldn’t listen to it anymore. Why torture us with this speech?

  7. “economic opportunity for Hispanic Americans.”

    They already have that, where do you think 95% of the meth comes from, snowmokey ?

  8. It’s like they want blacks to gather BLM and Hispanic to work in full factories it’s like they want them infected with covid19. Hunter please keep reporting covid at least biweekly or once a week.

  9. remember when this nigger lover kike faggot was gonna build a wall, end censorship against whites online and put terrorists in prison?
    the whole thing is a fake shit show ..they are just biding time before we are all openly slaughtered in our homes and in the streets.
    its coming

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