Steven Pinker: They’re Trying To Cancel Me

I have a copy his book The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature. Needless to say, its conclusions are problematic for the racial justice movement. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear they have read it and thought about the implications that Pinker tries to dismiss.

The Times:

“Steven Pinker, the Harvard psychology professor and bestselling author, who was one of the signatories of the letter to Harper’s protesting against a climate of intolerance, has claimed he is the target of an “Orwellian” attack on his reputation.

The professor, whose books, including The Blank Slate and The Better Angels of Our Nature, have made him one of America’s leading public intellectuals, was the focus of a letter this week from more than 500 academics calling for his fellowship to be rescinded at the Linguistics Society of America. Citing half a dozen tweets posted by Pinker in the past few years, the letter accused him of a willingness to “dismiss and downplay racist violence”. …”

John Locke was wrong about innate ideas.

Human beings are not equal in intelligence or personality types. We are not equal in how our instincts are expressed in our behavior. The human mind isn’t a Skinner Box.

Note: I’m somewhat surprised that Charles Murray’s new book Human Diversity: The Biology of Race, Gender and Class has flown under the radar amidst all the current turmoil is being sold on Amazon. The original meaning of the term “bigot” is a synonym of “woke.”

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  1. The only reason radical Jewish culture destroyers like Steven Pinker and Noam Chomsky are now speaking out for free speech is because the ‘woke’ Left has turned on them. They would have never spoken out had their Leftist comrades not targeted their guns after them. Now, all of a sudden, they’re ‘concerned’ about threats to free speech.

    This is not to say that Pinker and Chomsky have been wrong on everything. Chomsky, for example, rightly spoke out against America’s warmongering, and he even criticized Israel for the way it treated the Palestinians. None of this, however, should detract from the reality that Pinker and Chomsky have been part of the park of wolves who have sought to undermine this once great country.

    • Chomsky doesn’t criticize Israel in a meaningful way, as in he never points out that Israel is a fake country created by British colonial power after ww2 and has no legitimacy. He’s a shill for Israel and the British liberal system, his criticisms are always lukewarm and easy to ignore and that’s why he has a voice. He even said it himself, the whole point of public discourse is to constrain the topics that can even be discussed, he constrains criticism if zionism and liberalism to weak “why can’t we be nicer?” lame shit.

  2. I got my own problems. This kyke needs to belly ache to his own kind for a change. And by the way didn’t we give him and his kind their own country to rid ourselves of their hatred for us and our Christ? Didn’t we do that? So WTF is he doing here then?

  3. nice to see a few Jews hoist by their own sword. By and by,

    we’ll hoist the rest on ours.

  4. The original French word “bigot” meant: a superstitious religious hypocrite. Is that what you are referring to?

    Re: “I’m somewhat surprised that Charles Murray’s new book Human Diversity: The Biology of Race, Gender and Class has flown under the radar”:

    Not surprising at all for someone who is an editor and contributor of New York Times, WSJ, WAPO etc. Mainstream media keeps all bases covered with approved trustworthy sources.

  5. “Human beings are not equal in intelligence or personality types. We are not equal in how our instincts are expressed in our behavior.”

    Really *scratches head* ?

    • Did not know that about the origin of Bigot. It’s moved from being a word describing a shitty local priest, or a prominent member of a congregation and armed henchmen who use superstition to cow the ordinary man, to describe sectarians like Ian Paisley who had his own problems, to then describe the pub bore who doesn’t believe in woke. It’s an inversion of word meaning. The French men who used the word were most likely peasants moaning about tithing by the church under threat of hellfire and demons (in reality the local lords retainers) now it’s used to attack the ordinary dissident. Total inversion.

  6. If academics have ever produced a mularkey it’s foundation was psychology. It’s full of ifs ands or buts. So many exceptions and exclusions it’s no better than guess work. It may be effective but it should never be called a science.

  7. That picture is like going into a time machine to 1789 and seeing the Marie Antoinette hairdresses. Why doesn’t he put a model of a sailing ship on his curls to complete it?

  8. Charles Murray is an anti-white neocon. He is used by the establishment as a pressure valve to keep conservatives from seeking out information about IQ and race from white nationalists. That’s why he welcomed into elite spaces for many years after the Bell Curve was published.

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